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By Mike King


"All The News That Sulzberger's  Propaganda Rag  Saw Fit To Distort"

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A mural in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, depicts the relationship between Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

NY Times: Rise of Donald Trump Tracks Growing Debate Over Global Fascism


Damn the New York Slimes!

Your fatigued editor and his ferocious feline sidekick had just settled in for a few days of R&R at the still-quaint and decent southern New Jersey Shore town of Cape May. Right on cue, this horrible piece of Globalist hate propaganda popped up on the MSN Home Page.

Due to the fact that the piece linked to Sulzberger's Slimes, and given the severity of attack, Mrs. King was asked to forgive us for doing what we had solemnly pledged not to do this weekend, namely, write & rebut. But boy-oh-boy is she going to exact a heavy price for the offense. Cape May is full of girly boutiques!

The duty of immediately rebutting what may be the single nastiest article we have come across since launching the Anti-New York Times "trumps" (pun intended) whatever monetary damage the lovely, gracious and extortionist "better half" may inflict as reparations for being ignored for a few hours. The hit-piece really is that bad, folks. Hitler, Mussolini, Trump, Putin -- the whole gang is thrown together here in a Commie comedy that would actually be funny, if its implications weren't so dangerous for the world.

Haz Mat suits and goggles on everyone, into Sulzberger's cesspool we go for a few choice rebuttals.


 http://s3-media2.fl.yelpcdn.com/bphoto/ci1RCfUWIeK7ARRFTAMTgw/348s.jpg http://www.supermanhomepage.com/images/phonebooth/legendreturnsposter.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/11/e9/b5/11e9b5226437140d6c9937242b5827b2.jpg

When duty calls, neither sun, surf nor neglected spouses can stop your truth superheroes from springing into action to fight the evil doers.


Peter Baker: (married to the Editor of "Politico", Susan Glasser (cough cough)): The comparison was inflammatory, to say the least. Former Gov. William F. Weld of Massachusetts equated Donald J. Trump’s immigration plan with Kristallnacht, ...

Rebuttal: Baker uses the journalistic trick of presenting "an inflammatory charge" in such a way as to distance himself from it. As if to say: "It's not me saying this. It's former Governor Weld."

Peter Baker: .. the night of horror in 1938 when rampaging Nazis smashed Jewish homes and businesses in Germany and killed scores of Jews.

Rebuttal: Baker omits to mention the fact that the Kristallnacht riots were triggered by the murder of a German diplomat by a Polish Jew. Furthermore, the death totals are not clear and the arson attacks really seemed like part of an orchestrated false-flag to embarrass Germany. --- But we digress.

Baker: But if it was a provocative analogy, it was not a lonely one.

Rebuttal: Again, Baker is playing the dishonest game of "It's not me saying this. It's others."


http://russia-insider.com/sites/insider/files/baker184.jpg http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/160522095539-bill-weld-donald-trump-deportation-sot-sotu-00005608-large-169.jpg http://media.salon.com/2016/03/hitler_trump.jpg

The vile Peter Baker, his putrid wife Susan Glasser (cough cough), and William Weld are on a "Trump is Hitler" kick. Oh if only it turns out to be true!


Baker: Mr. Trump’s campaign has engendered impassioned debate about the nature of his appeal and warnings from critics on the left and the right about the potential rise of fascism in the United States. 

Rebuttal: Of course, when Baker ignorantly speaks of "fascism," he means it as a bad thing -- you know, like evil "Nazis" shutting down free speech and throwing people in "zee gas chambers" TM.

Baker: More strident opponents have likened Mr. Trump to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Rebuttal: Notice the trick, again: "It's not me saying Hitler and Mussolini. It's "strident opponents."

Baker: To supporters, such comparisons are deeply unfair smear tactics used to tar conservatives and scare voters. For a bipartisan establishment whose foundation has been shaken by Mr. Trump’s ascendancy, these backers say, it is easier to delegitimize his support than to acknowledge widespread popular anger at the failure of both parties ...

Rebuttal: A fair sentence -- which means that a "yeah but" is coming....wait for it ...

Baker: But the discussion comes as questions are surfacing around the globe about a revival of fascism,

Rebuttal: There it is! The "yeah but" in all its deceitful splendor. Oh how well we know these demonic deceivers!

Baker: ... generally defined as a governmental system that asserts complete power and emphasizes aggressive nationalism and often racism.

Rebuttal: That is not the correct definition of "fascism" TM. The true definition of fascism (non TM version) is as follows:

Fascism: The act of firmly saying "no" to Jewish-Globalist domination. Example: "No. You may not issue our currency at interest." or "No. You may not monopolize and subvert the news media." or "No. You may not force-feed pornography and homosexuality and tranny-ism to children."

Baker: In places like Russia and Turkey, leaders like Vladimir V. Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan employ strongman tactics.

