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Yevgeny Fyodorov

By Mike King & Sugar the Cat
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Your ever-digging reporter and his faithful feline friend stumbled across a very intriguing headline over at 'The Moscow Times' just the other day:
"Russia's Central Bank Hit by Accusations of Sabotaging the Ruble"
That headline hooked me, but the very first sentence of the article floored me!
"The Prosecutor General's Office is looking into the Central Bank's operations after a ruling party lawmaker accused it being an "enemy of the country" by supposedly driving down the ruble and plotting evil against Russia."
The Russian lawmaker continues:
"The Central Bank is an institutional enemy of the country," Fyodorov told Russian News Service radio on Monday. "Its bosses are officially abroad. I am assuming that it will do the maximum evil. The Central Bank will do everything to have the ruble rate fall."
Such anti-bankster verbal blasts should be music to the ears of any liberty-loving American. Those fighting words are too strong to have come from the too gentle mouth of Ron Paul. Andrew Jackson; is that you? CNN Money picked up on the story as well:


"A senior member of President Vladimir Putin's party has accused the Bank of Russia of engineering the collapse of the ruble. The bank is now being investigated by state prosecutors as a result."

Yevgeny Fyodorov, who chairs the Russian parliament's economic policy committee, accused the central bank of sabotage, telling local media that it was "an institutional enemy of the country."


Damn! I am lovin' me some Yevgeny Fyodorov!

The question of who actually controls the Russian Central Bank, and to what extent, is by design, a murky one. What we do know is that it is part of the same international crime syndicate as all the other western central banks, including 'The Fed'. If Putin, like Andrew Jackson and Adolf Hitler before him, can sever this toxic umbilical cord that links the Globo-Judeo funny-money machine to the Russian economy, it's 'game-on' for sure!


So, who is Yevgeny Fyodorov; this "senior Russian lawmaker" who has declared open warfare on Russia's version of the Federal Reserve? Thanks to the modern miracle of the Internet, it didn't take long get to know to Mr. Fyodorov. Suffice it say, if you like Putin, you will love Fyodorov.

 Anti-bankster Fyodorov is the total package: an impressive combination of brains, balls, charisma, patriotism, energy and organizational skills.


Fyodorov, 51, graduated from the Leningrad Higher Military Engineering and Construction College. From 1985 to 1988 he served in the Soviet Armed Forces, participating in the Soviet War in Afghanistan; a war which the West actually imposed upon the USSR via the CIA, MI6, the Saudis and their controlled foreign fighters.

Fyodorov has served in the Duma (Parliament) since 1990, and is currently a high-ranking official in Putin's United Russia Party.  Just the mere fact that the Globalist, Internet-based NGO, 'Open Democracy', mocks Fyodorov as "the ultimate conspiracy theorist" is, in and of itself, all the evidence we need to establish his authenticity and credentials. End of discussion. But there is more to tell, much more.


Though a loyal Putinist, Fyodorov has formed his own movement, the National Liberation Movement. In the wake of the mess in the Ukraine, Fyodorov's NLM has swelled to 100,000 members, most of them young and very hard-core. There are branch offices in 260 cities throughout all of Russia's 85 regions. No mealy-mouthed, punch-pulling, aging 'Tea Partiers' here. No sir. Fyodorov and his NLM are dead-serious about liberating not only Russia, but the whole world.

'USA - hands off the Kievan Rus'. NLM protest outside US Consulate, St. Petersburg, May 2014. Photo: vk.com/nodspb

Mocked by western media as fanatical "conspiracy theorists", Fyodorov's NLM seeks to purge Russia of its internal traitors, libtard activists, and CIA fake "Nazis".


What we learn from Fyodorov is that the treasonous "fifth column" embedded within Russia itself amounts to something far greater, and far more dangerous, than just the controlled CIA-NGO Libtard and "neo-Nazi" rent-a-mobs of Russia. Those groups need to be put down of course, but Fyodorov's ultimate target is to publicly expose and "purge" the ambitious pro-Western traitors embedded within Russian industry, the State Duma, the media, and the Russian Central Bank. The infestation, leftover from the Yeltsin era, is so bad that Putin himself cannot control it. That is why Fyodorov created the NLM. According to Fyodorov, "the purge is coming".

Fyodorov on foreign influence in the Duma:

"Duma deputies are simply officials in occupied territory. All the laws regulating the system of governance passed by the Duma have been drafted in the USA."


On nationalizing Russia's Central Bank (from the Open Democracy hit-piece):

"The Central Bank will be answerable to the government. The NLM considers that, by nationalizing the Central Bank, it will be possible to do away with 'linking the rouble to the dollar."


