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  New York Times Front Page

NY Times: Obama Punishes Russia Over Election Hacking


Editorial: President Obama Punishes Russia, at Last



As expected, the seditious scribblers at Sulzberger's Slimes have gone full-blown retard -- in ecstasy, that is -- over Obongo's 11th hour sabotaging of the feared Trump-Putin national reconciliation. Notice how the totally unproven (false, actually) accusation of "Russian hacking" is now presented as a prior assumption (a classic logical fallacy).

You see, it is no longer a question of whether or not the Russians interfered in QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show) 2016, but rather, how should America respond. It's like the slick salesman asking: "How would you like to pay for your new vacuum cleaner, Mrs. Jones -- by check or by credit card?" --- when Mrs. Jones never even said she was going to buy the vacuum cleaner in the first place!

(Your marketing pro turned historian-journalist sold vacuum cleaners door-to-door during one college summer break -- The "assumptive close" worked like a charm!)



The Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press commonly use "assumptive selling" to manipulate the public mind.


It would be redundant and insulting to the intelligence of our highly informed readers to rebut an accusation which even many Boobuses all know is concocted. The Slime's slime shouldn't even be dignified with a rebuttal. Instead, let us reiterate what Obongo's dangerous game is really all about. We believe that the stage is being set for a dangerous escalation of events in Europe, and perhaps even America, to occur over the course of the next three weeks. Now that the precedent (phony as it may be) of Russian cyber-warfare has been embedded in the public mind, we suspect -- (not to be confused with "we forecast") -- that a serious cyber false-flag attack against America or the EU is in the works.

And even though Boobus Americanus and Boobus Europiticus may indeed be skeptical about the current little lies being told about Russia, the lessons of history and the laws of human nature inform us that the malleable mobs will never question the big lies fed to them about false-flag attacks. In exactly the same manner that the public had been pre-conditioned to fear Osama Bin Laden -- the Saudi nobody living in an Afghan cave -- so too has the big bad Putin been pre-framed. The reactive mind will instantly blame him for any "cyber-Pearl Harbor" TM. After all, only a crazed "conspiracy theorist" TM would actually believe that our own government would do such a thing.

* The term "cyber-Pearl Harbor" yields nearly 1 million results on Google Search


Although current allegations of "Russian hacking" are still doubted by many, a "cyber-Pearl Harbor" TM would be sold to the public and believed because the lie would be so big.  

Hitler (from Mein Kampf): "All this was inspired by the principle—which is quite true within itself—that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying."


Again, this is not a forecast of what will happen within the coming weeks, but a plausible warning about what could happen. The International Crime Syndicate known as the NWO cannot afford to see nationalists Putin, Trump and even Xi of China come together to build a "multi-polar world." Like wounded animals pinned into a corner, the "powers-that-be" are capable of anything. The weeks since the election of Orange Man have already witnessed an increased U.S. military build-up in Europe; the take-down of a Russian airplane which wiped out much of its famed Red Army choir; a provocative visit to the puppet Baltic States by McCain the Insane; and now, this mass expulsion of Russian diplomats. 

As it was with FDR's relentless poking and threatening of Japan in 1941, this latest diplomatic humiliation of Russia sets up the next escalation move. Could the next play be the "cyber-Pearl Harbor" TM we have been hearing about for years? Whatever the NWO's next move may be, we are confident that it will happen before Orange Man's inauguration -- an event which may be further marred by Soros' rent-a-mobs.



The commie-loving bastard did all that was in his power to force Japan into making the first overt move. Hawaiian newspapers knew what was coming, but FDR played the role of the victim masterfully and the public swallowed it whole. The only difference between Pearl Harbor and the potential "cyber-Pearl Harbor" TM is that the former was an actual attack from an outside party; the latter, if it happens, will be an inside-job, blamed on Russia.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Obama gave Russian diplomats 72 hours to leave the country.

Boobus Americanus 2: It's long overdue. These rooskies need to be taught a lesson.



Sugar: It'ss funny how the frickin' libtardss at the Jew York Sslimes never had a problem with Russsia back in the day when communisst thugss like Sstalin and Khrusshchev ran the joint.

 Editor: A very astute observation, Sugar.



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NY Times: Senators Reassure Wary Baltic Nations That U.S. Won’t Abandon NATO

That miserable warmongering son-of-a-bitch John McCain and his faithful little faggot of a sidekick Lindsey Graham are at it again -- this time, stirring up trouble in the Soros-owned Baltic Sea nation of Estonia. And just to add a bit of "bipartisan" TM spice to the whole sordid affair, the Rebublican't joined-at-the-hip duo brought along a Demonrat Senator with them -- some obscure and evidently ambitious "Yale-educated" feminist douche-bag named Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.

McCain, Graham and Klobuchar
Led by McCain the Insane, the trio "reassured" the Estonian Prime Minister of America's commitment to "the defense of" the tiny puppet state from the big bad Russian Bear. The wacky old lunatic declared:
“The presence of United States troops here in Estonia is a signal that we believe in what Ronald Reagan believed, and that is peace through strength, --- the best way to prevent Russian misbehavior.”
Translation: Pay no mind to President-elect Trump. Your assigned task of provoking Russia into striking the first blow still stands.
The article informs us that tiny NATO members Latvia and Lithuania, along with non-NATO puppet states Georgia and Ukraine are also on the itinerary of "reassurance." -- Wonderful. Just wonderful. But the most distressing piece of data from this story is found in paragraph nine:
"Spokesmen for the senators and Mr. Trump did not respond to questions about whether they had informed the president-elect about their trip."
Translation: High-powered Senators within Trump's own "conservative" Party -- in league with the Demonrat minority and treasonous elements within the CIA, State Department and Department of Offense -- are still committed to fighting Russia.

Will they, with the help of the fake mainstream newsmedia, be able to maneuver Orange Man into a corner from which he will be forced to fight -- or, at the very least, be prevented from ever breaking bread with Putin? Let us turn to history to examine past precedents for just such a situation. 
Seat-belts fastened and helmets on, boys and girls. Into the Tomato-Time-Machine we go. Sugar, set the dial to 1898, please.
McKinley Forced Into Spanish-American War by fellow Republicans in Congress

Although the intensive propaganda campaign of 1897 and early 1898 had succeeded in poisoning the public perception of Spain, the reluctance the conservative Republican President William McKinley to go to war still had to be overcome. It was time for a false-flag attack.


http://figures.boundless.com/16521/full/frying.jpe reconcentration-images.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6d/Mckinley.jpg

President McKinley was not impressed by the anti-Spanish propaganda of the Piranha Press. Some further "persuading" had to be done.

In 1897, The Globalist "Powers That Be" had arranged for the ambitious control-freak, New York City Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt (John McCain's favorite President), to be appointed as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. In February of 1898, TR, on his own initiative, ordered the USS Maine to provocatively sail into Cuba's Havana Harbor (controlled by Spain). In a remarkable "coincidence", the Maine "spontaneously" and oh-so-conveniently blew up, killing 251 American sailors. TR and the Yellow Press wasted no time in blaming Spain for the "mine attack".
h46378.jpg whtaft-port.jpghttp://mikemcclaughry.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/uss-maine-yellow-journalism.png
 Assistant Naval Secretary Roosevelt murdered 251 sailors and then blamed Spain for it.
Spain strongly denied the false charges and invited an investigation into the matter. President McKinley continued to resist the demands and the threats of the Congressional warmongers and the Yellow Press. But by April, the pressure for war -- much of it coming from his own Republican Party -- was just too much for McKinley to resist. On April 25, 1898, America declared war upon Spain -- a war whose rallying cry was: "Remember the Maine and to hell with Spain."
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e8/World98.jpg http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/spanwar/journal-4-4-1898.jpg
Neither the Pope, nor the innocent Spaniards, nor the U.S. President was able to beat back the insane war mania, press propaganda and Congressional "warnings to McKinley" which followed the destruction of the Maine.
Nice work, Sugar. Now fast-forward to 1939, please.
Chamberlain Forced Into World War II by fellow Conservatives in Parliament
As the tiresome cliched story goes,  British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain "appeased" Hitler at the Munich Conference (September 1938) by handing over Czechoslovakia to his domination. War was thus averted, but Hitler was now emboldened by Chamberlain's "appeasement."  The truth is, Chamberlain knew that Hitler posed no danger to Europe. He only sought to the second world war that the Jewish-owned "Conservatives" of his own party -- and the British Press -- were pushing for. First and foremost among the Conservative Party warmongers was the drunken cigar-chiming closeted sodomite, former Lord of the Admiralty and MP Winston Churchill, who bellowed about Chamberlain:
"You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war."
hitler23bxe4.jpg czechmap2.gif czechmap2.gif
The bloodthirsty element of Chamberlain's Party was seething in anger over his "bromance" with Hitler.
So then, what finally led Chamberlain, in September, 1939, to go along with a Declaration of War against Germany on the basis of Hitler's justified invasion of aggressor Poland? Well, just like the aforementioned case regarding McKinley, Chamberlain also faced a revolt from within his own party. The "conservative" warmongers demanded that Chamberlain form an alliance with the Soviet monster Joe Stalin, and openly "sniped" at Chamberlain for dragging his feet on the controversial matter.
Some amazing excerpts from the May 10, 1939 issue of The New York Slimes confirm what the "house historians" have long since censored.
Demand for Soviet Pact Rises
By Sir Arthur Willert
Noted British Journalist 
LONDON, May 10. - The general British reaction on the feasibility of an international conference to smooth out the troubles of Europe is somewhat lukewarm. This applies to reports that the Vatican has put out feelers regarding the possibility of international action for the settlement of the German-Polish problems.
The predominant opinion here is that if a conference were held at this juncture, the Rome-Berlin Axis powers would try to vitiate it by the same intolerable pressure of fear and menace that Chancellor Adolf Hitler so successfully brought to bear on the Munich meeting.
... This view accounts for the constant sniping at Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, from his own supporters in Parliament, as well as from the Opposition parties on the ground that he is not pushing ahead effectively with the Russian negotiations. It is feared that he may be hanging back partly for fear of giving Herr Hitler another excuse for saying that Germany is being encircled and partly because he has not properly shaken off that exaggerated distrust of "the Reds" that made British policy go so disastrously wrong over Spain. 
Nothing is more likely to precipitate a dangerous crisis than failure to reach an adequate agreement with Russia or another spasm of appeasement in high quarters in London. So strongly does the rank and file of Conservatives feel about this that there would be a real possibility of a revolt against Mr. Chamberlain if the Russian negotiations were to fail and if the failure could plausibly be laid at his door."

