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FRIDAY / AUGUST 31, 2018


NY Times: The Religion of Whiteness Becomes a Suicide Cult
A wounded and swaggering identity geopolitics puts the world in grave danger.


In this latest installment of Sulzberger's never-ending Jewish war on whites, the "paper of record" trots out Hindu hit-man Pankaj Mishr to spew forth homicidal hatred for the sons of Europa. The award-winning essayist is also a regular contributor to the Slimes.

From the article:

"...politicians and pundits in Britain and its settler colonies of Australia, Canada and the United States would jointly forge an identity geopolitics of the “higher races.” Today has reached its final and most desperate phase, with existential fears about endangered white power feverishly circulating once again between the core and periphery of the greatest modern empire. 'The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive,' President Trump said last year in a speech .... More recently, Mr. Trump tweeted (falsely) about “large-scale killing” of white farmers in South Africa — a preoccupation of white supremacists around the world"

You see that? Sulzberger's Hindu henchman is parroting Jewish lines by mocking white concerns about "endangered white power" and also stating that the farm murders in South Africa are essentially a hoax. Ah, show us the shekels, rupees, Pankaj, show us the rupees.


Image result for Pankaj Mishra Image result for south african farm murders

1. Pankaj Mishr is a Farm Murder Denier  2. Trump has been attacked for creating badly-needed awareness of the frequent murders of white South African farmers. 3. FACT! A white farmer is brutally murdered (often tortured) every 5 days in South Africa.


Image result for farm murders Image result for farm murders Image result for farm murders

South African farm murders:  -- "a preoccupation of white supremacists" according to Sulzberger and his journalistic henchmen.


More of Mishr's Marxist manure:


Mishr: The exposure of Nazi crimes, followed by decolonization and civil rights movements, generally discredited quasi-scientific racism and stigmatized overt expressions of white supremacism.

Translation: The glorious world war led directly to the capitulation of the White Man to the International Jewish Globalist.

Mishr: In our own time, global capitalism has promised to build a colorblind world through economic integration.

Translation: "Global capitalism" = world government with Jewish elites at the top, mixed masses on all levels below, and whites blended out / killed out of existence.

Mishr: But as revolts erupt against globalization in its latest, more disruptive phase, politicians and pundits in the Anglosphere ...

Rebuttal: The "Anglosphere?"  WTF? What would happen if a columnist used a word like "Blackosphere" or "Jewosphere?" How does this Bolshevik bigot get away with using such terminology? Oh, that's right, His paymasters are Jewish.

Mishr: ... are again scrambling to rebuild political communities around what W. E.B. Du Bois in 1910 identified as “the new religion of whiteness.”

Rebuttal: It figures that this little shit-stain would quote W.E.B. Du Bois -- the negro communist front-man for the Jewish-founded National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Indeed, behind every famous white-hating brown or black there is a filthy-rich Jewish Marxist-Globalist propping him up.

Related image Image result for hitler with his people

1 &2. Communist Du Bois (left) was hired by the usual suspects for the long-term goal of luring blacks away from the positive influence of conservative Booker T. Washington (right) -- and thus herding them into the commie camp. 3. Mishr is right about one thing -- World War II and its aftermath mark the beginning of White genocide worldwide. A healthy and natural love for one's own European people is now the stuff of evil "Nazis" and a "white supremacists."


In closing his hatefest, Mishr tips his murderous hand by quoting a black homosexual Communist writer named James Baldwin (1924-1987). Mishr writes:
"James Baldwin once outlined: "that the rulers of the 'higher races,' struggling to hold on to what they have stolen from their captives, and unable to look into their mirror, will precipitate a chaos throughout the world which, if it does not bring life on this planet to an end, will bring about a racial war such as the world has never seen. (emphasis added)
Make no mistake about it, my white brothers and sisters -- and our non-white readers will surely appreciate our legitimate concerns here -- through mass mixing and ultimately mass murder, James Baldwin wanted you extinct. Pankaj Mishr wants you extinct. Sulzberger wants you extinct. Are we painting a clear picture, or do we exaggerate?
Image result for James Baldwin Image result for SULZBERGER
1. James Baldwin -- quoted by Mr. Mishr -- was a black Communist homosexual who wanted a "racial war." 2. Paris: the base of the Eiffel Tower: Black figures are superimposed over the White characters, as a Black male and White female embrace passionately in the center. The linked arms of the Blacks form a 6-pointed Star of David. 3. The Sulzbergers (papa & son) want a world in which the only remaining "whites" are the Khazar Jew ruling class. That is why their family has, for the past 122 years, promoted scum like Du Bois, MLK, Baldwin. Obongo, Mishr et al to serve as battering-rams against white western civilization.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that racist whites are feeling desperate over the loss of their power.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Well, we've had a very long run on top. It's time to allow others to have a chance.


Sugar: White Power!


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Slimes caption: Daniel Murphy has performed well since a trade sent him from the Washington Nationals to the Chicago Cubs.
NY Times: Daniel Murphy Tries to Move Past Comments on Gay Players


There was a time, and really not all that long ago, when homosexuality was referred to as "the sin that dare not speak its name." If a man had the "orientation" to explore and bugger another man's rectum, he typically stayed "in the closet" -- deeeep in the closet. Then came the "gay rights movement" with its simple request for a bit of "tolerance"  for the sodomites in our midst. We weren't asked to accept or condone homosexuality, of course, but merely to leave the queers in peace and free to cavort with each other in their bathhouses and night clubs. "Very well," thought many normal Americans. "As long as youse guys don't get in our face wuth it, and don't expose our children to your 'lifestyle' --- then, to each his own."

And so it came to pass that the Devil got his hooked nose (cough cough) under the tent of American culture. That brings us to today's story about the once unthinkable and now total inversion of "tolerance"  that has, by design, taken place in this land we used to refer to as God's country.

Image result for devil on the phone tomatobubble Image result for new york gay parade child Image result for new york gay parade child

"Aw come on, man. All I'm asking for is a wee bit of 'tolerance" -- nothing more."  .... And so it began...


Daniel Murphy is a superstar baseball player who has just been traded from the struggling Washington Nationals to the first-place Chicago Cubs, just one month before the start of the playoffs. You can be sure that 99.99% of Cubs fans are elated to have a player of Murphy's caliber join the already powerful Cubs squad; but leave it to Sulzberger's Sodomite Slimes of New York to inject itself into Chicago sports in order to make a socio-political drama. From the article:

"Murphy’s addition to the Cubs’ roster, however, has not been well received by everyone. At issue, still, are comments Murphy made during spring training in 2015, when he said he did not agree with the “lifestyle” of former major leaguer Billy Bean, who is gay and now serves as Major League Baseball’s ambassador for inclusion.

On Sunday, a day the Cubs held an annual “Out At Wrigley” event, the Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts, who is gay, delivered a series a tweets in which she said she was “on board” with the Murphy trade last week. She is the first openly gay owner in professional sports.

Ricketts wrote on Twitter that before the Cubs traded for Murphy there were “several thoughtful conversations” between Ricketts family members and Bean.

'After these considered and thoughtful conversations, which took place precisely because of the Cubs’ sensitivities on the matter,' Ricketts wrote, “I was on board with the trade.”