Rebuttal: And what type of tactics did Obongo employ when he murdered Qadaffi, unleashed deadly Predator Drone attacks on wedding parties, issued Executive Order after Executive Order after Executive Order, and destroyed (by proxy) Syria and Libya. What would we call that? "Niceman tactics?"

Baker: In Austria, a nationalist candidate came within three-tenths of a percentage point of becoming the first far-right head of state elected in Europe since World War II.

Rebuttal: "Far right" TM is another way of saying "fascist" TM. In regard to Austria's Norbert Hofer (who was cheated) the non-TM definition of "far right" is: one who wishes to enforce his countries borders. Example: "No Abdul! You may not break into Austria and rape our daughters."

Baker: In Hungary, an authoritarian government has clamped down on the news media and erected razor wire fences to keep out migrants.

Rebuttal: Hungary is attempting to contain CIA influence over its media and protect its citizens.


http://bwiza.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/gaddafi-con-obama1.jpg https://publicintelligence.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/gaddafi-body-14.jpg http://www.sbs.com.au/news/sites/sbs.com.au.news/files/styles/full/public/20150829001171413197-original.jpg?itok=5TaCemat&mtime=1440890806

Slimes Logic: Smiling in a man's face and then murdering him two years later is acceptable. But building a fence to protect your borders amounts to "fascism" TM and "strongman tactics."


Baker: There are worries that Poland may follow suit.

Rebuttal: "Worries?" By whom? There goes that trick again: "It's not me worried. It's "critics."

Baker: Traditional parties in France, Germany, Greece and elsewhere have been challenged by nationalist movements amid an economic crisis and waves of migrants.

Rebuttal: The "challenging" of "traditional parties" is actually an example of democracy TM, not "fascism" TM!

Baker: .. Said Mark Leonard, the director of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Rebuttal: Aha! The Council on Foreign Relations! A New York-based "think tank", with branches in Chicago and Europe, that more or less openly works for world government.

Baker: “...Populists have replaced contests between left and right with a struggle between cosmopolitan elites and angry nativists.”

Translation: "Elites" are worldly and wise. "Nativists" TM are angry and stupid.

Baker: Mr. Trump dismisses the labels used by those like Mr. Weld ... “I don’t talk about his alcoholism,” Mr. Trump said through a spokeswoman, “so why would he talk about my foolishly perceived fascism?"

Rebuttal: Ya gotta love the fearless way Trump hits back at these pieces of excrement.


Times article actually carries the above photo of The Great One and Mussolini --- with the caption: "Some opponents have likened Donald J. Trump to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini; supporters call that a smear tactic." 


("Some opponents have likened Trump to the big bad Hitler ---- not the "objective" Slimes, you see. It's "some opponents" -- with the Slimes running the photo that will shock people and cause them to associate Trump with the "evil" Hitler.)


Baker: “This could be one of those moments that’s quite dangerous and we’ll look back and wonder why we treated it as ho-hum at a time when we could have stopped it,” said Robert Kagan, a scholar at the Brookings Institution known for hawkish internationalism.

Mr. Kagan sounded the alarm this month with a Washington Post op-ed article, “This Is How Fascism Comes to America,”

Rebuttal: Robert Kagan (cough cough)?! One of the neo-con 9/11 PNAC co-conspirators who wants World War III is calling Trump a "fascist" TM??? The chutzpah of these people!

Kagan, by the way, is married to Victoria Nuland (cough cough), the warmongering douche-bag who helped to orchestrate the coup in Ukraine that has got us to the brink of war with Russia.

Baker: President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico criticized Mr. Trump’s plans to build a wall on the border and to bar Muslims from entering the United States. “That’s the way Hitler arrived.” he said.

Rebuttal: Trick: "It's not me saying that Trump is Hitler. It's the Mexican President". ... Hitler. Hitler. Hitler.

Baker: The actor George Clooney called Mr. Trump “a xenophobic fascist.”

Rebuttal: Trick: "It's not me saying that Trump is a 'xenophobic' TM 'fascist' TM. It's that internationally renown towering intellect George Clooney."



Nuland, Kagan and Clooney --. The fact that Zionist scum and Globalist scum are united in their hatred for Trump is very promising.


Baker: Louis C. K., the comic, said, “The guy is Hitler.”

Rebuttal: Trick: "It's not me saying that Trump is Hitler. It's that comic." Hitler. Hitler. Hitler.

Baker: Eva Schloss, the 87-year-old stepsister of Anne Frank, said Trump “is acting like another Hitler by inciting racism.”

Rebuttal: Trick: "It's not me saying that Trump is Hitler. It's the stepsister of Anne Frank" TM. Hitler. Hitler. Hitler.

Baker: It got to the point that his wife, Melania Trump, was prompted to say, “He’s not Hitler.”

Rebuttal: Hitler. Hitler. Hitler.

