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By Mike King

Though not on a par with the universally recognizable Colosseum, the Arch of Titus remains one of the most iconic relics from Rome's ancient imperial glory days.  The grand arch is located just south-east of the Roman Forum (main center of ancient Rome). It was opened in 82 AD by the Roman Emperor Domitian, shortly after the death of his brother Titus, to commemorate Titus's final victory over the rebellious Jews of Judea.
Although the Romans had never infringed upon Jewish religious practices, and respected Jewish customs and their Sabbath, they always had trouble in keeping the province under control. From time to time, the Romans would even remove local officials that displeased the Jews. They even went so far as to remove Caesar's image (regarded as idolatry) from the locally circulating coins. Though there were many Jews who were "OK" with Roman rule, Rome nevertheless continued to have problems in keeping the Pharisees (spiritual leaders) and certain fanatical elements pacified.
While the rest of the Empire transacted in coins bearing the Emperor's likeness (left), the Romans allowed the Jews to use their own designs (right)
At any given time, a Jewish rebellion was ready to break out. Unlike Rome's other provincial subjects, the Jews, in particular a sect known as the 'Zealots,' simply would not accept the benefits of Roman governance and its civilizing effect.
It was for this reason that, in 33 AD, the Roman Governor of Judea, Pontius Pilate, gave into intense pressure and ordered Jesus Christ to be crucified. Jesus was an all-inclusive spiritual leader who railed against both the money lenders (the Rothschilds and Alan Greenspans of their day) and the Pharisees (chief rabbis). He also had no use for the Zealots' suicidal war against Rome. In fact, Biblical references to one of Jesus's 12 disciples as "Simon the Zealot" suggest that the great peacemaker had softened the hearts of some Zealots; winning them over to his philosophy of peace, love and goodwill towards all of mankind.
http://uploads7.wikiart.org/images/albrecht-durer/st-simon-1523.jpg http://www.jesus-story.net/images/the-expulsion-from-the-temple-1.jpg
Simon the Zealot turned away from his violent Zionist brethren and followed the peaceful teachings of Jesus instead. But Jesus's gentle nature didn't stop him from attacking the Jewish money lenders and chasing them out of the temple with a whip. "Though shalt end the Fed!" declared an angry Jesus, or something to that effect.
These were all big "no-no's" in the eyes of Jewish Supremacists. Sayings things like: "The love of money is the root of all evil" and "Turn the other cheek" and "blessed are the peacemakers" and "render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the thing's that are God's" were not exactly what the psycho Zionist Zealots and money-grubbing loan sharks wanted to hear. Publicly calling them out as the sons of Satan probably didn't win Jesus any 'brownie points' either! As we all know by now, if there is one thing that Jewish Supremacist Zealots hate more than an "anti-Semite", it's a "self-hating Jew." Jesus of Nazareth had to go.
Governor Pilate is said to have taken a pitcher of water and symbolically 'washed his hands' of the crucifixion order -- proclaiming that he was only giving the Jews what they wanted. (This is where the term 'washed his hands of' comes from). You see, even back then, 'the Lobby' knew how to get its way!

 http://wwyeshua.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/3-the-crowd-shoutiing.jpg?w=500&h=397 http://justshineon.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Pontius_Pilate.jpg

"Kill Jesus! Crucify him!"   /   Pontius Pilate: "But what has this man done wrong?"

* After playing the role of Jesus in Mel Gibson's 2004 'Passion of the Christ' (right), James Caviezel was blacklisted by Jewish Hollywood. (here)


The Great Revolt was a major rebellion which began in 66 A.D., instigated by the very same Zealot sect that had screamed for the crucifixion of Jesus 33 years earlier. As you may have guessed, the current use of the word, 'zealot' (from Greek, used to describe unreasonable fanatics) is  based upon these Zionist psychos of antiquity. The Zealots sought to violently eradicate Roman rule by killing Romans and Greeks. The Zealots also terrorized fellow Jews into fighting Romans for the cause. Even many latter-day Jewish historians were critical of the Zealots and the role that their uncompromising terroristic methods played in bringing the wrath of tolerant Rome down upon Judea.

Zealots were so 'hard-core' that they were known to raid Jewish habitations and kill Jews they considered to be Graeco-Roman sympathizers. The Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah actually celebrates this age-old concept of fierce Jewish resistance to assimilation (from Greece).


 http://oneyearbibleimages.com/zealots.jpg             http://www.cedricstudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/WITB-Zealots.jpg

The "chosen" Zealots didn't believe in 'diversity!'