On Google's cooperation with foreign intelligence services:

We hold that in due time we must see the nationalization of Google, meaning that Google’s operations concerning Russia must fall under Russian jurisdiction and competence. (via a Russian subsidiary)
On the release of Russian traitor-criminal Alexei Navalny
"Who could have given such a command regarding Navalny. It’s obvious who: Obama and his staff. The Americans gave the command and Navalny was immediately released. You and I simply don’t appreciate the status of Russia in the form in which it is now. The United States guarantee not only political assistance to Navalny, they guarantee him personal immunity with their aircraft carriers, with their nuclear weapons, with their state power. They guarantee security for his family; therefore his family can behave absolutely boldly."
Navalny is hooked up with traitor and Rothschild agent Kasparov.
On western occupation of Russia:

"The Americans know how to work with occupied territories. They have gotten their experience from the British. The Brits have ruled the colonies for 500 years, well, in 500 years, can you learn how to get a decision through painlessly in the occupied territories? Yes, they’ve learned in 500 years. And everywhere the result is the same – the colony degrades, the people are destroyed.

Thus it will be decided in the same way on the territory of Russia, and in fact sooner rather than later, in the foreseeable next generation if people do not want to defend themselves, if people do not want to act exactly as their grandfathers, great-grandfathers and great-great grandfathers did. You don’t have to think up anything new; you have to live by those same laws, including defending yourself, as our ancestors did, because they encountered double the competition their whole lives. That’s life – competition, struggle and wars. Ordinary human life."

On liberating the world from the U.S.
"Today, the world begins to unite against the colonizer - USA. For the time being, it is a conceptual and preparatory process, but it takes place. In this regard, I would call the preliminary results of the meeting in the Far East the meeting of the liberation movement to free the world from the U.S. occupation."
On Ukraine:

"Let’s return to the fundamental point: why did USA attack Ukraine in Feb 2014? Why did they orchestrate a coup d´état, bring their people to power, change the legislative-constitutional structure? And write in the Agreement that in Ukraine, the boss is Mr van Rompuy (EU). Military operations are under the command of the US general Randy Allen Key. They have occupied the territory of Ukraine. What did they do that for? For no special reason? Did they just get an itch in their left nostril and that’s why they decided to fork out $5 billion?

No. They did that to preserve their unipolar world, their colonial empire."


Nuland & McCain triggered a coup in Ukraine


On Russian traitors:

"Who are the fifth column (traitors)? Who are the agents of USA manipulation? You have to see the big picture. Those in Russia who have an influence on events in Ukraine, and stripped Putin of the right to send in troops. Didn’t allow him a tough decision on the defense of sovereignty. Those are the traitors."


On the coming purge of Russian traitors:

"Putin is starting to muster his forces for a general attack, a revolt against the occupiers, foreign agents, or anyone who might be one, have been purged and this is being done completely openly.

We have to understand that the fifth column in the government isn’t just causing damage. They have now fully revealed themselves. They have stupidly switched to the tactic of fully destroying the country, moreover in the near future. Whereas previously we were trying to win them over, to persuade them, now we have to cut them off, as has always been the case. This is not a new method. It’s the method which Russia has always used in analogous situations. So the conclusion is that it doesn’t matter whether Putin wants to do this or not. What matters is that Russia is moving in this direction, having gotten up on her feet to defend herself and decided not to surrender, like Ukraine did. Which means this will inevitably lead to a purge

The National Liberation Movement (NLM) now has a very clear job to do: to seize power within the country for a specific group of people around Putin, for the purpose of eliminating the fifth column and liberating the nation. It’s obviously what needs to be done. Next we wait for circumstances to force the big bosses, some of them, to realize that they have to align themselves with that decision.

 in Russia the split has already taken place. There’s no going back. A couple of months ago Russia could have surrendered, like Ukraine had done. But today we can see that it didn’t happen. Which means there is already a group. Of course they could still be crushed along with Putin. There could be an attempted terrorist act against Putin. This is all possible, but unlikely to succeed, because Putin is preparing for it. An organic split within the government is already forming. ......The split will lead to a part being cut out, i.e. a purge. which has happened many times in the history of Russia.
It’s like in a civil war, brother vs brother. Such is the split. We’re waiting for it to become formalized. The job of NLM today has become highly intellectual. We are giving out lists for the purge, objective lists. We specifically emphasize that it is nothing personal. We define a methodology, publish it on our portals. People can check the boxes to automatically determine who is in the fifth column in Russia. It’s based on what position they have taken."



Branches of Yevgeny Fyodorov's National Liberation Movement exist across Russia and the post-Soviet space. Photo: eafedorov.ru

Fyodorov and Putin know that the time for playing soft-ball with internal traitors in the government, the Central Bank, the media, and the street mobs is over. Crack skulls gentlemen!


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