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Snowden seemed fixated with Brazil

Brazil's incredible 7-1 loss left soccer-mad Brazil in shock



On July 8th of this year, 2014, there occurred a world sporting event so peculiar, so unprecedented, so improbable, that it got my Sherlock Holmesian mind to churning. As your former soccer-playing reporter here looked around at the stunned faces of the old-timers at the local Italian-American Sports Club where I was watching this surreal occurrence unfold, all one could hear was 'goombahs' muttering in between sips of espresso, "Mamma mia! I no believa. I no believa."

After the shocking event had ended, the first impulse was to go home, sit down and bang out a hypothesis for the world, or least my readership, to consider. But because this hunch was so 'out there', and I was only 50-50 on the proposition myself, the decision was made to spike the story unless and until more data surfaced.

Subsequent discoveries, events and strange happenings have since increased my personal rate of conspiratorial certainty to 75%; not enough to declare this conspiracy as an absolute fact, of course, but more than enough to elevate it to the realm of legitimate 'conspiracy theory' worthy of further investigation. In legal parlance, there is now 'probable cause' for an investigation.


This is not a sports story. Well, it is superficially, but at its core it is a drama about geo-political intrigue, blackmail, and even murder; the stuff that TomatoBubble.com specializes in exposing. It will take a bit of background explanation for this theory to make sense. Just stick with it, and you will see the big picture.



A "conspiracy theory' that began with a thought has been reinforced by other events.


When it comes to soccer, no nation on Earth is as crazed about the game as Brazil. Your most extreme American NFL fanatic comes off as mild-mannered and reserved when compared to the aficionados of Brazil. There is simply no exaggerating how much the game means to Brazil and its culture.
Brazil's semi-neurotic passion for soccer is matched by the accomplishments of its deified National team. Of the 19 World Cup tournaments held prior to 2014 (held every 4 years), Brazil had won 5 of them, (more than any other nation) and also finished 2nd twice, and 3rd once. It is the only nation to have qualified for every one of the tournaments, and held a world's best historical World Cup win-draw-loss record of 66-16-15 heading into the 2014 Cup.
Brazilian expectations for the 2014 World Cup were high as always, but especially so because it was to be the host nation - a huge historical advantage.  Even for soccer powers such as Italy, Germany, Holland, Argentina and Spain, winning a World Cup on Brazil's home turf posed a formidable challenge.
One final bit of very important soccer history before we move on. Soccer, by nature, is a very low scoring game; with 0-0, 1-0, 1-1, 2-1 matches being the most common outcome. In its 97 pre-2014 World Cup matches (dating back to 1930), the stingy Brazilian defense had allowed just 89 goals to be scored against them, an average of less than one goal per match!

Brazil's soccer prowess is legendary.

In light of what we have just learned, one can imagine the sense of emotional shock and disbelief felt by Brazilian fans on July 8th, 2014. The host Brazilians were matched up against Germany in a semifinal match played in the city of Belo Horizonte. Though the Germans were considered a slightly stronger team, and Brazil was without two key players (due to very weird occurrences which we will visit later), Brazil's "12th man" (the screaming home crowd) was expected to be an equalizing factor in a close match. 
Just 11 minutes into the match, Germany scored its first goal when Brazilian defender David Luis failed to cover his assigned man, Thomas Muller, after a 'corner kick'. The pathetic spectacle of Luis, considered one of the world's best players, arriving at the last moment to try and avert a disaster that had already happened, was stunning for any knowledgeable soccer fan to behold. Oh well, even the great Brazil makes mistakes, right? Germany 1, Brazil 0.
In the 23rd minute, Germany scored again as certain Brazilian players seemed to wander about in a trance. Germany 2, Brazil 0.
Literally 1 minute later, Germany's Toni Kroos volleyed home a goal, again, while unmarked by any defender. Germany 3, Brazil 0
Two minutes later, Kroos scored again after the Brazilian Fernandinho carelessly gave up the ball in Brazil's half of the field. Germany 4, Brazil 0.
In the 29th minute, there came another easy goal, the 5th in just 18 minutes. Germany 5, Brazil 0.
Many Brazilian supporters in the crowd were reduced to tears and a state of shock. Germany would go on to add a 6th & 7th goal in the 2nd half, as well as missing a few other good opportunities. The match could easily have ended up 10-0! Only in the final minutes of play did the Brazilians manage to avoid a shutout.
Final score: Germany 7, Brazil 1.