Peace-lovers everywhere breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing news that the hideous hag had lost the 2016 QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show). But if the McCain-Graham "rebellion" and the lessons of history are any indication, the releasing of white doves over the expected Trump-Putin "bromance" may be a bit premature. Oh, and Orange Man, if you're reading (I wish!) -- McKinley was assassinated in 1901 and Chamberlain died
suddenly just 6 months after Churchill had taken his place as Prime Minister. Just sayin'.
https://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/content/docs/2016/11/09122318/Coz_b_9XEAATTRl-646x437.jpg http://img.wonkette.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/predator.jpg
"Peace in our time?" --- Maybe not!
Putin = Hitler  /  Trump = Chamberlain  /  McCain = Churchill 


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Senator McCain is in eastern Europe to reassure our allies that NATO will defend them against Russian invasion.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's good. The painful lessons of history inform us that American isolationism only invites war.



Sugar: Boobusss, you stupid %$#@! The history books are full of  #$^@ --- jusst like like that numb sskull of yourss!

 Editor: Whoah, tiger. Ease up on the spices.



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Harrison Browne, a forward for the Buffalo Beauts in the fledgling National Women’s Hockey League, came out on Oct. 7 as a transgender man. 

NY Times: Fledgling Women’s Hockey League Becomes a Trailblazer on Transgender Policy

As we grasp the last straw of hope that the rise of Orange Man could mark the starting point of a new direction for our cancer-stricken nation, stories such as this remind us just how far, and how irreversible, the disease of "liberalism" may be after all. For what does it profit a nation to restore its manufacturing base and even avoid World War III if it loses its soul?
The death blows that will ultimately finish off whatever is left of Western civilization are mental and moral, not economic. Putin and his spiritual sidekick, Patriarch Kirill, both understand this. Orange Man and the "alt-right" of Breitbart's queer campus superstar speaker, Milo "I love Black dick" Yiannopoulos, evidently do not.
https://thenypost.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/trump-playboy.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&w=1200 https://ivarfjeld.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/russia.jpg
Image 1: Pro homo / pro tranny Orange Man poses with religious leader Jerry Falwell Jr. and wife with his famed Playboy cover on the wall.
Image 2:  Putin and Kirill understand that there is more to a healthy national life than just dollars and cents.
Putin: "Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values. Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation."

Kirill: “This is a very dangerous apocalyptic symptom, and we must do everything in our powers to ensure that sin is never sanctioned in Russia by state law, because that would mean that the nation has embarked on a path of self-destruction."

“We can have parades for the sexual minorities - that is supported - but a million French Christian protesters defending family values are broken up by police, ...  the “godless civilization is reaching maturity”

This latest bit of "transgender" news is so tragically comical that it actually caricatures itself. There really isn't any need to rebut such manifest insanity. For your "entertainment," we will simply present a few excerpts, as is:
"With social change moving quickly across the professional sports landscape, the National Women’s Hockey League was playing catch-up. For the past three months, the only professional sports league in North America with an openly transgender player had no transgender policy in place.

Now, the architects of new guidelines for such players in the N.W.H.L. say the fledgling four-team league, in only its second season of existence, is prepared to take a leading position when it comes to treatment of transgender players.

“This is really a groundbreaking policy in professional sports, and specifically in women’s professional sports,” said Chris Mosier, vice president for program development and community relations for You Can Play, an organization that works to combat discrimination against athletes because of sexual orientation or gender identity. You Can Play and the National Center for Lesbian Rights were consultants for the N.W.H.L. guidelines.

“Being a women’s league, they want to make sure their players are protected,” said Mosier, a professional triathlon and transgender man who competed for the United States national team at the sprint duathlon world championships in June. “This is a really unique opportunity for them on taking the lead that others can look to as one to replicate.”

"The league is unveiling its policy at the end of a year in which the International Olympic Committee revamped its guidelines to reflect the latest scientific and legal attitudes on the issue, making it less onerous for transgender athletes to compete at the Olympic Games. Those I.O.C. guidelines — which no longer require athletes to undergo sexual reassignment surgery — served as a template for the N.W.H.L., Mosier said."


“It’s a unique opportunity to continue to move the conversation forward and accelerate that social progress and to be that benchmark,” said Dani Rylan, the N.W.H.L.’s commissioner, “and to remain approachable and available for these discussions.”

The N.W.H.L. was propelled into the national conversation on transgender issues on Oct. 7, when Harrison Browne, a 23-year-old forward for the Buffalo Beauts, came out publicly as a transgender man in an article on ESPN.com that was published hours before the start of the season. Browne played as Hailey Browne during the league’s inaugural season, 2015-16."

“It was a nudge in the right direction after Harrison approached us this fall,” said Rylan, who oversaw the changing of Browne’s player profile name and pronouns on the N.W.H.L. website."

"The guidelines are three pages with a stated purpose of supporting “athletes choosing to express their gender beyond the binary of female and male.”

"The most restrictive conditions relate to those who make a transition from male to female, circumstances that typically have raised questions about fairness. An athlete cannot change her gender again for a minimum of four years and must demonstrate that her testosterone level is “within typical limits of women athletes,” subject to testing."

Could a satirical comedy writer have penned anything more mocking than that?



Image 1 - Insane Tranny Harrison Browne  doesn't fit "the traditional binary."

Image 2- Dani Rylan, commissioner of the National Women’s Hockey League: “It’s a unique opportunity to continue to move the conversation forward and accelerate social progress."


The subversive war on the institutions of marriage and family has been raging for decades, and with devastating results. But this war on sexual identity strikes even deeper. You see, normal men are not attracted to butchy manly women; and normal women are not attracted to girly boys. By tampering with natural roles -- transgender confusion being the most extreme manifestation -- the Globalists are screwing up the minds and spirits of our young people so badly that most of them will never attract (beyond the momentarily physical, if even that) and get married in the first place. Loneliness, alienation, depression and state servitude await the vast majority of millennial and subsequent generations to follow -- and it is all by design.

The iron laws of Nature and nature's God can only be flaunted for so long. A society that "tolerates" TM such mental and moral sickness is one that is doomed to be washed away down the toilet bowl of history. And no amount of "GDP growth" TM will save it -- at least not in the long run. So sorry to pee in everybody's "Make America Great" inaugural punch bowls, but that's the truth and we all know it.


https://goodbyeamericainaphoto.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/horrors.jpeg?w=620&h=502 http://www.nationalgeographic.com/content/dam/magazine/rights-exempt/2017/01/Departments/EditorsPage/coveravery.JPGhttps://1.bp.blogspot.com/-AjXeK5Yi7GU/V0dh4E1ghUI/AAAAAAAADGg/IWdc8L8TsfQOzG_8G58sUHopiYX35aI7ACLcB/s1600/MICHELLE%2BDICK.jpg
Dear God --- Make America Straight Again!


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about how professional women's hockey is accommodating a transgender player.

Boobus Americanus 2: Oh well. As long as the testoserone levels are kept below a certain level, I don't have a problem with it.



Sugar: You don't sseem have a problem with anything thesse dayss, Boobusss. And that, in and of itsself, IS the frickin' problem.

 Editor: Some damn profound philosophy there, Sugar! Compliments.



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NY Times: Famed Russian Military Choir Among 92 Feared Dead After Plane Crashes Into Black Sea

With the beginning of the President Trump-President Putin "bromance" just weeks away (inauguaration Day is January 20), what appears to be a horrible act-of-terrorism has struck the heart of Christian Russia on Christmas Day. We had warned of such an 11th hour escalation aimed at driving a wedge between the U.S. and Russia before Orange Man is inaugurated. As the Church Lady of old Saturday Night Live fame would say: How conveeenient!
https://thecleanplatechef.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/how-convenient-church-lady.jpg?w=308 http://i2.cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/161218034052-snl-trump-putin-and-tillerson-super-169.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/ce/ff/14/ceff140f25c6ddfb8f0d0197aa8955ef.png
 How conveeeenient that just as the Establishment's media campaign to mock and undermine the Putin-Trump alliance is heating up, the bulk of the Red Army choir is wiped out in "an accident."
Because so many well known and recognizable personages were aboard the doomed airplane, and also because the Russians have been very quick to cite "technical failure" as the probable cause of the crash, we calculate that this was not a fake false-flag using fake identifies and crisis actors. No, this was the "real deal" and we declare, with 99% certainty, that it was a deliberate act-of-war intended to bait Putin.
The aircraft bound for Syria carried many members of the world-famous military band known as the Alexandrov Ensemble -- internationally known as the Red Army Choir. The choir was headed to Syria to entertain Russia’s forces on New Year's Eve. The plane crashed into the Black Sea, close to the coast of U.S. ruled Georgia, moments after takeoff. The cause of the crash is under investigation, although initial Russian news media reports indicated it was a technical failure rather than terrorism.

Passengers on the flight, which originated in Moscow and stopped in Sochi to refuel, were traveling to Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base in Syria. The band planned to serenade Russian personnel in Syria on New Year’s Eve. Three journalists from Channel One, Russia’s main television station, were on the plane, as were journalists from the Zvezda and NTV television networks. Dr. Yelizaveta P. Glinka, a prominent and popular Russian philanthropist, was also on board.

On the loss of key choir members, the article quotes the grandson of a famous Russian composer:

“The best members of the ensemble died. All the best soloists, the whole choir. Everything will collapse now. The best ones are gone.”


A file picture shows members of the Russian Red Army Choir  http://bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com/wacotrib.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/4/a9/4a9a2209-deba-51d7-9ad3-d62e1bd06c39/585f98cd9bc24.image.jpg?resize=512%2C353

The Red Army choir and Dr. "Liza" Glinka (Image 2 with Putin) --- huge names in Russia, lost over the Black Sea.


The heavy moral burden that the New World Order warmongers are placing on Putin's shoulders parallels the outrageous provocations of Hitler during that fateful pre-war years of 1937-1939. In the interest of protecting the greater good (by avoiding war), The Great One was also compelled to pretend that the "spontaneous" blowing-up of the Hindenburg Air-Ship in Jersey was due to "static electricity." And oh how hard it must have been for Him to "look the other way" as gangs of Polish ultra-nationalists and Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered ethnic Germans trapped in Poland's "Danzig Corridor!" The evil-doers kept pushing and pushing and pushing until Germany could take no more and justifiably invaded Poland to liberate the captive Germans there.

This type of relentless baiting is exactly what "they" are doing to Vlad the Bad. "Fortunately" for Russia, they only have to endure one more month of this crap before Orange Man can arrive and hopefully begin the process of cleaning out the warmongering rats from the bowels of the CIA and the Pentagon. Let's hope Putin's patience can hold out that long.

Evil --- just plain evil.


https://dubsism.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/gretzky-hindenburg-newspaper.jpg  A Tupolev-154http://jeffreyhill.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341d417153ef01a73dc7f81a970d-450wi

Image 1: (May 6, 1937) The Hindenburg mysteriously explodes just as the photographers arrived to witness its mooring in New Jersey. For the sake of peace, Germany quickly went along with the "official explanation."

Image 2 & 3: Now its Russia's turn!


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about how the bulk of the Russian Red Army choir was wiped out in that plane crash over the Black Sea.

Boobus Americanus 2: I don't think it was  crash. It was probably Islamic terrorism.



