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NY Times: Most Republicans Say They Back Climate Action, Poll Finds

A poll found that about half of Republicans would favor a presidential candidate who supports fighting climate change.

As parts of the frigid northeast continue to shovel out from 30 inches of snow, the illusionists at Sulzberger's Slimes continue to shovel Marxist manure about 'Global Warming' TM onto their front page. Get a whiff of this communist crap from today's Slimes:
"An overwhelming majority of the American public, including half of Republicans, support government action to curb global warming, according to a poll conducted by The New York Times, Stanford University and the nonpartisan environmental research group Resources for the Future."
From whence this sudden love and respect for the opinions of registered Republicans? Assuming the "climate action" poll wasn't rigged or verbally manipulated, (you know it was!) does the uninformed opinion of millions of malleable morons invalidate the truth? Since when is the world of hard science a "democracy"?
The all-knowing, all-wise "public" has spoken. They want "action" on Global Warming TM
As for the named sources of this poll: Stanford University, The Slimes, and the "non-partisan" (ha ha ha!) "Resources for the Future"; they are all cogs in the Globalist machine. That "non-partisan" RFF is actually funded by the EPA, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Robert Kaiser Foundation. No hidden agendas among that greasy bunch, eh Sulzberger?
Given the shoddy junk-science underpinning Global Warming TM, one can just imagine how this "scientific" poll was conducted. Picture this scenario:
Pollster: Sir. If there really was such a thing as catastrophic man-made Global Warming, not saying there is, just hypothetically, would you want your President to maybe at least try to address it, if possible?
Respondent: Well, in that case, yeah, I guess so.
Pollster: So you want your President to stop Global Warming. Thank you for your time!
How a manipulative poll question is framed can determine the answer of a confused respondent..
As we approach this coming December's big 'Climate Change Conference" in Paris, expect the junk science and media hype to intensify. It's not even February yet and already the Pinko Pope and the CIA's Dalai Lama have been recruited for the heavy lifting of finally achieving a "climate deal" in Paris. Oh well, maybe Messrs. Boehner and McConnell can derail this train and save us from the carbon taxes of the New World Order.

This billionaire Globalist mad man and his busy-body wife are financing "non-partisan" environmental research groups and their loaded "polls".




NY Times: China Further Tightens Grip on the Internet

The Chinese authorities are no longer tolerating the workarounds used by millions of people who rely heavily on less-fettered access to the Internet.

Today's anti-China attack ad features the familiar whine about China's censorship of the Internet. But nowhere in this piece is there any mention of China's stated reason for such controls; namely, the CIA's relentless efforts to seduce China's young people with western propaganda and subversive Facebook activism. Instead, we are fed a sob story about a poor Chinese girl struggling to keep in social media contact with friends she made overseas:
"Jing Yuechen, the founder of an Internet start-up here in the Chinese capital, has no interest in overthrowing the Communist Party. But these days she finds herself cursing the nation’s smothering cyberpolice as she tries — and fails — to browse photo-sharing websites like Flickr and struggles to stay in touch with the Facebook friends she has made during trips to France, India and Singapore."
Well, Ms. Yuechen might not have any interest in "overthrowing the Communist Party", but the Globalists certainly do and the Internet is their Trojan Horse. By the way, just to keep the record straight, these days pro-business, pro-private property, pro self-reliance China is "communist" in name only. 
The CIA's Internet predators want China's young people.
The Globalists are so obsessed with China's Internet censorship that they actually sent the First Beast over to China last year to incite the country's youth against Internet control. In several addresses before Chinese students, the uncultured Chicago Globe Trotter of debatable gender managed to trash 'racist' America (as always) and incite against China's Internet policies at the same time. A previous Times article revealed Moochele Obongo's classless and subtly loaded comments about Internet censorship:

“Many decades ago, there were actually laws in America that allowed discrimination against black people like me, who are a minority in the United States,... but over time, ordinary citizens decided that those laws were unfair. So they held peaceful protests and marches.”

The First Tranny made an ass of his/herself while attempting to incite the youth of China.
The subject of Internet censorship is a delicate issue. On the one hand, we at the Internet-based Anti-New York Times strongly oppose all forms of "thought control". However, the world's impressionable young people are indeed under relentless attack from the Western propagandists of the CIA, the NGO's, Hollyweird and the US News Media. This phenomenon was a key element of the 2014 coup in Ukraine. The NWO's weapons of choice for targeting the "students" are biased Internet news content, pornography, western "entertainment" and social media. The ultimate goal is to manipulate young minds and foment an organized 'Color Revolution' ("peaceful protests and marches") to overthrow the nationalistic and pro-Russian Chinese government, or at least to help some pro-western traitors to soften things up a bit.
By the way, today's article also fails to mention that the seditious website of Sulzberger's sleazy Times is banned in China.  Take that Sulzberger!
Confucius say: "Man who read Jew York Times have poo poo platter for brains."



A wounded Israeli soldier was carried Wednesday after an antitank missile hit a convoy in a disputed area on the Lebanon border.

NY Times: Hezbollah Kills 2 Israeli Soldiers Near Lebanon

The missile strike was the latest in a string of events along Israel’s northern frontiers that have raised the risk of a broader confrontation.

Accompanied by a huge photo, this breathless account of two poor little Israeli soldiers being killed along the Lebanese border dominates the front page of today's Slimes. Please join The Anti-New York Times in a moment of silence as we remember these fallen angels of Holy Zion.
Actually, that may be a bit harsh because more than a few of these IDF members are just helpless conscripts who hate Satanyahu's wars as much as we do. We can only hope that the deceased were of the fanatical stripe of IDF killers.
Anti-war Israelis get zero coverage in the Zionist Slimes.
It's funny, but we do not recall seeing any front page coverage of Israel's unprovoked January 18th airstrike on a convoy in Syrian Golan that killed an Iranian general and the six Hezbollah militiamen. You see, when it comes to the Slimes and Israel, it always the reaction of the Arabs that gets the hype; never the initial action of the Israelis. Three cheers for Hezbollah for responding in kind!
 The heroic Iranian-Syrian backed freedom fighters have proven time and again that they are more than a match for the lily-livered bullies of expansionist Israel. As long as those two sponsoring states, especially Iran, remain viable; Hezbollah isn't going away anytime soon. And that, my friends, is the real reason why Satanyahu and his U.S. neo-con cheerleaders are so obsessed with dragging America to war against Iran.

Disciplined and well-armed, Hezbollah ain't no joke!
Since the early days of Zionism, the Zionists have always advocated for the Litani River to become Israel's true northern border. Were it not for the Iranian / Syrian backed militias of Hezbollah, southern Lebanon would have been annexed to 'Greater Israel' a long time ago.
Satanyahu's hatred for Iran has nothing to do with its imaginary nuclear weapons program. The real game is to trick America into destroying Hezbollah's sponsor and grab some more territory in southern Lebanon (and beyond!).



NY Times: Russian Movie ‘Leviathan’ Gets Applause in Hollywood but Scorn at Home

The film has admirers and won a Golden Globe, but some Russian detractors want it banned and accuse its director of acting under Western orders.

Movie reviews on the front page of Sulzberger's Slimes? What's up with that? Well, when a film is anti-Russian propaganda, it all makes sense. Get a whiff of this mushy manure:
"In many ways, the movie “Leviathan” is Russia’s greatest cinematic accomplishment in years, maybe decades. The Golden Globe winner this month for best foreign film, it provides an unrelenting, vodka-soaked portrait of small-town corruption that has been praised by critics and filmmakers throughout the world — everywhere, it seems, but Russia."
Though this garbage was only shown in a single St. Petersburg cinema (in order to qualify for "awards"), 'Leviathan' is racking up accolades and international awards galore. The film has been named best foreign language film by the Golden Globes, and also declared the winner of the Munich Film Festival, London Film Festival, Abu Dhabi Film Awards, Cannes Film Festival, BAFTA Awards, Asia-Pacific Screen Awards, and soon, the Academy Awards. Wow. This must really be a great film, eh? Better than 'Gone With the Wind'. Even better than 'The Godfather'. Right?

Hyped to the stars by the great and the good, 'Leviathan' paints an ugly picture of Russia.
 In addition to the "vodka-soaked corruption", 'Leviathan' prominently features a corrupt Orthodox Bishop. This has upset many Christians in Russia. Kirill Frolov, an Orthodox activist, wrote: “ ‘Leviathan’ is a filthy libel against the Russian church and the Russian state.  ‘Leviathan’ is evil, and there is no place for evil in the cinema.”
Evidently, Mr. Frolov doesn't seem to understand that only mockery of Judaism is "evil". Christianity and Islam are fair game. Probing further into the sudden success of this film, we discover that Alexander Rodnyansky, the producer of 'Leviathon', is, (surprise, surprise) a Ukrainian Jew from Kiev. In 2012, he also partnered with Hollywood director Robert Rodriguez to produce a comedic sequel to the anti-White murder-fest of 2009, 'Machete' - 'Machete Kills'.  
Golden Globalist Rodnyansky has 'artistic' images of the Torah and Israeli legend Golda Meier on his wall.
Anti-Russian, anti-Putin, anti-Christian, anti-White, pro-Zionist, pro-Kiev, Hollywood-connected. One can just imagine what a "great cinematic accomplishment" Rodnyansky's "masterpiece" must really be. No bloody wonder Sulzberger's scumbags love this creep! The war against Russia is on folks and "ya ain't seen nuthin yet". Later this year or next, 'Rasputin', starring Leonardo DiCaprio as "the mad monk" will also serve to humiliate Russia and its Orthodox Church. These types of propaganda shots, as well as the harsh economic sanctions, are the advance actions of something much more serious that appears to be headed our way.
If previous films (left) are any indication, we can be sure that the "mad monk" DiCaprio will bed the Tsarina Aleksandra. That ought to go over real well with Russia's Christians.