Lifeless and listless Brazilian players (yellow) walk around like zombies as a stunned nation watches the historic massacre in disbelieving horror.

Allegations of match-fixing exploded across the Internet. Videos of all 7 of Germany's easy goals gave the appearance that the Brazilians, or least a bunch of them, weren't even trying. Defenders can be seen jogging after German players who are in full sprint. World-class players stand around and look at each other like retarded children during a school recess game. Brazilian players fall down without being touched, while others turn their backs from the attacking Germans. The goal-keeper appears out of place, making theatrical dives only after the ball has already gone into his own goal. No one can deny that the play of the Brazilian team certainly mimicked that of a bribed team trying to throw the match (as has happened in international play before).
A Brazilian reader tells us:
"We were shocked and humiliated, most Brazilians wanted to forget that game ever took place. Many of us did go on Facebook and YouTube to point out how odd and blatant Brazil's surrender was. Without real proof or a confession, we were called sore losers."
There is a huge problem with this 'conspiracy theory'; a puzzle which rendered the fixed-match idea totally unrealistic in the eyes of the deniers. You see, Brazilian soccer stars are all multi-millionaires. Moreover, had they won the World Cup, they would have become immortalized and even wealthier. The conspiracy deniers had a very valid point. Why would multi-millionaires throw away a chance at immortality for money they didn't need? Previous match-fixing allegations have centered around poorer African or Central American players, but not the filthy rich Brazilian National superstars.
It is extremely unlikely, if not impossible, that the superstars of Brazil were bribed. But what if they or their loved ones were blackmailed and/or threatened, with some serious cash possibly added in as a bonus? Where are we going with this?
Enough of sports for now. Let's talk geo-politics.
From super-stardom to sudden impotence
1 - The sudden" incompetence' of dazed Brazilian superstar David Luis stunned many observers.
2-  The lifeless play of 'Fred' was so bad that he became the most hated man in Brazil.

In a piece published back in August if 2013, your intrepid reporter here laid out a clear and convincing case that the United States was engaged in a dirty war against Brazil. (Is the U.S. at War with Brazil?) A full 10 months before the 2014 World Cup, TomatoBubble.com closed that investigative expose with this sentence:
"We wish Brazil all the best in the face of the coming Globalist-CIA-Mossad-WikiLeaks-Snowden onslaught." 
By combining with the since-departed (poisoned?) Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, and also with Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, to kill the Globalist's dream of establishing the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas); Brazilian President Lula DaSilva and his hand-picked successor, Dilma Rousseff, became enemies of the Globalists.
Big Brazil (along with Venezuela and Argentina) killed the FTAA - a cherished Globalist project that was intended to grow into the Western Hemisphere's version of the European Union.
Adding insult to injury, the South American giant then joined Vladimir Putin's trade bloc, BRIC (now BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). And to top it all off, Brazil's condemnation of Israel's treatment of Palestinians and its steadfast refusal to impose trade sanctions on Iran, with which Brazil does a lot of business, really 'pisses off' the Zionist wing of the Globalist PRC (Predatory Ruling Class).
Let there be no doubt, and even the Western 'mainstream media' confirms this, relations between the U.S./Israel Axis and Brazil are not good!  Indeed, many Brazilians were offended when President Rousseff was treated coldly during her 2012 visit to the White House. Obongo didn't even give her the customary State Dinner! (here)
ad5f13d910.jpg dilma-obama.jpg
President Dilma Rousseff's involvement with Putin's BRICS trade bloc has incurred the wrath of the Globalists. During a White House visit, she was deliberately disrespected by Puppet-Boy Obongo. This did not go unnoticed in Brazil.
Brazil's excellent relations with Iran, in open defiance of U.S. & Israeli demands, is another reason why "the powers that be" want "regime change" in Brazil.