Sugar: You're half-right Boobusss -- which is a huge improvement for you. It wassn't a crassh, but it wassn't 'Isslamic terrorisssm' either.

 Editor: Exactly! NATO and/or the CIA are behind this, maybe Mossad too.



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NY Times: Russia, Iran and Turkey Meet for Syria Talks, Excluding U.S.


Much to the dismay of Sulzberger's Slimes and Globalists everywhere, the foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and Turkey met in Moscow on Tuesday to establish the framework for a political agreement to end the CIA/Mossad proxy war that has been raging in Syria for nearly six-years. The United States and the European Union were left out of the process. Not only was Secretary of State John Kerry not invited, nor was the United Nations consulted. Globo-monster Zbigniew Brzezinski's worst nightmare has come to pass. From his 1998 book, The Grand Chessboard:

"To put it in a terminology that hearkens back to the more brutal age of ancient empires, the three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together."  (p.40)

"The most immediate task is to make certain that no state or combination of states gains the capacity to expel the United States from Eurasia or even to diminish significantly its decisive arbitration role." (p.98)

By golly-- that's exactly what just happened with regard to the 3-Party Syrian negotiation in Moscow! Eat that, Z-big!


https://s3.amazonaws.com/static.history.state.gov/milestones/carter-admin.jpg https://offgraun.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/brzezinski_obama.jpg http://images.gr-assets.com/books/1348658520l/694906.jpg

From Jimmy Carter to Obongo, Brzezinski has been schooling U.S. puppet Presidents on "foreign policy" TM for 40 years. But now, thanks to Russia, "the barbarians" and "vassals" are rising up.


The new alignment and the absence of the US / EU complex at the table virtually guarantees that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will not meet the same fate as Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Muammar Qaddafi of Libya. Assad will continue to rule Syria in spite of Obongo’s declaration more than five years ago that he "has to go."

As Orange Man prepares to take office, the Globalists are expecting America's "leadership" (dominance) in the world to continue diminishing. Trump's only recent statement on Syria came last week, when he declared that the situation in Syria was “sad” and promised, “We’re going to help people” -- vowing to extract funds from Persian Gulf nations to build “safe zones” for Syrian refugees.


https://i.ytimg.com/vi/YMY3AR2jCkM/hqdefault.jpg http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/gaddafi_dead_death_photo_10_21_11.jpghttp://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02283/assadBdayCake_2283528k.jpg

Thanks to Putin, the Assad family will NOT meet the same fate as Saddam and Qaddafi!
The commie-Globalists aren't the only ones upset about the new Russia-Turkey-Iran Axis. Though one faction of the Israel Firsters appear to support the neutering of the United States (because there won't be anymore pressure for a "2-state solution" TM), the article quotes Andrew J. Tabler (cough cough), a fellow at the Israel Firster Washington Institute for Near East Policy who studies Syria:
“When the Turks, the Iranians and the Russians all agree on a process without the U.S. being in the room, you realize there is a problem for us.”

Emboldened by the election of "isolationist" TM Orange Man, Russian officials are now publicly showing their disdain for American diplomatic efforts under the reign of Obongo & Kerry. Last week, Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov said that working with Turkey on the evacuation deal was more productive than “fruitless get-togethers with the U.S.” 


http://cdn4.img.sputniknews.com/images/104304/69/1043046955.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C0Ivbm_XEAAaVLA.jpg https://www.stratfor.com/sites/default/files/styles/stratfor_full/public/main/images/turkey_neighborhood.jpg?itok=B93n79F3

Out of necessity, Lavrov patiently danced the phony dance with Kerry for nearly 4 years. Now he can ignore the Globalists as he consults with regional powers Turkey and Iran.


Of course, the reason why talks with Kerry proved "fruitless," was because the U.S., as this article actually confirms, was propping up the terrorist rebels for the purpose of overthrowing Assad. Here's the buried truth-gem:

"But the United States intervened in indirect ways, running covert programs with its allies to give the rebels arms, money and antitank missiles."
The article also confirms that the rise of Orange Man put the final nail in the coffin of the mercenary "rebels" --

“Said Aaron Stein, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council who studies Turkey. “One of his early signals was that he was going to scale back support for the opposition that the U.S. has supported.'

Mr. Trump has not articulated a comprehensive Syria policy, but he has suggested he will work alongside Russia to fight extremists including the Islamic State."

The strong hand and brilliant diplomacy of Putin, combined with unmistakable peace signals sent forth by Orange Man, have brought the terrorist war in Syria to a close and pulled the world back from the precipice of World War III -- an event which certainly would have been a real possibility had the hideous hag Killary Rotten Clinscum been elected and imposed the "no fly zone" TM that she was threatening. If the committee of one-world commies which hands out the "prestigious" Nobel Peace Prize had any credibility, Vlad the Bad and Orange Man would be named co-winners.

From America to Europe to Asia, the One-Worlders appear to be on the defensive. But like some immortal monster from some corny horror film, they always find a way to crawl back to life. Unless and until these sons-of-bitches are rounded up and strung up from the lampposts, the game ain't over -- not by a long shot!


http://img.wonkette.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Trump-putin-image.jpg http://i.imgur.com/zHLyVxZ.jpg https://prowhiteparty.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/angry-jew.jpg



Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Russia teamed up with Iran and Turkey to totally cut America out of the Syrian peace process.

Boobus Americanus 2: This is a very ominous development. In the wake of Trump's victory, Russsia is clearly becoming more aggressive and imperialistic in Syria now.



Sugar: Russsia iss in Ssyria by INVITATION, you frickin' sswine!

 Editor: Boobus will never know just how close we actually came to World War III.



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NY Times: The Climate Refugees of the Arctic

For readers new to The Anti-New York Times, the word-smith Andrew Rosenthal (cough cough) is the putrid little maggot who gets away with posing as the high and mighty "Editorial Board" of Sulzberger's Slimes. This is not to say that he pens each and every article attributed to "The Editorial Board," but whatever is not personally written by him is controlled and edited by him.
Hazmat suits and goggles on! Join us for a rebutting dive into Rosenthal's, er, "The Editorial Board's" latest bit of "Global Warming" TM / "Climate Change" TM bullshine.
http://img.timeinc.net/time/arts/images/wizard_oz_0712.jpg https://starrtrekking.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/wizard.png?w=640 http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--4nKlxlOZ--/18s0862xhvx1hjpg.jpg

Be neither afraid nor impressed by all the smoke and noise of the Not-So-High and Not-So-Mighty "Editorial Board". It's only a pathetic little word-smith named Andrew Rosenthal typing out lies from behind the curtain.


Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board": "The polar bear, the largest bear of them all and a fearsome predator, is the poster animal of climate change, and for good reason: While most threatened animals, such as the rhinoceros, are victims of localized threats like poaching or human encroachment, the polar bear is threatened most gravely by global emissions of greenhouse gases.

A polar bear was the star of Al Gore’s celebrated 2006 film on climate change, “An Inconvenient Truth,” and it has its own conservation organization, Polar Bears International, which has designated Feb. 27 as International Polar Bear Day."
The true purpose of the deceitful propaganda contained in Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" and David de Rothschild's "Global Warming Survival Handbook" is to promote World Government (in order to "save the planet" TM)

One of the most enduring and heart-string-pulling component myths of the colossal fraud that is "Global Warming" TM is the lie about the vanishing Polar Bear. According to the felonious fairy tale, the "melting ice cap" TM has diminished the size of the Polar Bear's habitat and forced him to have to swim further and further away for his also-diminishing food supply -- mainly seals. The truth of the matter is that Polar Bear populations, according to several scientific studies, have increased over the past 12 years.

Rosenvermin is aware of this fact, which is why the tricky little rat-bastard is compelled to vaguely allude to it before dismissing it. As he summarizes the lies of a Slimes "science writer" Erica Goode, observe the Marxist magician's mendacious little rhetorical move of casually mitigating a critical objection:

"Using the bear as an icon to raise consciousness and funds ... does more than arouse support from conservationists. It also presents a ready target from climate change deniers who are only too willing to use inevitable uncertainties about the polar bear’s actual numbers to challenge the facts of climate change." 

Rosenfilth! You may be able to pass by your libtarded readers with that split-second reference to  "inevitable uncertainties" -- but Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times catch everything. So, with that in mind, let's elaborate a bit on these "inevitable uncertainties" --- shall we, Rosenstool?

Daily Express (UK) / 2015 (here)

POLAR bear populations are recovering despite the climate change warnings of environmentalists, a Canadian zoologist claimed yesterday.

Dr Susan Crockford said: “On almost every measure, things are looking good for polar bears.”

In a report for the climate sceptic Global Warming Policy Foundation, she said: “Scientists are finding that polar bears are well distributed throughout their range and adapting well to changes in sea ice.

“Health indicators are good and they are benefiting from abundant prey. It really is time for the doom and gloom about polar bears to stop.”

Dr Crockford, of the University of Victoria in British Columbia added: “Polar bears are still a conservation success story. With a global population almost certainly greater than 25,000, we can say for sure that there are more polar bears now than 40 years ago.

“The global estimate is too high to qualify the polar bear as ‘threatened’ with extinction.”


https://canadianclimateguy.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/dr-susan-crockford.jpg?w=672&h=372&crop=1 https://polarbearscience.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/screenshot-2015-03-04-144214_the-times-print-version.png https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/image_thumb128.png?w=520&h=546

Dr. Susan Crockford and many other researchers insist that Polar Bears are doing well. Why are their voices never heard in the Piranha Press that professes to be free?


From PolarBearScience.com (here)

Survey Results: Svalbard polar bear numbers increased 42% over last 11 years

"Results of this fall’s Barents Sea population survey have been released by the Norwegian Polar Institute and they are phenomenal: despite several years with poor ice conditions, there are more bears now (~975) than there were in 2004 (~685) around Svalbard (a 42 30% increase) and the bears were in good condition.


Apart altogether from the facts that: 1. There is no observable trend of retreating ice in the Arctic and 2. Polar Bears are doing just fine --- there is another annoying little "inconvenient truth" that although seldom mentioned, is as undeniable as it is ironic. You see, boys and girls, because Polar Bears hunt for seals by breaking holes in the ice, thickening ice actually poses a serious threat to our furry friends to the North. Ice and snow that become too thick, due to extremely cold weather, becomes unbreakable. It's common sense. Again, PolarBearScience.com explains:

"Thick spring ice due to natural causes is currently the single biggest threat to polar bears. Not declining summer sea ice – thick spring ice. That could change in the future but right now, the evidence supports that statement.

marked polar bear population declines have virtually always been associated with thick spring ice that reduced local ringed seal prey, although in some areas (like Hudson Bay) thick snow on top of sea ice have produced."  (here)

Ha ha ha ha ha --- Extreme cold, not warmth, is killing Polar Bears! Who knew?!