Image result for billy beane gay Image result for laura ricketts gay Image result for daniel murphy cubs

1. "Ambassador for Inclusion" Billy Bean (man on right) with his "partner"   2. Cubs owner Laura Rickets (deranged female on left) with her new "bride"  3. Daniel Murphy was signed only after homo Bean and lesbo Ricketts had a "thoughtful conversation" about his 2015 remark.


Wow. Just wow. Can you believe that such madness has now spread to "America's pastime?" An organizational move which should have been an instantaneous  no-brainer, had to be delayed until the Cubs dyke owner could have "thoughtful conversations" with Major League Baseball's sodomite "ambassador for inclusion" -- all because Murphy, 3 & 1/2 years ago, made a mild and actually respectful comment about not agreeing with the homosexual "lifestyle" but being able to accept Mr. Bean nonetheless. Here is Murphy's oh-so-offending comment about baseball executive Billy Bean, from 2015:

"I disagree with his lifestyle. I do disagree with the fact that Billy is a homosexual. That doesn't mean I can't still invest in him and get to know him. I don't think the fact that someone is a homosexual should completely shut the door on investing in them in a relational aspect. Getting to know him. That, I would say, you can still accept them but I do disagree with the lifestyle, 100 percent." 

Is that all? It's not as if Murphy had called Bean a faggot or even a sodomite. In the end, Murphy's amazing talent and Lesbian Laura's evident desire to win a championship were enough to overlook the "sin" of soft homophobia and close the deal. But you can be damn sure that a player of lesser ability would not have been signed by the Cubs!

In upside down America (and Europe, Canada, Australia et al), the Marxist revolution-by-evolution has slowly transformed "the sin that dare not speak its name" into the virtue that never stops boasting about itself --- while we the normal who clearly and sanely see this mental / moral illness for what it is are the ones now expected to "stay in the closet" with our views, or else risk losing employment opportunities.  Talk about an inversion of reality and basic decency! Ah, "tolerance ." Thanks Jews.

Image result for billy beane gay Related image

1. Billy Bean was a mediocre pro-baseball player who -- because of his homosexuality -- has since been glorified as a baseball executive. 2. "Next stop --- 'tolerance' for child-molestation baby!"


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times that the Cubs overlooked Daniel Murphy's past homophobic statements and signed him anyway.

 Boobus Americanus 2: It's a tough call. On the one hand, there can be no tolerance for homophobia --- but then again, the acquisition of a star like Murphy could help the Cubs win another championship.


Sugar: Billy Bean takess it the rear! Not frickin' normal, Boobuss!


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The American flag was back to its full height over the White House on Monday morning.
NY Times: White House Flags Back at Full-Staff After McCain Death


Oh the indignant butt-hurt reverberating throughout the bowels of the Piranha Press after Trump's decision to resume flying the White House's U.S. flag back at full mast less than two days after the death / suicide / planned disappearance of the arch-villain and traitor John McCain! After spending Sunday "disrespectfully" playing golf (laughing our asses off!) Don Trumpeone remains deaf to the pleas of Senate leaders, the Fake News and the American Legion to lower the flag and keep it there until McStain's funeral is over.
That ain't happening, boys and girls.
Image result for trump warns mccain
CNN (October, 2017)

Trump warns McCain: 'Be careful because at some point I fight back.'

President Donald Trump, hours after Sen. John McCain delivered a speech that repudiated the President, warned the Arizona Republican to "be careful" because at some point he will "fight back."
We now also learn that the "war hero" who sang like a bird for his Vietnamese captors (here) will not be buried at Arlington National Cemetery, where his Navy Admiral father and his Navy Admiral grandfather were both laid to rest. The official story is that McStain wanted to be buried (or have his empty casket buried) next to a friend from Annapolis Naval Academy (where he graduated in 1958 ranked 894th out of 899 cadets!) We ain't buyin' that story. A more plausible explanation is that Trump / NSA "White Hats"  blocked the burial of the full or empty casket from taking place at the hallowed and coveted grounds of Arlington.
Vice-Admiral John S McCain.jpg John S. McCain, Jr. color portrait.jpg Image result for john mccain navy cadet
1. Grandpapa John McCain was a 4-star Admiral known for his foul mouth and nasty temper.  2. Papa John McCain (a 33rd Degree Freemason) was also a 4-star Admiral (who later helped to cover-up the truth about Israel's deliberate attack on the USS Liberty in 1968). He graduated 18th from the bottom of his cadet class, and 28th of 29 in submarine school. And yet, President Eisenhower (also a bottom 1/3 dweller at West Point) promoted him to Rear Admiral in 1958!  3. Navy Cadet John McCain also graduated close to the very bottom of his class at Annapolis (894 out of 899). Moral defects, intellectual shortcomings and deep insecurities over failing to even come close to living up to his father and grandfather's military status led him to a life of legalized crime in politics -- where psychopathic inferior men have a tendency to rise and rise and rise.
In addition to the displeasure of Congressional leaders, Denise Rohan the commanderette of the American Legion, bitched the following:

"On the behalf of The American Legion's two million wartime veterans, I strongly urge you to make an appropriate presidential proclamation noting Senator McCain's death and legacy of service to our nation, and that our nation's flag be half-staffed through his internment."

So, soldier girl wants " an appropriate proclamation" to honor McStain's "legacy of service" eh? OK. Here's a pictorial proclamation for you, "Commander," reviewing just a tiny fraction of the wonderful "service" we have to thank McStain for.

Related image Image result for dead us troops iraq coffins Image result for dead us troops iraq widow

Dead American soldiers

Image result for dead iraqis Image result for iraq boy no arms
Dead and maimed Iraqi civilians 
Of course, McStain did not single-handedly bring about that tragedy of the Iraq War and the subsequent heart-breaking chaos in Syria and Libya. There were many players responsible for having destroyed those once-stable nations. But few, if any, in the U.S. Senate wielded the political clout which the sainted and protected McStain did. Indeed, at a time when it appeared as though George Bush was wavering during the intense and difficult 15 month high-pressure sales job needed to involve America in a new war on Iraq, McStain continued to make TV appearances and deliver deceitful speeches in favor of "regime change" in Iraq.
Get a whiff of this erroneous excrement which McStain pooped-out on the Senate floor on October 10, 2002:

"Saddam Hussein is a megalomaniacal tyrant whose cruelty and offense to the norms of civilization are infamous." Saddam's government is a clear and present danger to the United States of America.....

"He has developed stocks of germs and toxins in sufficient quantities to kill the entire population of the earth multiple times. He has placed weapons laden with these poisons on alert to fire at his neighbors within minutes, not hours, and has devolved authority to fire them to subordinates. He develops nuclear weapons with which he would hold his neighbors and us hostage.

No, this is not just another self-serving, oil-rich potentate. He is the worst kind of modern-day tyrant — a conscienceless murderer who aspires to omnipotence who has repeatedly committed irrational acts since seizing power. Given this reality, containment and deterrence and international inspections will work no better than the Maginot Line did 62 years ago."


What barf! So much death, destruction and suffering in Iraq, Afghanistan and so many other different nations -- and this lunatic, at varying times, had also openly called for still more interventions (direct, clandestine or by proxy) in Kosovo, Bosnia, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Korea, Mali, Somalia, Nigeria, Venezuela, Myanmar, Pakistan, Georgia, Chechyna, Ukraine and even within Russia itself. It's a damn pity we couldn't hang this greasy, blood-soaked bastard's sorry-ass at half-mast -- naked and upside down -- from the White House flagpole. In that case, we'd be happy to "honor" his stinking, decomposing, fly-ridden carcass everyday for a whole month.


