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NY Times: Roy Moore Sues to Block Certification of Alabama Senate Election Results


Of the many advance clues and hints posted by the legend-in-the-making character known as "Q,"  -- whom we wrote about in a recent TomatoBubble article (here) -- and some other anonymous 4-chan posters Q seems to be affiliated with, perhaps the most intriguing clues of things-to-come were the bold pre-election posts stating, with absolute certainty, that Demonrat Doug Jones would be permitted to win the Alabama election as part of a voter fraud "sting" operation designed to expose the Demonrat Machine nationwide.
https://lifesite-cache.s3.amazonaws.com/images/made/images/remote/https_s3.amazonaws.com/lifesite/Alabama_voter_fraud_810_500_55_s_c1.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/SwNIOezvKCs/maxresdefault.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/DTb04s-6HYo/maxresdefault.jpg
We know that Demonrats rig elections. Was Alabama set up as a "sting" operation to finally catch them red-handed?
In spite of the hatred and slander hurled at Republican Roy Moore, few expected the Communist Demonrat Jones to actually win heavily Republican Alabama. But Jones did improbably win a state which Republican Donald Trump had won by 30 points just one year ago! This spooky-accurate prediction of a Jones win followed by an investigation, posted hours before the votes were counted, put Q's entire accumulated credibility (dating back to when he first began dropping clues in October) on the line. So far, the first part and part of the second part have come to pass. The only question remaining now is: How far will this thing go?
Here is a collection of posts from Q (and another anon poster) regarding voter fraud, leading right up to the December 12th election in Alabama:

Q (past): George Soros is a target to clean the swamp.

Q (past): George Soros owns the voting machines.

Q (past): DNC thought they were going to win in 2016 by rigging the election, but good guys stopped them rigging 2016 election. They never thought they were going to lose.

Q (one day before the election, 12/11/17): “We have a special place picked out for George Soros; really Special”

Anon AL: (Mon at 22:02, a day before the election): “The Storm is coming to Alabama. Tomorrow night. Doug Jones will be declared the winner of the U.S. Senate Special Election. He will have more votes than Roy Moore. The multiple fraudulent voting techniques employed to achieve this result are being allowed to occur. They are being documented. The subsequent “investigation” will reveal the entire Democrat Machine. This was put into play long ago. Y’all are soon to find out the true reason Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was installed as the U.S. Attorney General.” (to clear a seat so that a stolen election could be allowed to occur in Alabama?)

Tuesday, Election Day, at 16:03 (4:03 PM, before the election results) -- Q posts a photo of what looks like an Executive Order with a message “Merry Christmas”.

After election results, at 22:44): Q posts a link to an Executive order on election fraud. Q stated: ”Have faith. These people are stupid!”

– (23:28): Q confirms a previous anon post saying “They knew George Soros was going to mess with the numbers. This was the plan. A VERY SPECAIL (mispelled) PLACE!! What would be the penalty for stealing an elections?"


QAnon "Election Fraud Sting Prediction" in Alabama by QAnon on 8chan http://files.abovetopsecret.com/files/img/ag5a30624c.jpg

According to Q's advance knowledge, the Alabama voter fraud scandal will spell the downfall of Soros and the Democrat Machine.


Where is Demonrat power-broker George Soros anyway? In that "special place," perhaps?  (34 days now without a single tweet from the avid tweeter Soros (here)). And where is the suspected child rapist / Demonrat power-broker / lobbyist Tony Podesta -- the older and more powerful brother of Killary's right hand man, John Podesta? Big Tony has not been heard from since he resigned from his influential DC lobbying firm, which then suddenly shut its doors in October!


Headline: NY Times: (October 30, 2017):

Under Mueller Scrutiny, Democratic Donor Tony Podesta Resigns From Lobbying Firm


Whatever happened to "Antifa?" Whatever happened to Black Lives Matter? Why have all the anti-Trump rallies suddenly stopped? Why are Mr. & Mr. Obongo, McCain the Insane and the Clintons being so quiet all of a sudden? And why did Google multi-billionaire mogul, Demonrat helper / search-engine-rigger Eric Schmidt suddenly resign? With the powerful chess pieces of Pedo Tony Podesta, Eric Schmidt, Harvey Weinstein and possibly George Soros now having been removed from the board, Trump is looking like the grandmaster of the game.


https://wikileaks.org/google-is-not-what-it-seems/hillses.png https://i2.wp.com/www.bizpacreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/getty-hillary-clinton-harvey-weinstein-pervert.jpg?resize=640%2C458 http://thehill.com/sites/default/files/styles/thumb_small_article/public/blogs/soros_clinton.jpg?itok=-2XQBLnr

Three of Hillary's mightiest mega moguls -- Schmidt, Weinstein and (possibly) Soros have recently been neutralized.



Suspected child rapist / child killer Tony Podesta (Image 1, front & center) and his goofy faggy buddies have a "red shoe" party. Notice how the paintings of Biljana Djurdjevic (known to be one of Podesta's favorite "artists!" -- here)) depict abducted / murdered children wearing red shoes.


Getting back to the subject of the stolen Alabama election, Sulzberger's Slimes and the rest of Piranha Press went into absolute feedng frenzy mode as soon as Roy Moore's attorrneys filed the lawsuit just hours before the official certification of the election results was to take place. The court filing runs for "dozens of page," and argues that returns in Jefferson County -- the state’s most populated (and most Black) county -- “confirmed election fraud.” Indeed, turnout in the county was suspiciously sky high as the dead turned out in record numbers.

As Q's clue predicted, Roy Moore is not going away. The fact that Alabama Secretary of State John H. Merrill ignored the lawsuit and certified the election results anyway, while the Trump administration seems to be totally uninterested in Moore's allegations, could very well be part of the sting -- the disinterest being necessary in order to maintain the appearance of non-partisan objectivity while the undeniable facts trickle out.

Our hunch could be wrong, of course, but we suspect that Moore would not have undertaken such a seemingly quixotic (a $10 word for long-shot) effort unless he was being backed by stronger powers. Keep your eye on this drama slowly playing out in Alabama. If something much bigger does not grow out of Moore's unprecedented lawsuit, then it means that this "Q" character, and some other affiliated posters, though real, have been playing sophisticated head-games with us for some unknown reason.

But if the matter is properly investigated and the Demonrat Party vote-fraud machine ends up being devastated nationwide (feeling goosebumps) --- well, ain't we got fun? Even then, we repeat, let's not to get too excited until we know where this all ends up -- because if the ongoing decapitation of the Globalists is being carried out solely for the sake of the ultra-nationalist Israel First crowd, then we-the-people will still lose in the end. The worn-out term "cautious optimism" still applies here.

Stay tuned.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in The New York Times today that Roy Moore filed a lawsuit to overturn the election results in Alabama. He is accusing Black voter precincts of fraud.

Boobus Americanus 2: So, not only a sore loser, but a racist as well.




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Heather Menzies-Urich, third from the right, with the rest of the von Trapp family from “The Sound of Music.”

NY Times: Heather Menzies-Urich, ‘Sound of Music’ Actress, Dies at 68


Though the news of the death of actress Heather Menzies is of no concern to The Anti-New York Times, it does provide us with a good opening for shedding some light on the immense Jewish propaganda value of the classic 1965 musical drama, The Sound of Music, starring, in addition to a young Menzies, the "A-listers" Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.
What made SoM such an effective propaganda vehicle was that the poison was delivered within the body of a heartwarming story of an Austrian-Aryan family, and greatly sweetened by the beautiful singing of Julie Andrews and the children. As a song which Andrews herself made famous in Mary Poppins goes: "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down." And indeed, in the case of SoM, that "medicine" was the not-so-subtle "anti-Nazi" contextual message of the film.
Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" apologizes in advance (actually, we don't) if we end up souring your previous love for this seemingly beautiful film. But it's time to set the record straight about the damaging Fake History which serves as its mushy backdrop.
https://www.thewrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Sound-of-music-julie-andrews-abc.jpg https://photos.vanityfair.com/2015/02/18/54e4ad718d77134d68d3dad1_ss10-sound-of-music-vf.jpg http://filmrise.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/brockes-600.jpg
What's not to love about a musical about a beautiful, happy and loving Aryan-Austrian family singing in the Alps with angelic voices? Plenty! Leave it to "the usual suspects" to drop a poison pill inside a pretty package.