Baker: Mr. Trump has provided plenty of ammunition for critics. He was slow to denounce the white supremacist David Duke and talked approvingly of beating up protesters. He has praised Mr. Putin and promised to be friends. He would not condemn supporters who launched anti-Semitic blasts at journalists. At one point, Mr. Trump retweeted a Mussolini quote: “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.”

Rebuttal: "White supremacist" TM --- "David Duke" TM --- "Vladimir Putin" TM --- "anti-Semitism" TM --- Benito Mussolini TM. My God! Even by its own notorious standards of deceptive hysteria, the Slimes is really becoming unhinged over Trump.

Baker: Asked by Chuck Todd on the NBC program “Meet the Press” about the retweet, Mr. Trump brushed off the quote’s origin. “I know who said it,” he said. “But what difference does it make whether it’s Mussolini or somebody else?”

“Do you want to be associated with a fascist?” Mr. Todd asked.

“No,” Mr. Trump answered, “I want to be associated with interesting quotes.”

Rebuttal: Ya gotta love a man with balls -- in a manly sense, if you know what I mean.

Baker: Beyond Hitler and Mussolini, fascism can be hard to define. Since World War II, only fringe figures ..... Hitler and Mussolini were elastic in their political philosophies as they came to power .... Mussolini started out as ...

Mr. Paxton, the fascism scholar, said he saw similarities and differences in Mr. Trump. ..

Rebuttal: Three "Mussolinis" TM, two "Hitlers" TM, and one "fascism" TM -- in a single paragraph wrapped up by a "fascism scholar" linking the name "Trump" at the end. This is a fiendishly clever use of name-dropping and smear linking without actually accusing.


http://img.thesun.co.uk/aidemitlum/archive/02238/01_SHHAMMONDZ_2238125a.jpg http://www.calbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/Hitler-Trump.jpg http://images.hngn.com/data/images/full/205244/trump-mussolini.png?w=650

The high level of intellectual discourse at the "paper of record": "Putin is Hitler --- Trump is Hitler ---- or is it Mussolini?"


Baker: Others caution against comparisons. “I read Kagan’s piece, of course,” said Volker Perthes, the director of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, in Berlin. “All the phenomena he describes are raising concerns, but I would still not call Trump fascist."

Rebuttal: Well, that's mighty fair of you, Herr Perthes. I'm sure Mr. Trump appreciates you defending him so passionately!

See the trick, folks? The "debate" now is about whether or not Trump is a "fascist" TM. This is a classic example of "the art of the smear."

Baker: Mr. Perthes said real fascism requires two more elements — an outright rejection of democracy...

Rebuttal: Like when unelected bureaucrats at the European Union dictate to members states that they must open their borders or face sanctions, eh Mr. Perthes?

Baker: ... and a harsher definition of order.

Rebuttal: Like when the state shuts down bakeries that refuse to bake homosexual-themed cakes, or like when Germans and Swedes are thrown in jail for complaining about the rape-fugees pouring into their countries, eh Mr. Perthes?

Baker: Charles Grant, the director of the Center for European Reform:

“Historically, it (fascism) means the demonization of minorities within a society to the extent that they feel insecure,”

Rebuttal: Like when "Holocaust Deniers" TM are rounded up during the night and imprisoned, eh Mr. Grant?

Baker:  “It means encouraging the use of violence against critics."

Rebuttal: Like Obongo's Soros-funded "Black Lives Matters" thugs and the violent anti-Trump Mexican protesters, eh Mr. Grant?

Baker: "It means a bellicose foreign policy that may lead to war".

Rebuttal: Oh my God! Sugar, fetch daddy a shot of vodka before I blow an artery in my head!

"Bellicose foreign policy?" Project much, Mr. Grant. It is "fascists" TM Trump and Putin who want their respective nations to make peace!


https://theuso.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/war_dg75120d.jpg https://richardedmondsondotnet.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/haverbeck.jpg?w=350&h=200&crop=1 http://learnwomen.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/onpot.jpg

The same Sons of Satan who blow up innocent populations; imprison 86-year-old ladies for "holocaust denial" TM; and force women and girls to accept trannies in their bathrooms now want to lecture us about Trump and Putin's "fascism" TM.

That's about the worst of this disgustingly desperate and juvenile piece-of-garbage article. The rest of it quotes a few more diploma-decorated dickheads waxing eloquently about "the crisis" TM of "right wing" TM populism gaining strength in the West. ...blah ... blah ... blah.
Let's just hope this "crisis" TM continues. Heil Trump!

  Boobus Americanus 1: I read an article in the New York Times about the rise of fascism worldwide.

Boobus Americanus 2: Yes. Putin is definitely a fascist; and Trump may yet turn out to be an American Hitler as well.


(Well, I don't know about Trump being another Hitler -- but these hysterical attacks upon him really increase my confidence in his intentions. I'm gonna hit the beach, Sugar. You stay here and relax in the air conditioning.) 


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