Image result for denise rohan Putin calls McCain 'nuts' in outspoken attack
1. Denise Rohan, the stupid hag who heads the American Legion (sigh, face to palm) wants Trump to lower the flag and issue a statement honoring McStain. Does she not understand that McStain got thousands of veterans killed and crippled?  2. Putin on McStain: "Mr McCain fought in Vietnam. I think that he has enough blood of peaceful citizens on his hands. It must be impossible for him to live without these disgusting scenes anymore."
Yet another "coincidence" -- or a "Sicilian Message" from Melania Trump
Image result for melania instagram eisenhower sapling Related image
Melania Trump Instagram (August 27, 2018) --- "planting a sapling from the Eisenhower Oak." (symbolically digging "war hero" McCain's grave. McCain's unqualified father was promoted to Rear Admiral by Globalist Eisenhower, making McCain a "sapling of Eisenhower," get it?)
Q Post, (August 27, 2018) --- "He (McCain) did not depart on his own terms" 


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in The New York Times today that Trump refuses to fly the White House flag at half mast to honor John McCain.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Trump is being very petty. Shame on him. John McCain was a war hero and an independent maverick.

Sugar: Hey Boobusss. I hear that McStain'ss home-wrecking whore of a trophy wife wass an independent maverick too, back in the day.


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MONDAY / AUGUST 27, 2018


NY Times: The Student Debt Problem Is Worse Than We Imagined


It is so bloody damn ironic -- no, hypocritical to hear the MLACS (Marxist-Libtard Axis of Criminal Stupidity) whine about yet another socio-economic problem which it actually created in the first place. This time, the pious posturing is about skyrocketing student loan debt -- the logical byproduct of skyrocketing student tuition. You see, when it comes to the real world economy, even businesses which struggle to barely operate "in the black" are routinely scolded by the MLACS for "price gouging" or being driven by "profit motive."

Oh but when it comes to sucking the blood out of the jugular veins of some poor or middle-class kid or his parents, all those high-sounding platitudes about "the people" and "education is a human right" go right out the window and right quick too. Professor salaries average well over $100,000 for an easy part-time job, with useless administrators earning just as much. As for college presidents, million dollar salaries are not uncommon at the bigger schools, with mid-6-figures the norm. Gouge baby, gouge!

Image result for how much do college professors earn Image result for elizabeth warren harvard salary Image result for how much do college professors earn

Most college professors -- and there are way more of them than is necessary -- are paid over $100,000 per year -- plus receive great benefits and pensions AND many of these Marxists have paid assistants too!


The problem of student loan debt is that the government guaranteed loans (no escaping through non-payment or bankruptcy) exist in the first place. Debt dollars create the illusion of more money, and thus enable the education mobsters to charge more money. Also partnering in this tragic Government-Academia exploitation of the young and the broke are the government-chartered corporations and the government-allied monopolistic professional organizations. The corporations won't hire applicants unless they go into debt to buy those coveted piece of parchment; and the professional organizations (legal, medical, dental, accounting, teaching etc) will not allow new blood to join their ranks unless the newbies complete many years of school at a "certified" college or university before even being permitted to take an exam for professional "certification."

This means that if a motivated autodidact (a $10 word for a self-taught person) were to conclusively prove himself the equal or the better of any college graduate, some corporate clown would still have to toss his application in the garbage the moment he realized that the applicant was not "college educated." Consider the madness of this artificial system -- Your investigative historian here, who could easily teach Fake History every bit as well as the Real History youse guys learn at this website, wouldn't even be able to land an initial interview at a Middle School! 


These men never spent a day in college...

Related image Image result for henry ford Image result for THOMAS EDISON
Under today's artificial government-academic-corporate-professional system; Andrew Jackson (apprenticed by an attorney) would not be able to practice law or command an army; Henry Ford could not interview for an entry-level mechanical engineering job or a business position for the Ford company itself; and Thomas Edison could not interview for an entry-level electrical engineering job.


The only way to bust up the monopolistic Education Mafia once and for all is to open the floodgates of opportunity for provable autodidacts and students of alternative forms of teaching (online schools, apprenticeships, tutors, small private classes etc). Corporations, being publicly chartered and already subject to various regulations, should be barred from discriminating against applicants on the basis of meaningless $100,000 + pieces of paper. Let the marketplace come up with more cost-effective and non-monopolistic methods of applicant knowledge-testing and professional "certification."

These bold moves would force colleges to become affordable. That's how the free market is supposed to work. No more six-figure salaries for pointy-headed commie professors working a 12 to 15 hour week for just 7 months a year! No more four year degrees for basic knowledge and training that could easily be squeezed into a more intensive three-year or even two-year program (no extended summer breaks) --- with much of it completed online. 

Of course, this is all just wishful thinking because the politicians and academics are complementary parts of the same MLACS --- two wings of the same redbird of prey. The Globo-Commie politicians funnel money to the Globo-Commie academics; and the Globo-Commie academics funnel libtarded voters and future business / political operatives back to the Globo-Commie politicians --- as the sanctimonious scribblers at the Globo-Commie Jew York Slimes cry out for still more government funding to "solve" the problem. Sickening, and sad.


Image result for student in debtImage result for student in debtImage result for student debt bernie sanders


After they find out they were lied to about how an "education" will automatically make you rich; the frustration, added to the brainwashing they received in college, will drive many of these indebted and libtarded students into the arms of the very same MLACS which screwed them in the first place!

Image result for bernie sanders free college Image result for bernie sanders free college
Image 2: Libtard Senator Liz "Pocahontas" Warren was a grossly overpaid academic; and Senator Bernie the Bolshevik Sanders is married to an overpaid academic.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that student loan debt problem is worse than had been imagined.

 Boobus Americanus 2: The government and the colleges needs to put their heads together and help these kids.


Sugar: Boobuss!!! You $#(*&^%( @$*! It'ss the government and the greedy commie academicss that are caussing the problem!


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SUNDAY / AUGUST 26, 2018


 Image result for mccain vampire
NY Times: John McCain, War Hero, Senator, Presidential Contender, Dies at 81


Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times will not be popping any champagne bottles to celebrate the death of McCain the Insane -- at least, not yet. It is not out of any phony respect for this foul piece-of-dog-excrement, of course. To the contrary, we'd absolutely love to perform a daddy-daughter "happy-dance" to commemorate such good news -- even pee and cat poop on the nasty old corrupt, warmongering, open-borders Globalist bastard's grave. No, the reason for our reserved reaction here has to do with a nagging question: Is the evil Globalist son-of-a-bitch really dead -- or did the White Hats (or the Black hats?) give him the "Frankie Pentagelli" treatment from the classic film, Godfather II?

Image result for frank pentangeli in fbi Related image Image result for frank pentangeli death

Godfather II: It was thought that the mobster Frank Pentangelli had been "whacked" by competing mobsters. We later learn that he had survived and was placed in a secret FBI witness protection program so that he would testify against his former Corleone Family colleagues. In the end, after learning that Pentangelli is still alive, a representative of the Corleones (Robert Duvall) promises to take care of Pentangelli's family if he will commit suicide instead of tesifying. Could some variation of this type of scenario have been offered to McCain?