The Sound of Music was produced and directed by Robert Wise (cough cough) as an adaptation of the 1959 Broadway show of the same name, composed by Richard Rodgers (cough cough) and Oscar Hammerstein II (cough cough), and screenplay by Ernest Lehman (cough cough).

Based on the memoir The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria von Trapp, the film is about Maria, a young Austrian woman who is sent to the villa of a retired naval officer and widower, Captain Georg von Trapp, to be governess to his seven children. After teaching music to the children, she marries the officer. 


 http://c250.columbia.edu/images/c250_celebrates/remarkable_columbians/240x240_rodgers_hammerstein.jpg https://notesonafilm.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/gal_wise_robert_2.jpeg https://prabook.com/web/show-photo.jpg?id=1509565
 Behind the facade of the beautiful Germanism of the Sound of Music lurked the usual suspects --- Rodgers, Hammerstein, Wise and Lehman.

While away on their honeymoon, the Captain learns that Globalist puppet Austria has been annexed by Germany in the Anschluss (March, 1938). The couple returns to their home, where a telegram awaits informing the Captain that he must report to a German Naval base to accept a commission in the German Navy. Strongly opposed to the big bad "Nazis" and the Anschluss, the Captain tells his family they must leave Austria immediately.

Many of the von Trapp's friends are willing to accept the new regime, including Rolf -- who Liesl von Trapp is devastated to see has joined the big bad Hitler Youth. That night, as the von Trapps attempt to "escape," they are stopped by a group of big bad Brownshirts . When questioned, the Captain tells them that they are headed to a festival to sing. That night at the festival, the von Trapp family slips away and shelters at the nearby abbey, where nuns hide them in the cemetery crypt (rolling eyes -- only a Jew could write this crap).

The big bad Brownshirts soon arrive and search the abbey. The family is discovered by Rolf -- Liesl's ex-boyfriend. Upon seeing Liesl, Rolf hesitates, thus allowing the family time to "escape," by taking a car. When the big bad Brownshirts attempt to pursue the "fugitives," they discover their cars will not start because the nuns have removed parts of the engines. The next day, after reaching the Swiss border, the von Trapps make their way on foot into Switzerland, where they will live, love, laugh and sing happily ever after.

The hyped-up film became the  highest-grossing film of 1965. By November 1966, SoM had become the highest-grossing film of all-time—surpassing Gone with the Wind -- and held that record for five years. SoM was also popular throughout the world, shattering box-office records in 29 different countries!

http://www.tvfoodanddrink.com/pics_dec13/sound-of-music-live-5.jpg https://thebestpictureproject.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/soundofmusic3.jpg http://list.lisimg.com/image/1620526/500full.jpg

Both the Broadway and Hollywood versions spread the anti-Nazi propaganda thick. In Image 2, Captain von Trapp rips up the German flag. Image 3. Rolf's decision to join the Hitler Youth and become a big bad Brownshirt cost him the love of Liesl von Trapp.


The post WW 1 Versailles Treaty had broken up the Austro-Hungarian Empire and forbid the new nation of Austria from uniting with Germany. The Anschluss of 1938 was a voluntary incorporation of Austria into the German Reich. The merger with their Germanic brothers was supported by 99% of Austrians and Germans, but opposed by the puppet Austrian government instituted by the Allies after World War I.

But after seeing the great success of Germany, there was no stopping the Austrians desire to unite with their happy brothers and sisters. Without a shot being fired, German forces moved in unopposed and were greeted as liberators by the joyous Austrians. As a brotherly gesture towards the Austrians, The Great One (that's Hitler for all you newbies and normies) invited Austrian troops to march inside of Germany as well.

When The Great One himself came to visit the land of his youth, he was given a hero's welcome by the frenzied Austrian crowds. Not surprisingly, the western Globo-Zionist media portrayed the joyful unification as: "Germany Conquers Austria.” So, if indeed the real-life Captain von Trapp actually was "anti-Nazi," -- it was only because he was part of the out-of-touch, insensitive, well-connected, well-fed, top 1% ruling class of puppet Austria, and not part of the starving masses who absolutely adored The Great One.

That's the truth about the big bad Anschluss. And no amount of Broadway (cough cough) or Hollyweird (cough cough) bullshine, mixed in with angelic-sounding "do-re-me-fa-so-la-te-do" and beautiful Alpine imagery can change it.

http://histclo.com/imagef/date/2009/11/ans38-03s.jpg https://www.ushmm.org/lcmedia/photo/lc/image/70/70065.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/gqGvr.jpg

Over-joyed Austrians turn out to welcome The Great One, their hometown-boy-turned-liberator. Image #3, The Great One lays a wreath at the gravesite of his parents.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in The New York Times today that actress Heather Menzies passed away. She was  one of the singing von Trapps in the Sound of Music.

Boobus Americanus 2: Indeed she was. For its cinematic content, musical score and anti-Nazi cultural significance, the Sound of Music remains a truly immortal film.




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NY Times: For One Far-Right Politician, Forgetting Germany’s Past Just Got Harder

A political art group built a replica of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial in Bornhagen, Germany. Next door is the home of Björn Höcke, a far-right politician who called the memorial “a monument of shame.”


Nothing that happens in the occupied Germany of Marxist Mamma Merkel shocks us anymore, particularly when it comes to the legal persecution of "Holocaust Deniers" -- some of them in their 80's and 90's! But as this sad story reveals, even that class of Holocaust-believing / Holocaust-acknowledging thought-criminals which we might refer to "Holocaust Forgetters" or "Holocaust Mitigators" are subject to persecution and social ostracism as well.

These are the folks who do not actually "deny" the Holohoax, but simply argue that, after 3/4 of a century, the time has come for Germans to move on from self-flagellation. Though it is still legal to express such a sensible view, the state-enabled social abuse which such expressed sentiments can trigger can make the punishment for "Holocaust Forgetting" ( pending) very painful nonetheless.


https://sa.kapamilya.com/absnews/abscbnnews/media/2017/news/10/17/101717_nazi2.jpg http://www.dw.com/image/39136714_303.jpg http://theredelephants.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/MERKEL1.jpg

1. Ursula Haverbeck, 89, sits in prison for denying the Holohoax. 2. Horst Mahler, 82 next month, also sits in prison for denying the Holohoax. 3. Meanwhile, the Frumpy Frau floods Germany and Europe with criminal invaders who are given free housing and welfare benefits.


From the article:

"No one in the village saw it coming, least of all Björn Höcke, a quiet and well-liked local father of four who also happens to be Germany’s most notorious far-right politician.

Last January, at a rally in Dresden, Mr. Höcke questioned the guiding precept of modern Germany — the country’s culpability in World War II and the Holocaust — calling on Germans to make a “180 degree” turn in the way they viewed their history.

Germans were “the only people in the world to plant a monument of shame in the heart of their capital,” he said, referring to the Holocaust memorial in Berlin.

And then, one recent Wednesday morning, Mr. Höcke woke up in his rural home to find the Holocaust memorial outside his bedroom window: 24 rectangular concrete slabs, one section of the original monument, rebuilt to scale on the property immediately neighboring his.

The only difference: The slabs had been rotated 180 degrees." (to mock Höcke's words and to face his home."