The Zealot revolt escalated due to anti-taxation protests and murderous attacks upon Roman citizens. The Romans responded by storming Jerusalem and executing at least 5,000 Zealot rebels. This triggered a full-scale rebellion. The Roman military garrison of Judea was then overrun as the pro-Roman Jewish King, some pro-Roman Jews and local Roman officials were forced to flee Jerusalem.

As the rebellion got out of control, a Roman army based in Syria arrived to restore order and end the revolt. After initial advances, the Syrian Legion was ambushed and defeated by Zealots at the Battle of Beth Horon with 6,000 Romans massacred, - an astonishing event that sent shock waves all the way back to Rome proper itself. The Zealots had really stepped in it now!

The Roman General Vespasian was given the task of crushing the rebellion in Judea. His son Titus was appointed as second-in-command. With four Roman legions, and assisted by pro-Roman Jewish forces of King Agrippa II, Vespasian invaded Galilee in 67. Within several months, Vespasian and Titus took over the major Jewish strongholds. Driven from Galilee, the Zealots and thousands of refugees arrived in in Jerusalem and created turmoil. 

After a lull in the military operations, Vespasian was called to Rome and appointed Emperor in 69. Titus was left in charge of crushing the rebellion. The first two walls of Jerusalem were breached within weeks, but a stubborn rebel standoff prevented the Romans from breaking the third wall. During the brutal 7-month siege,  a stockpiled supply of dry food was intentionally burned by the Zealots to induce defenders to keep fighting, instead of negotiating peace. As a result, many city dwellers and soldiers died of starvation during the siege. (The Jewish NKVD ran a similar 'no surrender' internal terror operation during the Siege of Stalingrad during World War II.)



Tacitus, a Roman historian, noted: "those who were besieged in Jerusalem amounted to no fewer than six hundred thousand, that men and women alike and every age engaged in armed resistance, everyone who could pick up a weapon did, both sexes showed equal determination, preferring death to a life that involved expulsion from their country."

Roman soldiers finally succeeded in breaching the defenses of the weakened Jewish forces in the summer of 70. The angry soldiers burned and ransacked the city (including Herod's Temple); while killing countless thousands of Jews. The siege and the slaughter left 100's of 1000's dead. The Jews paid a very high price for their irrational "zealotry," but that's how the Romans rolled when you pissed them off.

Following the fall of Jerusalem, Titus left for Rome, and most of the Jews scattered about North Africa, Southern Europe and the Near East. This scattering is known as the 2nd Jewish Diaspora. These dispersed Jews of the Roman Empire should not to be confused with the more numerous Khazar converts of 700 years later (an even more troublesome bunch who would themselves scatter westward after medieval Russia conquered Khazaria.)


                             http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/36/Titus_of_Rome.jpghttp://www.preteristarchive.com/JewishWars/images/churban/1638_poussin/PoussinZerstoerung600.jpg  http://www.khazaria.com/images/khazaria.gif

Titus led the sack of Jerusalem. About 700 years later, Jewish Rabbis converted the Khazarian Empire, (based mainly in what is today Ukraine and southeast Russia). This mass conversion greatly enhanced the ranks of Judaism.

The famous Arch of Titus depicts Roman legionnaires carrying the looted treasures of the Jerusalem Temple, including a huge menorah, during Titus's triumphal procession in Rome. The Arch of Titus stood as a testament to Roman power, and a devastating loss which the Jews longed to one day reverse.  For nearly 20 centuries, the Jews of Rome refused to walk under the Arch. It is interesting and important to note that the menorah depicted on the Arch served as the model for the menorah used on the emblem of the state of Israel, as well as Israel's Intelligence Service, the Mossad.



Mossad motto reads: "By way of Deception Thou Shalt do war."


In 1913, the sex-obsessed Jewish psychologist Sigmund Freud visited Rome and sent a postcard back to a friend. The image on the postcard was a picture of the Arch of Titus. On it Freud wrote, "The Jew survives it."

When the existence of "the State of Israel" (bow your head in reverence as you say that) was formally declared, the Roman Jewish community spontaneously gathered by the arch. In joyful celebration, the revelers walked backwards under the arch to symbolize the beginning of the long-awaited return from the Roman Exile. Zealots can never let things go, can they?