In July of 2013, a CIA (and possibly Mossad) "spontaneous" uprising broke out during a Brazilian-hosted international soccer tournament. The 'Confederations Cup' is a 'dress rehearsal' for the World Cup which always follows one year later. 

This "Brazilian Spring" uprising, complete with English language signs, student mobs, gullible dupes and provocateurs was unleashed to punish Brazil's defiance and to destabilize its government. The protests eventually faded away, but they proved to be quite embarrassing for Brazil's President, Dilma Rousseff. Once again, TomatoBubble.com issued a chilling forecast for 2014:

"The World Cup of Soccer will be hosted by Brazil in 2014. This huge global event may be the stage for the next big move against Brazil. To better understand the dynamics of a phony "people's uprising", refer to our popular piece: How To Cook Up a Fake "Uprising of the People"."
Oh, by the way, in case you are wondering which nation ended up winning the 2013 Confederations Cup; it was the mighty Brazilians, defeating powerful teams such as Mexico, Uruguay and Spain along the way.
"Spontaneous" student-led mobs and English language signs are tell-tale indicators of a CIA "color revolution" operation.



The western press reported with breathless "concern" when preparations for the 2014 World Cup finals were rocked by a freak tragedy. A huge crane fell and crashed through the roof of the stadium scheduled to host the opening game. (here) Two people were killed at Sao Paulo’s Corinthians Arena and at least one other injured. Many more workers would have died had the "accident" not happened at lunchtime when many of the workers were on break. Oddly enough, the event happened as cameras were rolling.

Brazil's capability for hosting the tournament was brought into question. Of course, it's quite possible that the event was just an accident, but a bridge collapse "accident" which would later occur in June of 2014, combined with so many other intrigues aimed at Brazil, does suggest that sabotage may have been involved.



The Globalist media was quick to embarrass Brazil over the deadly and highly destructive incident; implying that the nation was not up to the task of hosting the World Cup. Was this a "message"?


TomatoBubble also reported in August of 2013:

"If the history of the WikiLeaks "leaks" is any indication, then expect the coming Snowden-WikiLeaks-Greenwald "leaks" to "coincidentally" reveal damaging information about certain officials within the Brazilian government. (After-all, doesn't everybody have some skeletons in their closet?)

This Headline from the Huffington Post says it all:

Snowden Aftermath: Compromised Brazil Unlikely to Challenge Obama (here)

The piece is written by Nicholas Kozloff, an author and analyst of South American affairs. Kozloff reveals that the Brazilian government is nervous over what some of Snowden's leaks may contain!"




  Greenwald & Snowden had plans for Brazil.






Yours truly suspected that blackmail was coming, and was proven right just 4 months later when the CIA FAKER known as "Edward Snowden", whose handler Glen Greenwald lives in Brazil with his "husband" (roll eyes), threatened the Brazilian people in an underhanded, almost undetectable manner. In what purported to be a friendly "Open Letter to Brazil", agent Snowden dropped a bombshell on targeted Brazil. Read the following excerpts of this dirty, puffed-up, media-created con man in a "between the lines manner". Ignore the self-serving, grand-standing fluff and concentrate on the essence. Then, and only then will you begin to see the real game:

An Open Letter to the People of Brazil

By Edward Snowden

Six months ago, I stepped out from the shadows of the United States Government’s National Security Agency to stand in front of a journalist’s camera.

I shared with the world evidence proving some governments are building a world-wide surveillance system to secretly track how we live, who we talk to, and what we say. went in front of that camera with open eyes, knowing that the decision would cost me family and my home, and would risk my life. I was motivated by a belief that the citizens of the world deserve to understand the system in which they live.