Wow. Just wow. 


 https://theredlist.com/media/database/architecture/sculpture1/eisenman_memorial_holocaust_berlin/002_eisenman_memorial_holocaust_berlin_theredlist.png https://www.haaretz.com/polopoly_fs/1.587858!/image/3524703808.jpg_gen/derivatives/headline_609x343/3524703808.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/80/Bj%C3%B6rn_H%C3%B6cke.jpg/1200px-Bj%C3%B6rn_H%C3%B6cke.jpg

1 & 2: A MASSIVE (5 acres, 2,711 concrete slabs) eyesore to remember the Holohoax sits in the heart of Berlin.

3. Björn Höcke -- while not "denying" the Holohoax -- dared to express his misgivings about the Berlin monstrosity. Now, his whole village neighborhood is being legally terrorized by extremely well-funded Communists who have erected a smaller replica of that eyesore just outside his window, as the state "looks the other way."


It turns out that a Communist  "artist collective" known as the Center for Political Beauty purchased the neighboring property solely for the purpose of shaming Mr. Höcke. The replica of the Berlin memorial, put up overnight on November 22 of this year, not only harasses the Höcke family (including children), but has put an unwanted spotlight on Bornhagen, a scenic village of 309 inhabitants. Local hotels are already seeing cancelled and diminished bookings.

Philipp Ruch, co-founder of the group which erected the memorial and, on paper, the Höcke family's new "neighbor," had this to say:

“We wanted to remind Mr. Höcke that he can turn German history however much he likes, it doesn’t change. “He broke the mother of all taboos, he challenged the founding narrative of modern Germany and he got away with it. We learn from our past so it does not happen again. That is who we are. That is our strength,” 

For months, the artistic terrorists scouted out the quiet village. They registered a business and then rented the property next to Mr. Höcke’s home. The building of the Holocaust memorial was shielded from the view of neighbors by a large tent, said to be hiding a surprise for an engagement party.
1. The Höcke home -- Imagine your family waking up one morning, looking out the window, and seeing a pile of protest stones facing your home, and alerting every Communist in the world as to where you live. 2. The quiet village of Bornhagen is now a battlefield in a cultural-political war. 3. The extremely well-funded (Soros? CIA?) Communist "German" Philipp Ruch (face covered in Holohoax "ashes") leads "The Center for Political Beauty," whose mission statement describes itself as "an assault team that establishes moral beauty, political poetry and human greatness while aiming to preserve humanitarianism." 
Ever since the imposition of World War I upon the peace-loving people of Germany in 1914 -- with the exception of the wonderful pre-war 1930's years under the stewardship of The Great One (that's Hitler for all you newbies and normies)  -- "the usual suspects" and their henchmen have continued to subject Germany to various forms of mass abuse (war, hunger blockades, atrocity propaganda, economic extortion, territorial theft, ethnic cleansing, genocide, mass rape, military occupation, political subversion, cultural degradation, psychological assault / self hate, Turd World invasion etc). And as this blood-boiling story of what the "powers that be" are allowing to happen in a quiet German village clearly shows, the century-old torture of the German nation does show any signs of abating any time soon.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read an article in The New York Times today about a group of German artists who actually bought a property right next door to a crypto Holocaust Denier, and then erected a replica to the Berlin Holocaust memorial on it!

Boobus Americanus 2: Ha ha ha ha. That's funny!




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USA Today: Charles Barkley sarcastically thanks G.O.P. for new tax bill: 'Sorry, poor people'



Though this story did not appear in Sulzberger's Slimes, for the sheer ignorance and buffoonery which it displays, we just couldn't pass this up. Just two weeks after warning Alabamans not to vote for the "white separatist ," Roy Moore, the suddenly political ex-basketball star, Charles Barkley, is using his TV announcer forum to comment on economic policy. Stick to basketball, Charles.


https://s.hdnux.com/photos/70/01/73/14687987/3/920x1240.jpg https://media.tmz.com/2017/12/11/1211-doug-jones-charles-barkley-doug-jones-3.jpg https://media.tmz.com/2017/12/22/122217-barkley-1200x630.jpg

1. Barkley went "all-in" for the communist Demonrat Doug Jones in Alabama -- publicly slandering Republicans Steve Bannon and Roy Moore as "white separatists ."  (here) 2. Barkley poses with Doug and Louise Jones, and their openly sodomite son, Carson Jones. 3. Now Barkley is using his TV announcer position to attack Trump. Could this ass-clown be setting the stage for a career in politics?


Here is what this stupid ape (*use of the term "ape" refers to his size and primitive intelligence, not his race ) had to say about the Trump tax cuts:

"They (Republicans) said it’s going trickle down … I’m going to trickle my fat ass down to the jewelry store to get a new Rolex. They’re not going to pass it to nobody. Thank you Republicans, I knew I could always count on y’all to take care of us rich people, us one percenters. Sorry, poor people. I’m hoping for y’all, but y’all ain’t got no chance.”

First of all, Charles, and Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times are no big fans of the Republican't Party, but that term "trickle down" has never been used by Republicans. So when you claim "they said," you are either being dumb as dirt or lying through your teeth.

Now as for you "trickling your fat ass down to the jewelry store to get a new Rolex," -- that is an astonishing declaration of hypocrisy on your part. It's not that there is anything wrong with you buying another Rolex, but if you truly believe that these tax cuts are a bad idea, then why not refund the U.S. Treasury like an obedient little Marxist would? Write the Feds a check. They'll accept it. Better yet, why not give your windfall to charity? 

But if you insist on buying a new top-line Rolex, understand that the commission on one of those babies is going to make some lucky middle class sales clerk very, very happy. Ever think of that? Ya big dummy! Moreover, your Rolex purchase, combined with other Rolex purchases by other millionaires, keeps the 2,800 worldwide employees of Rolex Inc employed -- not to mention the secondary incomes earned from jewelry store owners, managers sales people etc. And what about the share holders of Rolex Inc., many of whom are middle class folks with retirement plans and pensions invested in the stock market, which includes Rolex. Those people should also say "Thank you, Republicans," right?


http://www.marklorendesigns.com/supportingpages/supporting-assets/debingallery250.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/736x/9e/fd/d3/9efdd385f4969860d90ba0c6dfcdc49a--humour-rose-gold-rolex.jpg https://www.juwelier-wagner.at/typo3temp/_processed_/csm_Rolex-HQ-Genf_01_34cbabb78c.jpg

Idiot Barkley's purchase will make some sales clerk very happy! Lots of middle class people in America and Europe depend upon the continued success of Rolex Inc.


You see, Charles, every dollar that you retain means one more dollar operating in the productive market sector of the economy, and one less dollar being squandered in the parasitic government sector. There are only three things that you can do with that extra dollar, and all three work toward the improvement of economic conditions for society, far more so that government waste. Let's look at the three option you have, Charles.

1. Buy more stuff: The purchase of luxury items supports millions of people who work in the luxury industry. Wealthy people distribute wealth to others whenever they make purchases of such luxuries.

2. Give to charity: If an individual donates, say, 10% his income to good causes (as many wealthy people do), then a "tax cut for the rich" must necessarily lead to an increase in his charitable donations.

3. Invest in business or the market: Increasing the capital flow -- the seed corn -- into the private economy is also a good thing. Smug, arrogant, ignorant libtards can scoff at "trickle down" all they want, but the reality is that private enterprise and investment are what creates jobs, not taxes!

Anyway you slice it, Charles, extra money in the private sector benefits the overall economy. Extra money in the public sector hinders it. And Charles, one more thing --- as the Tax Calculator linked down below will show --- low and middle income folks will indeed be seeing a noticeable increase in their paychecks come February, when the withholding amounts are adjusted on payrolls. Our only "complaint" is that we wish the tax cuts were much deeper and coupled with massive spending cuts too -- but that's another subject.