Recall how thirteen months ago, the suddenly "cancer-stricken" McCain heroicly appeared in the Senate to save ObongoCare and embarrass Trump. From a July, 2017 TomatoBubble / ANYT rebuttal titled: McCain's "Brain Cancer" Drama Saves ObongoCare.



"Yes. It's true. Even as we were wishing slow death upon the "seriously ill" McCain the Insane just 10 days ago, Sugar instinctively sensed that the convenient hype over his sudden "brain cancer" was somehow going to be parlayed into saving ObongoCare. ... And now, lo and behold, after having returned from the almost-dead to a much publicized hero's welcome in the US Senate, it was McCain who, just days after viciously denouncing pro-repeal radio talk show hosts and Internet blogs during his triumphant "return," gave courage to the two liberal Republican't bitches (Ms. Collins & Ms. Murkowski) who joined him in killing the repeal in a very public way. But don't anyone dare to renounce him for casting the deciding vote! After all, the "war hero" has "cancer" --- doncha' know? Well played Crazy Man, well played.

"I am now convinced that the entire 10-day drama was a pre-meditated set-up to gain sympathy for the "war hero" turned "cancer victim" so that he could have a protected moment in the sun to viciously rail against pro-repeal radio and Internet conservatives before so publicly undermining and embarrassing Trump in dramatic fashion -- so much so that his "no" vote " elicited gasps in the Senate chamber."

WOW! Talk about "deja vu."

Image 1: 2008: Brain cancer victim Ted Kennedy returns to a standing ovation on the Senate floor, and saves Medicare Expansion by 1 vote / Image 2: 2017: ALLEGED brain cancer victim McCain returns  to a standing ovation on the Senate floor, and saves ObongoCare by 1 vote


***End of Excerpt***
We key-punched those words a full 3 months before "Q" started posting "crumbs," and about 7 months before Q also claimed that McCain was faking the "brain cancer" in order to escape "the storm" that is to come. At the same time that Q began posting about some high-level "arrests" having already been made (November, 2017), both McCain and Killary began wearing what we suspect were GPS ankle monitors concealed by ankle boots which, in McCain's case, mysteriously switched from his right foot to his left! So, logically speaking, if we believed that the brain cancer was fake then; would it not be reasonable for us to at least suspect that the death, from said brain cancer, is also fake? By the way, McCain's buddy, Ted Kennedy, also died of brain cancer on the same month and day as McCain "died" -- August 25, 2009. Hmmmm.
Image result for mccain switched foot boot
Headline: The (November, 2017) McCain Explains Why His Boot Was on a Different Foot

Headline: Daily Mail: (December 14, 2017): What Happened... to your foot? Hillary Clinton spotted wearing surgical boot TWO MONTHS after breaking her toe falling down some stairs 

(*Hillary later switched to arm cast (here) and later to a back brace (here))

If McCain's brain cancer death scenario was indeed fake all along, then there are three plausible scenarios:
1. McCain committed suicide in order to avoid whatever humiliating and disgraceful disclosures that Sessions / Mueller / Huber are preparing to make public.
2. The White Hats offered him a Pentangelli-type deal whereby songbird McCain ratted out the whole gang in exchange for a new life in a witness protection program.
3. The Black Hats came to his rescue by "killing" him off and then setting him up someplace with a new identity.
Yes, we know -- it sounds like we're coming to you from "Crazy Town" today. But this is where Sugar's instincts and my data collection are pointing towards. Outlandish as it all may seem, ya gotta admit, it would make sense. And have "youse guys" noticed how suddenly well-behaved and downright pro-Trump that McCain's little faggy sidekick, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has become lately? Something very weird is definitely going on here. Of that there can be no doubt.
All this aside, let us say that if McStain really is dead, well... Yayyyy! --- though we would have preferred to have seen him get humiliated first. Stay tuned.
An excerpt from "McCain the Insane," by Mike King
Image result for mccain and isis Image result for mccain in ukraine  Related image

He encourages terrorists, from Qatar and Bahrain,

To murder Syrian children, with thugs we did train


In defiance of Putin he arrived in Ukraine,

Preaching death and revolution, he's clearly insane
Full Poem (Here)
Q has posted on many occasians to "watch the time stamps." With that in mind, it is very interesting to note that McCain's "time of death" was exactly (as in, to the minute) 30 days after Q predicted:
"no name" (McCain's code name) would be "returning to headlines".

Image result for no name"returning to headlines q post
Q posted at 6:28PM EST Jul 25
McCain dead at 6:28PM EST Aug 25
* NY Times: According to a statement from his office, Mr. McCain died at 4:28 p.m. local (MST) time. (that's 6:28 EST)
... Coincidence?
And Q's latest post (today!) reminds us of the :28 and the 30.
 Suicide weekend?
Hands up? (* as in under arrest)
We are in control.
BIG week ahead.

Wow. Just wow.


  Boobus Americanus 1: The passing of John McCain is a sad day for America.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Indeed. He was a war hero and an independent maverick.


Sugar: Independent maverick my asss, Boobuss! That nassty deceiving sociopath voted the NWO line every ssingle time!


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FRIDAY / AUGUST 24, 2018


 Image result for new york times trump david pecker
  • NY Times: Anatomy of a Crime: Sex, Hush Money and a Trump Fixer’s Guilty Plea
  • NY Times: Trump Praises Manafort, Saying ‘Unlike Michael Cohen’ He ‘Refused to Break’ Image
  • NY Times: When Is an Offense Impeachable? Look to the Framers for the Answer
  • NY Times: Donald Trump's High Crimes and Misdeneanors
  • NY Times: David Pecker, Chief of National Enquirer’s Publisher, Is Said to Get Immunity in Trump Inquiry


Boy oh boy -- the breathless Bolsheviks at Sulzberger's Slimes and all the rest of the newsrooms of the Piranha Press sure are salivating over the apparent storm appearing to engulf the White House. The journalistic jackals of Fake News have become so arrogant over the recent "bad news for Trump" that they are once again dropping the I-word (impeachment) into the "national conversation" .
Do youse guys realize what this really means? The ancient Chinese military philosopher explains:
"All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. ....   ... Appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak. Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance  ..... Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him..."
– Sun Tzu, the Art of War
Image result for sun tzu let plans be dark Related image Image result for admiral rogers
1 & 2. The greatest sting operation in human history would, by necessity, require a grand illusion of chaos, incompetence, defeat and desperation in the Trump administration. 3. We believe that NSA boss, Admiral Mike Rogers, is one of the main grand architects of "The Storm" which Q-Anon been cryptically explaining for the past 10 months.
The latest friend of Trump said to be preparing to "cooperate" with "Trump nemesis" Robert Mueller is the publisher of the National Enquirer, David Pecker. He will join the now familiar names of Flynn, Manafort, Page, Daniels, Cohen, Omarosa, McGhan -- and others that we may not even know of -- who, under the pretext of either "betraying" Trump or "cooperating" with Mueller, have been funneling TONS of heretofore unusable evidence to Mueller so that he and the "do nothing" Attorney General Jeff Sessions can "wash the fruit of the poisoned tree" for legal use.
We further believe that the strange "trial" and "conviction" of Paul Manafort was a crisis-actor stunt engineered by clandestine "white hats" who have already proved themselves to be just as capable of pulling off such stunts as the "black hats" who engineered hoaxes such as the shootings at Sandy Hook, Parkland etc, and the fake trials of various fake perps. The closer we get to the moment of the grand "sting" --- the more weak, desperate and chaotic the players must act in order to divert the enemy media away from what is really happening.
Image result for paul newman kills redford sting Related image Image result for movie the sting redford newman
In the 1973 blockbuster film, The Sting, Robert Redford pretends to "betray" his partner, Paul Newman, for the purpose of setting up a big-time gambler (Image 2) to be ripped off at a phony horse-betting parlor packed with crisis-actors. In the closing scene, Newman "shoots" Redford as Redford bites down on a blood capsule. The gambler, less his moneybag, is then rushed out by crisis actors in order to protect him from the crisis-actor "police raid." Though the analogy is imperfect, the phony adversarial dynamics of what is unfolding between Trump-Mueller-Sessions is similar to how Newman & Redford pulled off "The Sting."