My greatest fear was that no one would listen to my warning. Never have I been so glad to have been so wrong. The reaction in certain countries has been particularly inspiring to me, and Brazil is certainly one of those.

At the NSA, I witnessed with growing alarm the surveillance of whole populations without any suspicion of wrongdoing, and it threatens to become the greatest human rights challenge of our time.

The NSA and other spying agencies tell us that for our own “safety”-for Dilma’s “safety,” for Petrobras’ “safety”-they have revoked our right to privacy and broken into our lives. And they did it without asking the public in any country, even their own.

Today, if you carry a cell phone in Sao Paolo, the NSA can and does keep track of your location: they do this 5 billion times a day to people around the world.

When someone in Florianopolis visits a website, the NSA keeps a record of when it happened and what you did there. If a mother in Porto Alegre calls her son to wish him luck on his university exam, NSA can keep that call log for five years or more.

They even keep track of who is having an affair or looking at pornography, in case they need to damage their target’s reputation.

American Senators tell us that Brazil should not worry, because this is not “surveillance,” it’s “data collection.” They say it is done to keep you safe. They’re wrong.

There is a huge difference between legal programs, legitimate spying, legitimate law enforcement - where individuals are targeted based on a reasonable, individualized suspicion - and these programs of dragnet mass surveillance that put entire populations under an all-seeing eye and save copies forever.

These programs were never about terrorism: they’re about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They’re about power.

My act of conscience began with a statement: “I don’t want to live in a world where everything that I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity or love or friendship is recorded.

That’s not something I’m willing to support, it’s not something I’m willing to build, and it’s not something I’m willing to live under.”



Dear public figures of Brazil (including famous party-boy athletes),

We have you by the balls! Ha Ha Ha!


Edward Snowden


http://ama-cdn.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/superphoto/12962766.jpg http://img.rt.com/files/news/21/89/a0/00/nsa-snowden-brazil-asylum.si.jpg
Well-organized activists of the CIA's Brazilian 'rent-a-mobs' promoted the fake Snowden Mania heavily. Why?

On the eve of the 2014 World Cup, in TomatoBubble's June 10th issue of its Daily Anti-New York Times, (which you really should subscribe to!), your intrepid reporter here praised President Rousseff for her bold action in preventing a repeat of the fake CIA 'soccer revolution' attempted in 2013. Although Rousseff is a socialist, she is neither a psycho dogmatic Marxist nor a kept U.S. stooge, and she appears to have the interests of her rapidly developing nation at heart. When the rent-a-mobs threatened, Dilma proved to be "more of a man" than Ukraine's dethroned and de-balled Yanukovich ever was!
The Anti-New York Times / June 10, 2014:
"Brazil was also one of the first nations to support Russia's embrace of Russian Crimea.
For these reasons, Brazil is being targeted for World Cup destabilization. Fortunately, unlike Ukrainian weakling Yanukovich, Brazil appears to be ready to crack skulls, having deployed more than 100,000 military and security personnel. The long awaited World Cup "revolution" may not materialize after all."
In spite of the ceaseless efforts of the cruel U.S. 'Grinch' to ruin Brazil's big National party, it appeared as though Brazilian soccer fans would be able to enjoy their cherished World Cup tournament in peace, and, hopefully, cheer their hometown sports-gods onto a 6th World Championship.
But did the Axis of Evil have a hidden card left to play?
By eventually deploying 157,000 troops, Ms. Rousseff sent a loud and clear message to the Globalists and their 'pro Western' rent-a-mobs; "Don't even think about messing with our World Cup!"