So shut your stupid mouth and focus on announcing basketball games for the mostly White fans who, inexplicably, continue to watch these America-hating thugs run up and down a court. Leave economics to the grown-ups.


http://www.benzinsider.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/buying-used-mercedes-benz.jpg https://www.accountingweb.com/sites/default/files/styles/banner/public/charity_jar_catherine_lane.jpg?itok=R6Cy4QAD https://www.thepagemagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/how_to_invest-1.jpg


Increased sales, increased charity or increased investment.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read a great quote Charles Barkley today denouncing the Trump tax plan. He said he was going to take his fat ass down to the jewelry store and buy a new Rolex with the tax cut.

Boobus Americanus 2: My wife sells watches in a jewelry store. I sure hope he goes there to buy it! Ha ha ha. But I do agree with him that trickle down never works.




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NY Times: The Bitcoin Boom: In Code We Trust

NY Times: How the Winklevoss Twins Found Vindication in a Bitcoin Fortune

NY Times: A Bitcoin Hedge Fund’s Return: 25,004% (That Wasn’t a Typo)

NY Times: I Was Wrong About Bitcoin. Here's Why.


Starting back in 2014, we began noticing more and more requests to post a "Bitcoin" button that would allow readers to donate to TomatoBubble.com with the hot new "crypto-currency" worldwide payment system. Bitcoin and other rapidly emerging cryptos are a form of "decentralized" digital currency, as the system works without a Central Bank or a single administrator. 

The Bitcoin network is person-to-person, with transactions between users taking place directly through the use of cryptography only. Bitcoins can be exchanged for other currencies, products, and services.  The transactions are automatically verified and recorded in a publicly distributed ledger called a "blockchain."

At first, it seemed like a good way to work around PayPal and fly under the IRS radar, but we just never got around to getting involved because we figured the Feds would eventually catch up to such a "peoples' currency" and shut it down anyway. But now, lo and behold, Bitcoin mania is being heavily promoted by the great and the good of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) -- so much so that a single $1 of Bitcoin purchased a few years ago is today worth about $65!



Hyped by the Piranha Press and blessed by the Rothschild Central Banks, digital crypto-currencies -- Bitcoin foremost among them at this time --are exploding in popularity and "value." 


Suckers worldwide are now purchasing Bitcoin with credit cards and even home loans (just as in the allegorical story of "The Great Tomato Bubble" (here) for which this site is named). The fact that Wall Street Hedge funds have joined the Globalist media mania bubble of Bitcoin constitutes "prima facie" (a $10 Latin legal term for "first face") evidence that there is a sinister agenda behind these digital currencies.  Should there be any lingering doubts over such a suspicion, these headlines ought to dispel them:

Coindesk: (December 17, 2017): 2018: The Year Central Banks Begin Buying Cryptocurrency (here)

CNBC: (December 18, 2017): Central Banks could hold bitcoin and ether for the first time in 2018 (here)

Quartz Index: (September 25, 2017): Central Banks considering launch of official cryptocurrencies (here)

The fix is in, boys and girls. What is the motive here, you ask?  

Flashback time:


(February 24, 2016)

Getting Rid of Big Currency Notes Could Help Fight Crime

(some excerpts)

As part of his oh-so-high-minded effort to "fight crime", Andrew Rosenthal (cough cough), that shadowy little Wicked Weasel of Oz who styles himself as "The Editorial Board", has come out swinging in favor of former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers (cough cough) recent call to ban the $100 dollar bill. Gotta stop them drug-dealers, eh Andy? (rolling eyes, sarcastically).

This all-of-a-sudden push to ban big bills is a harbinger of the dark days ahead. It's significance is huge -- all the more so now that Rosenfilth of the New York Slimes is pushing it (just days after the Washington Compost came out in favor of the ban as well)


http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--4nKlxlOZ--/18s0862xhvx1hjpg.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-W2VRm_Jbp_Q/T_u6E0XktXI/AAAAAAAAI9M/gpuWcVc1v_s/s1600/committee-to-save-the-world-303x400.jpghttp://libertyblitzkrieg.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Screen-Shot-2016-02-22-at-10.23.39-AM-1024x774.jpg

1. Andrew Rosenthal (cough cough) of the Slimes' "Editorial Board" wants an end to cash.  2. Old Time Magazine cover -- Thank God for great men such as Robert Rubin (cough cough), Alan Greenspan (cough cough), and Lawrence Summers (cough cough). 3. The brilliant plan to ban big bills is going to save the world's children from the drug dealers. (rolling eyes)
Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board":

"Few Europeans use the 500-euro note, and most Americans rarely encounter the $100 bill. Yet hundreds of millions of these notes are in circulation around the world... officials in Europe and elsewhere are proposing to end the printing of high-denomination bills.

Getting rid of big bills will make it harder for criminals to do business ... 

The president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, recently said the bank is considering getting rid of the 500-euro note ($557)... though the central bank plans to keep the 200-euro and 100-euro bills.

Critics who oppose such changes say the big bills make it easier for people to keep their savings in cash, especially in countries with negative interest rates.   But these are relatively minor burdens compared with the potential benefits of reducing criminal activity and tax evasion.

There are now so many ways to pay for things, and eliminating big bills should create few problems."
http://img01.thedrum.com/styles/drum_media_normal/s3/paypal.jpg  https://i.ytimg.com/vi/1dF9t_xQGks/maxresdefault.jpg  

PayPal ran a TV commercial during the 2016 Stupor Bowl ---the images and slogans from which speak for themselves. The end game is to kill paper money.
End of flashback excerpt
The end-game behind the crypto craze is to usher in a GLOBAL digital currency which, in time, will be very much "centralized." In the meantime, this could also be part of a sophisticated  CIA money-laundering or "pump & dump" operation. 
In the long run, we do not think that the Globalists will be able to pull off such an ambitious leap toward one-world tyranny -- not with Messrs. Putin, Xi and Trump around. But the Central Banksters sure as hell are gonna try when they start issuing their own digital currency, as is expected in 2018. Amazing. Now who, say, 30 years ago, could possibly have envisioned the rise of digital global currency in 2018? Hmmm?
An prophetic excerpt from a 1988 Economist article (as quoted from a 2014 issue of Bitcoin Magazine):
"THIRTY years from now (i.e. 2018), Americans, Japanese, Europeans, and people in many other rich countries, and some relatively poor ones will probably be paying for their shopping with the same currency. Prices will be quoted not in dollars, yen or D-marks but in, let's say, the phoenix. The phoenix will be favored by companies and shoppers because it will be more convenient than today's national currencies, which by then will seem a quaint cause of much disruption to economic life in the last twentieth century.” 
“An even more ambitious solution would be to move to a truly global currency, along the lines of Keynes’s “bancor”, that would circulate alongside countries’ own currencies and would offer a store of value truly disconnected from economic conditions and policies in any country.
To achieve this, one would need to set up a global monetary institution that would issue the global currency depending on global economic conditions, and that could act as a global lender of last resort. It would need to have an impeccable (“AAAA”) balance sheet, and governance arrangements that engender widespread credibility and acceptability.”

“As telecommunications technology continues to advance, these transactions will be cheaper and faster still.”

“The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy. The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF.