In addition to the mountains of NSA and other evidence being flooded into the Mueller-Sessions sting operation, we have reason to believe that many low and mid-level criminals have been offered immunity deals in exchange for fingering bigger fish. Such enticement to "sing" is exactly how the Italian Mafia was finally neutered in America during the 1980's.

Yes, something big is in the works and most stupid and arrogant libtards have no idea what's coming. And those that do have an inkling of something afoot, have nothing left to cling to but the false hope that Mueller really is on their side and that Sessions is indeed a bumbling useless wimp that Trump can't stand. Neither case is true.

The big "sting" is real, boys and girls. Sugar senses it and the hard data supports it. Nonetheless, we still caution against excessive enthusiasm. We've said it before and we'll repeat it again: Though the thought of seeing scum such as the Clintons, the Obamas and perhaps even the Bushes receiving their long overdue comeuppance (a $10 word for well-deserved punishment) is exciting; unless and until monster crimes such as 9/11 Inside Job, the Sandy Hook hoax, mass voter fraud, Satanism and child-sacrifice among the elites and so much more are exposed; there will be no long-term correction of our destructive civilizational course.

Given Trump's tendency to revert to Trumpstein (as evidenced by this week's heart-breaking kidnapping and deportation of a 95-year old SS man on Trump's orders), we have a hunch that the "sting" will be limited to one rival faction (Israel Firsters) of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) over another (Soros Globalists). Let's just grab a bucket of popcorn and see how this suspense movie finally plays out. At the very least, it will make for some great entertainment.

Image result for trump worst nightmareImage result for trump vs sessions Image result for newman redford the sting fake death
Trump vs Mueller /// Trump vs Sessions /// Newman vs Redford


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that more of Trump's people are turning on him and singing before Mueller.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Trump is really on the ropes now, and just about two months before the mid-term elections.

Sugar: Boobuss, my idiot friend. I can't wait to ssee the look on your sstupid face when that moussy-looking Jeff Sesssionss finally revealss his elephant ballss.


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 Drag to pan




Image result for NY Times: ‘This Man Deserves What He Gets’: In Queens, a Nazi’s Long Flight From Justice Ends Image result for NY Times: ‘This Man Deserves What He Gets’: In Queens, a Nazi’s Long Flight From Justice Ends

NY Times: Ex-Nazi Guard in U.S., Now 95, Is Deported to Germany


NY Times: ‘This Man Deserves What He Gets’: In Queens, a Nazi’s Long Flight From Justice Ends


The legal and psychological persecution of Jakiw Palij -- a so-called Polish "Nazi war criminal" who had volunteered to serve Europe and humanity for the heroic Waffen SS during World War II -- has been going on since 1993. In 2003, a federal judge stripped Mr. Palij of his American citizenship after finding he had concealed his SS past on his naturalization forms. In 2004, he was ordered to be deported; but because neither Poland nor Germany would accept him, he remained a New Yorker. That ended a few days ago as stunned neighbors watched the friendly 95-year old get wheeled from his home by ICE agents -- never again to see the country he had entered in 1949.

From the article:

"The 95-year-old man in the red brick house at 33-18 89th Street in Jackson Heights, Queens, was known for keeping his yard spick-and-span, even tidying up rubbish on his neighbors’ stoops. Most days, he was quick with a smile and a “good morning,” in his thick Polish accent. He would sit on the steps behind his home during block parties, watching the festivities from his perch.

Neighbors at first had little inkling that Jakiw Palij was anything other than another immigrant living out his life in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world. Except, every so often, someone would lob a brick through his window." (emphasis added)

FILE - This Nov. 9, 2017 file photo shows the home, left, of former Nazi concentration camp guard Jakiw Palij, in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York. The White House says that Palij, a 95-year-old former Nazi concentration camp guard has been deported to Germany, 14 years after a judge ordered his expulsion. In a statement, the White House said the deportation of Palij, who lived in New York City, was carried out early Tuesday Aug. 21, 2018.  (AP Photo/Kathy Willens, File) Related image Image result for NY Times: ‘This Man Deserves What He Gets’: In Queens, a Nazi’s Long Flight From Justice Ends 

1. The home of former SS concentration camp guard Jakiw Palij, in the Queens borough of New York.  2. Bloodthirsty Jewish mobs harrassed him by day. Jewish vandals smashed his windows by night.  3. The "Sons of Hell" (Christ's words) finally got the old man.


Apart from the false accusation that Mr. Palij played an “indispensable role” in the death of 6,000 Jews  (we say false because the Holocaust story itself is a dad-gum fairy tale!); the most disturbing and disappointing element of this travesty lies in the fact that President Trumpstein and Richard Grenell, his openly homosexual ambassador to Germany, were the ones responsible for finally deporting the previously un-deportable "war criminal." We had hoped that this was carried out by lower levels of the bureaucracy without a busy Trumpstein's knowledge, but sodomite Grenell's revelations, summarized below by excerpts which Sugar dug up, make it impossible for any objective person to explain away or apologize for Trumpstein's role in this evil act:



"Richard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador... told "FOX & friends" in an exclusive interview that President Trump — who is from New York — instructed him to make the removal of Jakiw Palij a priority. Grenell said the new German government, which took office in March, brought "new energy" to the matter.

"It's really a credit to President Trump, who was very clear about this case, made clear he wanted this individual out of the United States," Grenell said, later adding, "it's a great day for the United States to have this man out of our country."

Jew York Slimes:

"The deportation was the final result of a renewed push by the Trump administration, which had spent months pressuring Germany to accept Mr. Palij, according to a statement released by the White House. He flew out of New York on Monday night and arrived in Düsseldorf, Germany, via a chartered air-ambulance on Tuesday afternoon, according to a spokeswoman for ICE."

Washington Compost:

U.S. ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell indicated in a briefing call on Tuesday that Trump had taken a personal interest in Palij’s case, which likely made the difference. “I don’t know how he learned of the case, but it was very clear that he knew this individual as a Nazi guard and wanted him out of the United States,” Grenell said.

The ambassador said he brought the issue up in a number of recent meetings with German officials. “The president asked me to do this … they could tell we were making it a priority.”