Rosenrectum's propaganda poop-pie also claims that Polar Bears photographed scavenging whale bones and garbage dumps constitutes clear evidence of a species in danger. Nice try at "fake news," but not exactly, Rosenfungus. Though certainly true that Polar Bears are talented hunters, they, like their Grizzly Bear and Black Bear counterparts, have always been known to scavenge for food as well. Only a communist propagandist or a raging libtard would use manipulative images of scavenging Polar Bears as "proof" of Global Warming" TM / Climate Change TM. If anything, excessive reliance on scavenging is a sign of too much (too thick) ice, not a shortage of it!

Such illogic is akin to claiming that someone has become a vegetarian because he was recently photographed while eating a salad. But that's libtard logic for ya--- the funniest, yet scariest freak-show on earth.


http://www.sternphotos.com/uploads/processed/1345/1311042018481polar-bear-trying-to-break-the-ice-1-.jpg https://wattsupwiththat.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/polarbear-eat-garbage.jpg http://wildlifecontroltraining.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Fig-5.-Black-bear-feeding.jpg

1- "Global Warming my ass! This ice is so damn thick that I can't bust through it to get my dinner!"

2 & 3 -  White or Black, all bears scavenge!


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today how endangered Arctic Polar Bears have turned to scavenging for survival.

Boobus Americanus 2: Al Gore has been warning about this for years. Polar Bears are doomed if the ice melts.



Sugar: White Power!

 Editor: (Palm to face -- shaking head -- sighing)



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NY Times: Russian Ambassador to Turkey Is Assassinated in Ankara



"It's all $#@^*&%$!!!!"


As usual, Sugar the crazed Conspiracy Cat didn't waste anytime calling this little skit in Turkey a false-false-flag. And this time, caution be damned. The demented little damsel is right!

Before we get into analyzing this Russo-Turkish play and its true purpose, let's have a quick look at the "shocking" video and sense the fakery.

That's some very bad acting, but it will suffice for achieving the geo-political objective. In case you missed the clues, here's what wrong with the video.

1- Ambassador Karlov was shot multiple times from behind and from close range. Where's the blood?

2- Who zoomed the camera on the gunman after the shots rang out? Wasn't the cameraman scared?

3- Why didn't anyone fire back? Doesn't the Russian Ambassador have any Russian bodyguards?

4- Note the "instant death" --- not one second of squirming, twitching or moaning on the ground.

5- Only in childhood game of "cops and robbers" and in the movies do men die perfectly sprawled out, "spread-eagle" on their backs after having been shot.

6- That whole "Allah Akbar" (God is great) shouting routine ---- such cheesiness is a dead giveaway, as are the shouts of "Remember Aleppo! Remember Syria!" (translated)

7- The fake, "spread eagle" sprawled out death position and strange "blood stain" pattern of "the lone gunman." It all smells of fakery.



"Allah Akbar" --- yeah, yeah, yeah. So original! --- Where's the blood? There's not a single drop!


Russian Ambassador assassin photo http://www.documentingreality.com/forum/attachments/f10/629767d1435163560-26-year-old-man-shot-dead-4.jpg http://islamstory.com/sites/default/files/16/03/13/1429766968683%20(1).jpg

Compare the theatrical positioning of Ambassador Karlov (already posted above) and the dead "assassin" (Image 1) --- to the bled-out dead man in Image 2 and the wounded guards from the Reagan assassination attempt of 1981.


So, what's the motive behind this bit of brazen scammery here? And who's behind it? To the astute, the article itself gives the game away:

"President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia said on Russian television that Mr. Karlov had been “despicably killed” to sabotage ties with Turkey. Mr. Putin spoke with the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, by phone, and the two leaders agreed to cooperate in investigating the killing, and in combating terrorism broadly.

Mr. Erdogan, in a speech late Monday night, said the assassination was a provocation meant to derail efforts by Turkey and Russia to collaborate more closely on regional issues and economic ties.

“We know that this is a provocation aiming to destroy the normalization process of Turkey-Russia relations,” Mr. Erdogan said. “But the Russian government and the Turkish republic have the will to not fall into that provocation.”

The assassination came after days of protests by Turks angry over Russia’s support for the Syrian government in the conflict and the Russian role in the killings and destruction in Aleppo, the northern Syrian city."

It's elementary, boys and girls, elementary. The vicious "assassination" instantly mutes western whining about Russia's "heavy hand" in fighting ISIS (CIA) terrorists in Syria. Now Putin can really take the gloves off! Said Putin:

"A crime has been committed and it was without doubt a provocation aimed at spoiling the normalization of Russo-Turkish relations and spoiling the Syrian peace process which is being actively pushed by Russia, Turkey, Iran and others,"

There can only be one response - stepping up the fight against terrorism. The bandits will feel this happening."

The bold play also gives Turkish President Erdogan additional protective cover to continue working with Russia while crushing the traitorous CIA element that continues to stir up trouble in Turkey. Well played Mr. President and Mr. President, well played.


https://themoscowtimes.com/static/uploads/publications/2016/7/26/58af16dd38f145259e3e8922624da226.jpg https://cdn4.img.sputniknews.com/images/103427/20/1034272075.jpg

1- "Vlad. I'll stage a fake coup that will allow me to crush my internal CIA-backed traitors, and you do fake assassination of your ambassador to Turkey."

2-  "I like the way the way this guy thinks!"


Now, the novice "conspiracy theorist" TM might ask, "If this was fake, then why doesn't the Globalist media call out the Turks and Russians on it?" Good question, grasshopper. You see, the reason why adversarial powers don't publicly expose each others clandestine scams to the public is similar to the reason why a Mafia boss doesn't call the cops when a rival boss "whacks" one of his underlings. They all have too much dirt on each other. It's an "our thing" (tr. cosa nostra) type of thing.

Were the Americans to call B.S. on this obviously fake shooting of Ambassador Karlov, then Russian media can just as easily call B.S. on the fake shooting at the Sandy Hook School in 2012 or B.S. on the fake beheadings of CIA-Mossad-ISIS or, as RT News has already hinted at several times, B.S. on the official story of 9/11. All the western press can do is try to spin the hoax in their own favor -- subtly blaming it on Russia's "oppresive" actions in Syria.

The U.S. plays its games. The Russians plays theirs. The key difference is, Chess-master Putin is doing it to serve the greater good in the war against Globalist evil.





Key ally of Vladimir Putin claims shadowy NATO forces masterminded the assassination of Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov

Senator Frantz Klintsevich claimed today that NATO secret services were 'behind' the shocking killing



Poetic justice!


Boobus Americanus 1: Did you see what that Islamic lunatic did to the Russian Ambassador to Turkey?

Boobus Americanus 2: What a shocking video! Putin is gonna really give it to them good now, as he should.



Sugar: It worked, Mr. Putin! It worked!

 Editor: Like I said, well played, well played.



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NY Times: David Friedman, Choice for Envoy to Israel, Is Hostile to Two-State Efforts


No one gets to become President of the United States without at least a partial blessing from one of the rival factions that constitute the kosher "powers that be." Unlike some of our brethren in the "conspiracy theory" TM community, Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times, as much as we have supported the campaign of Orange Man, have always cautioned that elements of the ultra-nationalist, anti-Globalist Zionist International have thrown their weight behind Orange Man. The likes of the thoroughly despicable warmongers Sean Hannity, Not-So-Brightbart News, Matt Drudge (cough cough) and Julian Assange work primarily for Bibi Satanyahu, not the American people.


Breitbart-netanyahu https://i.ytimg.com/vi/b1eNaH-D_5I/maxresdefault.jpg

1- "Conceived in Israel," Breitbart News (Image 1 shows original cast posing with Bibi) boasts of its Jewish credentials:  "Breitbart was founded by Jews, is largely staffed by Jews, and has an entire section dedicated to reporting on and defending the Jewish state of Israel.” -- Breitbart's Jewish CEO Larry Solov --  responding to an attack from the Clinton camp after Orange Man had hired Breitbart's executive chairman Steve Bannon as campaign manager. (here)

2-  Orange Man won the endorsement of mega-Zionist Sheldon Adelson (cough cough) -- the casino mogul and "long-time friend" who once suggested that the U.S. drop an atomic bomb in the Iranian desert as a warning shot.


http://www.dailystormer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Matt-Drudge.jpg http://img.youtube.com/vi/Qvp1RY-7ACw/hqdefault.jpg  https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/800/1*ejIh7nHopFqUTe3U9FEXUA.jpeg

Matt Drudge is a Zionist agent, as are Gentiles  Sean Hannity (shown in image 2 viciously attacking peace candidate Ron Paul for being an "isolationist") and Hannity's new friend, Julian Assange --- whose latest "leaks" helped to sink Killary Clinton.


With regard to Orange Man, the question here is not whether or not he will reward his Zionist-Likud backers; but rather: how far will he go to keep them happy? Will he limit the payoff merely to the controversial relocation of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to contested/divided Jerusalem and the killing of any "two-state solution?" Or will Orange Man's Zionist agents, either with or without his consent, set us on the path toward war with Iran? --- an event that would turn into a disaster and certainly derail the expected "bromance" between Putin and Orange Man.

Only time will tell -- but the appointment of a Zionist fanatic who has already, on his own, started talking about "tearing up the Iran deal" and "increasing aid to Israel" -- as Ambassador to Israel is cause for us to tone down our on-again-off-again applause machine for Orange Man. Some excerpts from the article itself, co-authored by Isabel Kershner (cough, cough) and Sheryl Gay Syolberg (cough, cough) are very revealing.


http://www.fair.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Isabel_Kershner.jpg http://cdn.newsbusters.org/images/2015-06-07-FOX-FNS-Stolberg.JPG

Yentas Kershner & Stolberg tell us about how extreme David Friedman is. You see, only Jews are allowed to write critical articles about other Jews.


Kershner & Stolberg: He is president of the American fund-raising arm for a yeshiva in a settlement deep in the West Bank headed by a militant rabbi who has called for Israeli soldiers to refuse orders to evacuate settlers.

Analysis: Friedman is not content with what was already stolen from the Palestinians. He wants more and more and more.

Kershner & Stolberg: He writes a column for a right-wing Israeli news site in which he has accused President Obama of “blatant anti-Semitism,” dismissed the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, likened a liberal American-Jewish group to “kapos” who cooperated with the Nazis, and said American Jewish leaders “failed” Israel on the Iran nuclear deal.

Analysis: Evidently, even these yentas think Friedman is nuts.

Kershner & Stolberg: Now, David M. Friedman, an Orthodox Jewish bankruptcy lawyer from Long Island, is Donald J. Trump’s pick for ambassador to Israel,..

Analysis: Orthodox, eh? Just like Orange Man's trusted and influential son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Kershner & Stolberg: Their (Trump & Friedman) relationship was cemented in 2005, friends said, when Mr. Trump traveled three hours in a snowstorm to pay a condolence call on Mr. Friedman after the death of his father, a prominent Long Island rabbi.