NY Times: U.S. Envoy Urges Thailand to Lift Martial Law


The nerve of a U.S. envoy to lecture Thailand about "civil rights". The Slimes quotes Daniel Russel: “Thailand is losing credibility in the eyes of its international friends and partners by not moving more quickly to end martial law, to restore civil rights and to ensure that this effort to engineer a new constitution and hold elections is not purely a top-down affair.”
Newsflash Zio-America! Most Asian countries no longer give a rat's rear-end about your pious posturing. Last May, Thailand's military threw out the pro-western "democratic" regime and Sulzberger doesn't like it. With the grace of God, the day may soon come when a truly "free world" defiantly declares to the Sulzbergers and the Satanyahus, in unison, to go pound kosher salt up their putrid posteriors.
Though we don't claim to be experts on the internal politics of Thailand, recent developments, combined with the Sulzberger Family's and the State Department's anger, are very positive signs. Another hopeful indicator is the growing popularity of Adolf Hitler, in Thailand!
 Young Thais understand that you don't have to be White to appreciate the greatness of the Great One and his system (use the right hand when you 'Sieg Heil', sweetie).
Hitler Fried Chicken! Waffen SS themed weddings! Student NS marches!
Your intrepid reporter here rolling on the floor laughing in delight.  

A government sponsored video teaches children to be disciplined and virtuous. It features Thai children painting a portrait of Hitler.

Hitler-mania is out in the open in Thailand, and the chosen ones are "horrified".
Forgive me, dear reader. I can't help myself!
The Globalist's interest and strategy in Thailand has to do with the general encirclement policy aimed at Russia and China. Thailand is to China what Ukraine is to Russia, sort of. Indeed, the military leaders of Thailand now have the support and friendship of China. Major railway projects linking Thailand to China have just been approved; a fact that western newspapers have lamented in recent months. Russia is also building ties with the new military government as well.
Let Sulzberger's scribblers whine all they want about "civil rights". We at The Anti-New York Times believe that the more nations that can break free of the NWO's "democratic" death grip - the better. Sieg Heil Thailand, sieg heil!
Burma - Thailand - Malaysia - Indonesia: All bucking the Globalists and forging ties to the Russia-China bloc. Keep that in mind should Thai Airliners start going down.

The recently ousted Thai Prime Minister was very flirtatious with Obongo. Sorry cutie, but Obongo plays for the "pink team".



NY Times: Saudis Expand Regional Power as Others Falter

Rather than undermine the Saudi dynasty, the chaos across the region after the Arab Spring revolts appears instead to have lifted the monarchy to unrivaled power and influence.

The "Arab Spring" caused a huge stir in virtually every Arab state stretching from Morocco to Jordan. In Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, the "spontaneous" uprisings toppled long established rulers. In Yemen and Syria it led to "civil wars". Even tiny Lebanon caught a little bit of Arab Spring Fever. Yet, for some strange reason, the "contagious" freedom flu never "spread" to Saudi Arabia as it did to other states. Why is that?
Saudi Arabia was spared.
The Slimes' explanation does not make any sense, at all. The article argues the "collapse or near collapse" of other Arab states actually made the Saudi Arabian government stronger. Have a look:
"The rulers of Saudi Arabia trembled when the Arab Spring revolts broke out four years ago.But far from undermining the Saudi dynasty, the ensuing chaos across the region appears instead to have lifted the monarchy to unrivaled power and influence. The catch, analysts and diplomats say, is that the ascendance of the Saudis is largely a byproduct of the feebleness or near-collapse of so many of the states around them, including Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain and Tunisia. And the perseverance of the old order is largely dependent on a steady flow of Saudi resources, so their influence may be costly."
A reverse domino effect, is that it Sulzberger? What rubbish! Contrary to Sulzberger's fairy tales of "spontaneous" Arab uprisings, the phony Arab Spring was engineered by the CIA and triggered by the damaging "leaks" of Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks scam. The greasy thugs who misrule Saudi Arabia were left untouched because they are in league with the US-EU-Israel Axis of Evil. This same rotten regime finances and trains many of the ISIS mercenaries and is currently flooding the market with over-pumped oil in order to crash prices and damage Russia and Iran.

1- Homo-Obongo bows before the King of Saudi Arabia
2- Assange of WikiLeaks triggered the Arab Spring by leaking embarassing information to CIA assets embedded within the Arab press. 



NY Times: Video Appears to Show Decapitated Body of a Japanese Hostage of ISIS

Japan’s prime minister expressed outrage on Sunday at an image released Saturday that appeared to show the decapitated body of one of two Japanese hostages captured by Islamic State militants

During a previous life as a sales and marketing professional, your reformed reporter here at The Anti-New York Slimes recalls how much emphasis was placed upon the use of the term "appears to" when making medically related claims. An erroneous medical statement, made definitively by a layman, could lead to a legal case against the company. The use of the term "appears to" provides an escape. In other words, the term "appears to" is meaningless!
The fact the Sulzberger's Slimes continues to qualify all of these ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) "beheadings" with the disclaimer "appears to", proves that the Slimes is in the business of sales, not journalism. Journalistic truth does not require sales tricks and qualifiers. Only Bull-Sugar does.
The 'War on Terror' is a cleverly packaged con job.
This latest Mossad stunt is particularly hilarious. The images of the orange jumpsuit-wearing Japanese "hostages" are far too defined - a sure indicator that the shots were taken in front of a screen with background added digitally. As always, the "victims", in spite of their imminent decapitation, remain calm and healthy looking for the camera. Then there is the question of, "Why would "Islamists" target Japan?". Ever since the U.S. established Japan as a colony following World War II, that country has not even been militarily involved in foreign affairs, not even in its own backyard. Israel has yet to be attacked by ISIS, not even verbally, yet the big bad Muslims are going after harmless Japanese?
Hey Ari! Aren't you hot in that black suit and mask?
These stunts are getting goofier by the week; so much so that one would think the TV-addicted mob would have gotten wise to the scam by now. Unfortunately, our zombified countrymen "appear to be" as dumb and as uninformed as boxes of rocks. Except of course when it comes to football, movies, and gossip. In those fields, Boobus Americanus and Boobus Europithicus are quite steeped in knowledge.
"I bet it was those damn Muslims that deflated Tom Brady's footballs."



NY Times: War Is Exploding Anew in Ukraine; Rebels Vow More

Evidence is increasing that Russian troops and Russian equipment have been pouring into eastern Ukraine again.

It's a very familiar pattern by now. The brutal and illegal U.S. puppet state installed in Kiev launches an offensive against the pro-Russians of the east; and then blames the rebels for prolonging the war. Then comes Kramer with a front page propaganda piece falsely accusing the Russians of sending arms and troops across the border.
The scurrilous scribblers maintain that "evidence is increasing" that the Russians have already invaded. For the brain dead libtards who worship Sulzberger's Slimes, the serious-sounding term "evidence is increasing" may suffice. But your intrepid reporter here at The Anti-New York Times is not so easily impressed. Let's have a closer look at this "evidence" and, more importantly, the source behind it. From the article:
"With the appearance in recent weeks of what NATO calls sophisticated Russian weapons systems, newly emboldened separatist leaders have abandoned all talk of a cease-fire." 
Oh. It's NATO that is making the allegations. Well that just settles the issue now, doesn't it? If NATO says so, it must be true!
The same pieces of Globo scum that want to conquer Russia are the ones behind the false Russian invasion allegations.
The fact remains, there is not now nor has there ever been, an ounce of truth to the U.S. - NATO - Kiev allegations that Russia is supplying troops and manpower to the Donbass resistance fighters. That being said, we really wish Putin would send state-of-the-art systems and special forces; but the reality is that the traitors who hold high places in Russia's government won't grant Putin the authority to send troops and equipment. Contrary to western propaganda, Putin is not a dictator. Unfortunately, he is bound by a constitution which the U.S. and its Russian traitors imposed upon Russia when the Soviet Union collapsed.
Hopefully, the crisis will enable Putin to get away with purging the liberal sons-of-bitches who have been tying his hands; and then really invade Ukraine. Until that time, ignore any claims of this invisible invasion emanating from the Slimes of Jew York.