Republican Jewish Coalition:

"Today we thank President Trump for prioritizing and successfully deporting Nazi war criminal, Jakiw Palij. Where other administrations had tried, President Trump, through diplomacy with our European allies, was able to arrange for the deportation of Palij. We also thank the US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, and the hard-working people at the (ICE) for their roles in removing this monster from our country"

Image result for Grenell has a longtime partner, Matt Lashey. Image result for grenell and merkel Image result for grenell and trump

1. Homo-Grenell is sworn in as ambassador to Germany by Mike Pence as his longtime "partner," Matt Lashey, looks on. 2. With SS men dying out from old age, Grenell and Merkel, to please the unpleasable Jews, have made "Nazi hunting" an expedited priority. 3. Trumpstein stands proudly by his openly queer ambassador.


Image result for Jakiw Palij Image result for NY Times: ‘This Man Deserves What He Gets’: In Queens, a Nazi’s Long Flight From Justice Ends

Jakiw Palij --- taken from his New York home as if he were yesterday's garbage.

Mr. Trumpstein -- Were the few remaining years of the life of one good man worth throwing away just so you could get a pat-on-the-back from the bloodthirsty chosenites of the Judenpresse who will only go back to attacking you in a day or two, hour or two? Or, could it be that a man of your intelligence, New York street smarts and military intelligence connections actually believes the fairy tale of German extermination camps and out-of-camp mass firing squads for innocent people? We truly hope that it is the latter case.

Regardless of whether Trumpstein is opportunistically virtue-signalling or sincerely brainwashed about the Holohoax; the fact remains that another innocent nonogenarian, with the complicity of Trumpstein and his openly queer ambassador to Germany, has been kidnapped by Mamma Merkel's Marxist Germany. Speaking as the devoted and empathetic son of a, coincidentally, 95-year old frail and helpless father, this sad affair will, for me -- even if the Q-Anon "Storm" does turn out to be what it purports to be -- forever leave a nasty stink on Donald Trumpstein.

By contrast, as an unknown freshman Senator in 1949, the late great Joseph McCarthy did not have to go out of his way to take a very unpopular stand for wrongly accused "Nazi war criminals." But he did exactly that. His courage and determination saved the lives of innocent German ex-soldiers while making him an object of Jew hatred months before he even began his famous anti-Communist crusade. (Youse guys can read about it when the new book comes out.)

Mr. Trumpstein, though you may have been close to McCarthy's faithful sidekick, Roy Cohn; and though you have made the same hateful Globalist-Communist enemies that McCarthy had; and though we thank you for saving us from Killary and Co., -- you sir, are no Joe McCarthy!


Image result for Joachim Peiper  Source: Wisconsin CIO News - Magazine Topics: Government and Politics

1. McCarthy would never have allowed this to happen to an innocent man! (Ooops --- we just gave away the cover surprise!)  2. Waffen SS Officer Joachim Peiper was saved by McCarthy. 3. McCarthy maintained that "confessions" related to the "Malmedy Massacre" were obtained by torture at the hands of Army interrogators. His unpopular fight against U.S. Army lawyers as well as fellow Senators over this matter is what saved the lives of Peiper and other SS men.  


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that a 95-year-old Nazi war criminal was just deported to Germany from Queens.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Good! There can be no statute of limitations for the genocide of six million people.


Sugar: $#(*&^%() @$*^$#* (*^% ^%$@*& !!!!!!


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We are finishing up our book on Joseph McCarthy. Limited production schedule for the next 3 days. Thanks for understanding!


NY Times: ‘We Abandoned Them’: Pope Francis Condemns Sex Abuse and Cover-Up


From the article:
"Pope Francis, whose pace of action on clerical sexual abuse has threatened lasting damage to his papacy, on Monday did what no pope had done before, issuing a letter to all Catholics condemning the “atrocities.
'With shame and repentance, we acknowledge as an ecclesial community that we were not where we should have been, that we did not act in a timely manner, realizing the magnitude and the gravity of the damage done to so many lives,' Francis wrote. 'We showed no care for the little ones; we abandoned them.'”
Well it's about frickin' time, Frankie Faggot! It only took you five years to start talking tough about the homo-pedo infestation within the Catholic Church, but better late than never, eh Poopster?
Image result for pope francis kiss boy Image result for pope francis pedo Image result for pope francis pedo
Frankie likes kissy-kissy and pizza parties with the children. (pizza is code for pedo-monsters).
Say, Frankie, if you don't mind us asking, what finally prompted you to issue this toothless statement of acknowledgement?  Answer: From the article:
"The letter came just days after a sweeping grand jury report in Pennsylvania found that the church had covered up the abuse of more than 1,000 minors by some 300 priests over 70 years."
You see that? Frankie was forced to this point by the ongoing war on pedo-monsters that Q-Anon told us was coming, and recent news reports have confirmed is happening. Recall that back in early April, Q forecast that the Pope was going to have a "terrible month of May" and beyond. We read the following in this Slimes article:
"In May, Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican’s finance minister, became the highest-ranking Vatican official to stand trial on charges of “historical sexual offenses.” Last month, a leading figure in the United States church, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington, resigned after allegations that the cardinal had sexually abused minors and adult seminarians."
Related image Image result for Cardinal George Pell Image result for Cardinal George Pell
1. Q-Anon: April 3rd: "Pope will be having a terrible May. Those who backed him will be pushed into the LIGHT." 2. 2014: Frankie greets his high-ranking buddy, Cardinal George Pell  3. 2018: Pedo-monster Cardinal Pell in an Australian courtroom.
From the Vatican to Hollyweird to society at large, pedo-monsters are being exposed in ever-increasing numbers. From the website of the U.S. Department of Justice of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
 Image result for sessions doj Image result for doj
DOJ (June 12, 2018)
2,300 Suspected Online Child Sex Offenders Arrested During Operation “Broken Heart”  
More busts worldwide: 
  • Headline: RT News: (July 6, 2017) 90,000-Strong Child Porn Ring Busted on ‘Dark Web’ 
  • Headline: Gwinnet News, Georgia (March 16, 2018) 76 Arrested in 8-State Child Exploitation Operation
  • Headline: (June 5, 2018) Disney employee, Lego Builder Among 11 Arrested in Polk Child Porn Sting 


There is no doubt about it. Under Trump & Sessions, the number of pedo-monsters being exposed and rounded-up has been rising steadily. The only question remaining is: How high up will the anti-pedo-monsters go with this purge? For unless and until we witness some really big names in the world of entertainment and politics being perp-walked into Federal prison; Q / Trump (who are definitely connected) will remain an enigma for us. All we can do is continue to cautiously hope for the best, while preparing ourselves for a possible "limited hangout" let-down at the same time.

  Image result for jeff sessions smack joe biden hand Image result for jeff sessions smack joe biden handImage result for joe biden pedo
  Pedo-Monster Joe Biden used the occasion of bi-annual Senate swearing-in ceremonies to grope and kiss multiple young children and grandchildren of various Senators.
 Image result for jeff sessions smack joe biden hand Image result for biden and obama braceletsImage result for jeff sessions smack joe biden hand
Image 2. From Biden's Twitter: Creepy Joe gave Obongo a "friendship bracelet" with a pizza slice on it! 3. Watch as then-Senator Jeff Sessions smacks Biden's hand away from his adopted grand-daughter, and then gives Biden a quick dirty look before storming out.