“He was very taken by Trump spending almost all day just to pay the shiva,” said Yossi Kahana, one of the two friends who described the visit, using the Hebrew term for the week of mourning. “Barely any people came, and here is Trump, coming and sitting with him and talking about things that are important to both of them, their values, their fathers and their legacies.”

Analysis: An admirable gesture on the part of Orange Man, but such personal closeness is not a good sign for the people of Palestine or Iran.

Kershner & Stolberg: A person close to the Trump transition who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the ambassadorship had been negotiated directly between the two men over many months. Mr. Friedman, who donated a total of $50,000 to the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee in 2016, according to federal election records, had been openly saying even before the election that the job — one of the most sensitive and high profile in the diplomatic corps — would be his, according to friends.

Analysis:  So, "the ambassadorship had been negotiated directly between the two men?" Since when does the boss "negotiate" with the prospective appointee? And the talks took place "over many months?" That means that the negotiations happened during a time when few believed that Orange Man could win. Perhaps the "two old friends" and other parties unknown (cough cough) knew something in advance that the rest of us did not?

Kershner & Stolberg: Israel’s conservative settlement supporters and their American backers rejoiced at the selection, ...

Analysis: It's true, boys and girls. Orange Man is a hero to the Likudniks of Israel.


https://img.washingtonpost.com/rf/image_480w/2010-2019/WashingtonPost/2016/11/10/Foreign/Images/AFP_HZ0JN-4232.jpg?uuid=7D6-3qdXEea6WafZMWXG1A http://i2.cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/160821041728-israel-us-election-donald-trump-lee-pkg-00021811-exlarge-169.jpg https://img.washingtonpost.com/wp-apps/imrs.php?src=https://img.washingtonpost.com/rf/image_960w/2010-2019/WashingtonPost/2016/10/06/Foreign/Images/2016-10-06T131554Z_01_GGGJER03_RTRIDSP_3_ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS.jpg&w=480

Trump has a huge fan club in Israhell!


Kershner & Stolberg: He refers to the West Bank by its biblical name, Judea and Samaria, ...

Analysis: As an "ortho," Friedman literally believes that the Almighty gave him "Judea and Samaria."

Kershner & Stolberg: something hard to imagine his predecessors doing publicly. Upon being nominated Thursday night, he said he looked forward to working “from the U.S. Embassy in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem,” rather than Tel Aviv, where the American Embassy has been for decades, under the State Department’s insistence that the holy city’s status be determined as part of a broader deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

Analysis: Orange Man to the dispossessed Palestinians: "Kiss my New York ass!"

Kershner & Stolberg: Baruch Gordon, the director of development for Bet El Institutions, told Arutz 7 on Friday that it was “proud to be closely associated with Mr. Friedman,” calling him “a pioneer philanthropist and builder of Jewish institutions and housing projects in Judea and Samaria (a.k.a. the ‘West Bank’) and throughout the country.”

Analysis: a "builder of Jewish institutions and housing projects in Judea and Samaria," eh? Ya can't get any more "to the right" than this Zionist!


https://palestineawarenesscoalition.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/cropped-maps-53.jpg http://cdn.timesofisrael.com/uploads/2012/12/f110921ns18.jpg http://www.jeffersoncorner.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/jewish_settlers_hebron.jpg

The ever-interloping ultra-nationalist West Bank "settlers" are the most vicious little demons to be found in all of Jewry -- and, unlike their Globalist brethren, they absolutely love Orange Man.


 https://attendingtheworld.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/jewish-settlers-are-evil.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/r3iHtoAg6cc/hqdefault.jpg

Brave Orthodox Israeli settlers mock and abuse Arab woman.

Drunken Orthodox Israeli settler to British film crew: "Screw you, you Nazi!  We killed your fucking Jesus and we are proud of it. .. This is my land you son of a shit. God gave it to me. ... I'll kill you and the Palestinians. Fuck you, Nazi.... God gave it to me and fuck you." (video here)


Kershner & Stolberg: Mr. Friedman’s connections to Israel date back to his bar mitzvah at the Western Wall.

Analysis: Friedman is not really going to be America's Ambasador to Israel, but rather, Israel's Ambasador to Israel. Talk about "rigged," eh Orange Man?

Kershner & Stolberg:  A senior Palestinian cleric, Sheikh Ikrama Sabri, said during Friday Prayers that if Mr. Friedman managed to move the embassy to Jerusalem, “the U.S. is declaring a new war on the Palestinians and all Muslim Arabs.”
Analysis: What does Orange Man care about offending Muslims? Pardon the liberalese-sounding lingo here; but anti-Muslim bigotry won Orange Man a whole lot of FOXtard voters.

Kershner & Stolberg: Daniel C. Kurtzer, who served President George W. Bush as ambassador to Israel from 2001 to 2005, was alarmed by the appointment.

“He has made clear that he will appeal to a small minority of Israeli — and American — extremists, ignoring the majority of Israelis who continue to seek peace,” .... “Friedman’s appointment as ambassador runs directly contrary to Mr. Trump’s professed desire to make the ‘ultimate deal’ between Israelis and Palestinians.”

Analysis: Orange Man knows damn well that without the Zio crazies and their formidable apparatus in his corner, he would never have been able to overcome the pro-Killary Marxist-Globalist faction of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class). Let us hope that the political payback will be limited "only" to the sellout of the poor Palestinians, and not to a new collision course with Iran.
But if Orange Man, on the basis of some future false-flag attack, decides to start the usual crap with peaceful Iran, count on the The Anti-New York Times to write some really nasty stuff about him.
And Orange Man, if you're reading, be assured that if and when your "long-time friend," is faced with a choice between serving your interests or those of Satanyahu's ghoulish gang, you will be outmaneuvered and dumped like a red-hot matzah-ball quicker than you say, "Oy vey!" And the same goes for that snake-in-the-grass Orthodox son-in-law of yours.

http://toc.h-cdn.co/assets/16/27/980x490/landscape-1467916181-gettyimages-109918542.jpg http://www.jpost.com/HttpHandlers/ShowImage.ashx?ID=355820 http://montymckeever.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Netanyahu-UN.jpg
Ivanka had to convert to Orthodox Jewry in order to marry fellow billionaire Jared Kushner. The influence of the young couple on Orange Man is common knowledge, as is the affection that Bibi "9/11 was good for Israel" Satanyahu and Orange Man have for each other.




December 18, 2016

"The staff of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has met with the head of Israel’s international intelligence agency, the Mossad and a high-ranking security delegation in a visit quietly arranged by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Ynet.

Mossad chief Yossi Cohen traveled to New York with Israeli National Security Council head Yaakov Nagel, where he was joined at Trump Tower by Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer.

Trump’s team was briefed on the Iranian nuclear deal, the situation in Syria, current terror threats and the situation with the current situation with the Palestinian Authority."

-- JewishPress.com (here)


Yossi Cohen http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Y4lEwm6KTxE/TnQv5yThrCI/AAAAAAAAAWI/8BpsYRqIUlA/s1600/911+mossad+4.jpg https://kendoc911.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/israel911cia.jpg

Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen visits Orange Man to collect a debt. Though the CIA (Globalists) and Mossad (Zionists) collaborated on 9/11, the two agencies are now at war with each other, with the latter backing Orange Man.



Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump just nominated a hard-liner as Ambassador to Israel.

Boobus Americanus 2: It would be a shame if they undid the Iran nuclear deal. Trump may lead us to war again, after all.



Sugar: Boobuss. You have just demonsstrated how even a broken clock can be correct twice-a-day. Congratulationss.

 Editor: This is one time I actually hope that Boobus is wrong.



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NY Times: Amid Rain of Shells, Aleppo’s Civilians Offer ‘Final Scream’


The Slimes' empathy for the long-suffering people of the Syrian city of Aleppo is so touching, isn't it? Of course, there were no such crocodile tears shed when the city was conquered and then held by the murderous mercenary CIA scum which the Slimes continues to romantically describe as "rebels" or "the moderate opposition." No, only now when the Russian-backed / Iranian-backed Syrian Army has finally liberated the city do we hear such sanctimonious wailing about "the children."
Now is a good time to briefly review the history of what was done to Syria -- in that signature distilled style that TomatoBubble / The Anti-New York Times is known for. Though the drama dates back more than 100 years, we begin our crash course in  that history-altering year of 2001.
  • In response to the false-flag terror attacks of "9/11" TM the neo-cons seize upon the opportunity as an excuse for restructuring the Middle East nearer to the black heart of expansion-minded Israel's desire. To that end, Iraq, Iran and Syria (and sometimes their tech supplier North Korea) are labeled as "The Axis of Evil." Plans to militarily topple these regimes, and others, are set into motion.


George Bush used the Globo-Zio 9/11 attacks to define and target "the Axis of Evil"  -- which included Assad of Syria.


  • The Bush/Cheney war on Iraq ultimately achieves its objective of conquering Iraq, but at a great cost of blood and treasure. The Globalist faction of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) -- which, unlike the neo-cons, always prefers internal subversion and proxy wars to open military assault -- throws its support behind a Globo-Zio scheme that will come to be known as "The Arab Spring." The "spontaneous" uprisings throughout the Arab world are triggered by the embarrassing leaks published by likely Mossad agent Julian Assange of WikLeaks.



Assange boasted of triggering "The Arab Spring" protests which were hyped up by the international press in order to destabilize the Arab world.


  • As foretold by General Wesley Clark about a decade earlier, beloved Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi is toppled and eventually murdered in the streets by the CIA mercenaries. A similar uprising (The Green Revolution) quickly fizzles out in Iran, and a successful CIA coup in Egypt is overturned by General Sisi.



1- In 2007, General Wesley Clark publicly revealed that he had been told by a Pentagon official (in 2001):

“This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.

2- Killary cackles over the street torture-murder of Libya's Qaddafi: "We came. We saw. He died."

3- The Egyptian government was toppled, but then a counter revolution reversed the revolution.


  • Under the cover of peaceful protests that the CIA launched in Syria, an armed "rebellion" against the government of President Bashar al Assad soon breaks out. Though dutifully described as a "civil war" by Sulzberger's Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press, the entire operation is actually a CIA-Mossad-Saudi engineered proxy war utilizing mostly foreign mercenaries recruited from all over the Arab world. Elements of Turkish and Jordanian Intelligence are also in the mix.


  • As the bloody proxy war drags out for 5 years, the only thing keeping the "rebels" afloat is massive logistical, financial and military support mainly from the CIA. This fact is not widely known to the American public, but nor is it totally hidden by the "mainstream media" either. Google: "CIA Syria rebels" and see the many MSM stories confirming the CIA-"rebel" open alliance.




McCain the Insane poses with Syrian "rebels." Where do these "rebels" get their high-powered arms from? Answer: The CIA!