Left: Stealth Russian infantryman removes his helmet and face bandages

Center: Stealth Russian tanks roll across Ukrainian field

Right: Followed by stealth Russian artillery, towed by stealth Russian trucks



NY Times (International): Modest Victory for Israel in Quest for International Meeting on Anti-Semitism

Waaa, waaa, waaa. Anti-Semitism everywhere!  “Europe is being tested,”whines Ron Prosor, Israel's envoy to the United Nations. “We don’t need any more monuments commemorating the Jews who were murdered in Europe, we need a strong and enduring commitment to safeguard the Jews living in Europe.” - proclaims pouty Posner.
As the Four Tops of Motown fame used to sing, 'Now it's the same, old song..."
Most hit songs get played out relentlessly for a few months and then fade away. But not this one!
The recent mini-roar in anti-Israeli "world opinion" over the massacre in Gaza had already been muted by the 'Charlie Hebdo' false flag. But the Zionists aren't satisfied. With Sulzberger's Slimes firmly behind them, the butchers of Gaza are back at the U.N. in search of some sort of resolution condemning "anti-Semitism", with the ultimate goal of banning it. As an old Polish proverb used to say, "The Jew cries out in pain as he is beating you."
At some point in time one would think this 'same old song' would get so old and played out that it loses its effectiveness. But it never does, at least not in the degenerate West. Mandatory 'Holocaust education" in American public schools keeps the persecution pity party alive generation after generation after generation. In a perverse sort of way, one has to almost admire the audacity with which the Zionists are able to pull the double blue-striped woolen shawl over our eyes. If only they were to put that awe-inspiring fanaticism, organization, and long range planning to use for the good of all of mankind, and not just for their own tribe!
By constantly evoking pity from the bewildered specimens known as Boobus Americanus and Boobus Europithicus, the Zionist is able to neutralize his victims as he fleeces and bamboozles them at every turn. This manipulative game of "waaa, waaa, waaa" is quite a trick, and it did not begin with the "Holocaust" -TM. The game has been going on for a long, long time.
Ask William Shakespeare. He'll tell you!
Shakespeare was wise to the age-old 'waaa, waaa, waaa' routine:

"If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not avenge?"


- Shylock the money lender from 'The Merchant of Venice' (now banned in virtually all U.S. High Schools!) pleads his case before a magistrate; passionately explaining why he should be allowed to literally cut out a "pound of flesh" from a bankrupt debtor.



"Oy vey! Shakespeare was an Anti-Semite...and those Four Swartzas too!"



NY Times: Boehner Invites Another Response to State of Union, From Israel’s Premier
A day after the president’s State of the Union address, Speaker John A. Boehner invited Mr. Netanyahu to address a joint meeting of Congress next month for what would effectively be a rebuttal.

After 4 years of rolling over and allowing Homo-Obongo to wipe Pennsylvania Avenue with the spanked posteriors of the Republican't Congressional Majority, Speaker of the House John "Boo-Hoo" Boehner has finally grown a pair and challenged Obongo in a very public way. Oh what "courage" it took to blatantly bypass Obongo and invite Bibi Satanyahu to address a joint session of Congress in three weeks. Boehner boy, you are really putting your political career on the line with this move!
The Slimes explains:
"The invitation stunned the White House, which called it a breach of protocol, but the surprise move was a sign that Republicans, who now control both houses of Congress, intend to use their new majorities to challenge the president not only on domestic policy but also on international affairs. Congressional leaders plan to press their assertion that Mr. Obama does not take the danger posed by Islamic terrorists, Iran or Russia seriously enough."
The goofy Republicant's couldn't muster the courage to fight Obongo on Executive Amnesty, ObongoCare, Global Warming (TM) regulations, voter fraud and so many other dictates that the Republicant's claim that they stood against; but when it comes to servicing Satanyahu, the drunken sop Boehner and his spineless minions have suddenly turned into political tigers!
What further evidence does one need to confirm the classic wise-crack that got Pat Buchanan disowned from the DC chattering class: "Congress is Israeli occupied territory."
Amen Pat. A-flipping-men!
"I am not a wimp! Ask Bibi how tough I am!"



NY Times: ‘Koch Primary’ Tests Hopefuls In the G.O.P.

The competition among Republican presidential hopefuls for the support of the Koch brothers heats up this week at an invitation-only seminar that kicks off the “Koch primary.”

The kosher double-standard is really on display with this garbage about the "Koch primary". The Gentile Koch brothers are relatively conservative, at least when compared to the liberal "moderate" base of the northeastern Reblican't establishment or the fully Marxist Demoncrap Party.
The fact that even such mild, milk-toast Gentile conservatives are politically active evidently alarms the self-anointed gatekeepers at the commie-pinko Slimes. The very expensive activism of the Jewish Democrat George Soros has never triggered a headline about a "Soros primary". The $93 million dollars that Jewish Republican Sheldon Adelson poured into the 2008 GOP primary was never described as the "Adelson primary". No, such decsriptions would be "anti-Semitic".
Silly Gentiles. Only Jewish Billionaires get to control political races.
But when the Gentile and mildly conservative Koch brothers spend money, organize like-minded businessmen and hold candidate seminars, it's time for a front-page expose in Sulzberger's bird cage liner, as if some bloody crime is set to occur! From the article:
"Perhaps no organization commands more deference in Republican politics nowadays than the sprawling operation established by the Koch brothers. And this week, the intense competition among Republicans for their embrace and attention will break out into the open."
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Kochism is about to "break out in the open", eh Sulzberger? That sounds like a "conspiracy theory"! Seriously, when were the Koch brothers ever a secret? This story is a complete joke. There is nothing nefarious going on here and the Koch brothers have as much right as any other billionaires to become politically active.  Kochist ideology may be far from perfect, but we'll take their positions over the Communist / Zionist subversion and political domination of Messrs. Soros, Adelson, Weinstein and Saban any day. That's the real threat!
Jewish moguls like Adelson and Soros get to hand-pick puppets with hardly any scrutiny from Sulzberger and colleagues.



Mr. Nisman had accused top Argentine officials of conspiring with Iran to cover up responsibility for the attack.

NY Times Editorial:Puzzling Death of a Prosecutor Grips Argentina

Alberto Nisman, a federal prosecutor who was found dead in his home, had accused top Argentine officials of conspiring with Iran to cover up responsibility for the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires.

In 1994, a "suicide bombing" of a Jewish center in Argentina left 85 people dead. International Zionism was very quick to point the finger of blame at Iran. In other words, the Mossad did it!
In 2004, the Argentinian Jew Alberto Nisman was, after years of Jewish pressure, finally assigned to investigate the 1994 bombing.  Nisman, as today's Slimes reports, "became entangled in a labyrinthine plot that he traced to Iran and its militant Lebanese ally, Hezbollah." Evidently, its OK to spin "conspiracy theories" if they point to Muslims as the culprits.
After the "anti-Semitic" bombing of 1994, the flash mobs, professionally made signs, and victim photos "spontaneously" materialized almost immediately.
It was only just last week that Nisman accused top Argentine officials, including President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, of having "conspired with Iran" to cover up responsibility for the bombing as part of a dirty deal that would supply Iranian oil to Argentina. Nisman accused Hezbollah of having carried out the actual bombing and senior Iranian officials of having financed it, accusations that Hezbollah and Iran’s government have long denied.Now, the mystery has deepened with the discovery of Mr. Nisman’s body on Sunday — the day before he was to testify before lawmakers about those accusations.

The Slimes article quotes The Anti-Defamation League, the New York-based slander group formed in 1913 in honor of the "wrongly accused" Jewish child rapist-murderer named Leo Frank:

"Mr. Nisman’s death was another tragic episode in the sordid saga of Argentina’s failure to act decisively and unceasingly to find, arrest and prosecute those responsible for the AMIA terror attack.”

 This mirrors today's libelous editorial from the Slimes of Israel, headlined:

 "Alberto Nisman committed suicide. Let's kill that lie

Op-ed: Let nobody be fooled into thinking that the prosecutor who was about to testify against Argentina’s president chose to end his own life. And let nobody buy the second big lie now being spread: That the AMIA case has not been solved. It has. Iran was to blame."

Ms. de Kirchner, (left, white dress) is part of a growing group of world leaders that have become rather chummy with Putin and his BRICS group.


We do not have enough information yet to determine if there is actually a dead body that confirms the death of Alberto Nisman. This could be a fake suicide, similar to the one Bernie Madoff's son pulled off just before the Feds were about to nab him. Or, the Mossad may have sacrificed Nisman in order to put the blame on President de Kirchner. Details aside, either way, the smell of false flag is unmistakable.

The Zionists are mad-as-hell with Argentina for doing business with Iran. Adding to that strong motive is de Kirchner's refusal to pay the banksters what they feel they are "owed" on Argentina's foreign debt; and her coziness with the Big Bad Putin and his BRICS trading bloc, which Argentina may be joining in the future.

As is the case with Ms. Rouseff of Brazil. Ms. de Kirchner's domestic politics lean too much to the Left for the taste of your ultra-Right reporter here at The Anti-New York Times; but give these South American chicks their due. They both seem to have bigger sets of cujones than Globo-Zio boot-lickers like Obongo, Hollande and Cameron.


1- de Kirchner's friendship with Iran has got the Zionists up in arms

2- The widowed Cristina primps for Dr. Assad of Syria, another enemy of Israel. Sorry honey, the tall doc has this waiting for him at home....


Asma al Assad



NY Times Editorial: Hating Good Government


Why the dogmatism? Why the rage? And why do these issues go together, with the set of people insisting that climate change is a hoax pretty much the same as the set of people insisting that any attempt at providing universal health insurance must lead to disaster and tyranny?


Paul Krugman is the Nobel Prize winning junk-economist and PBS gadfly who has been lecturing his sycophantic audience for years about the benefits of debt spending, inflation and high taxes. How extreme of a commie-pinko is crazy Krugman? Well, he has been critical of Homo-Obongo for, get this, not spending enough money! Now, in a single potpourri piece of poopy propaganda, puffed-up putrid Paulie pushes his pretended expertise into the realms of climatology, medicine and even, psychology. It's a veritable cocktail of commie crap.

Crooked Krugman is a regular guest on the fiendish Charlie Rose's PBS infomercial.