Regarding the exposure of high pedo-monsters, Q-Anon maintains that "nobody escapes this, NOBODY." We shall see in due time -- but just the fact that the previously untouchable Globalist Golden Boy in the Vatican is now squirming -- exactly as Q-Anon had forecast -- is a good sign. Stay tuned.

 Image result for q anon "no one will escape this Image result for vatican swimming pool indoor q anonImage result for pope francis pedo

1. Q-Anon: "Nobody escapes" 2. Symbolism (Satanic, pizza, red shoes etc) will be their downfall" 3. Devil's horns. 



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Pope Francis has finally condemned the Vatican cover-up of child-sex abuse.

 Boobus Americanus 2: He's been really great on Global Warming and human rights, but he has truly disappointed on this issue.


Sugar: That'ss cuss this communisst freak iss a frickin' ssodomite pedo-monsster himsself, Boobuss!


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MONDAY / AUGUST 20, 2018


We are finishing up our book on Joseph McCarthy. Limited production schedule for the next 4 days. Thanks for understanding!
 Image result for Trump McCarthy
NY Times: Trump Calls Russia Probe 'McCarthyism at Its 'WORST''



Just as Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times were proof-reading the final version of our soon-to-be-released book about the great Joe McCarthy, Trump tweeted out a storm in which he not only condemned Special Counsel Robert Mueller for "McCarthyism," but also urged his followers to "study the late Joseph McCarthy."  Be not alarmed by Trump's seeming insult of the great McCarthy, boys and girls, for it is only strategic -- as is his play-acting insults of his co-conspirator, ex-U.S. Marine Mueller.
You see, Trump, who was mentored by McCarthy's sidekick, the late Roy Cohn, knows very well what the alternative definition of "McCarthyism" means -- as defined by McCarthy himself: "McCarthyism is Americanism with its sleeves rolled up." So when Trump tweeted out that "Mueller and his gang make Joseph McCarthy look like a baby!" -- what he really means is that the hammer which Mueller and AG Jeff Sessions are preparing to bring down upon the Deep State will strike a far more devastating blow that McCarthy's exposure of low to mid-level Communists and "fellow travelers."
Image result for trump tweet study mccarthyism Image result for a conspiracy so immense joe mccarthy Image result for mccarthyism the fight for america
1 & 2. McCarthy and Trump know what the true meaning of "McCarthyism" really is. 3. In a 1952 booklet titled, "McCarthyism: The Fight for America," the Wisconsin Senator defines his version of "McCarthyism."
By tweeting out the holy name of McCarthy not once, not twice, but three times --- and then urging people to "study McCarthyism," Trump has once again leveraged the power of the Piranha Press to get folks thinking and talking about Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn. Given the fact that Trump -- not only through Cohn, but also through his family's ties to military intelligence (Uncle John Trump) -- knows the truth about "McCarthyism," we suspect that the hidden message here may be a call for folks to have a closer look at McCarthy -- because some of them may just stumle across the truth.
Already, the Piranha Press -- because of his close ties to Cohn -- is attacking Trump's reference to "McCarthyism" as hypocrisy. Surely, Trump must have known such attacks had to be coming -- and evidently wants it that way.
  • Politico: Trump's Strange Tweet About Joseph McCarthy 
  • Haartez (Israel): Why Trump's McCarthy tweet is so 'ridiculous'
Image result for mccarthy  and roy cohn time mag Image result for mccarthy and cohn book Image result for joe mccarthy and roy cohn time mag
Though McCarthy's young sidekick Roy Cohn was a closeted Jewish homosexual, his tireless efforts to dig up Communists and his lifelong defense of McCarthy cannot be denied.
Image result for joe mccarthy and roy cohn time mag Image result for trump and roy cohn time mag Image result for trump and roy cohn time mag
1 & 2. Cohn later became almost as close to Trump as he was to McCarthy  3. 2018: Far Leftist New York Magazine on Cohn: "The Worst Human Being Who Ever Lived: Roy Cohn, Donald Trump and the New York Cesspool Which Created Them."
This Slimes article also highlights the "angry" Trump tweets denouncing yesterday's Slimes story which reported that his White House counsel, Don McGahn, has been "cooperating extensively" with Robert Mueller. The Slimes, in boldly claiming that it stands by its story, demonstrates that they are still taking Trump's bait -- falling hook, line and sinker for the "Trump hates Mueller" play-acting. Q-Anon is right when he posts (often): "These people are stupid."
Whereas the Slimes misread the cooperation between McGahn and Mueller as proof that McGahn is betraying Trump, the sting-operation theory, which we now strongly believe, sees this as yet another example of Trump and friends "washing the fruit of the poison tree" -- that is, filtering un-actionable NSA-obtained and other evidence into a legal investigation, under various pretexts, so that it becomes usable evidence. Other participants in this elaborate evidence-washing sting operation include General Mike Flynn, Attorney Michael Cohen, TV personality Omarosa, "Porn Star" Stormy Daniels, Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and anyone else that has been giving testimony or passing along information to Mueller or some other "cooperating" buffer.
Just how deep is McGhan's "cooperation" with Mueller? In addition to 30 hours of McGahn testimony given before Mueller, the White House itself has confirmed that over 1,000,000 pages of documents along with the names of 37 witnesses were handed to Mueller in a nice neat package -- all of it, we believe, pertaining to the take-down of the evil-doers being targeted by "The Storm." There can be no other explanation for such a degree of "cooperation" with a man who is supposedly out to destroy Trump.
That is our honest assessment, and we're sticking to it. Now, with all the people who will soon take up Trump's call to "study McCarthyism," we really need to get back to work and finish the editing. Stay tuned, and get ready for the book-launch fund-raising drive!
Related image
 Image result for "In addition we readily gave over one million pages of documents.Don McGahn Image result for mueller
1. Trump tweeted that he voluntarily handed Mueller "over one million pages of documents." Why? 2 & 3. White House lawyer McGhan -- 30 hours of voluntary testimony before "enemy" Mueller? Why?


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump tweeted that he is the victim of a witch-hunt, and that he wants people to study McCarthyism.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Well, this investigation is getting to be a bit tiresome, but I wouldn't compare it to McCarthyism. Joe McCarthy was really evil.



Sugar: Boobuss!!! What's sso "evil" about removing frickin' Communistss from government jobss? Had it been up to me, every lasst one of thosse Red m-efferss would have been sshot in the back of the head!


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We will be finishing up our book on Joseph McCarthy and then taking some much-needed rest at Cape May, NJ. Limited production schedule for the next 4 days. Thanks for understanding!

NY Times: NY Times: Mass Arson Attack in Sweden Hits Over 100 Cars



Oh those naughty, naughty “Swedish” vandals! What is this world coming to when even the famously civil and gentle, blond-haired, blue-eyed libtards of Sweden have turned violent and destructive? Are the “powers that be” putting something in the drinking water to suddenly turn so many previously pussified young “Swedes” into arsonists (and robbers, and rapists and murderers)? We just cannot understand what could possibly be fueling Sweden’s crime wave.

Do these sweet little de-gendered Swedish boys look like arsonists?

From the article:

“Weeks after parts of Sweden were hit by wildfires as far north as the Arctic Circle, the authorities on Wednesday were investigating the burning of more than 100 vehicles on the west coast, in what they say was a coordinated (using social media) arson attack by groups of young men.”