The fact that the majority of modern Jews are descended from European converts or converted Khazarian Turko-Huns (Ashkenazi), and not from the ancient Judeans of Titus's day, doesn't matter. Why ruin a grand self-delusion, a fun party, and a great fairy tale? Rome is gone, the Jewish Money and Media Barons are lording over the Western Hemisphere, and nuclear-armed U.S.-backed Israel isn't going away anytime soon. What a reversal of fortune indeed!

https://www.biography.com/.image/t_share/MTIwNjA4NjMzODE2OTA5MzI0/sigmund-freud-9302400-1-402.jpg arch2.jpg    

1- Although an atheist, the sex-obsessed Sigmund Freud was a proud Jewish Supremacist who gloated about Jews outliving Rome.   2- Jews (including many Ashkenazi / Khazars with no ancestral link to Jerusalem) gather for a party at the Arch after hearing of the UN's 1947 'partition' of Palestine; a human tragedy that quickly led to massacres of innocent Palestinian people as well as the never-ending Middle East suffering and wars of today.


 Jewish joy = Palestinian horror.

The metaphorical symbolism that represents the current status of the Arch should not be confined only to the fall of the Roman Empire and the oppression of the Arabs. Rome, and also ancient Greece, were the foundational pillars of Western Civilization. Rome was not just a place and time. It was an ideal, and a world-view. As such, the ancient Graeco-Roman civilizations never really died. Like trees in winter, they just weakened before being reborn in updated forms the following historical Spring.

The Germanic Norsemen who breathed new life and infused fresh Nordic blood into the decaying Roman world became Graeco-Roma. The medieval Holy Roman Empire, with its myriad of French and German mini-states, also grew out of the dormant Roman Empire; whose Emperor, Constantine, had converted to Christianity circa 312.

Byzantium, which survived until the fall of Constantinople in 1453, was the Roman Empire of the East, literally. The Roman Catholic Church (pre-Vatican II) and Eastern Orthodox Churches were Rome. The Renaissance was Rome. The regal titles 'Kaiser' and 'Tsar' come from Caesar. Indeed, the Russian Royal Dynasty actually took the name 'Romanov', ruling the great Empire until being overthrown, and then murdered by "zealous' Jewish Bolsheviks.

The British Empire was Graeco-Roma. Spain, Italy, Portugal, Holland, France, Germany, Russia, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia Minor were all Rome. Mozart and Beethoven were Rome. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Kant, Dante, Newton, Pascal and so many other philosophers, writers, explorers, inventors and scientists too numerous to name were also Rome. Venice is Rome. Paris is Rome. St. Petersburg, London, Munich, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo and Madrid are Rome.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-LqiqWRrdHX4/TX9XHvYIooI/AAAAAAAABqM/a2FTabGMO5Y/s400/leaning-tower-of-pisa.jpg https://media1.britannica.com/eb-media/50/152550-004-669D4462.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/31/William_Shakespeare_1609.jpg http://en.parisinfo.com/var/otcp/sites/images/_aliases/carrousel2/node_43/node_51/node_233/node_7886/dossier-paris-patrimoine-%7C-550x278-%7C-%C2%A9-dr/160387-3-fre-FR/Dossier-Paris-Patrimoine-%7C-550x278-%7C-%C2%A9-DR.jpg

Pisa, Mozart, Shakespeare, Paris --- all "Rome" in a sense

By extension, America, South Africa, Australia and partially Latin America were also Rome. Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, Joseph Lister, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, and Adolf Hitler were Rome. From the front porches of a small town American country home, to the picturesque town squares and fountains of Europe, to the bustling ports, grand architecture, churches, libraries, farms, museums, gardens, universities, laboratories, town halls, kitchens, back yards, Christmas Day celebrations, 4th of July parades, High School Homecoming Football games and warm family gatherings of this people we call 'European' -- we are all Rome.

And we are all in big trouble.

   https://i.ytimg.com/vi/0Scc7NZpAeY/hqdefault.jpg http://i.ytimg.com/vi/3oGYIBJdGjc/maxresdefault.jpg

Decay and degeneracy threaten all that we once held dear.

The greatest triumph of the 'Zealot' lies not in outliving the Roman Dynasties of antiquity; but rather in corrupting and subjugating the Roman/European banner-carriers of many centuries later. You know, the so-called 'White Man'.  It is not merely a dark and cold winter-time for the transcontinental Family Tree of European civilization. We've been there before (fall of Greece, fall of Rome, Mongol invasions, fall of Constantinople, the Black Death, 30 Years War) and always regenerated when Spring rolled around. But this time around, the very roots of the sacred Graeco-Roman tree itself, with all of its beautiful branches, are dying from a poisonous injection. That is what the Arch of Titus truly represents today, at least to people like Freud and his Globalist-Zionist ilk.

You see, whereas the historical consciousness of the Western TV-watching endangered species known as Boobus Americanus, Boobus Europithicus and Boobus Australopithecus has degenerated to the level of advanced Alzheimer's patients obliviously wandering about a busy metropolitan airport; the modern Zealot knows exactly where he came from, where he is now, how he got there, and where he is ultimately going. More than that, he now owns the bloody airport, the planes, and the metal detectors. He even directs the flight traffic as well!