On the recent NASA "findings" and the junk-science of Global Warming:

"It’s now official: 2014 was the warmest year on record. So will the deniers now concede that climate change is real?"

What further proof does one need that Global Warming TM is about left-wing politics, not science? Krugman's kosher crock of government-worshipping crap includes glowing praise of the evidently disastrous ObongoCare:

"Meanwhile, the news on health reform keeps coming in, and it keeps being more favorable than even the supporters expected."

ObongoCare is a success? Say what?! Krugman continues with a mockery of those who correctly believe that excessive taxation is weighing down the economy:

"So will we see conservatives scaling back their claims about the magical efficacy of tax cuts as a form of economic stimulus?"

Lower taxes means more investment capital and discretionary income in our pockets. Why is that not a stimulus, eh wonder boy? Finally, Krugman's hateful missive then delves into a pseudo-analysis of conservative psychology. Like all good psychos, Krugman employs the "projection" of his own lunacy onto those who disagree with him:

"And why this hatred of government in the public interest? Well, the political scientist Corey Robin argues that most self-proclaimed conservatives are actually reactionaries. That is, they’re defenders of traditional hierarchy — the kind of hierarchy that is threatened by any expansion of government, even (or perhaps especially) when that expansion makes the lives of ordinary citizens better and more secure."

You see, if you you "deny" Global Warming TM , favor tax cuts, oppose debt, criticize ObongoCare and generally mistrust our all-knowing and all-benevolent politicians; it's only because you  are a "reactionary" who "hates good government" and want to make life miserable for "ordinary citizens". Krugman's litany of lies and libelous labels make the skin of your righteous reporter crawl. I haven't seen such simplistic and juvenile analysis since reading the libtard student newspaper during my college days.

But don't think for a moment that Krugman is as stupid as his readers. Unlike the libtard rank and file who parrot Krugman's crap, this deceiving devil knows exactly what he is doing.


I knew I recognized that socialist schemer from somewhere!



NY Times: Obama Will Seek to Raise Taxes on Wealthy to Finance Cuts for Middle Class

President Obama will use his State of the Union address Tuesday to call on Congress to raise taxes and fees on the wealthiest taxpayers to finance the tax cuts, administration officials said on Saturday.



Nothing excites the degenerate rabble base of the Demoncrap Party more so than the prospect of "taxing the rich"; as if that was going to make their own envious lives any better. Now comes advance word from Sulzberger's Slimes, evidently "leaked" to the "paper of record" by Obongo's henchmen, that Barry's newest demagogic proposal, to be announced during the oh-so-painful-to-watch 'State of the Union Address', will be aimed at winning the broken hearts and shallow minds of America's steadily shrinking middle class. That's a smart political move because the rabble class is already locked up for the Demoncraps. 

The press breathlessly awaits the arrival of the annual freak show before Congress.

Of course, as is always the case with empty Marxist promises, the math does not quite add up. The article reveals that the tax-hikes on "the rich" are expected to generate an additional $300 Billion to the US Treasury. That should "finance" a lot tax reduction for the middle class, right? Not so fast! Apart from the historical fact that revenue projections are often "pie-in-the-sky' numbers which don't materialize as planned, that $300 Billion, as the fine print tells us, is spread out over 10 years. And the portion to be allocated to middle class tax-cutting is only $170 Billion. That's just $17 Billion per year in alleged tax-cuts; an absolute pittance when you consider that the total middle-class population of America still numbers about 200 million people. And the kicker is that said pittance would never materialize anyway, or at least not as promised.

The tax-hike and tax-cut package is particularly counter-productive and contradictory. From the article:

"a new fee on banks with assets over $50 billion would be used to finance a set of tax breaks for middle-income earners"

Increased bank fees represent higher overhead costs which banks will naturally pass along to those middle-class wage earners that were supposed to have their taxes cut. The dim-wits will then blame the banks for raising fees. Obongo gives with one hand as he takes with the other.

Now comes the social engineering:

"....including a $500 credit for families in which both spouses work."

Ah, the Marxist-Feminist agenda! The illusory "tax cuts" only apply for families in which mommy is a good tax slave. The working husbands of traditional stay-at-home moms (are they any left?), who need the relief most of all, need not apply.

No tax relief for the husbands of these ladies. Obongo to middle class moms: "Get a damn job and hand over your kids to the nearest government-funded daycare center!"

As cowardly and as corrupt as they may be, the Republican'ts in Congress will probably block this scheme; maybe. Obongo knows that and so does the Slimes. The purpose of this empty posturing is to use the State of the Disunion Address to reinforce the illusion that the Demoncraps are the "Party of the people" and the Republican'ts want to starve women, children, the elderly, and now, the middle class.


Homo-Obongo: A dirty rotten deceiving Marxist to his core.



NY Times: 2014 Breaks Heat Record, Challenging Global Warming Skeptics

Extreme land temperatures were accompanied by an unusually warm ocean surface virtually everywhere except around Antarctica, scientists reported.



As we build up toward the big Climate Conference Party in Paris, in December, the big junk-journalism push of the latest the junk-science has already begun. On the heels of yesterday's scare about CO2 "acidified" oceans, today's Slimes has unleashed a massive front page photo-story combo. Yes, sir; the Globalists are harnessing all of their operatives to the task of finally getting "a deal". Sulzberger's Slimes with its influential front page is in the mix. Obongo is in the mix. The CIA's Tibetan agent, the "Dalai Lama", is in the mix. Even the Pinko Pope of Argentinian Marxism has joined the Bolshevik bandwagon and in a very public way.

The joke is on the people of the world.

But a closer look at today's bold, "in-your-face" lie reveals that it is NASA scientists who are making this unexpected claim of 2014 being "the hottest year on record". This is the same NASA, an agency of the Federal government, that once claimed to have images of Saddam Hussein's army massed along the border with Saudi Arabia; a claim which even the warmongering media later dismissed as untrue. Blind belief in NASA's numbers is akin to trusting the Labor Department's laughable figure of 5% unemployment, or the Pentagon's claim of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in this or that country.

The article goes on to reveal that NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, also "independently" issued similar findings to "corroborate" those of NASA's.  Another cited "source" for these dubious claims is the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, a government-linked "environmental think tank" in bed with Merkel's Globalist regime,  the European Commission, and the World Bank. And yet another unnamed "idependent" organization in Britian is due out with its "finding" in the coming weeks. One can only wonder what they'll say!

You see how the game of "climate science" is played? By arranging for multiple groups, all operating under the same Globalist umbrella, to release their numbers "independently", the illusion of a scientific method and a "consensus" can be sold to the public by Sulzberger and friends. This isn't science folks; it's salesmanship!



NY Times: Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study Says

Scientists find what they say are clear signs that humans are beginning to damage oceans on an unprecedented scale.




As if the girly men and mannish women who worship Sulzberger's Slimes didn't already have enough to soil their pink panties about; add the "mass extinction of ocean life" to the melting ice caps, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boku Haram, Vladimir Putin, Ebola, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea and the immortal ghost of Adolf Hitler to the ever-growing list of things that go bump in the night.


 To what do these "scientists" attribute the murder of ocean life, you ask? To Global Warming (TM), of course! The article quotes the ridiculous rant of Dr. Malin Pinsky, a marine biologist and self-described "evolutionary ecologist" at Rutgers University, who co-authored the scary new report:

 “If you cranked up the aquarium heater and dumped some acid in the water, your fish would not be very happy,” Dr. Pinsky said. “In effect, that’s what we’re doing to the oceans.”

Profound Pinsky; absolutely profound. Sublime even!


Wonder boy Pinsky has it all figured out. The acid and aquarium thermometer analogy should earn him a Nobel Prize in Marine Biology.


Pinko Pinsky and friends know that the atmospheric thermometer readings actually do not support Global Warming (TM). Plan B of the Globalist plot to tax carbon and kill the last remnants of national sovereignty is to dive deep under water to concoct a new brand of junk science; the 'CO2-is-killing-the-oceans' scare.

That being said, there is indeed compelling evidence of damage to Pacific Ocean life, but it's not due to Global Warming (TM) or carbon emissions. The meltdown of the Fukushima reactor in Japan appears to be the likely culprit, but neither Pinko Pinsky nor Sulzberger's Slimes have any interest in investigating the adverse effects of that ongoing disaster. The truth just doesn't fit the Slimes' agenda, and it doesn't pay Pinko Pinsky's inflated salary as a tenured Rutgers radical (your humble author's Alma Mater....barf!).


The Fukushima theory is plausible and very intriguing. Instead of wasting his time and our tax money analyzing non-existent Global Warming (TM) and CO2 "acidity", a serious marine biologist with a genuine concern for ocean life would be studying that phenomenon, 




NY Times: Disputed Claims Over Qaeda Role in Paris Attacks

A fuller portrait of the Kouachi brothers has emerged as an international effort is focused on determining who may have been behind the attack on Charlie Hebdo, and what direct role terror organizations may have had in ordering the assault.





From Sulzberger's joke of the day:

"In a video and written statement, the Qaeda branch in Yemen on Wednesday formally claimed responsibility for the deadly assault. It said the target had been chosen by the Qaeda leadership but did not specify which leaders."