  • As a ploy to draw the United States into the conflict in a direct manner, the Mossad invents a sub-rebel faction dubbed "ISIS" (Islamic State in Iraq & Syria). The viciousness of the group's "beheadings" and its open threats towards America are intended to pressure Obongo into direct intervention in Syria under the pretext of "stopping ISIS" -- but with the true intention of engaging the Syrian army. 



From the first small "spontaneous" protests -- to the armed "uprising" -- to the sudden appearance of an "ISIS" faction among the "rebels"-- the entire human tragedy in Syria is a CIA-Mossad-New York Slimes operation from start to finish!


  • The strong hand played by Russia (and also China and Iran) prevents Obongo from engaging in direct military involvement. Nonetheless, American aid and arms to the mercenaries  (aka "moderate rebels") continues to flow.


  • Thanks to the military support of Russia and Iran, it appears that Assad's government has prevailed. And boy-oh-boy are the Globo-Zionists pissed-off at Mr. Putin for saving Assad!



Putin's timely air-support for Assad's Army has made him a big hero in Syria.


And that, boys and girls, is why the sleazy scribblers at Sulzberger's seditious Slimes are, all-of-a-sudden, so concerned with the human suffering in Aleppo and other regions of Syria -- a tragedy which they are now falsely and maliciously blaming on Putin. The good news is that the Russian-Syrian-Iranian alliance appears to have finally won the proxy war. The potentially bad news is that the New World Order gang, in fearful anticipation of the coming Trump-Putin "bromance" -- may trigger something some nasty anti-Russian move in eastern Europe between now and the January inauguration.

These Sons of Satan never quit!




Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about the human suffering that the Russian Air Force and the Syrian military caused in Aleppo.

Boobus Americanus 2: It's horrible. I understand that the Russians bombed all the hospitals. And who can forget that iconic photo of the little Syrian boy sitting in the back of an ambulance while covered in blood and dust?! Horrible. It's just horrible what these Russians are doing. 



Sugar: Fake! Fake! It's a @#%^&* fake! Theatrical blood and dusst!

 Editor: Definitely fake! These evil bastards always cite "the children" in order to pull on Boobus's heart strings.



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NY Times: A Trump Economic Boom? The Fed May Stand in the Way


Without intending to do so, (or perhaps intending to send a message to his comrades-in-crime?) Slimes scribbler Binyamin Appelbaum (cough cough) performs a great service for some of us more advanced "conspiracy theorists" TM who have been warning that the HNB (Hebrew National Bank) intends to pull the rug out from Orange Man before he can turn the economic ship around. It's actually quite a shocking read -- not so much because it teaches us anything new, but because of its unusually brazen portrayal of just how powerful and how subversive the Central Bank of America really is. Let us examine a few excerpts.


https://images.c-span.org/Files/446/1031592-284915-9.jpg/Thumbs/height.182.no_border.width.320.jpg http://blog.oup.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Federal-Reserve-HQ.jpghttp://truedemocracyparty.net/wp-content/uploads/US-FederalReserveSystem-Seal_svg_.png

Bennie lets a huge "cat out of the bag" for us.


Appelbaum: Investors in financial markets, and those predicting faster economic growth in 2017, would do well to remember the famous words of William McChesney Martin Jr., the former Federal Reserve chairman, uttered way back in 1955: "The Fed’s job is to remove the punch bowl just as the party gets going."

Analysis: A former Fed Chair admits that the bank has the power to kill an economic expansion (generally done in order to kill the inflation that the Bank itself has ignited).

Appelbaum: President-elect Donald J. Trump’s promises to cut taxes and regulation and to increase spending on infrastructure and defense have convinced many that a sugar high in the near term will goose the economy. But Fed officials say the economy is already expanding at something close to its maximum sustainable pace, meaning faster growth would drive inflation toward unwelcome levels.

Analysis: "Maximum sustainable pace?" -- Do these gangsters at the HNB realize how many people are out of work or underemployed or earning crap for wages? Answer: Of course they know what's going on, and they want to keep it that way in order to ensure that Orange Man fails!

Appelbaum: To avoid overheating, the Fed could respond by raising interest rates more quickly. The more Mr. Trump stimulates growth, the faster the Fed is likely to increase rates.

Translation: The more Trump succeeds, the more aggressively the HNB will move to thwart that success by tightening the money supply with rapidly rising rates.


https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/73/Charles_August_Lindbergh.jpg/170px-Charles_August_Lindbergh.jpg http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user5/imageroot/2015/06/Octopus%201912_0.jpg https://i1.wp.com/upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7a/Fed_Reserve.JPG

Today's Slimes confirms that "conspiracy theorist" Congressman Lindbergh Sr. was right when he warned that the new Central Bank (enacted in 1913) would come to dominate the economy through its issuance and contraction of debt-based currency:

“The new law will create inflation whenever the trusts want inflation. From now on depressions will be scientifically created.”


Appelbaum: The rate sits in a range of 0.25 percent to 0.5 percent, a low level intended to stimulate economic growth by encouraging borrowing and risk-taking. Analysts predict the Fed will shift the range upward by a quarter of a percentage point, modestly reducing those incentives.

Analysis: Sooner or later the base rate was going to be increased. It is the fact that it will happen so soon after the election that is disturbing. Clearly, the HNB delayed the inevitable rate hike in order to prop up Obongo's sick economy as best as possible and also to help elect Killary.

Appelbaum: The rate increase is widely regarded as a foregone conclusion. ...The looming question is how quickly the Fed will continue to raise rates in 2017.

Analysis: We predict that the rate hikes will come however fast and large as necessary to prevent a Trumpian economic boom.

Appelbaum: Economic forecasts always require large assumptions, but that is particularly true in the present case because Mr. Trump has provided relatively few details about his plans.

Analysis: To the contrary, Orange Man's economic plans with regards to taxation, regulation and trade have been quite specific -- which is why economic optimism, as confirmed by surveys of businesses large and small, is now soaring.

Appelbaum:  During his campaign, Mr. Trump predicted 4 percent annual growth, and his actions since Election Day point to a single-minded goal of short-term job creation. “Our No. 1 priority is going to be the economy, get back to 3 to 4 percent growth,” Steven Mnuchin, Mr. Trump’s pick to serve as Treasury secretary, said last month.

Analysis: A return to 3-4% growth rates, for an economy as massive as America's, would erase the annual deficits (assuming spending is controlled) and lift millions out of poverty. Of course, our moral, cultural, educational and political problems won't be solved, but we should at least rejoice at the prospect of such long overdue economic expansion.

Appelbaum: Many economists regard such growth predictions as fanciful;...

Analysis: What is so bloody damn "fanciful" about achieving 3-4% growth after a period of massive tax cuts and massive regulatory relief? Privately, Orange Man is probably expecting 6-7%.



1- History shows that 3-4% growth rates were common up until the age of Obongo. But now, the Fed won't allow it?

2- Orange Man: “It is so important to audit The Federal Reserve, and yet Ted Cruz missed the vote on the bill that would allow this to be done.”


Appelbaum:  Some think Mr. Trump is more likely to push the economy into recession than to catalyze a new boom.

Analysis:  And who exactly are these pessimistic "some?" Answer: The very same Keynesian communists who drove the economy into a ditch by loading it up with too many taxes, regulations, law suits, money printing and "free trade" schemes.

Appelbaum: Even if Mr. Trump is right, however, the Fed does not want 4 percent growth.

Analysis: Wow! Just wow! That one bears repeating, with some bold emphasis!

Appelbaum: Even if Mr. Trump is right, however, the Fed does not want 4 percent growth.

Analysis: Speechless. Just let that admission sink in.

Appelbaum: The central bank’s outlook has become increasingly gloomy. Officials estimated in September that annual growth of 1.8 percent was the maximum sustainable pace,

Analysis: A "maximum" growth rate of 1.8%" is actually a negative growth rate because the inflation numbers, which factor into the GDP formula, are cooked downwards. This can only mean, as it did during the HNB's Great Depression, that Yenta Yellen and her gang actually want millions of Americans to continue struggling in perpetuity.


http://l3.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/hubM3BooM5CoG9S3yjj94Q--/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjtzbT0xO3c9ODAwO2lsPXBsYW5l/http://media.zenfs.com/es_US/News/es.afp.com/d0fdd2ff7d3a4c44e8d7d1e971444a786ecc4ccf.jpg https://d2k162tmw3rt3j.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/LTU.jpg https://blog-content.glassdoor.com/app/uploads/sites/2/unemployed1.jpg

Sorry my friend. The HNB doesn't want you to have a job. You wouldn't want the economy to "overheat" now, do ya?


Appelbaum: Fed officials also are increasingly convinced that steady job growth has substantially eliminated the post-recession backlog of people seeking work. The unemployment rate fell to 4.6 percent in November, a level the Fed regards as healthy.

Analysis: Any policy-maker or journalist who knowingly spreads the LIE of a 4.6% unemployment rate ought to have their lying tongues ripped out with a set of rusty pliers. The actual rate of unemployment / underemployment remains at about 20%! (long term unemployed + underemployed + phony disability cases --- see shadowstats.com) Moreover, many of the full-time-employed now work for service-sector wages so low that they'd be better off on welfare!

Appelbaum: Stanley Fischer, the Fed’s vice chairman, said last month the Fed might still benefit from fiscal stimulus because it could raise rates more quickly. That would increase the Fed’s ability to respond to future downturns by reducing interest rates.

Translation:  The HNB creates the booms, and then "corrects" the "overheating" (inflation) by creating a counter-balancing deflationary bust, which it then "corrects" by creating a counter-balancing boom, which it then "corrects" by creating a counter-balancing bust, which it then .... (yeah, it really is that insane!) 

Appelbaum: Mr. Trump has promised to press for rapid changes in government policy, but Congress is not built for speed. .... The impact of new cuts, and any increase in infrastructure spending that Mr. Trump can persuade dubious Republicans to embrace, would be felt mostly in future years.

Analysis: We're afraid that Benny is correct about Orange Man's fellow Republicant's. Some of the same crowd that is already pushing back on the issue of Putin and Russia (McCain, Graham, Rubio et al) can be expected to drag their feet on economic policies as well -- particularly if such obstructionism will gain then a few love letters from the Jew York Slimes or the Washington Compost.

Appelbaum: Mark M. Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, predicted that tax cuts, regulatory rollbacks and deficit-financed spending would fuel faster growth in the first half of Mr. Trump’s four-year term. But he said that the Fed’s rate increases,... would gradually begin to take a larger toll. By the end, Mr. Zandi predicted, the American economy would be “unnervingly close” to recession.

Analysis: The HNB will keep the economy in the toilet as the Piranha Press pins the blame for undoing the "Obama recovery" on Orange Man.

Appelbaum: “The Fed and markets in general will ultimately wash out any benefit,” Mr. Zandi said Monday. “The economy under President Trump ultimately will be diminished.”

Analysis: Again, we say, wow! The sons-of-bitches, via their mouthpieces, are actually admitting to us what they intend to do. That's another line worth repition in bold..