Rothschild, Soros, Greenspan, Netanyahu


Kissinger, Weinstein, Redstone, Ginsberg, Feinstein


Spielberg, Bernanke, Yellen, Adelson, Bloomberg


St. Karl Marx, St. Sigmund Freud, St. Albert Einstein - The 3 stooges of grossly exaggerated Jewish 'intellectualism' are exalted high above all other European scholars and scientists.

From Rome to Paris to Berlin to Brussels to London to Ottawa to Canberra to Sydney to New York to Washington to Los Angeles; and by extension, to the rest of the world in one degree or another, the scattered remnants of the Jerusalem siege, and their latter day Khazar converts, lord over the de-racialized and de-culturalized boobs of Europa/America with an absolutism that a Roman Emperor could only dream of. Their ultimate and imminent aim is the total uprooting of the European ideal, and indeed, the physical  / racial replacement of European (Roman) man himself. And here you thought that the legendary 'liberal' Jewish love for unlimited Third World immigration with welfare benefits was motivated by altruism! The joke is on you 'cracker.'

http://levantium.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Wailing-Wall.jpg http://www.texemarrs.com/images/barack_at_wailing_wall1.jpg http://media.nj.com/ledgerupdates_impact/photo/2012/04/10796525-large.jpg

Modern Zealots claim that the Wailing Wall - which all aspiring US Presidents must pay homage to - is a remnant of the ancient wall which surrounded Herod's Temple; the one destroyed by the forces of Titus. The destruction of the on-site Mosque and the rebuilding of the Temple are part of the Zealots' plan.

Historically, a run-of-the-mill tyrant could only control his subjects in a physical sense. But the control which the modern day Zealot exerts over his Global plantation is also mental and spiritual. In the past one could, within the private confines of his own mind, have at least thought bad thoughts about a Nero, a Commodus, a Genghis Khan, or a Stalin. But with his magical media machine, the modern Zealot can make his subject mind-slave truly believe nothing but wonderful and empathetic thoughts about his poor 'persecuted' Zealot masters.



As the Zealot fleeces European Man of his money, his culture, his history, his legacy, his heart, his mind, his soul, and even his own wife and children, Boobus Americanus, Boobus Europithicus and Boobus Australopithecus all continue to weep for the Zealots and their historical "suffering." We've all heard the pre-programmed 'battered wife syndrome' responses a million times. Strike up the violins and break out the barf bags. Encore, encore:


 "Oh the poor Jews have suffered so much persecution and for so long. That mean ole nasty Pharaoh! Those darn Persians and Babylonians! And those imperialistic Romans! And the Catholic Church! And the Medieval pogroms! And the Russian Tsar! And the Dreyfus Affair! And the Holocaust - 6 million dead, never forget! Hitler, Hitler, Hitler...and oh yeah, Hitler! And the Muslim Terrorists! The PLO! Hitler! Hamas rockets! Hezbollah! Syria! Iran! Hitler! Holocaust! Enough is enough! Jesus was a Jew, you know."

(spoken with great passion and piety as the poor TV-addled boob's world crumbles down; right in front of his oblivious fat face)

https://www.papermasters.com/images/merchant-venice.jpg http://izquotes.com/quotes-pictures/quote-if-you-prick-us-do-we-not-bleed-if-you-tickle-us-do-we-not-laugh-if-you-poison-us-do-we-not-die-william-shakespeare-168042.jpghttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/dc/Gilbert-Shylock.jpg

Shakespeare was on to the age-old 'waaa, waaa, waaa' ritual:

"If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not avenge?" - Shylock the money lender from 'The Merchant of Venice' (now banned in virtually all U.S. High Schools!)


Love 'em or hate 'em, one cannot help but be awe-struck at how the Zealot has turned the Arch of Titus upside down on us, and then some! Two thousand years ago, with Rome at the pinnacle of her power and glory, with Jerusalem in ruins, with most of the Zealot leaders dead, and with the leaderless Jews having been scattered to the four winds; who would have ever 'thunk' it?

What an astonishing feat of treacherous trickery they have pulled off; all while getting the masses to actually pity their perpetual "plight". When they said, 'by way of deception'; they weren't kidding!



 What a difference two millennia makes!

 From the Arch's mocking depiction of victorious Romans flaunting the looted menorah of the burnt-out temple - to a GIGANTIC menorah erected on the South Lawn of the White House each Hanukkah. "Separation of Church & State, eh?"


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