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Dishonest Front Page Headlines Quickly Rebutted!

Week of June 9 - June 15, 2013

'Fair Use' Headlines & Opening Descriptions From NewYorkTimes.com

Honest rebuttals by 'The Anti-New York Times'

SUNDAY / JUNE 9 / 2013

U.S. Helps Allies Trying to Battle Iranian Hackers      


The administration has begun helping Middle Eastern allies build their defenses against Iran's cyberweapons and will do the same in Asia to contain attacks from North Korea.


This piece of garbage story is pure, 100% Yellow Journalism. The two ‘Israel-Firster’ writers offer zero evidence to back up their claim of “Iranian and North Korean cyber attacks.” It is the U.S. and Israel that are the "hackers", or are we to believe that the sophisticated viruses that have damaged Iran's nuclear energy program were launched by the Iranians against themselves? This "hacker" lie is a cheap scare tactic, similar to the “Iraqi “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lies which the Times pushed so hard back in 2002-03

U.S. and China Move Closer on North Korea, but Not Cyberespionage


President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China ended two days of informal meetings, moving closer on pressuring a nuclear North Korea and addressing climate change, but remaining divided over cyber-espionage.


The Times does not explain why tiny North Korea poses any threat to the United States, or to the region. North Korea's President has stated that he wants to talk with Obama. Why can't we talk with him? What are we “pressuring” North Korea about anyway? And why? Could it be that North Korea's true 'crime' is its sale of technology to peaceful Iran and Syria? Also, The Times just assumes that man-made ‘climate change’ is real (Notice how they no longer use the term 'Global Warming" because temperatures have not risen for past 16 years!). In reality there is no scientific basis, at all, to the 'Climate Change' Scare.  And finally, the “cyber-espionage” allegation (presumably towards China) is, again, unsupported by facts. But why let facts get in the way of bullshit?

Moscow Trial Sends Warning to Rank-and-File Putin Foes      


Russia's prosecution of low-level participants at protests seems to be a message to other ordinary Russians.


In this piece, two more 'Israel Firsters' sling pure filth, this time at the hated Vladimir Putin. The Times (and all Globalists & Zionists) are steaming mad at Putin for preventing Syria and Iran from being attacked by Israel, Turkey, and/or the U.S. The Times fails to mention the fact that "Rank-and-File Putin foes" are mainly Communists and Russian traitors working with Globalist NGO's and the CIA. Is it not hypocritical to accuse Putin of acting 'undemocratically' when the U.S. President uses the NSA to spy upon the E-mails and phone calls of ordinary Americans? What does The Times have to say about the "message" sent to American anti-war protestors who have been detained, spied upon, and harassed at US airports, and American tax protestors who have been singled out for harassment by the IRS? What bloody hypocrisy!

Exhibit A for a Major Shift: Justices' Gay Clerks  


As the justices on the Supreme Court consider two major cases on same-sex marriage, students of the court say factors other than just legal issues may play a role.



Here we go again! Yet another example of the pro-gay Times promoting homosexuality / same sex ‘marriage’. What was once referrred to as "the sin that dare not speak its name",  is today glorified on the front page of America's 'paper of record'.  My, how far, and how fast, has America fallen into the cesspool!

MONDAY / JUNE 10/ 2013

In Iran Race, All 8 Candidates Toe Hard Line on Nuclear Might


If its presidential campaign is any indication, the tough sanctions the Obama administration imposed on Iran seem to have only stiffened its will to resist compromise on its nuclear program.


The arrogance here is astonishing! Why does The Times describe Iran’s desire to develop peaceful nuclear energy as “hard line”? Notice the use of the deceptive term, “nuclear might” – which is meant to suggest that Iran is building a nuclear bomb (which it is not!) Isn't this the exact same lie that The Times peddled during the build-up to the disastrous war with Iraq? What does Iran to “compromise” about anyway? Who do these writers think they are? The Masters of the Planet Earth? Iran has already said, and international observers have confirmed, that it is not building bombs. Why doesn’t The Times mention Israel’s many hundreds of nuclear weapons?

TUESDAY / JUNE 11 / 2013

Banks Seen as Aid in Fraud Against Older Consumers

Federal authorities and consumer lawyers say banks play a key role in giving questionable Internet merchants access to the financial system, enabling them to prey on consumers.


For years, The Times has ignored the massive financial crimes of the counterfeit operation known as the Federal Reserve Bank, as well as those of its preferred banker brokers (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase etc). Instead, they use their influential front-page to attack small community banks for the fact that Internet con men have used their merchant accounts to defraud Seniors. Providing zero evidence, this nasty piece suggests that small banks "looked the other way" because they made money by working with the con-men. Even if true, it is clear that this is an attack piece aimed at the small banks of small town America. Meanwhile, big NY/ DC Zionist crooks such as Ben Bernanke and Lloyd Blankfein continue to escape the scrutiny of Zionist Sulzberger's hired hacks. The Times remains silent as The Fed defrauds elderly savers with 0% interest rates with high inflation. Why doesn't the Times do a story on that?! But nooooo, let us pick on some mom/pop bank in Utah!

Shootings by Agents Increase Border Tensions


The deaths of at least 15 people by United States Border Patrol agents has spurred criticism of the agency which some say has a lack of oversight and accountability.