This means a big loss of economic sovereignty, but the trends that make the phoenix so appealing are taking that sovereignty away in any case. (here)
Wow. Just wow. Now have a look at the cover of that very same 1988 Economist issue, on the left:
Rothschild's "prestigious" Economist magazine -- January, 1988. Note the future date on the coin (2018), and the similarity in appearance between the 'Phoenix" coin and the "Bitcoin" logo, and what could be easily be interpreted as the Twin Towers. Does this mean that the plan is to use the crypto bubble to "burn" the world's currencies so that the one-world money system can rise like that phoenix on the cover?
And by the way, the 2014 Bitcoin Magazine article quoting that 1998 Economist Magazine article, was not citing the old story about one-world currency as a warning. But rather, as a good idea, preferably with Bitcoin serving as the coming world currency, and not necessarily the Economist's "phoenix." The headline and a quote from the Bitcoin piece:

A World Currency – Not a New Idea (February 25, 2014)

"At this point we could be talking about Bitcoin or any new cryptocurrency out there today. Let’s continue as the article talks about what could lead to this “New World Currency”.

Next is a statement that will get the attention of the Bitcoin user. Remember, this was written in January 1988.

'As telecommunications technology continues to advance, these transactions will be cheaper and faster still.'

Here we might still be talking about Bitcoin. ...This 1988 article was obviously ahead of its time. It shows that a new kind of world currency is not a new topic of conversation. And the mention of 2018 looks eerily realistic as we watch things unfold today.(2014) --- (here)
You see, the gift of "prophecy" comes easy when you are the one running the show! There is no doubt about this one, boys and girls. Bitcoin was never a "spontaneous" digital currency of "the people" that just "took off." It has been, from the start, a tool of the usual suspects and the play is only getting started. The year 2018 promises to be very interesting. Stay tuned.


 https://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/assassinscreed/images/2/2a/KeynesAndWhite.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20141008154352 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0714/1869/products/bm1_a201764d-df70-4f09-982d-5266d85180fe.jpg?v=1418519971 https://i.pinimg.com/736x/01/d7/90/01d7908553d95e5847f0f11faab165e2.jpg 
1. Months before "The Good War" had even ended, the post-World War II monetary system was cooked up at Breton Woods by the US Communist Harry Dexter White (cough cough) and the UK Fabian Socialist and the known sodomite John Maynard Keynes. Keynes advocated a world currency, which he named "Bancor," but he realized that the idea was still too radical for those times.  2. Bitcoin Magazine with a "Guy Fawkes" anarchist on the cover? -- A sure sign of a CIA operation. 3. Slime Magazine cleverly hyping Bitcoin as if it were some sort of anti-government uprising of the people -- another sure sign of a CIA operation.
This just in:

Wall Street Journal: (December 22, 2017)

Bitcoin Plunges 25% in 24 Hours in a Cryptocurrency Market Rout


Bubble scam profit-taking by the usual suspects? Or maybe the nationalist "White Hats" are nipping the scam in the bud?



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Bitcoin is taking the world by storm.

Boobus Americanus 2: I know. I just bought some.




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An artist’s rendering compares Kumimanu biceae, an extinct giant penguin, to a human diver. Kumimanu stood 5 feet 7 inches and weighed 220 pounds. It is among the earliest known penguin species. 

NY Times: Ancient Penguins Were Giant Waddling Predators




This latest bit of "Evolution" comedy takes us to the Southern Hemisphere for a study of a recently discovered "giant penguin" which the eggheads of academia assure us really did exist -- "57 million years ago" (rolling eyes). Science writer and Yale "fellow" Carl Zimmer (confirmed cough cough) brings us the error-ridden story. Parkas and snow boots on, boys and girls. Into Sulzberger's frozen slime we go.


https://archive.li/Csx2o/52dff4d4b46c64aeeb75c22071caab8c6c4b956a.jpeg https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/660/media/images/79359000/jpg/_79359448_52546083.jpg

1. Zimmer's alleged "areas of expertise" are Evolution and parasites (takes one to know one?). 2. His latest tale of giant penguins is full of holes.


Zimmer: The 57-million-year-old fossil ...

Rebuttal: These fossil ages are pulled out of thin air. The crackpot "theoretical scientists" assume that layers of sediment form and petrify at a constant rate -- not taking into account the fact that a massive flood, tsunami or other cataclysmic event can accumulate "millions of years" worth of future rock in just a matter of days.

Zimmer: ... a long-beaked penguin that stood 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighed about 220 pounds.

“It was as tall as a medium-sized man,” said Gerald Mayr, a paleontologist at the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt, Germany, and lead author of a report announcing the discovery.

Rebuttal: How exactly did Professor Mayr manage to calculate the height and weight of this creature from some "57 million year old" bone fragments? 

Zimmer: By comparison, the tallest living species, the emperor penguin, reaches about four feet in height. Kumimanu biceae, as the fossil was named, would have towered above the emperor.

Rebuttal: Assuming that Mayr's estimates are correct, the fact that a breed (not species) of penguin may have been a foot & a half taller than the penguins we see today would constitute no more of an example of "Evolution" that the existence of 7-foot tall humans and 5-foot tall humans; or Great Danes and French Poodles. Once again, the evolutionists conflate variation within a species (observable) with cross-species "Evolution" (non-observable).

Zimmer: In 2014, another team of researchers estimated that a 34-million-year-old species stood six feet tall, but they based that estimate only on two bone fragments.

Rebuttal: Though it pertains to another case, this is is a very telling admission that speaks to the general sloppiness of modern paleontology. These grant-seeking academic ass-clowns will often take a single bone fragment, plug it into a rigged create-a-beast "computer model," and then leap into the wildest conjectures and reckless inferences imaginable.

Zimmer: Both its age and its size make Kumimanu important to understanding the astonishing transformation that turned a lineage of flying birds into flightless swimmers.

Rebuttal: How did penguins turn from fliers into swimmers? Fliers must have light hollow bones in order to achieve and maintain lift. But deep-diving penguins must have solid heavy bones in order to withstand depths of 1,000 or more feet. Tell me, Zimmer, when the first penguin made the switch from flier to deep-sea diver, how did the hollow bones suddenly turn into solid ones? How did momma flying penguin with hollow-bones suddenly hatch a swimming baby with solid ones?

Zimmer: The 18 modern species of penguin are impressively adapted to aquatic life. Rigid, blade-shaped wings enable them to shoot through the water at up to 22 miles an hour.

Rebuttal: Now we get into the mystery of integrated parts. For the penguin to transform from a flier into a swimmer, not only did the bones have to instantly solidify, but the wings had to instantly become "rigid" and "blade shaped" at the exact same moment in time -- all by blind chance, none of it ever observed.

Zimmer: But their adaptations to water have also left them unable to fly.

Rebuttal: How did penguins survive during the "transition" stage when they would have been unable to fly (as bones were solidifying)  and unable to swim / dive (because bones still weren't thick enough and wings weren't rigid enough)? Got any evidence of the trasitional "missing link" versions? Answer: No!


http://media.moddb.com/images/groups/1/4/3556/DSCN1288.JPG http://www.palmbeachpost.com/rf/image_lowres/Pub/p1/PalmBeachPost/2010/09/10/Images/photos.medleyphoto.777660.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Z47ti7Y3CKI/Tz5V57HRCyI/AAAAAAAAGng/iX76DZpf1zg/s1600/Two%2Bfaces%2Bleopard%2Bseal%2BThey%2Bmay%2Blook%2Bcute%2Bcamera%2Bsmiling%2Bassassin%2Banimal%2Bside%2Btoo%2B4.jpg

1. On the basis of a few bone fragments, paleontologists and their magic computer models have been known to "recreate" entire never-before-seen dinosaur "skeletons."  2. Dog breeds differ greatly among themselves too. It doesn't prove that Great Danes "evolved" into Poodles. 3. Transforming from fliers into deep sea divers would require a massive and instantaneous re-writing of the penguin's voluminous genome.


Zimmer: While penguins may look profoundly different from other birds, their DNA points to a close kinship to such species as albatrosses and petrels.

Rebuttal: DNA commonalities do not prove "kinship." All living creatures have common DNA for the same reason that pizza pies and tacos have common origin from tomatoes, cheese and flour. There is a finite amount of proteins and elemental "stuff" on this planet -- so we all share many basic ingredients. That doesn't mean that the species are "related" to each other from a common ancestor.