Oh those naughty, naughty “young men” of Sweden! Such Vikings! What has gotten into them all of a sudden? Sweden’s Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, would like to know.


“My question to them (the arsonists) is what the hell are you doing?”

You tell them naughty, naughty young Swedes, Mr. Prime Minister! That question ought to put the fear of Odin and Thor into those naughty, naughty young “Swedes!”

More tough talk:

“The justice and home affairs minister, Morgan Johansson, called the attacks “despicable.” adding on Twitter, “Hope the thugs get arrested so that they get the punishment they deserve.”

Tell it, tough guy. Tell it!

Image result for Stefan Lofven Image result for Morgan Johansson Image result for swedish female cop

Watch out, naughty boys. The tough-talking political ministers of Sweden and their lovely female cops are comin' after you now! 


Setting fire to vehicles and even forests in Sweden is not uncommon these days; nor is murder, rape and robbery. But seriously now; what is the reason for all of the sudden arson attacks? Who are these “young men?” Inquiring readers want to know. What say you, Sulzberger and friends?

From the article:

“The social unrest has left police officers scratching their heads as they struggle to find the root cause of the fires.”

 “Scratching their heads” over “the root cause?” Seriously? Is the calculation really that difficult?

More Marxist madness:

Residents cite disparate theories to explain the attacks, including blaming them on Russians trying to foment unrest before the election.”

Ah, the big bad Rooskies may be behind the arson attacks. Of course! (shaking head, palm to face, sighing)

Both the article and the weasel-worded statements of Swedish politicians go out of their way to commit the “sin of omission” – the purposeful ignoring of the elephant in the living room. You see, in case you didn’t quite pick up on our sarcasm, the “young men” torching the Volvos of libtarded Sweden aren’t actually Swedes. They are the slum-dwelling Turd Worlders which Globalists and Jews have imported and continue to import into Sweden in large numbers. That’s the truth, and the Jew York Slimes bloody damn well knows it, but refuses to say it.

What a damnable trick, eh? First they (cough cough) de-balled and de-gendered the native Swedish men; then they flooded the country with the aggressive super-macho refuse of the Turd World. Ironically, the only thing now that can save this demented land of libtards from the devasasting effects of this one-two punch would be a Russian invasion.

 Image result for somalisin sweden Image result for somalisin sweden 

The new "Swedes" -- I know, Thor. I know


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about 100 cars were set on fire in Sweden. Some think the Russians could be behind it.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Probably just some bored Swedish teen-agers.


Sugar: Russsianss or Swedess my ass! They were a bunch of frickin' $%*^@$& that the Jewss sshipped in to genocide the real Swedess!!!


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Email address:





NY Times: An Economic Upturn Begun Under Obama Is Now Trump’s to Tout




Before we rebut today's selected piece of Communist crap from Sulzberger's seditious cesspool, Sugar and I, er, "The Editorial Board," of The Anti-New York Times, notwithstanding our conditional support for Trump, would like to emphasize that we do not accept the "happy-days-are-here-again" assessment of the American economy. A whole lot of people are in a whole lot of hurt with no end to their worry and misery in sight. Thirty-plus years of hard core economic subversion coupled with 50 years of moral / social destruction would take a decade or even two to fully recover from --- assuming it is still even possible in an aging, "diversifying," and ever-stupefying America.
That being understood, and comparing apples to apples, it is indeed true, as the Slimes' Patricia Cohen (cough cough) herself even acknowledges in this article, that: " .. the American economy is doing ... better than it was a year and a half ago, before Donald J. Trump was elected president."  So, what's our problem here? Well, the outrageous mendacity contained in this article, particularly the headline, is that "political bias" is leading Republican voters to credit Trump instead of Obongo; and Democrat voters to credit Obongo instead of Trump. The journalistic trick here lies in creating a false equivalence intended to cloud the easily observable reality of what is truly a "Trump recovery," thus leaving the reader thinking that perhaps Obongo should at least get some of the credit.

Image result for obama ohio hard hat Image result for obama what magic wand do you have Image result for manufacturing jobs increase under trump

1. The drug-addicted Globalist fag dons a hard hat and visits at an Ohio steel plant in 2013. Manufacturing jobs continued to vanish during his reign of ruin. 2. During the 2016 campaign to stop Trump, Obongo mocked Trump's promise to bring back steel and other manufacturing jobs: "Those jobs aren't coming back. What magic wand do you have?" 3. Moody's Analytics confirms that after 28 years of decline under Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obongo -- manufacturing and steel jobs have indeed been created due to Trump's policies. Only a Slimes liar or a shit-for-brains libtard would attribute this sudden reversal to Obongo the Globalist off-shorer!
It's funny. During the 8 years of Obongo's moribund (a $10 word for lacking in vigor, dying) economy, the Piranha Press defined the decline as a disaster "inherited" from George W. Bush. Now that the numbers are improving, it's Obongo's "recovery?" The article itself isn't so bold as to make such a ridiculous claim. As previously stated, the trick of citing "experts" in order to sow seeds of doubt and confusion -- where there should be none -- is the preferred tactic here.
From the article:
"If only the debate over who deserves most of the credit were as easily judged.

Americans’ perceptions of the economy’s prospects increasingly depend more on their political identity than statistics on output or stock markets. So each new economic report reignites the feud between Trump supporters and critics.

The same gauges that illustrate this administration’s economic successes also make clear that they are built on the achievements of the previous one, and that the economy is following the upward trajectory begun under President Barack Obama.

What Mr. Trump has been particularly well positioned to do, though, is identify himself with economic success. “It dovetails with a narrative about Donald Trump that has existed for a long time: that he’s a businessman, that he understands the working of the economy, that he knows how to make money,” said Mark Rozell, dean of the Schar School of Policy and Government of George Mason University..

Mr. Obama’s background was in community organizing and the public sector. “No one expects such a person to have any feel for creating good economic conditions,” Mr. Rozell said. “He is more likely to be seen as riding an economic wave or trend, whereas the businessman is seen as responsible.” 

Another classic deception tactic utilized in this article is the "lie of omission."  The writer and the quoted "experts" conveniently failed to mention the 900 + Obongo Era regulations which Trump killed by Executive Order; and the large corporate tax cut from a world-high 35% down to 21%; and the relaxation of job-killing restrictions on the nation's energy production; and the across-the-board income tax cuts for American workers; and the increased business and consumer confidence inspired by all of these moves. Those substantial policies couldn't possibly have had any stimulative effect on the economy, eh Ms. Cohen? No, it's just the "Obama Recovery" rolling into 2018.

Cheese & frickin' crackers! The Fake News really is, well, fake.


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Black Santa Claus gave away TRILLIONS of dollars in stimulus money --- and still the economy stagnated for eight years.


To move off of the apples to apples comparisons for a moment:  Though less rotten that the Obongo years and getting slowly better -- unless and until the trillion dollar welfare and warfare states are phased out; sound currency / monetary policy is restored; and traditional family life makes a comeback (and, in fairness we do not and cannot realistically expect Trump to be able to accomplish such heavy lifting by himself) -- then don't expect any end to the ongoing decline in living standards that so many millions of middle-to-lower working class Americans (milennials in particular) have already come to accept as "the new normal."

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Young people cannot afford to leave home --- Old people cannot afford to stop working --- and stressed-out middle-class people cannot live without perpetual debt (by design of the "powers that be').



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