How good of 'Al Qaeda in Yemen' to take the time to not only put together a video confession for us, but to put their claims to pen and paper. Your suspicious reporter here was beginning to suspect a false-flag operation. But this video and written "confession" clearly, definitively, conclusively, and indisputably proves otherwise.
This 'Al Qaeda' seems like a Burger King franchise, with an 'al Qaeda in Syria', an 'Al Qaeda in Egypt', an 'Al Qaeda in Yemen' " etc. Whatever happened to ISIS, the new bogeyman on the block? Weren't they the ones we were expecting an attack from? Now the Slimes readers are back to soiling their pink panties over Al Qaeda. What gives?
The article claims that ISIS is actually a "bitter rival" of Al Qaeda; sort of like Coke & Pepsi, one supposes. But then why does the video of the Al Qaeda spokesman have the black ISIS symbol in the background?
This is all so confusing, but then that's part of the trick. The bewildered sheeple are supposed to grow so confused in keeping up with all of these terror groups, affiliates, junior partners, subsidiaries, assigns, successors, transferees, spin-offs and sister organizations that they eventually just stop thinking critically, assuming they ever did to begin with. It's much like a child who struggles so much with his math homework that he eventually just gives up and accepts a "D' grade.


 Confusion by design!


But it's all quite simple really. Al Qaeda, ISIS, Khorasan, Boku Haram and every other "Bogeyman of the Month" is FAKE. These are CIA-Mossad operations led by skilled operatives at the top, supported by armed gangs of mercenaries and dupes among the fighting ranks. Readers of The Anti-New York Times "get it". Sulzberger's thoughtless dupes don't, and never will.


 "Who's on first?"

 "Al Qaeda."

 "I thought you said Al Qaeda was on third."

"No, Boku Haram's on third."




NY Times: Emotion Mixes With Politics as 4 Killed at Paris Market Are Buried in Jerusalem

Thousands of Israelis, many of them recent immigrants from France, gathered to bury the men, who were killed in a hostage-taking last week.


Day 7 of Le Freak Show de Paris (and now Jerusalem) is marked by yet another massive front page photo-article combo on the front page of Sulzberger's Slimes. Break out the violins again. Cue sad music:

"They were buried Tuesday not in the land where they had made their homes but in what was described as their homeland. The funeral for the four Jews killed Friday in a terrorist attack on a kosher market in Paris was at once emotional and political, underscoring the tension roiling in recent days between a call for mass immigration to Israel and a demand to protect diaspora communities."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel repeated his “open arms” invitation to all French Jews, which had set off a backlash over the weekend."


Le Freak Show spins off into Jerusalem as the massacre of Gaza is forgotten.



Wait a second. Why are French Jews being buried in Israel? Are there no Jewish cemeteries in Paris? That's show business for ya!

Satanyahu's "open arms" invitation is also interesting, very interesting. In addition to the standard false flag motive for the staged shootings, namely, to vilify Muslims while generating sympathy for Israel, Bibi's invite calls to mind a long since forgotten series of false flag attacks from the early 1950's, in Iraq. Your intrepid researcher here explains.


Before the exodus of Jews to Israel, there were about 140,000 Iraqi Jews. Most lived in Baghdad, where Jews made up a 15% of the city's population. High Jewish populations also existed in Basra and Mosul.  Earlier Zionists, and the now the Mossad itself, had been promoting Jewish emigration to Israel by using stories of Jewish mistreatment. Between March 1950 and June 1951, about a dozen Jewish targets in Iraq were bombed. In all, about 20 Jews were injured and 4 were killed, including a 12 year old boy. 

Long story short; when the dust had settled, two confirmed activists in the Iraqi Zionist underground were found guilty by an Iraqi court for the bombing and then sentenced to death. Another was sentenced to life imprisonment and seventeen more were given long prison sentences. Clearly, the motive was to encourage Iraqi Jews to immigrate to Israel as part of the ongoing Operation Ezra and Nehemiah - an effort which transported and airlifted between 120,000 and 130,000 Iraqi Jews to Israel.


Iraqi Jews had to be false-flagged into "escaping" to Israel.


Satanyahu wants an infusion of fresh Jewish blood and capital into expansion-minded Israel. It is likely that any French Jews who take him up on his offer will be of the more 'hard-core' Likud Party variety and eager to support his aggressive foreign policy. Historical precedents are very important. If the Zionists could do Iraq bombings of 1950-51, then they surely could have orchestrated the fake attacks on "Charlie Hebdo" and the "kosher market".



Will Bibi's next false-flag be a REAL attack against America?

Slight Family Emergency today. Nothing serious.
The Anti-New York Times will resume publication on Wednesday, January 14.




NY Times: Huge Show of Solidarity in Paris Against Terrorism

More than one million people marched through the French capital with world leaders, who linked arms, in a defiant rally after deadly terrorist attacks.


Coverage of yesterday's Million Moron March in Paris dominates the front page of today's Jew York Slimes - surprise, surprise. The TV-addled throngs "defiantly" marched behind a gang of arm-linked puppet "world leaders" which included, ironically, the preeminent terrorist and false flag specialist in the world, one Bibi Satanyahu. Bibi's antics are reminiscent of those missing child cases we hear about in which the child- killing pedophile will later join the neighborhood search by handing out fliers searching for the already dead child.



Shameless, sanctimonious scum link arms with Satanyahu as they so bravely march in "defiance" of phantom terrorism; followed by malleable mobs of morons.


  Though the rank and file imbeciles of the Parisian mob are oblivious to the underlying reality of Le Freak Show, be assured that Globo-Zionist puppet scum such as Merkel of Germany, Holland of France, Cameron of Britain, and even Abbas of the Palestine Authority know that this is all kosher show business. From the fake blood, to the staged hostage drama, to the dead perps, to the police commissioner who suddenly "committed suicide", this made for TV soap opera is every bit as fake as those bloodless ISIS "beheadings" of CIA agents in orange jumpsuits.


[Image: B6viYn6IYAAul73.jpg]

Fakery, fakery everywhere! Note the clean "bullet holes" through the police car. Where are the hairline cracks? A shot up windshield would not look like this.


Below: An actual case of bullet holes through a police car windshield. Note the fine hairline cracks.



 These are stickers! What a friggin' joke! Is anything real anymore?

Of course, as expected, Sulzberger's Slimes, the rag which enshrined  the phony "Holocaust" narrative after World War II, finds a way to play the Holocaust card in today's article. The article quotes an American marcher based in Paris, Sharon Korman:

 “Terrorism leaves us feeling afraid in our normal, daily lives. If we say, ‘I’m here anyway despite that fear,’ it makes an important statement.” Ms. Korman added that because her mother was a Holocaust survivor, the attack on the Jewish supermarket in eastern Paris, Hyper Cacher, had made a particular impression. She said, “We are here to say ‘No, what happened this week is not O.K.' ”

 Break out the violins and pass the Kleenex tissue! And while we're crying our eyes out for the brief "hostage crisis" at the kosher market, how about a few tears for the 2,000 Palestinian civilians that Satanyahu exterminated in Gaza a few months ago. Or the 1 million Iraqis killed in Zionism's war on Iraq? Or the 100,000 (and counting) who have died in the Zionist proxy war on Syria? What do you say, Ms. Korman? Let's spread the love......(Crickets)



Why no Million Moron March for the REAL terror victims of Gaza? (and Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and Syria, and east Ukraine and...)



NY Times: French Premier Declares ‘War’ on Radical Islam as Paris Girds for Rally

Law enforcement officials appealed to the public to help find Hayat Boumeddiene, the girlfriend of Amedy Coulibaly, who took hostages at a kosher supermarket.


Now in its 4th consecutive day of front page, anti-Muslim hysteria over the false-flag 'Charlie Hebdo' newspaper shooting, Sulzberger's kosher Slimes quotes French Prime Minister Manuel Valls:

"It is a war against terrorism, against jihadism, against radical Islam, against everything that is aimed at breaking fraternity, freedom, solidarity."  

 The French government will deploy 500 additional troops on the streets amid preparations for a giant unity rally in Paris today. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and  Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain are scheduled to be there. Other foreign officials who have said they would be at the rally include the Globalist puppet-traitor, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestine Authority and, of course, the man of the hour, the one who orchestrated the bloody farce (or was it another Sandy Hook), Prime Minister Benjamin Satanyahu of Israel. Nice theatric touch having the "suspects" take "hostages" in a kosher market, Bibi. That ought to silence that anti-Israel chorus that had been gaining such momentum in France.


And here's the kicker. The article reveals that there is now "99% certain" that Hayat Boumeddiene, the fugitive female of this alleged terror gang, has escaped to, Syria. How convenient. "Hand her over, Assad, or else!", is that it? After doing a stint in Syria, perhaps the script writers can have her pop up again in Iran, or North Korea? Like that Jewish Hollywood song used to say: "There's no business like show business."


Suckers and chumps, played for fools again and again.




NY Times: Economy Up, G.O.P. Wants a Little Credit

How both parties finesse an economic recovery that is clearly gathering steam will have major ramifications for the coming presidential election cycle.


Since the "green shoots" of 2009, Sulzberger's Slimes has been selling the myth of the Obongo economic recovery. It was a lie then; and it's an even bigger lie today. The only thing "gathering steam" is the stinking pile of Marxist manure that constitutes this article. Now comes word that the Republicant Party  "wants a little credit" for the mythical recovery. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell actually attributes the "recovery" to the recent November elections. Seriously! Hear it from the crooked mouth of the creepy Kentucky corpse himself:


“The uptick appears to coincide with the biggest political change of the Obama administration’s long tenure in Washington: the expectation of a new Republican Congress.”


What a creey-looking dude!