Zimmer: Birds accumulate mutations in their DNA at a roughly clocklike rate, allowing scientists to estimate when their lineages branched apart.

Rebuttal: Total fiction. The acquisition of "DNA mutations" or added / deleted chromosomes has never been observed, let alone "clocked." The "clocklike rate" of accumulated "mutations" is based on a cucko-clock which exists only in the warped minds of these mad scientists.

Zimmer: Studies suggest ...

Rebuttal: "Suggest," eh Zimmer?

Zimmer: ... that penguins diverged around the time of the mass extinction that struck the planet about 66 million years ago.

Rebuttal: The oft-repeated / never questioned "66 million years ago" mantra is not only a baseless fabrication, but an indication of the occult / Satanic origins of the "Evolution" hoax.  (6 million Jews - 66 million years ago extinction - 666 number of Satan etc.

Zimmer: A combination of massive volcanic eruptions and an asteroid impact are believed to have been responsible for the global catastrophe.

Rebuttal: "Are believed to have been" responsible, eh Zimmer?

Zimmer: Among the victims were giant marine reptiles and dinosaurs (with the exception of birds, which are feathered dinosaurs). The mass extinctions marked the end of the Mesozoic Era and the beginning of the Cenozoic, which continues today.

Rebuttal: It is as amazing as it is amusing to read these fantastic narratives. With absolute certainty, these crackpots speak of unobserved and unproven events as if they were describing the details of last night's ballgame.

Zimmer: The new fossil penguin, Kumimanu, was discovered from bones packed in a rock on a New Zealand beach.

Rebuttal: You see how the scam works? They base the age of any given fossil upon the ridiculously miscalculated age of the rock in which the fossil embedded in. The fossil is "57 million years old" because the rock is "57 million years old." By the way, the embedding of bones in a rock is also a sign of flash-flooding, not gradual, multi-year sediment build-up. Think about it.


http://wdbr-fm.sagacom.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/76/files/2016/04/IMG_6747-620x400.jpg http://www.wiseoldgoat.com/images-cse/cse-part4a_slides/Slide158.jpg https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51N9VUTZHgL.jpg
1. Just because a taco and a slice of pizza have common ingredients, does that prove that they randomly "evolved" from a common ancestor? 2. The "science" of rock dating is deeply flawed to begin with. Dating fossils from the erroneously-aged rocks then leads to circular reasoning. 3. Darwin's scam is thoroughly and humorously exposed in "God vs Darwin" by M S King. (here)


Zimmer: To see how it was related to other species, the scientists drew an evolutionary tree and found that Kumimanu and Waimanu belonged to its farthest branches.

Rebuttal: So "they drew an evolutionary tree," eh Zimmer? And what, pray tell, was this theoretical artwork actually based on?

Zimmer: “We already knew penguins were around, and flightless, just a few million years after the extinction,” said Daniel T. Ksepka, ... “The new fossil shows they achieved immense sizes very rapidly as well, which is cool.”

Rebuttal: (palm to face, shaking head, deep sigh)

Zimmer: “It’s an educated guess that makes sense, but there’s no rock-solid evidence,” said Dr. Mayr.

Rebuttal: "An educated guess" -- "no rock solid evidence." 


At most, what has been discovered here was that some penguins were bigger than others. But they would still have been penguins, not another species and hence -- no "Evolution" .



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read a fascinating piece the New York Times science section today about a recently discovered giant ancestor of the penguin.

Boobus Americanus 2: The miracles of Evolution never cease to amaze.




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NY Times: In One New Jersey Town, Pending Tax Changes Create Anxiety



The demonic communists and their criminal co-conspirators in the FNM (Fake News Media) of the state of New Jersey, where The Anti-New York Times is headquartered, are in peak fear-mongering mode over the modest Trump tax-cut package for 2018. You see, in high property / high state-income-tax states like New Jersey, New York, Commiefornia etc, the proposed $10,000 write-off cap for local and state taxes will end up reducing the amount of money which taxpayers can deduct from their taxable income for Federal tax purposes. So now, all of a sudden, the loony Left is oh-so-concerned about some people (mainly the wealthy) having to pay higher taxes. How conveeenient, as the old Church Lady of Saturday Night Live fame used to say.


http://i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/007/617/jew_basic.jpghttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/52/Boston_Tea_Party_Currier_colored.jpg/375px-Boston_Tea_Party_Currier_colored.jpg https://namebrandketchup.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/how-convenient-church-lady.jpg

When it suits his purposes, "the usual suspect" can suddenly switch from being a tax & spend "soak the rich" Marxist to an anti-debt, Boston Tea Party tax rebel. How conveeenient!


Get a load of this fearful propaganda which some of my very own family, friends and acquaintances have soiled their panties over -- that is until Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" set the record straight for them. From the article:

"In many ways, Livingston, NJ is a microcosm of all the forces that will collide in the heavily taxed towns that ring New York City when the proposed tax law takes effect. These are places that have drawn residents willing to stretch their budgets to cover big mortgages and high property taxes in exchange for good schools and a comfortable lifestyle, understanding that they could deduct their local levies and reduce their federal taxes. But the tax bill would radically alter that equation, forcing potentially painful choices in towns like Livingston. For some, the math just may not work anymore, driving them and their neighbors to reconsider the classic suburban dream."

Jeff Lajqi, the owner of a Jew Deli, chimes in with his ill-founded concerns about the Republican plan to limit how much property tax he can deduct on federal returns:

"If they’re raising the taxes, you know what’s going to happen: Everyone’s going to raise prices. Raise my taxes, I raise your challah."

Oy vey, Jeff! Did you whine like that when your Jewish-Democrat-dominated town and state raised the property and state taxes to the bloody moon in the first place? Probably not. But have no fear Mr. Lajqi. There will be no need to raise the price of your bagel and lox after all -- although, knowing "youse guys" as well as we do, we suspect that you will probably raise prices anyway and then blame it on Trump!

Had the superficial scribblers at Sulzberger's Slimes made the effort to perform a few 5th grade level calculations, they would quickly see that in spite of the $10,000 cap on deductions for local & state taxes, only the wealthiest New Jerseyians will end up paying a bit more in taxes. As the chart below clearly illustrates, the cutting of Federal rates (on top of the increase in the standard deductions) will offset the reduced write-offs.

 *Middle Class brackets highlighted

Income Tax Rate

Income Levels for Those Filing As:

































It only takes 60 seconds of research and 5th grade math skills to debunk the fear-mongering of the Fake News.


Case Study:

Let 's say that the two-income Smith family of high-tax Bergen County, NJ has $100,000 of taxable income and that their property plus state income taxes total $20,000. With the new $10,000 cap, they would lose a whopping $10,000 worth of deductions. At a current rate of 25%, that amounts to an increased tax bill of $2,500. ($10,000 x .25) Damn Trump!!! Right?

Not so fast. Here's what Sulzberger's Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press are deliberately downplaying. With the coming rate reduction for the Smith's bracket (22%), they would owe the Feds $22,000 instead of $25,000, a savings of $3000 -- $3,000 gained - $2,500 lost = a total annual tax reduction of $500. Now that is still less of a tax cut than that of a counterpart residing a low-tax / no state income tax state, but it is still a reduction nonetheless.