A truly disgusting piece of Marxist propaganda! The "tensions" along the southern border are not caused by Border Patrol agents shooting their guns. Precisely the opposite is true! It is the open border mass invasion of America (cheered on by the "multicultural" New York Times!) - that creates the "tension" that leads to the shootings! This article is an inversion of reality. It cites 'criticism' of the Border Patrol Agency (by whom?), but does not admit any "criticism" of our suicidal open borders policy. The article also neglects to mention that our underfunded Border Patrol agents - attacked as "lacking oversight and accountability" - are often shot at, some having been killed or injured. Oh well, nobody cares about dead White Patrol agents. Let's cry for the armed invaders instead!

WEDNESDAY / JUNE 12 / 2013

Behind Cry for Help From China Labor Camp

A Beijing resident and adherent of the banned Falun Gong movement said he slipped letters into product packages apparently meant for the West.


We here at The Anti-New York Times do not profess to know the details of working conditions in China. But that is not relevant to this propaganda article about China and 'Falun Gong'. The Times frequent attacks against China are, as is the case with Russia, motivated by anger over China's support of Iran and Syria, as well as its determination to remain sovereign. Understand this! The Times does not care a rat's arse about the 'working conditions' of the Chinese, nor is it concerned about the suppression of  the "Falun Gong" organization (which many believe is CIA backed).

Bloomberg Asks Donors to Shut Wallets Over Senators’ Gun Votes

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York will urge major Democratic donors not to aid four Democratic senators who helped block a bill on background checks.


The Times adores New York's gun grabber Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Who is Billionaire Bloomberg to dictate to Senators of other states as to how they should vote on 'gun control'?  Knowing that politicians across America read The Times (unfortunately), this front page piece is meant to intimidate any Democrat who doesn't support 'gun control'. Outside of degenerate, Marxist New York City, people across America don't care what this petty tyrant has to say. And yet, everytime the little dictator opens that whining, lying mouth of his (especially in regards to gun grabbing), count on The Times to give Bloomberg, and his anti 2nd Amendment crusade,  favorable front page coverage.

THURSDAY / JUNE 13 / 2013

Starved for Arms, Syria Rebels Make Their Own

A clandestine network of primitive weapons plants stands as a signature of a militarily lopsided war.


The deceitful Times continues its romantic portrayal of the poor outgunned Syrian "rebels" as some sort of heroic freedom-fighters, bravely resisting the evil tyrant of Syria, Bashir Assad. This is a sympathy ploy, designed to drum up support for proposals to arm the 'rebels' (who are now losing!), or even to bomb Syria. In reality, the "rebels" are murderous thugs (many of them foreign mercenaries) who have been funded, armed , and trained by CIA, NATO, and probably the Israeli Mossad. As an targeted nation of expansionist Israel, and as an independent ally of Russia, the Syrian government has been marked for destruction by both the Globalist and the Zionist power factions of the West's ruling Establishment Class.

FRIDAY / JUNE 14 / 2013

U.S. is Said to Plan to Send Weapons to Syrian Rebels

Even with the decision to supply lethal aid to the rebels, the Obama administration remains deeply divided about whether to take more forceful action to try to quell the fighting.


There are two deliberately deceptive terms in this Headline and opening description. First, as usual, The Times again refers to the CIA-backed, terrorist foreign mercenaries as "Syrian rebels". The second deception is even more outrageous, that is the phrase: "to try to quell the fighting." Are you friggin kidding me?! It is the U..S. that is instigating the fighting. Now that the fight is almost over (with Assad winning), how is "supplying lethal aid to the rebels" supposed to "quell the fighting." Wouldn't that actually prolong, and intensify the fighting?

In Reprieves, a Preview of Immigration Bill’s Effect

A program that lifted the threat of deportation for young people offers insights on efforts toward a broader overhaul.


This pro-illegal immigration article is a manipulation of the reader's sympathy. When it comes to the subject of "immigration reform" The Times will always focus on some cherry-picked sad story about a young, hard working Hispanic student, who, through no fault of his own, is facing deportation because his parents came to America illegally. The Times wants us to focus on these sad cases, instead of the real issue, namely, the invasion of America and the bankrupting of our States by hordes of welfare seekers and criminals. The problem of illegal immigration is not, as The Times would have us believe, the deportation of some poor kid working 50 hours a week while also studying full time to be a rocket scientist. When is the Times going to run a story on the illegals aliens who are filling up America's Hospital Emergency Rooms, Welfare Offices, and State Prisons? - THAT is the problem!

SATURDAY / JUNE 15 / 2013

Heavy Pressure Led to Decision by Obama on Syrian Arms

When President Obama agreed to send small arms and ammunition to Syrian rebels, he had to be almost dragged into the decision by advisers, critics and even Bill Clinton.


This headline and opening description are essentially true (except of course for the repeated reference to the CIA terrorist mercenaries as "Syrian rebels"). Obama was indeed  "dragged into the decison by critics, advisors, and even Bill Clinton"  into re-arming the "rebels". However, what The Times won't ever tell you is that the REAL pressure came from media sources like The Times. You know all those hyped up Obama scandals that have recently, and suddenly, resurfaced out of nowhere? (Benghazi, IRS harassment, NSA spying etc) Well, it's not that the scandals aren't real, but why, all of a sudden, had the previously Protect-Obama--At-All-Costs Times (and others) decided to hype up the scandals at this time? It was to PRESSURE Obama into doing something that he was afraid of doing - namely - bringing us closer to a MAJOR war for the benefit of Israel. Now that Obama has obeyed The Zionist Times and friends, watch how these "scandals" start to fade away!

*The World War II pages of "NWO Forbidden History'


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