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By Mike King

Living up to its historical role as the lead attack-fish of the Piranha Press, the New York Slimes has been in the forefront of the all-of-a-sudden international clamor against "Fake News" TM --- a euphemism for any and all information that the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) doesn't want you to know about but, because of the Internet, can no longer make disappear.

"Fake News" TM -- we are told -- was responsible for the electoral defeat of the hideous hag who should have been "the first woman President." Even more serious is the growing allegation that "Fake News" TM not only threatens "our democracy" TM, but also the lives of innocent people who could end up being killed as the result of "Fake News" TM.  Can hypocritical calls to regulate free speech, in order to defend our "democracy" TM be far behind?

Whined the wicked wench of Washington herself:

"This is not about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk, lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days to do their jobs, contribute to their communities ... (Fake news) is a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly."
It is imperative that leaders in both the private and pubic sector step up to protect our democracy and innocent lives."
Ironically, the New York Slimes, the talking heads of the Piranha Press and Killary herself are actually right about the risk that "Fake News" TM poses to human life -- but not for the twisted illogical reasons which they claim. Let us review just a few case studies of how "Fake News" TM has gotten people killed, shall we?


Fake News TM, promoted by The New York Slimes, about a Saudi cave-dweller hiding in Afghanistan having orchestrated the terror attacks of 9/11, resulted in the deaths of about 2,500 Americans in Afghanistan in a bloody and expensive occupation that is still ongoing.


https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/50/67/91/50679149a653590acf48cc726f3221f1.jpg http://img.timeinc.net/time/images/covers/asia/2001/20011112_400.jpg http://axisoflogic.com/artman/uploads/1/74dieinjuly09.jpg

"I have already said that I am not involved in the September 11 attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other humans as an appreciable act." -- Osama Bin Laden



Fake News TM, promoted by The New York Slimes, about Iraq building "Weapons of Mass Destruction" TM resulted in the deaths of 5,000 Americans and as many as 1,000,000 Iraqis, many of them women and children.


https://static01.nyt.com/images/2014/03/24/opinion/errol-morris-NYT-13/errol-morris-rumsfeld-slide-6UJH-blog480.jpg http://axisoflogic.com/artman/uploads/1/5us_troop_killed_may_6_2011.jpg http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2009/02/10/article-0-03621EBD000005DC-715_468x292.jpg

Colin Powell lied his ass off at the U.N. and the media sold it to us without question.


Fake News TM, promoted by The New York Slimes, about Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi shooting down passenger planes in the 1980's, killing a London police woman, cluster bombing Libyan neighborhoods and machine-gunning peaceful demonstrators in 2011, gave NATO and its mercenary proxies the protective political cover needed to murder him and bring death, destruction and chaos to Libya.


https://theburningbloggerofbedlam.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/gaddafi-fakemediacoverage-e1438302460560.jpg?w=262&h=306 http://www.cnn.com/video/bestoftv/2011/03/19/exp.llawrence.us.libya.missles.cnn.640x360.jpg  http://www.trueorthodox.com/pictures/gaddzio.jpg

Qaddafi was very popular among his people and sought friendship with the United States.


Fake News TM, promoted by The New York Slimes, about about a White cop in Ferguson, Missouri gunning down a black youth "as his hands were raised" incited days of protests and riots in which businesses were torched and an innocent White man was killed by a St. Louis mob.