We calculated many different scenarios and estimate that the only people who will be paying noticeably higher taxes are those households with incomes above $250,000 living in homes valued at $1 million or higher. That's unfortunate for that small minority, but why should they be subsidized by the low-tax states? Besides, most of the really affluent New Jerseyans are either Jewish or old-line Puritan blue-blood libtards anyway. F em'!


https://static01.nyt.com/images/2017/12/15/nyregion/00njtaxtown4/merlin_131056952_fe194197-910a-4498-beb8-08334b2f1e65-master1050.jpg https://static01.nyt.com/images/2017/12/15/nyregion/00njtaxtown2/merlin_131057048_39c32f3c-720e-4f59-9201-fc8c0d5181f7-master1050.jpg https://static01.nyt.com/images/2017/12/15/nyregion/00njtaxtown3/merlin_131056742_54a2d9b1-9822-4696-ac6a-874c27c07abd-superJumbo.jpg

The Slimes cherry-picked and photo-featured anxious (and presumably wealthy) Jewish business owners to whine about how the coming tax plan is going increase their tax bills by a few shekels (if at all) --- Above: George Press (cough cough), Walter Levine (cough cough) and Shawn Klein (cough cough)

Personal exemptions will also be lost with this program, but the standard deduction is going up to compensate for it, at least partially. That might not offset the lost exemptions totally for some people, but again, when combined with the lower rates it's still a net cut for all but the very top earners, albeit chump change. As for fears over future Demonrat tax hikes on top of the lost deductions, now that is a very real concern.

And so, for all of our dear home-owning readers in libtarded Marxified high-tax states like New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Commiefornia etc, be not troubled. It's just the Fake News doing what they always do, namely, lying through their evil stinking teeth! You will still get some of the pathetic crumbs which Trump and the Republican'ts will so graciously drop down to us hungry goldfish, or, at worst, end up getting a slightly smaller "refund" in 2019.

On a separate note, we would like to point out that if we gave up the Global Empire and its associated military costs, shut down the Departments of Education, Interior, Labor, Transportation, Commerce (just for starters), kick all recent immigrants off of welfare / Medicaid, and take away Socialist Security and Medicare from elderly millionaires and elderly immigrants who just arrived as "chain migrants" -- we could knock the income tax rate down to zero for about 90% of all working people, and not have to fret over a few lost "write-offs." Now that would really "make America great again" -- at least in the economic sphere.


http://www.daveandchad.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/US_military_bases_around_the_world.jpg http://americannews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Screen-Shot-2017-05-19-at-11.14.04-AM-730x480.pnghttps://pixfeeds.com/images/10/351957/1200-151532844-woman-feeding-her-goldfish.jpg

Unless and until the warfare / welfare states are dismantled and the U.S. Constitution restored, the tax cuts bestowed upon us lowly peasants will only amount to crumbs. That being said, almost everyone in America -- even those in the high tax states who will lose some deductions -- will still be paying less under the Trump plan.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read an article in the New York Times today about how Trump's tax plan is going to rape all of us here in New York and New Jersey.

Boobus Americanus 2: Trump and the Republicans are really sticking it to the Northeastern blue states.




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NY Times: Where Wind Farms Meet Coal Country, There’s Enduring Faith in Trump


No place is more likely than this one (Glenrock, WY) to benefit from President Trump’s promise to make the United States a dominant energy force in the world, or more likely to be disappointed if the promise is not kept.


As is typical of the condescending communist clowns at Sulzberger's Slime, this featured propaganda piece attempts to sympathetically portray Donald Trump's supporters in the American heartland (Wyoming) as decent, hard working, struggling folks who simply aren't educated enough to come to terms with the realities of "Climate Change" and the Green Economy. 

From the article:

"Woody Ricker, a 38-year-old technician at Duke Energy’s Top of the World wind farm outside Glenrock, comes at the energy picture from a different perspective. But his views, like those of many wind workers here, are surprisingly similar to those of workers whose jobs rely on coal.

For years, he has been teased by friends for having an “Obama job” in an area where wind farms are seen as taking business from the coal industry.

But Mr. Ricker, like most of his neighbors in and around the town of Douglas, isn’t particularly convinced that humans have much impact on climate change."



Woody Ricker, a technician at Top of the World, has been teased for having an “Obama job” in an area where people see wind energy as encroaching on the coal industry.


Did you notice the clever insinuation that non-belief in "Climate Change" is obviously motivated by economic concerns related to coal industry? (Existential Fallacy and Appeal to Motive Fallacy).  And why would it be "surprising" for a man employed in the Wind Farm business to not believe in "Climate Change?" ™  He still has to eat and feed his family, doesn't he? This patronizing Manhattan attitude is actually more offensive than being called a "deplorable" or a "racist."

As for these inefficient eye-sores dotting America's Midwestern landscapes and slaughtering all manner of birds, a reader named "Mark" who lives in the farming area of Iowa wrote to us at TomatoBubble.com:

"We have one of these windmills about 1/2 mile from our house. The small town I live near spent $450,000 to erect it and it only runs maybe 165 days a year. They've had to repair it 8 times since 2009 when it was installed.

I absolutely hate them. They are subsidized by us and who will take them down out of the corn fields when they stop working? They don't last long enough to remake the electricity sunk into their manufacture. Yet the government pays out about $11,000 per year for each one placed on your farm. Many days the wind doesn't even blow. They are also dangerous for planes and birds, and sometimes a giant turbine will bust off. Eventually, somebody is going to get hurt. I hate them! Total waste in so many ways."

Mark’s story may be anecdotal, but in this case, his personal observations are indeed representative of the broader failure of wind power. Both in terms of cheap energy and mass numbers of “green jobs,” wind power has failed, in spectacular fashion, to deliver what the greenies and the big investors promised. The inefficient wind-power industry is very expensive, passing its costs on to consumers and taxpayers while creating relatively few jobs.



A sin against God and Nature, all on the basis of a HOAX! Thousands of majestic American bald-eagles are being wind-o-causted -- a tragically poetic touch symbolizing the killing of America -- as coal miners lose their livelihoods.       


Ironically, wind farms must still rely upon the burning of fossil fuels when the wind does not blow and the turbines fail to spin.  All throughout Europe, domestic coal stations have been closed in order to meet carbon-emission reduction targets. So when the wind farms come up short, nations must import coal and oil.

Apart from the fact that CO2 emissions are harmless and that manmade "Global Warming  / Climate Change  is a hoax, wind farms have neither reduced emissions nor the cost of electricity. On windless days, large customers may be shut off temporarily. While the poor and the elderly have been hardest hit by high electricity bills, the true beneficiaries of the wind scam are the wealthy investors receiving government welfare. 

Not only are the mechanical monsters expensive, ineffective, ugly and deadly, many have gone idle are costly to repair.

Bob Adelman writes in the New American:

Headline: 14,000 Idle Wind Turbines a Testament to Failed Energy Policies

“When Element Power announced on April 10 the closing of a deal to build wind turbines for Blackrock in Ireland, nothing was said about the more than 14,000 other wind turbines lying idle around the world. Instead, Jim Barry, managing director for BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, expressed great pleasure at its new venture with Element.


Those 14,000 wind turbines lying idle in California’s Altamont Pass, Tehachapin, and San Gorgonio areas and elsewhere around the world are testimony to the continuing and accelerating failure of hope over experience, funded with taxpayer monies. And these areas were selected as being “in the best wind spots on earth,” which are now, according to Natural News writer Jonathan Benson, just “spinning, post-industrial junk which generates nothing but bird kills.”

Once those taxpayer funds are withdrawn, the real economics of maintaining these expensive monstrosities are so overpoweringly negative that they are left to rot — skeletons proving the fraud and deceit of the whole global warming meme.”

He’s right, you know.

The warmists can try to “fact-check” away these “inconvenient truths” all they want, but the reality remains: Wind farms do not generate electricity on a commercially viable basis. The fake industry survives only because of generous government subsidies, stolen from taxpayers and redistributed to wealthy investors, manufacturers and rent-seeking land owners.


http://sxh1b2g2g4f2w04gm2piih1u.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/5.-Billionares-1-696x464.jpg https://specials-images.forbesimg.com/imageserve/59d552c74bbe6f37dd9fff97/416x416.jpg?background=000000&cropX1=0&cropX2=2259&cropY1=103&cropY2=2362

Money-mad Globalist scum like Bill Gates, Warren Buffoon, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Muskrat are all heavily invested in "Green Energy."