As the World Cup tournament entered its final week, Brazilian soccer passion was at a fever pitch. The 32 team field had been narrowed down to just 4, and the host-nation team was one of them, along with Germany, Argentina and Holland. Brazil was set to face Germany in the July 8th semi-final match, to be played in the city of Belo Horizonte. (The World Cup tournament games were played out in 12 different cities)
On July 3rd, just 5 days before the big game, and 1 day before Brazil defeated Columbia in the quarterfinals, an unfinished highway overpass collapsed in, of all places, Belo Horizonte, not far from the stadium. The collapse killed two people and injured 22 others. (here) Could someone have been sending a 'Sicilian message' to Brazil's players? Were they, or their families under personal threat in addition to being blackmailed over God knows what they may have been set up with?
"Just a little reminder boys, we mean business. Next time we'll kill many more. You know what to do in the semi's!"
Just days before the semi-finals, an empty bridge in Belo Horizonte suddenly collapsed onto the roadway below.

In the final minutes of Brazil's victory over Columbia, Brazil's star player, Neymar, went down after minor contact with a Columbian player. He claimed to have hurt his back. A 'conspiracy theory' later spread throughout Brazil that Neymar faked his injury, (said to be a broken vertebrae) so as not to play against Germany. A Google Search for 'Neymar Fake Injury' yields 386,000 results and some very intriguing articles and You Tubes.
A Brazilian reader informs us:
Neymar was seen signaling and talking to the Colombian player who injured him just seconds before the hit, meaning "go ahead, this is the moment". 
Another strange incident had already occurred earlier in the match. Top defender Thiago Silva committed a senseless and stupid foul which resulted in him being instantly suspended for Brazil's subsequent match, against Germany. With these two stars out, a plausible explanation for the coming massacre was thus manufactured. Nonetheless, with Brazil's bench-players all being international stars in their own right, the absence of Silva and Neymar does not fly with this reporter and ex-soccer player as an explanation for what was about to happen against Germany.

Many people have since come to 'smell a rat' in regard to the odd Neymar and Silva incidents. And yet, unless these sports 'conspiracy theorists' can understand the world political situation, they will not be able to cite a plausible motive to support their instinctive suspicions.



Were Neymar's strange "back breaking" dive and Silva's inexplicable foul calculated acts of self-sabotage in advance of the match against Germany?




We have already reviewed the improbable soccer massacre which took place on July 8th and stunned the soccer world. To gain a better appreciation of just how easy and how uncontested Germany's barrage of goals actually was, a You Tuber has put together a video isolating only the actions of German players involved in each of the scoring plays. Observe how easily the Germans advance and kick without having to take any evasive maneuvers or make any feints. This suggests that the Brazilian defenders truly were non-existent, not literally of course as the first video portrays, but in essence.

The 2nd You Tube linked below includes the Brazilian "defenders". Watch closely as they stand around like zombies, with one motionless defender (Marcelo, #6) literally planting himself inside of his own goal. Take it from an ex-soccer player. Even for a strong team, and eventual Cup winner Germany, scoring goals is never this easy! Watch the brief videos before you resume reading this expose.

* In video #1, the background music is very annoying, so you may want to turn down your sound.



Before the Massacre of Belo Horizonte was even finished, a loud handful of presumably "pro-Western" Brazilian puppets began chanting obscenities aimed at Brazil's President. The Globalist media would later chime in with its idiotic speculation that Brazil's humiliation could harm Dilma Rousseff's bid for 2014 reelection. Of course, no one in their right mind would hold the President accountable for what happened on a soccer field. But what Brazil's shocking humiliation did achieve was to deny Rousseff of the 'good feeling' that would have been associated with her bestowing medals upon a championship team.

To some extent, in the subconcious mind of a soccer-crazy nation, the disaster coincided with her presidency. The humiliating loss didn't really hurt her. It's just that it sure didn't help her any either. A 6th World Cup Championship, or at least a good showing, might have clinched the 2014 election for her. To add insult to injury, Brazil went on to lose the 3rd place match versus Holland as well, by a lopsided score of 3-0.



As flash-mobs chant obscenities directed towards her, Rousseff is stunned at what she is witnessing on the field. Does she suspect that the game was rigged?