Here is a reality check for Sulzberger, Homo-Obongo and mummified McConnell:


  • The real rate of unemployment, factoring in long term "discouraged" workers and part-timers seeking full-time work, hovers at frightening Depression Era levels of 20%.
  • The real rate of inflation when we factor in food and rents is about 5%, with wages and bank interest rates flat.
  • The number of people relying on SNAP (Food Stamps) is roughly equal to the population of Spain (about 47 million!)
  • The number of people receiving SSI Disability (many being perfectly healthy) is roughly equivalent to the poluation of Greece (about 12 million)
  • Most of the new jobs "created" are government "make work" jobs or part-time jobs.
  • More Americans now work for the parasitical government and in low-paying retail than in manufacturing or technology.
  • Millions of college grads have been living in mom's basement for years, working at low paying jobs not requiring any education. 
  • The ratio of renters to home-owners has increased year over year for the past 6 years.
  • Homeless shelters and soup kitchens are swamped with unusually high numbers of desperate people.
  • The National Debt has swelled from 11 Trillion to 18 Trillion during the course of this "recovery".



The levels of true unemployment and jobless college debt-grads remain massive; and the Slimes knows it!


America is still the "land of opportunity" for many, but the days of broad-based prosperity where everyone had a decent shot of starting a family and enjoying a comfortable life are over. If that's a "recovery", then Moochelle Obongo is Ms. Universe, or shall we say Mr. Universe?

But for the blood-sucking, stock-holding class, the economy is indeed doing very well. All of this Jewish confetti that the Fed's Zionist bubble-machine has pumped into the rigged stock market has swelled the portfolios of money-junkie scum like George Sorrows and Warren Buffoon. When the time is right, expect these insiders to "cash in their chips" while the 401K owners of America are left holding paper. At which time, the money junkies will come back into the market, buy up the devalued crap at pennies on the dollar, and optimistically sing the praises of the coming "recovery".


A great "recovery for Obongo-loving money-junkie "liberals" like Buffoon & Sorrows, but not for others.



NY Times: Obama Plan Would Help Many Go to Community College Free

The initiative, which would expand educational opportunities for millions of Americans, is another attempt by the president to address the income inequality that has persisted in the United States despite the economic rebound.



Sing it with me, Sulzberger! "Here comes Obongo Claus, here comes Obongo Claus, right down Martin Luther King Blvd." 

With the National Debt over $18 trillion and unfunded liabilities above 80 trillion, Obongo Claus is fixing to address "income inequality" by adding a few billion dollars more debt for two free years of, what is for the most part, useless community college. Ironically, inexpensive 2-year community colleges are already accessible to all. It is the 4-year colleges and universities that are brutally raping today's young people and their parents. You see, when it comes to feathering their own nests, the elitist scum of Marxist academia are quite the "greedy capitalists".

 The Anti-New York Times plan for affordable college education would open up competition by abolishing the government protection racket known as "college accreditation" and allowing the market to work its magic. If a group of engineers wants to open up a small school for about 50 engineering students, let them do it. If a retired accountant wants to take an apprentice under his wing and groom him to pass a CPA exam, let him. If a law student wants to self educate himself online in preparation for a Bar exam, more power to him.

As long as the graduates of Frank & Mark's Engineering School, or Bill's one-on-one CPA apprenticeship, or Pete's bedroom can all pass a rigorous, standardized competency exam (put together industry professionals), who bloody cares about "state accreditation" or how they obtained their knowledge? Your humble reporter here did not major in history or philosophy. Yet, I can assure you that I know more about those subjects than 99% of the diploma decorated D-Heads vomited out by our nation's "finest universities".






 The Great One also proved that self education is the best education.



 As a society, we also need to stop preaching this despicable elitist rotgut that every child must pursue "higher education". Not only are some kids simply not "college material", but there is a good and proud living to be made in pursuing certain in-demand trades. Unpaid apprenticeships, free of minimum wage requirements, should be encouraged in this area.

These are the types of creative, monopoly-busting reforms needed to address the crisis of skyrocketing tuition costs and eternal student loan debt. Watch how fast and how far college costs start to plummet when many students start self-educating or apprenticing under individuals or prospective employers! Thousands of tenured, 6-figured radicals would soon find themselves unemployed as bloated budgets get slashed by market forces.

But don't expect Homo-Obongo to ever pursue such common sense solutions. You see, academia, along with government, Hollywood and the media, is a key part of America's PRC (Predatory Rulling Class). Marxist brainwashing of our children is not enough for them. They want the tuition money too.


Let's "bail out" our young people!

Slash student loan debt to .30 on the dollar and abolish all future student-usury.



NY Times: One Suspect Surrenders in Attack on French Newspaper; Two Others at Large

Stéphane Charbonnier, the editor, was among the victims.

NY Times: Proud to Offend, Charlie Hebdo Carries Torch of Political Provocation

The struggling satirical paper was once firebombed, but it continued to amuse and horrify, taking pride in offending one and all.

NY Times: ‘Dangerous Moment’ for Europe, as Fear and Resentment Grow

The strike against the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo seems certain to accelerate the growth of anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe.


By now, well-informed readers of The Anti-New York Times do not need your humble reporter here to suggest that yesterday's "Muslim" terror attack in Paris was a false-flag operation. In the vernacular of today's youth, "Duh". Nonetheless, because this story dominates the front page of today's issue of Sulzberger's Slimes, let's review what we do know so far.


Members of Sydney's French community gather in the heart of the city to hold aloft banners reading "Je Suis Charlie" (I am Charlie) on January 8, 2015, in tribute to the victims killed after gunmen opened fire in the offices of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo  in Paris the day before. (AFP Photo/Peter Parks)

That was fast! Professionally made sympathy signs and "spontaneous" demonstrations spring up overnight.


It was only last month that the lower house of the French parliament voted to recognize Palestine and support its bid for statehood (if one can even call the few remaining scrapsof the original Palestine a "state", that is). Palestine is now accusing Israel of genocide in the International Criminal Court. With the Jewish Globalists (Soros, Kissinger) clearly at odds with the trouble-making Jewish Zionists, Bibi Satanyahu & friends are now on the defensive.

Suddenly, right on cue, an "Islamic" terrorist event occurs in Paris. Was this a Mossad message to France? Consider the recent precedents.

In 2011, the youth wing of Norway's Labor Party was set to impose sanctions on Israel. Suddenly, the leadership of the Party's youth wing was professionaly murdered in an operation falsely blamed on the good ole "lone gunman", one Anders Breivik - a "neo-Nazi" of course!

In late 2013, a Malaysian Tribunal found Israel guilty of genocide. In early 2014, not one, but two, Malaysian airliners fell out of the sky (or was the one that went missing over the Indian Ocean the same one that was shot down over Ukraine?).

A kosher Hollywood script: the "lone nut Nazi gunman" killed 77 Norwegians all by himself. Yeah, right!

Apart from the recent historical precedents, this latest attack raises questions for its own reasons. First of all, why was a camera so well-placed ahead of time to film the event? Why were the attackers dressed in military gear? How did they escape so easily? These questions, plus the fact that Zionist mouthpieces are already "making hay" out of the attacks by attacking the anti-Zionists of France, strongly point to "the usual suspects".

Always remember these two undeniable truths:

1- Every, and I mean every, "Islamic" terror attack hurts the cause of the Palestinians.

2- Every, and I mean every, "Islamic" terror attack helps the cause of the Zionists.

You do the math.



Israel's shocking history of staging false-flag attacks is thoroughly exposed in: 'Stranger Than Fiction: An Independent Investigation of the True Culprits Behind 9-11"

RELATED: "Defy Israel; Lose an Airliner"



NY Times: Same-Sex Pairs in Florida Say Jubilant ‘I Dos’

Only six years ago, Florida passed a constitutional amendment ban on gay marriage, garnering 62 percent of the vote.


The Homo-Slimes never misses an opportunity to shove the sodomite lifestyle down the throats of its readers. Of course, a good portion of those Manhattan readers are known to rather enjoy having things shoved......never mind; this is a family newspaper. There is no reason to publish this filth on the front page other than to desensitize America to the abominable spectacle of "same-sex marriage'.

 Oh, how far the Judaized West has fallen! Your intrepid reporter here at The Anti-New York Times recalls his college days from the 1980's, when even campus libtards scoffed at the seldom-heard prediction that "gays in the military" was just a first step toward the day when men would be allowed to "marry" other men and adopt children. "Oh such a thing will never happen. You conservatives are just fear-mongering."


America's "slippery-slope" to Sodom & Gomorrah started with baby-steps.


'Slippery slope' arguments, though frequently misapplied by amateur debaters, are often logically valid. To a typical American in 1985, a 30-year forecast of "homosexual marriage" and "gay adoption" seemed as outlandish then, as a forecast of coming bestiality brothels and regulated pedophilia does now. Indeed, "progressive" nations such as Germany and Denmark are already allowing "erotic zoos" to flourish. For a fee, any deranged lunatic come walk in and legally have his way with a tied-up dog, sheep, llama, or goat. As goes Europe, soon follows America.

The 'slippery slope' is REAL! In Germany (l) and Denmark (r), dog rape is now an "alternative lifestyle"


And speaking of America, it is now an uncontested "open secret" that Hollywood is infested with abusive pedophile producers. The fact that the Los Angeles Police Department and Sulzberger's Slimes seem to have zero interest in investigating the numerous allegations is clear evidence of a growing "tolerance" for this wicked abomination. But call out some Hollywood A-Lister an "anti-Semite" (Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen) and see how fast the pinko piranha press comes a feedin' on his behind!