Appelbaum: The Fed and markets in general will ultimately wash out any benefit,” ---- The economy under President Trump ultimately will be diminished.”

Analysis: If Orange Man is serious about "making America great again," he had better be prepared to pull an "Andrew Jackson" by battling the Central Bank, and killing it. Good luck with that!



Like Andrew the Great Jackson, Trump will have to defeat Rothschild's banker agents if hopes to succeed.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the Fed won't allow Trump to achieve his target growth rate of 4%. The Fed wants 1-2%.

Boobus Americanus 2: It's the smart play by Yellen. Too much growth leads to overheating.



Sugar: Boobuss! The only thing 'overheating' is my temper! Your sstupidity is gonna give me a frickin' heart attack, you know that, Boobuss!!!!



Editor: Come here sweetie. I have a treat for you that will make you feel better.



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President Vladimir V. Putin last month at the Kremlin. The C.I.A. believes he deployed computer hackers with the goal of tipping the election to Donald J. Trump

NY Times: C.I.A. Judgment on Russia Built on Swell of Evidence

The conclusion that Russia intervened in the election to help Donald J. Trump was based on what many believe is overwhelming circumstantial evidence, which is often the most intelligence analysts have at their disposal.

The false accusations being leveled at Vladimir Putin and his phantom "hackers" are so preposterous that even Boobus Libtardus shouldn't need us to rebut this piece of "fake news." Nonetheless, this remains a very useful piece for analytical dissection because, when stripped naked, it features some of the classic tactical tricks often used by journalistic deceivers -- mainly, the "sell-the-sizzle-but-not-the-steak" marketing trick. By catching and exposing the subtle Sulzbergerian subterfuge of Messrs. Mark Mazzetti & Eric Lichtbblau (cough cough), we thereby inoculate the reader against future false stories which utilize the same mendacious magic. 
http://www.theflorentine.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Mark-Mazzetti.jpg http://media.salon.com/2014/11/eric_lichtblau.jpghttp://kingofwallpapers.com/magician/magician-023.jpg
Mazzetti & Lichtblau (author of "The Nazis Next Door) -- masters of journalistic sleight-of-hand.
Sub-Headline: The conclusion that Russia intervened in the election to help Donald J. Trump was based on what many believe ....
Analysis: "based on what many believe" --- sounds impressive but tells us nothing. "Many" also believe that the allegation is false, and the word "believe" implies opinion, not hard evidence.
Sub-Headline: ... is overwhelming circumstantial evidence, ...
Analysis: And yet, this "overwhelming circumstantial evidence" -- (sizzle sizzle) -- has still not been released! We are left to blindly trust an unnamed (imaginary?) CIA source that the "evidence" is indeed "overwhelming."

Mazzetti & Lichtblau: American spy and law enforcement agencies were united in the belief, in the weeks before the presidential election, that the Russian government had deployed computer hackers to sow chaos during the campaign.

Analysis: "were united in the belief" --- apart from being an untrue statement, that claim still does not provide the reader with any evidence of the "Russian hacking." Oh waiter --- Where is my damn steak, please?

Mazzetti & Lichtblau: Last week, Central Intelligence Agency officials presented lawmakers with a stunning new judgment that upended the debate.

Analysis: "Stunning," eh? -- "upended the debate," eh? Those are mighty strong words. But you two ass-clowns still haven't described the nature of this "overwhelming" and "stunning" evidence that so "upended the debate". How do "youse guys" know that it is so "stunning" if you aren't actually privy to it? Sizzle sizzle, but still no steak.



"Overwhelming" --- "stunning" --- "upended the debate" --- sounds good, yet still no steak.


Mazzetti & Lichtblau: Russia, they said, had intervened with the primary aim of helping make Donald J. Trump president.

Analysis:  "they said," --- again, tells us nothing. We don't care what "they say." In fact, we still don't even know who "they" even are! We want to see what the "overwhelming" and "stunning" evidence says. Stop with the sizzle and bring us the steak!

Mazzetti & Lichtblau: The C.I.A.’s conclusion ..... was an analysis of what many believe is overwhelming circumstantial evidence —

Analysis: "many believe." --- There "youse guys" go again! We don't care about the "many" and nor are we impressed by the word "belief." Tell us what "youse guys" actually KNOW!

Mazzetti & Lichtblau: ... evidence that others feel does not support firm judgments

Analysis:  "others feel does not support firm judgments" --- Ah! A tiny little truth gem slipped in to give the appearance of objectivity. So, there are "others" in the intelligence community who do not buy this tale. Interesting. But didn''t "youse guys" just say that the intelligence gencies "were united in the belief?"  ... Hmmm? Gotcha!

Mazzetti & Lichtblau: -- that the Russians put a thumb on the scale for Mr. Trump, and got their desired outcome.

Analysis: Even if the Russians did "put a thumb on the scale for Mr. Trump," --- the entirety of the "mainstream media" put their collective bodies on the scale for Killary! Why is that not considered to be a scandal?


https://wethevigilant.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/hillary-gold.jpg?w=620 https://i.ytimg.com/vi/oahbJqkF23s/hqdefault.jpg

CNN -- the same network that fed Killary debate questions in advance -- uses camera effects to literally made Killary glow like a saint. Meanwhile, the whole Piranha Press attacked Orange Man 24/7. That was the real scandal to tilt the election -- not "Russian influence."


Mazzetti & Lichtblau: Mr. Trump’s response has been to dismiss the reports by citing another famous intelligence assessment — the botched 2002 conclusion that the Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, had weapons of mass destruction —

“I think it’s ridiculous. I think it’s just another excuse. I don’t believe it,” Mr. Trump said on Sunday in an interview on Fox News.

Analysis: Hard to argue with Trump's logic there.

Mazzetti & Lichtblau: Yet there is a loud chorus of bipartisan voices, including Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, going public to accuse the Russians of election interference.

Analysis: Ah! A "yeah but" to offset Trump's observation. And of course, the devious duo cites every libtard's favorite Republican't, John McCain the Insane, to support their deceitful journalism. 

Mazzetti & Lichtblau: Both intelligence and law enforcement officials agree that there is a mountain of circumstantial evidence suggesting that the Russian hacking was primarily aimed at helping Mr. Trump and damaging his opponent, Hillary Clinton.
Analysis: "mountain of circumstantial evidence" and "suggesting" are contadictory terms. If there is truly a "mountain of circumstantial evidence," then why not use the word "proving" instead of the weasel word "suggesting."  By the way, when are "youse guys" or your CIA "sources" going to allow us riff-raff to actually see this mythical "mountain of evidence?"  Sizzle, sizzle.

Mazzetti & Lichtblau: American intelligence officials believe that Russia also penetrated databases housing Republican National Committee data, but chose to release documents only on the Democrats. The committee has denied that it was hacked.

Analysis:  If the RNC denies that it was even hacked, then doesn't that discredit these "American intelligence officials" and their other "beliefs" as well?



Unseen CIA source to Slimes newspaper man:

"Pssst. The 'mountain of evidence' is 'top secret' --- but trust me. It really does exist, and boy-oh-boy is it 'stunning' and 'overwhelming' and 'upending.'"


Mazzetti & Lichtblau: Beyond the specific targets of the hacks, American officials cite broad evidence that Mr. Putin and the Russian government favored Mr. Trump over Mrs. Clinton.

More generally, the Russian government has blamed Mrs. Clinton, along with the C.I.A. and other American officials, for encouraging anti-Russian revolts during the 2003 Rose Revolution in Georgia and the 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

Analysis: The fact that the Russians preferred Orange Man over Killary speaks only to possible motive. It does not constitute evidence of anything. Just because I often enjoy a glass of red wine with my dinner; that doesn't in anyway prove that I was the one who shoplifted from the local liquor store last week.

Mazzetti & Lichtblau: Russian television, which is tightly controlled by the government,...

Analysis: Actually, that's totally false. Russian media is a mixed bag consisting of pro-Putin media and pro-"Atlantacists" who subtly work against Putin.

Mazzetti & Lichtblau: ... has generally portrayed Mr. Trump as a strong, friendly potential partner while often airing scathing assessments of Mrs. Clinton.

Analysis: Again, motive does not equate to action --- and God forbid if we should step back from World War III and become "friendly" with Russia. Oh horrors!

Mazzetti & Lichtblau: And yet, there is skepticism within the American government, particularly at the F.B.I., that this evidence adds up to proof that the Russians had the specific objective of getting Mr. Trump elected.

Analysis: Another buried truth gem --- useful to the astute line-by-line reader, yet lost on the majority of hurried and trusting skim-readers. Evidently, the "mountain of evidence" against Putin does not appear to be all that "overwhelming" and "upending" and "stunning" to the F.B.I. This can only mean that the F.B.I. has been taken over by the K.G.B.

How "stunning" is that? --- sizzle, sizzle.


http://www.motherjones.com/files/blog_putin_trump.jpg http://i.imgur.com/zHLyVxZ.jpg
Make the world peaceful again.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the CIA has accumulated a mountain of overwhelming evidence proving that Russian hackers influenced the election.

Boobus Americanus 2: Stunning. Absoutely stunning.



Sugar: You're frickin' sstunned all right, Boobus! As in brain damaged.

 Editor: He's also 'overwhelmed.'



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NY Times: Holocaust Survivors Score Victory in Reclaiming Stolen Art