It’s an economic hoax, built upon a scientific hoax, built upon a geo-political hoax. In fact, it’s so bad that even the mainstream warmist media and wind industry publications have had to concede certain “inconvenient truths.”

Newsweek: (April 11, 2015): What is the true cost of wind power?

“As consumers, we pay for electricity twice: once through our monthly electricity bill and a second time through taxes that finance massive subsidies for inefficient wind and other energy producers.

Most cost estimates for wind power disregard the heavy burden of these subsidies on US taxpayers. But if Americans realized the full cost of generating energy from wind power, they would be less willing to foot the bill – because it’s more than most people think."


Wind Power Monthly: (May 14, 2015) Annual blade failures estimated at around 3,800

“Bellamy, co-founder of the renewables advisory firm Aarufield Ltd, pointed out that blade failures are the primary cause of insurance claims in the US onshore market. They account for over 40% of claims, ahead of gearboxes (35%) and generators (10%). The wind industry also faces a struggle to secure the carbon fiber materials it needs for lighter and stronger blade designs, warned Bellamy.

Possibly the biggest blade issue was faced by Siemens in 2013 when it was forced to curtail around 700 turbines worldwide. This was caused by a bonding failure in its B53 blade.”

Add another mark to the minus-column of wind energy – all on the basis of a hoax that the "uneducated" heartland folks of America can clearly see, but that the "intellectual" libtards of New York cannot -- or, in the case of the Globo-Marxists, will not.



Ugly, dangerous, expensive and inefficient --- supported government mandates and taxpayers dollars --- all on the basis of a damn hoax.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read an article in the New York Times today about Trump supporters in Wyoming coal country not wanting to believe in Climate Change.

Boobus Americanus 2: One can't fault these people for fearing the economic changes that must take place. We need to train these good people for the jobs of tomorrow.




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N Y Times: Trump Urges Moore to Concede Alabama Senate Race


Right up until Election Day 2016, candidate Donald Trump shocked polite society by warning about the potential of widespread, Demonrat-organized voter fraud. His accusations really rattled Sulzberger's Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press. A typical headline (one of hundreds!)

New York Times (October 23, 2016): Donald Trump’s Threat to Reject Election Results Alarms Scholars (here)

After pulling off his improbable victory, Trump, in addressing the reason why he actually lost the popular vote, revisited the voter fraud controversy. More hysterical headlines from the Marxist scum at Sulzberger's Slimes:

New York Times (February 13, 2017): Voter Fraud? Trump Has No Proof and Many Skeptics (here)




Trump's bare-knuckled post-election voter fraud "tweets" and public statements sent the Piranha Press into a frightened frenzy.


And finally, on May 11, 2017, just when everyone thought that Trump had "moved on" from this critically important issue, he sprung a big surprise by signing an Executive Order creating the “Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.” The Slimes and its Piranha Pack have been in feeding-frenzy attack mode ever since.

New York Times (July 7, 2017): Even Some Republicans Balk at Trump’s Voter Data Request. Why the Uproar? (here)

New York Times (July 22, 2017): The Bogus Voter-Fraud Commission (here)

New York Times (November 9, 2017): Voter Fraud Panel Is Sued Again, This Time by a Member (here)

Considering Trump's crusade to expose Demonrat voter fraud, and in light of the many horror stories now emerging from the recently stolen Senate election in overwhelmingly Republican Alabama  (illegal aliens being shipped from precinct to precinct on buses, Blacks from neighboring Mississippi coming in on buses, computer records being destroyed by court order, computer glitches etc), one would think that Trump and his Attorney General, former Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama, would be all over this self-evident case of fraud. Instead, Trump, after having oh-so-"graciously" congratulated the communist victor, Doug Jones,  is "urging" Moore to concede? What the frickety frack is going on here?

From the article:

"President Donald Trump called on fellow Republican Roy Moore on Friday to concede to Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama U.S. Senate race, following the party's stinging loss in the southern U.S. state earlier this week.

Moore, whose controversial candidacy was beset by allegations that he sexually assaulted or pursued teenage girls while in his 30s, has so far refused to admit defeat in Tuesday's election that saw Jones win by 1.5 percentage points with 99 percent of the ballots counted.

The embattled Republican has made two statements since his loss, but has not conceded even as Trump and others have reached out to congratulate Jones, a former prosecutor, on his win.

'I would certainly say he should,' Trump, who endorsed Moore in the final stage of the campaign, told reporters at the White House."


https://www.politusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/young-jeff-sessions.jpg http://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/170105212021-marion-three-family-divided-jeff-sessions-griffin-dnt-ac-00030125-super-169.jpg http://s.newsweek.com/sites/www.newsweek.com/files/2016/11/18/jeffsessionstrump1118.JPG

1. In 1985, a young Jeff Sessions aggressively, yet unsuccessfully prosecuted the "Marion 3" for organizing voter fraud in Alabama (here). Session thus KNOWS what goes on in Alabama. 2. The "Marion 3" and their Marxist-Libtard supporters cried "racism" over Sessions' prosecution. 3. Why are the anti-voter fraud crusaders Trump & Sessions going along with this farce in Alabama?


A bit of basic Holmesian deduction here, boys and girls. Analyzing the bizarre Trump / Sessions non-reaction and total non-support for Roy Moore's recount efforts leaves us with just two possibilities. The more obvious one being that a weakened Trump has sold his soul to the DC "swamp" -- collaborating with GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to block the principled conservative Moore from entering "the club." This would also explain Trump's tepid "support" for Moore in the closing weeks of the campaign.

The other possibility here is that Chess-master Trump and the military / law enforcement "white hats" behind him set an elaborate trap in Alabama by pretending to "look away" as the Soros-Obama operation took the bait. What if, this time, every aspect of the election fraud was carefully observed and thoroughly documented beyond doubt? What if Trump's quick "congratulations" to Demoncrap Doug Jones, coupled with his "urging" of Roy Moore to accept defeat, is all just a smokescreen to conceal the big sting operation?

Now don't "youse guys" (New Jerseyese for the plural of you) get all excited about this possibility because Option 1 may also be the case. All we are saying is that if Moore's recount crusade should expand into something far greater -- something that exposes the whole rotten Demonrat operation nationwide -- then know that the coming storm was planned this way all along. Trump is either a tactical genius --- or a gigantic sell-out. Either way, Alabama will provide the final verdict on Trump for us soon enough.


 https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/1a/Alabama_in_United_States.svg/250px-Alabama_in_United_States.svg.png https://o.aolcdn.com/images/dims3/GLOB/legacy_thumbnail/1028x675/format/jpg/quality/85/http%3A%2F%2Fo.aolcdn.com%2Fhss%2Fstorage%2Fmidas%2Ff4e906256cf04de3c0a1f71a183c4f32%2F0%2Fpresident-donald-trump-speaks-to-the-press-alongside-senate-majority-picture-id862035850 https://images.dailykos.com/images/268584/story_image/Screen_Shot_2016-06-28_at_9.32.26_PM.png?1467224947

What comes out of Alabama's brewing vote fraud controversy will tell us if Trump has joined "the club" --- or if he was playing chess all along.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump is urging the child-molesting white supremacist Roy Moore to concede the race in Alabama.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, at least Trump isn't peddling that racist voter fraud nonsense again.




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Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the current publisher of The New York Times, and his son, Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, who will assume the job on Jan. 1

N Y Times: A.G. Sulzberger, 37, Is Named Next Publisher of The New York Times