Yes, the 'slippery slope' is very real, dear readers. When we look back at where we were, and compare it to where we are now, one can only imagine what forms of degeneracy will appear on the front page of "the paper of record" 30 years hence. And it all started with relatively mild images of Elvis gyrating his torso and a gust of subway wind blowing up Marilyn's skirt!




Now grown up, former Hollywood child star Corey Feldman went public with allegations that he and a fellow child star had been raped by various Hollywood producers.




 NY Times: Harvard Ideas on Health Care Hit Home, Hard

While Harvard professors oppose changes that will raise their health care costs, the university says the increases are in part a result of the Affordable Care Act, which many Harvard experts championed.


What delicious irony! The overpaid, underworked commie-pinkos of Harvard have got their pink panties up in a bunch over an ObongoCare-linked increase in cost of their health care coverage. In the theoretical fantasy world of the Ivy League intellectual, a zillion page government decree was supposed to have provided 100% quality coverage for 100% of the people, and not cost anybody anything at anytime. Now, when reality has burst their Bolshevik bubble, the libtards are crying to momma.

 From the article:


"For years, Harvard’s experts on health economics and policy have advised presidents and Congress on how to provide health benefits to the nation at a reasonable cost. But those remedies will now be applied to the Harvard faculty, and the professors are in an uproar.

Members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the heart of the 378-year-old university, voted overwhelmingly in November to oppose changes that would require them and thousands of other Harvard employees to pay more for health care."



Professor Egghead is actually shocked that a government scheme isn't living up to its expectations.


It's unusual to see Sulzberger's Slimes running what appears to be a moderately anti-ObongoCare piece, but that's probably part of the greater game. The planned unpopularity of the cumbersome scheme will eventually lead to calls for a much simpler system; "single-payer" HillaryCare, anybody? 

Homo-Obongo will not take today's attack on ObongoCare personally. The plan bearing his name was meant to become unpopular and fail spectacularly, to be eventually replaced by a straight-up government system. From the dirty stinking lying mouth of then Senator Obongo:

 "I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer universal health care program. I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its gross national product on health care, cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. And that's what Jim is talking about when he says everybody in, nobody out. A single-payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. That's what I’d like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately." 


As more and more of these unexpected little surprises of ObongoCare are discovered, expect Sulzberger's Slimes to ratchet up the negativity over the next few years; setting the stage for President Killary (hat-tip to 'Tom' for coining that phrase) to move America towards a British-style communist heath-care system - KillaryCare. Don't get sick, dear readers. Don't get sick!.




Killary's crocodile tears of phony concern for the uninsured may soon land her in the White House again. Next time around, the Clinton's wouldn't have any problem in converting the transitional ObongoCare into the Communist KillaryCare.







 NY Times: Home Schooling: More Pupils, Less Regulation

Known for one of the strictest home-school laws in the nation, Pennsylvania has relaxed some requirements, and that has brought it to the forefront in a lobbying war.


Even the most dedicated public school teacher can never match the motivation level of a home-schooling parent. After all, nobody can love a child more than the parent. Furthermore, one-on-one attention is obviously superior to 1 on 20, or 1 on 30 attention. Given that even the most obedient government worshipper will acknowledge that the typical home-schooled child is far better educated and much more mature than the typical inmate of a government asylum, what is it exactly that Sulzberger's Slimes wants to "regulate"? What is this "lobbying" that they are whining about? If anything, it should be the inferior government schools seeking regulatory advice from the home-schooling parents!


No public elementary school teacher can love you like your mom!


Globalists and Marxist absolutely hate the phenomenon of home-schooling. In certain European nations, the practice is even illegal. Now this demonic disdain for home-schooling has nothing to do with concern over the child's welfare. No, it's all about control over the child's mind and the breaking down of his moral code. The Globalists don't want critical thinkers with a conscience. What they want is a class of useless, dumbed-down, sex-obsessed, immoral sheep; and separate classes of specialized idiots who are just smart enough to keep the economy running at all levels, yet dumb enough to swallow all the putrid propaganda and mendacious manure that the media will spoon-feed them as adults.



The incomparable David Dees speaks a 1000 words with his depiction of public education.


Fortunately, the insidious movement to regulate and eventually ban home-schooling has not gained much traction in America. The Anti-New York Times is happy and proud to report that a handful of home-schooling parents are using the History lessons and periodic updates featured at TomatoBubble.com to teach their children. On behalf of the enlightened children of TomatoBubble, we wish to say, "Hey Sulzberger! Go regulate your mamma!"



Slime Magazine asks: "Is Home-Schooling Good for America?" The answer is yes; but it is certainly not good for Globalists, Marxists, Degenerates, Brain-Washers, Atheists, Pornographers and Homosexual Activists.





NY Times: Ukraine Leader Was Defeated Even Before He Was Ousted

President Viktor F. Yanukovych was not so much overthrown as cast adrift by his own allies, and Western officials were just as surprised by the meltdown as anyone else.


Even by the low standards of one of The Slimes' principal Russia-bashers, the Jew Andrew Kramer, this monstrous lie behind this story is shocking to the senses. There is no subtlety or sleight of hand here, at all. The claim that Yanukovich of Ukraine "was not so much overthrown as cast adrift" is just a bold, in-your-face, lie; as comical as it is mendacious. If you have ever read, or seen the movie, "Mutiny on the Bounty', understand that Kramer's crap would be like saying that Captain William Bligh "was not so much overthrown" by a mutiny. He was just "cast adrift" in a lifeboat, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with minimal provisions and thousands of miles from civilization. (The real Captain Bligh eventually made it to Timur and returned to England. Yanukovich remains exiled in Russia.)



"This isn't actually an overthrow Captain. We are only casting you adrift."


What follows is a step-by-step, crash course review of what really happened from November 2013 to March, 2014:

  • Putin's ally Yanukovich announces that Ukraine will no longer seek EU membership.
  • "Spontaneous" CIA & NGO rent-a-mobs gather in Kiev's main square, The Maidan.
  • John McCain arrives to fire up the helmet-wearing mob.
  • Weakling Yanukovich invites CIA & Mossad "opposition" puppets into his government and announces early elections.
  • Neo-Con Queen Victoria Nuland-Kagan arrives to hand pick Yanukovich's successors.
  • The western Yellow Press falsely accuses Yanukovich of "human rights violations".
  • Protesters start dropping like flies from false-flag sniper-fire, blamed on Yanukovich.
  • The mercenaries and dupes turn violent as western pressure builds for Yanukovich to step down. Their rallying cry is "Kill Yanukovich".
  • Fearing for their own safety, many of Yanukovich's allies join CIA puppet politicians in abandoning him.
  • An arrest warrant for murder is issued by the traitorous acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, the husband of a banksterette .
  • Fearing for his life, Yanukovich flees for Russia as trespassers invade his private home.



Ignore the intense U.S. pressure from McCain the Insane and his bought-and-paid-for puppets. Ignore the violent mercenary mob. Yanukovich was merely "cast adrift".


Kramer bloody damn well KNOWS the true story of the Kiev coup. But according to his revisionist, Orwellian history, Yanukovich "was not so much overthrown as cast adrift". The liar further adds: "Western officials were surprised by the meltdown". Yes, McCain & Nuland must have been absolutely shocked by Yanukovich's sudden departure. Evidently, they had only arrived in Kiev for  vacation.



It's wicked little false stories like this that make your enraged reporter here at The Anti-New York Times daydream about taking the 30-minute bus-ride into New York, walking across 8th Ave upon exiting the Port Authority terminal, entering the Times Building, taking to elevator up to the newsroom, tracking down Mr. Kramer, and then "casting him adrift" out of a 50th story window.

Upon arrest I could declare: "Officer. I didn't really throw that lying sack of slime out the window. I just "cast him adrift."

Fear not, dear readers. I would never act on such a pleasant daydream. Too many people are depending on me to keep this website running.


Dirty, stinking, filthy, warmongering LIAR should cast himself adrift!





NY Times: More Sanctions on North Korea After Sony Case

The Obama administration doubled down on its allegation that North Korea’s leadership was behind the hacking of Sony Pictures.


The computer-hacking accusations leveled at North Korea are so transparently false that even many within the propaganda press and government have had to let go of this latest false-flag Hollywood stunt. Undeterred, Team Obongo is going ahead with a fresh batch of sanctions anyway. Now Sulzberger is far too clever to risk his "reputation" by directly supporting such ridicuolus false charges and unjust sanctions. The journalistic magic trick here is to ignore the evidence to the contrary while stating that it is the Obongo gang, not the Slimes, that is "doubling down on its allegation".



Sulzberger's journalistic magic tricks are subtle and deceiving.


You see, the real front-page blockbuster story here should be that North Korea was framed for a false-flag cyber attack and that the U.S. took down their Internet access and is imposing sanctions in response. The implications of this reality are enormous and should, in a normal society, be enough to take down a President and trigger a Congressional as well as an international investigation. But then again, we don't live in a normal society, do we?

Although the majority of people who even attempt to follow current events now doubt this Sony hacking story, there doesn't seem to be any outrage, at all, over such criminal conduct on America's part. This shows that even if public stupidity can be overcome from time to time, the moral apathy of our friends, family and neighbors remains an insurmountable obstacle.