It is openly known that the Globalists wanted Rousseff out, and "pro-western' coke-head playboy Aecio Nevas in as Brazil's next President. (here) (here). Even the drunken American skank Lindsey Lohan was harnessed to the task of campaigning for Nevas, via Twitter!  (here)

There is no denying it folks, Dilma is about as popular among the US/EU/Israel PRC as the hated Vladimir Putin! But in spite of all the interference, and in spite of the attempted 'color revolutions', in spite of the stadium collapse, in spite of the bridge collapse, and in spite of the humiliating World Cup disaster, Ms. Rousseff appeared to be headed towards certain re-election in a three way race.

Then came another "accident".


The Rousseff-Nevas rivalry was an extension of the U.S.-Russia rivalry. BRICS vs the NWO


In addition to Rousseff and Nevas, a lesser known candidate named Eduardo Campos was running for President, albeit as a distant 3rd place non-contender. But when Campos's plane went down in August, a wave of public sympathy then catapulted his running mate, Marina Silva, into instant contender status. Silva not only benefited from the sympathy over her dead (murdered) running mate, but she also took many female votes away from Rousseff.

The significance of the plane crash is that without it, Rousseff would have easily won the 3-way election of October 5th without having to run again in an October 26th runoff. The plotters knew that Rousseff would be tough to beat, but by forcing a runoff between the top two, they hoped to buy more time to campaign against Rousseff and complicate her re-election effort. This is exactly what ended up happening; all because of that oh-so-convenient plane crash.



 The sudden death of Mr. Campos elevated Ms. Silva, his female running mate, to instant contender status. This prevented Dilma Rousseff from winning an easy re-election without a runoff.


Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, just like the since-deceased President Chavez of Venezuela (who many believe was poisoned with cancer causing agents), publicly claimed that the U.S. was plotting to topple her, and perhaps even assassinate her:

De Kirchner:

 “If something should happen to me, don’t look to the Middle East, look to the North,”  (here)


Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that the U.S. was blackmailing foreign leaders (and soccer players?)


"We have increasing evidence that outright blackmail has been used with regard to a number of leaders. It is not for nothing that ‘big brother’ is spending billions of dollars on keeping the whole world, including its own closest allies, under surveillance."(here)

Add de Kirchner and Putin to the list of 'conspiracy theorists'. The World Cup match fixing theory doesn't seem so far-fetched now, does it?

We are quite certain that President Putin knows that master blackmailer Ed Snowden and his Brazilian-based American handler Glen Greenwald are CIA operatives, but is playing coy by allowing Snowden to stay in Russia. Putin; you cunning ole Judo-Chess Master you!




Presidents Putin and de Kirchner have openly stated that the U.S. is engaged in advanced conspiratorial activity around the world, including blackmail and murder!


After the October 5th runoff election had knocked out Marina Silva, (who had only become a factor because of the plane crash which killed her running mate, Eduardo Campos) Silva then, predictably, threw her full support behind Neves for his runoff election against Rousseff. Also coming out in support of the Nevas runoff campaign was the "injured" Neymar, the fake diver who missed the match against Germany. (here)  The plotters and their henchmen almost got Dilma out. But by a very narrow margin, Dilma Rousseff managed to hang onto the Brazilian presidency.


But evil never rests. Brazil, Russia, China, Syria, Iran and other defiant states remain on the New World Order's 'hit list / hate list'. The science lab of history has proven time and time and time again that these maniacal monsters are capable of anything - murder, intrigue, sabotage, coups, warmongering, proxy wars, genocidal sanctions, drone bombings of children, 'color revolutions', false flag acts of terrorism, school shootings (both real and staged), fake beheadings, hoaxes, bribery, rigging elections, blackmail ....

and maybe, just maybe, match-fixing?  




Rousseff and her predecessor da Silva celebrate her narrow victory over Globalist stooge and cocaine-snorting puppet playboy, Aecio Nevas.

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