Both in TomatoBubble articles and in "The Bad War," Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times have thoroughly exposed the scam that is the "Nazi looted art" routine. What we were not aware of, as this article reveals, is that the usual suspects appear to have been, and evidently still are, cashing in on the big lie. Why are we not surprised?
Hazmat suits and goggles on, boys and girls. Join us for a rebutting historical swim in Sulzberger's cesspool as we examine young Gentile Emmarie Huetteman's latest journalistic turd sandwich. But first, a bit of historical context.
https://s3.amazonaws.com/media.muckrack.com/profile/images/28920/ehuetteman.jpeg.256x256_q100_crop-smart.jpg http://hypemade.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/millennials_a7.jpg
29-year-old Slimes scribbler Emmarie Huetteman is probably not a knowing Marxist conspirator -- and most likely just a dumb millennial libtard who not-too-long-ago cried her eyes out during mandatory Middle School Holocaust TM education. Very soon, her lost generation will outnumber the baby-boomers. 
"Looted Art" -- The Historical Context
Under Kaiser Wilhelm II during World War I, the highly cultured Germans go to great lengths to protect and preserve artworks located in enemy territory or near a zone of combat. The German word to describe this principal of saving Europe's cultural and artistic treasures during wartime is "Kunstschutz" (art protection). At the end of World War I, rescued artworks are returned voluntarily. Unlike World War II, anti-German propaganda actually fades away following World War I. As a result, Germany is later praised for "Kunstschutz" / art protection during "The Great War". 
Kaiser Wilhelm tried to avert the war which was forced upon Germany. Even while winning the war, the Kaiser held out an olive branch to the Allies, while his soldiers protected artworks belonging to enemy nations. World War I was very destructive. Thanks to Germany, many works of art located in Belgium and France were saved. 
A talented painter himself, The Great One had a great appreciation for art and culture. He sees Churchill and FDR as uncultured barbarians with merciless disregard for innocent life, architecture, and works of art. As the Germans under Kaiser Wilhelm II had done during World War I, Hitler also orders the protection of artworks throughout the combat theatres of Western and Eastern Europe. The task of protecting the art of Europe is handed over to Air Force Marshal Hermann Goering
http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/03457/Hermann-Goering-lo_3457911b.jpg https://www.archives.gov/files/publications/prologue/images/hitler-with-art.jpg
As men of culture, Hitler and Goring placed high priority on art protection.  
As Allied terror bombing ravages Europe, thousands of paintings and sculptures from Italy, France, Belgium, Russia, Romania, and Poland are gathered and meticulously inventoried by the Germans. After the war, the American Art Looting Investigation Unit (ALIU) of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) issues 13 reports on the German plundering of art.  By the way, this is the same OSS whose other “findings” accuse the Germans of using the bodies of dead Jews to make “shrunken heads”, “lamp shades” and “bars of soap” - allegations which are today universally acknowledged to have been false. The OSS is the forerunner to the CIA.
Now, on to our analysis of the article.
The "Cloak & Dagger" Logo of the OSS says it all! An Agency whose stated purpose involves strategic deception and propaganda crafted the "looted art" lie. The mass murderer Eisenhower (shown examining "looted art") also helped to sell the post war lie. 
Huetteman: A group of Holocaust survivors and their families notched a crucial victory on Friday,...
Rebuttal:  They always "notch crucial victory," don't they?
Huetteman: ... as Congress approved legislation that would make it easier to reclaim art confiscated during World War II.
Rebuttal: Gimme, Gimme, Gimme ... Mine, Mine, Mine. Amazing. Only years of life remaining for these nonagenarian money-grubbers and yet the materialistic avarice remains as strong as ever

Huetteman: The unanimous vote was the culmination of a bipartisan effort to help victims whose art was taken by the Nazis and their allies. The House passed the bill on Wednesday.

Rebuttal: "Unanimous vote," eh? Only one group in America has the clout to corral a very unusual unanimous vote. (cough cough)

Huetteman: Should President Obama sign it into law, as expected, ...

Rebuttal: "As expected", eh? Gee. Really? Ya actually think Homo-Obongo, who owes his political success to these characters, would even consider not signing it?

Huetteman: the measure would loosen, and standardize across the country, the statute of limitations on claims for the return of looted art. Survivors and their families would have six years to make a claim after identifying pieces taken from them and proving their right to them.

Rebuttal: Exactly how, 75 years after the fact, would these "survivors" TM be able to "prove their right" to any of the artworks called into question? We suspect that a mere uncontested "that's mine" will suffice. After all, what museum curator who values his career would dare to call a "Holocaust survivor" TM a liar? That would be "anti-Semitic" TM -- don't ya know?

Huetteman: The legislation is considered a critical tool as Holocaust survivors and their heirs have faced a bureaucratic and legal tangle of governments, museums and collectors to recover art taken from them more than 70 years ago.

Translation: Museums and even private collectors are now at greater risk of being dispossessed of any piece for which they cannot establish a definitive historical line of ownership.

Huetteman: Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress and an advocate in the fight to recover looted art, said that, under the bill, future claims would be more likely to be judged on their merits.

Translation: The World Jewish Congress is the same criminal gang that shook down Switzerland for "stolen gold" back in the 1990's. (here) The Swiss resisted at first, before a downed airliner in 1998 (here) and a deadly tunnel fire in 2001 (here) "persuaded" them to pay up!


https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51XXMHGZSVL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg https://i0.wp.com/osnetdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/gold.jpg?fit=550%2C300 https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51APZ4001ML._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

The current "stolen art" shakedown  follows a similar template as the late 1990's "stolen gold" shakedown.


Huetteman: A treaty signed by 44 countries in 1998, known as the Washington Conference Principles on Nazi-Confiscated Art, urged an expeditious “just and fair solution” to what advocates have described as an ongoing injustice to an already grievously wronged group.

Rebuttal: This is the sad song that never ends: "ongoing injustice to an already grievously wronged group."  --- wa wa wa!

Huetteman:  Some legal experts had pointed out that the new legislation has some deficiencies, particularly that it does not ensure restitution. But supporters cheered that it would make it easier to make claims in American courts.

Rebuttal: In other words, the new law will make it easier for scoundrels to file a lawsuit against a museum or private collector -- a critical legal step which is usually 3/4 of the battle because most defendants would prefer to settle rather than fight an expensive and uncertain custody battle in front of a Jewish judge or even a career-minded Gentile judge.

Huetteman: The quest for justice for Holocaust survivors united lawmakers from both parties in a remarkably combative election year. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the incoming Democratic leader, and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, a Republican and former presidential candidate, teamed up on the bill.

Rebuttal: "... united lawmakers from both parties," eh? You see, boys and girls, when it comes to groveling at the feet of the chosenites, there is only one political Party.

Huetteman: “Artwork lost during the Holocaust is not just property,” said Senator John Cornyn of Texas, the Senate’s No. 2 Republican and another backer of the bill. “To many victims and their families, it is a reminder of the vanished world of their families.”

Rebuttal: Hey Senator! How about a little sympathy for the "vanished" lives of millions of Germans and "the vanished world" of 10's of millions of Germans? Now dead and forgotten, or still alive and emotionally scarred, all because these very same characters demanded and got their unjust war of genocide upon Germany. (See images below)


https://static.squarespace.com/static/544680b5e4b0149c3cfddd3b/54687904e4b0ebccd920ebfc/54687904e4b0ebccd920ed6a/1269524345097/1000w/judea_declares_war_on_germany_2.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Jtob6ly9mb0/hqdefault.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/JvtjsbCrgSc/hqdefault.jpg

Then and now, they always get their way.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Congress just passed a bill that will make it easier for Holocaust survivors to reclaim any art stolen from them by the evil Nazis.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well it's about damn time! It should not have taken this long to help them recover what was rightfully theirs.



Sugar: The reasson it took sso long is probably becausse the scheming @#%^&*$ had to wait for true original ownerss to die off.

 Editor: A very plausible and astute hypothesis there, my feline friend.



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NY Times: Trump Picks Scott Pruitt, Climate Change Denialist, to Lead E.P.A

NY Times:  Trump and Pruitt Will Make America Gasp Again



Even by the Slimes' low standards, bold headlines tagging the nominee for EPA chief as a "denialist" who will "make America gasp again" are surprising to behold. Why not just label him as a "jerk," or some other childish term?

The funny thing is that Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma Attorney General, doesn't even deny the Global Warming TM / Climate Change TM hoax -- at least not publicly. Pruitt wrote earlier this year: 

“Scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind. That debate should be encouraged — in classrooms, public forums, and the halls of Congress. It should not be silenced with threats of prosecution. Dissent is not a crime.”

What worries the Slimes' communist Demonrats like Paul Krugman (cough cough) is not that Pruitt's de-regulatory agenda will make sea-levels rise (nobody actually believes such nonsense) -- but that such policies would make employment and income levels rise. The aims of the Left are to suppress living standards, restrict freedom, diminish national sovereignty and keep the masses dependent upon government. Because a rollback of senseless environmental regulations will surely unleash positive economic forces, the Demonrats fear that the people coming off of the public welfare roles may credit Orange Man for their new jobs and/or rising incomes.

The known communist Bernie Sanders (cough cough) has already announced his intention to throw a Marxist monkey-wrench into Pruitt's confirmation process"

“At a time when climate change is the great environmental threat to the entire planet, it is sad and dangerous that Mr. Trump has nominated Scott Pruitt to lead the E.P.A....The American people must demand leaders who are willing to transform our energy system away from fossil fuels. I will vigorously oppose this nomination.”


http://cdn.thedailybeast.com/content/dailybeast/articles/2016/02/12/paul-krugman-confronts-his-bernie-bro-critics/jcr:content/image.crop.800.500.jpg/48510434.cached.jpg http://images.huffingtonpost.com/2016-03-12-1457776885-8487260-berniesanders.jpg http://gopthedailydose.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/537-global-warming-hoax-green-hammer-sickel.png

Krugman the child wear a T-shirt mocking Trump's hair. Communists like him and Sanders (Image 2) promote phony "environmentalism" as a back-door towards a more communistic planet.


Let's us complete this rebuttal with a quick crash-course-bullet-point debunking the New World Order's cherished sovereignty-busting, tax-raising, power-grabbing fairy tale of Global Warming TM, aka Climate Change TM (for when it gets cold out).


  • The warmists began making "10-15-years-in-the-future" doom & gloom forecasts about 35 years ago. None of them have come to pass as the 10-15 year disaster keeps getting moved up.
  • Satellite based temperature reading show no warming for 19 consecutive years. The warmists have been finally forced  to acknowledge this fact, but now claim that the satellite readings were not done properly.
  • The Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets expand and contract year-to-year. There has been no observable net shrinkage over past 50 years.
  • The world's glaciers expand and contract year-to-year. Some are currently receding and other are currently expanding.
  • Sea-levels have not risen. All of the world's low islands and tiny atolls are still here.
  • In spite of the manipulative images of Polar Bears stranded in pieces of ice, the Polar Bear population is NOT in decline.
  • There has been no increase in hurricane or typhoon activity over the past 50 years at least.
    • http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/global-warming.png https://thespeechatimeforchoosing.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/time-magazine-polar-bear.jpg http://img.timeinc.net/time/images/covers/europe/2000/20000904_400.jpg

    It's all LIES!

  • All Global Warming research is conducted by scientists who are on the payroll of either some government entity or a left wing CIA/Soros affiliated NGO (Non Governmental Organization)
  • Scientists have been caught red-handed attempting to fudge their research in favor of "proving" Global Warming TM.
  • The myth of "95% consensus" has been exposed as a fraud.
  • Man-caused CO2 account for only 2-3% of total CO2. Termites and geo-thermal activity account for more than man does.
  • The natural annual variance of all atmospheric CO2 is + or - 5%. So, even a total elimination of man-caused CO2 could easily be erased by a slight upward trend due to natural causes.
  • The earth has passed through solar-activity-based numerous ice ages, mini-ice ages and warming periods long before we became industrialized.
  • Factors such as water vapor, solar activity, Axis-tilt-variation, unpredictable ocean currents and wind patterns impact climate far more than CO2 emissions (natural or man-made).
  • Scientists who dispute Global Warming TM are often subject to vicious attacks and career damage.


For a more in-depth understanding of just how bad the "junk science" supporting the Global Warming TM / Climate Change TM hoax really is, we would refer our readers to Mark Morano's excellent and very comprehensive website climatedepot.com

On a closing note, the clever manner in which Orange Man made a big show of meeting with prominent