For example, in spite of the corrupt newsmedia, most people know by now that Bush I and Bush II lied America into unjust wars and sanctions which caused the deaths of as many as one million innocent people and ran up huge domestic debts. And yet, here we are again headed for a potential 3rd Bush Presidency! Most people know that Bill & the Hildebeast are ambitious, fake-ass lying skunks. And yet, here we are again headed for a potential 2nd Clinton Presidency. As for Obongo, it doesn't seem to bother many people, neither on the "right" nor the "left", that a U.S. President is clearly lying about a cyber attack on Sony.

The sorry state of American public intelligence is not new. Many U.S. Presidents since Abe Lincoln have been scamming the public up and down for 150 years now. But in the past, on those rare occasions when a President was known to be straight-up lying and scheming, there would at least be a moral backlash (FDR, 1938, Lyndon Johnson 1968, Richard Nixon 1973). In today's Internet based news cycle, Presidents, and the press, often get caught lying. The trouble is, very few in post-moral America care anymore. This absence of moral indignation - what Hitler used to refer to as "holy hatred" - over openly criminal conduct in government is, in and of itself, a passive form of immorality that afflicts otherwise decent people. Unfortunately, it's only to get worse.



 Kim Jung Un asked his friend, basketball legend Dennis Rodman, to tell Obongo that he wants to have talks with him. Rodman later referred to then Secretary of State Hildebeast and Homo-Obongo as "assholes" for their diplomatic aggression towards North Korea.

Instead of talking, Obongo sets up a false-flag attack and imposes new sanctions. "Assholes" indeed! 



Judy Clarke, the defense lawyer for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has so far been rebuffed in her bids to reach a plea deal for her client.

 NY Times: Boston Is Eager to Begin Marathon Bombing Trial, and to End It

Not since Sept. 11, 2001, has an act of terrorism wreaked such havoc on an American city. Now, the trial of alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is set to begin as the nation watches.

 In many ways, the scam of the Boston Non-Bombing, aka The Boston Smoke Bomb, was even more obvious than the 9/11 false-flag. Fortunately, the "deaths" and the "injuries" in Boston were fake. With the rigged "trial" of the framed-up patsy coming up, now is a good time to review The Phony Photos of the Boston Non-Bombing.

This 'victim's' clothes were shredded by shrapnel, and yet there is not one scratch on him! Flying 'ball bearings' would have punched tiny holes through the clothes and embedded in the flesh. For this phony photo, vertical linear incisions were made so that his clothes could be ripped apart for dramatic effect.



Left: The man on his back is Jeff Bauman (brown hair/green shirt sleeves). BOTH of Bauman's legs were allegedly blown clean off. Pay attention to the Black lady on top of him (and her CLEAN white shirt), and the shady looking man with the hood and sunglasses above her.



Bauman 'bleeds' out badly - about a gallon! (like red paint / fake blood). But his stub remains clean, and there is no torn flesh! Why is no one even paying attention to him? Notice that the Black woman with the clean white shirt, and the hooded man with sunglasses, are no longer in the picture. They were the ones on top of Bauman, covering him up while removing his prosthetic legs! Where did Bauman's missing legs end up anyway???


And notice how clean the Black lady's white shirt is.
The 'bomb' was placed on the sidewalk. So why are the store windows blown outward, instead of inward? Three people allegedly died, 17 were allegedly in critical condition, and more than 200 people in total were allegedly injured. This photo shows the 'ground zero' of the 'bombing'. Where do you see 200 people? Where do you see 17 critically wounded. Where are the 3 that supposedly died? Focus on the blonde woman sitting up, the man holding a cowboy hat, the black lady with the white shirt, and our shady friend who's just 'hangin out' now. Where did legless Jeff Bauman run away to?



Panoramic view of the 'bombing' aftermath: ALL of the 'victims' are concentrated in one small area of the block. Where do you see the 3 dead, 17 critical, and 200 + who were 'injured'? And why are there STILL no ambulances present?


"Oh well. My legs just got severed off. It is what it is."

Tough pro football players agonize with leg injuries.

For someone who just had BOTH of his legs 'blown off', and who has bled out what appears to be a gallon of 'blood' (paint) , Jeff Bauman sure looks calm and composed as he is later being led away in a wheelchair, with the help of 'The Cowboy' (where did he suddenly come from?) Why is 'Bloodless Bauman' not passed out? Why is he not drenched in blood?  Why would he be physically picked up, manhandled, and placed in a wheelchair instead of a stretcher? Does this photo seem strange to you? On the right, notice how an NFL player AGONIZES over a knee injury - a bit less traumatic than an instant double amputation with a gallon of 'blood loss', don't ya think?



            Healthy looking Jeff is all smiles and 'thumbs up' , just days after his legs were 'blown off' and gallons of his 'blood' were lost. The 'hero' Cowboy is on the left.



You're busted Jeff...or is it 'Nick"! Same long lean body type, Same color hair with same part on the side. Same facial structure. Same double-amputee injury.






Nicole Gross was featured on the cover of the NY Daily News. She was allegedly hit by the impact of the bomb, suffering a broken leg and ankle in the process. She also suffered torn skin and her Achilles' tendon was severed. Does this look like the face of a woman who just had her leg broken, her ankle broken, and her Achilles tendon severed (ouch!)?  Notice the lack of blood on her arms in the spots where her shirt was torn. She has some theatric dust on her legs, nothing more.







Notice how figure skater Nancy Kerrigan reacted to a relatively mild shin fracture (caused by a hitman wielding a bat). Though no doubt a painful blow, Kerrigan's injury was far less painful than the multiple injuries which Nicole Gross allegedly endured. See the difference in their reaction?



                        Above is our lady friend again, who we earlier saw laying on top of legless Bauman while wearing a clean white shirt. Now her white shirt, and her forehead, are suddenly drenched in 'blood' as she puts on her best 'in shock' face for the camera. Notice how she is strapped into on a stretcher wheras double-amputee Bauman was hoisted on a wheelchair.


The bomb detonated by the flags. So why are no less than THREE cops in this photo (1 in foreground, others in background) running AWAY from the injured people?...And why did this particular runner fall down after the blast when all the other runners did not? This 'iconic' photo is a staged phony.


The day after the non-bombing, the unusualy bright red color of the spilled 'blood' has still not changed. Spilled blood quickly begins to turn brownish-red as it dries. Try spilling a few drops of your own blood on the sidewalk, and see what color it turns! THIS IS CLEARLY RED PAINT.         
(Nice little propaganda touch with the U.S. flag.....  "USA!...USA!.... USA!'...Let's bomb them Muslims!")

 The Boston Non-Bombing: Directed by Hollywood?

Could this 'first responder' actually be Steven Spielberg?


Legendary Director Steven Spielberg
A Spielberg cameo appearance?







NY Times: Crash of AirAsia Flight 8501 Spotlights Indonesia’s Poor Air Safety Record

There are renewed concerns that Indonesia cannot keep up with the growing popularity of air travel as incomes rise and low-cost carriers multiply.



Last week marked the 10-year anniversary of the great Asian Tsunami which devastated Indonesia on December 26, 2004. Just two days after the media-hyped anniversary of what many believe was the result of an atomic 'Tsunami Bomb' detonated near an underwater fault, another tragedy struck Indonesia. Indonesian Air Asia flight QZ 8501 suddenly disappeared with 162 passengers and crew in board. No distress signal was issued and no cause has been determined. Adding to the mystery are bizarre images of what purport to be "floating bodies" and the usual dry-eyed, fake-crying crisis actors.


Live Indonesian television news footage showed at least one corpse floating in the water earlier today http://si.wsj.net/public/resources/images/BN-GF101_1230IN_P_20141230035917.jpg

1- Did this dude strip down to his underwear as the plane was descending? Or maybe he was in the middle of joining the "Mile High Club" when a bomb went off.

2- Indonesian man on CIA payroll does his best 'Sandy Hook' hand-to-the-mouth crying routine for the ubiquitous cameras.


This terrorist disaster, and also the missing Malaysian Airliner from last spring (which later turned up in Ukraine?) have adversely impacted the reputation and stock price of both the Malaysian and Indonesian Airlines. The scribbling scumbags at Sulzberger's Slimes, those armchair experts on aviation, are today compounding the controversy by citing "renewed concerns" (by whom?) questioning the competence of Indonesian Airlines.
Could the nuclear-caused Tsunami of 2004 and last week's air disaster have been the work of the U.S.-Israel Axis of Evil? That shouldn't be too hard to figure out. You see, Muslim Indonesians have a very negative view of Israel. Indonesia (like Malaysia) has also become very close with the Russia-China trade bloc. A headline from this past week's 'New Straits Times' (Malaysia) proclaims: "Russia, China eyeing cooperation in Indonesia." 
Chinese President Jinping, Indonesian President Bambang, and Putin front and center in Indonesia, 2013
 The New World Order is very worried about Muslim-majority Indonesia - a business-friendly and rapidly developing trade region with 250,000,000 people. As the aforementioned 'New Straits Times' piece explained:

"Envoys from Russia and China paid a visit to Indonesia’s coordinating minister for the economy, Sofyan Djalil, last Monday in an effort to scout for a stronger economic cooperation and discuss potential infrastructure development."
It's an all-too-familiar and oh-so-predictable pattern. Defy the Globo-Zionist crime syndicate, and weird "accidents" suddenly happen. 

Project Seal (The Tsunami Bomb)  was a programme by the New Zealand military to develop a weapon that could create tsunamis. This weapon was tested off the coast of Auckland between 1944-1945. British and US defence chiefs were eager to see it developed. The weapon was only tested using small explosions and never on a full scale.