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By Mike King

"All The News That Sulzberger's  Propaganda Rag  Saw Fit To Distort"

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 Does Iran’s anti-Semitism run too deep for deterrence?




We break away from rebutting Sulzberger's Slimes today to instead respond to an opinion piece  that recently appeared in the almost-as-influential Washington Compost - and was carried by many other newspapers nationwide.

Readers / subscribers to The Anti-New York Times are constantly sending in E-mail items or ideas that they want your intrepid reporter and his feline sidekick here to research and write about. It's impossible to accommodate most of these requests while maintaining The Anti-New York Times, regular TomatoBubble updates and periodic books and booklets. So, please don't take it personally if we don't respond to your suggestion.

However, one recent request, from reader 'K.D.' really caught our attention. He asked us to rebut one of nationally syndicated columnist George Will's recent hit pieces -- insisting that it was exceptionally bad and must not go unchallenged. So, out of respect and curiosity, we took a look, even though there wasn't any intention of doing a full scale, patented Mike & Sugar the Cat smack-down.

Well, just a few lines into Will's putrid piece of propaganda, we quickly realized that K.D. wasn't kidding! Even by the low standards of that grossly overrated sophist, his pseudo-psychoanalysis on Hitlerian & Iranian "anti-Semitism" TM really floored us. It's time for this erudite egghead, this pompous propagandist, this odious orator, to be taken to TomatoBubble's woodshed, and spanked with a barb-wired verbal cable until he cries for that bitch of an elitist mother who raised such a deceitful little warmongering psychopath.

Hazmat suits on everybody -- into George Will's cesspool we go!


Sophist: A well-spoken person who reasons with clever but fallacious arguments 

RELATED: Mike King's explanation of sophistry and 2014 smack-down of George Will (here)


The silver-tongued bow-tied bull-shiner is about to get a vicious beat down.



Does Iran’s anti-Semitism run too deep for deterrence?

By GEORGE WILL    October 30, 2015


Nazi party members salute Adolf Hitler, in left first row, during a 1938 meeting in Berlin. (Associated Press)


PHOTO ANALYSIS: We think the photo, which opens for the Will piece, is awesome. But in the reactive minds of millions of pink panty-wetting worshippers of American newspapers, the Washington Compost's manipulative linking of The Great One to a story about Iran's "anti-Semitism" TM serves the purpose of "proving" Iran's evil intentions. What a dirty way to set the table for the written filth that is to follow.

WILL: Yale University historian Timothy Snyder is indebted to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who recently made Snyder’s new book even more newsworthy than his extraordinary scholarship deserves to be.

ANALYSIS: There are four affiliations that you need to be aware of regarding this 'historian', Professor Timothy Snyder (cough cough), that Will is puffing-up.

1. Yale   2. London School of Economics and Politics   3. Oxford   4. Harvard

In short, sight unseen, we already know that Snyder produces Globalist-Zionist garbage.


http://images.randomhouseimages.co.uk/9781847923493-large.jpg http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51kQzdQDyVL._SX316_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

Ivy League "scholars" like Timothy Snyder are a dime-a-dozen deceivers.


WILL: And Netanyahu is indebted to Snyder, whose theory of Hitler’s anti-Semitism is germane to two questions: Is the Iranian regime’s anti-Semitism rooted, as Hitler’s was, in a theory of history that demands genocide?

ANALYSIS: "Hitler-Hitler-Hitler." Oh if your pan-handling reporter here had a Federal Reserve Note for every time one of these seditious scribblers dropped Hitler's name!

The fact if the matter is -- Hitler, Hitler, Hitler never spoke nor wrote in favor of "genocide". His racialist theory of history did indeed call for the preservation of the Aryan peoples, but never did he "demand genocide" of other peoples. If Will and Snyder want to find an example of people "demanding genocide", then perhaps they ought to dust off an Old Testament (Book of Esther, for example) or find a translated version of the Talmud.

Theodore Kaufman's 1939 'Germany Must Perish' will also do the trick.

Who wants genocide?


WILL: If so, when Iran becomes a nuclear power, ...

ANALYSIS: Georgie, we have been hearing that same old song about Iran "becoming a nuclear power" for the past 30 years now. Just stop it already! Even most specimens of Boobus Americanus as well as many Jews are openly laughing at this 'conspiracy theory' of Iran's imminent nuking of nuclear-armed and U.S.- protected Israel.

WILL: ... can it be deterred from its announced determination to destroy Israel?

ANALYSIS: We must have missed the grand "announcement". Georgie-girl; please quote and source for us this "announced determination to destroy Israel". Do it NOW! -- Thank you.

(And don't even go there with that deliberately misquoted / mistranslated "wipe Israel off the map" nonsense.)

WILL: Netanyahu recently asserted, again, that a Palestinian cleric was important in Hitler’s decision to murder European Jews. Netanyahu said that on Nov. 28, 1941, when Hitler supposedly preferred to expel Europe’s Jews rather than exterminate them, Haj Amin al-Husseini, grand mufti of Jerusalem, met with Hitler and urged him to “burn them.”

ANALYSIS: George, your boy Bibi Satanyahu was scoffed at - again, even by many Jews - for making such a baseless claim about what the Grand Mufti said to Hitler, Hitler, Hitler. You're not seriously giving any credence to that warmongering nutter's claims, are you?

WILL: Certainly the mufti favored genocide; he certainly was not important in initiating it.

ANALYSIS: You use the definitive word: "certainly". How do you know that "certainly, the Mufti favored genocide"? Were you at the meeting? Can you produce an actual tape-recording or stenographer transcript of the Hitler-Mufi conversation? Offer evidence NOW or speak no further!



Funny -- but neither Will nor Satanyahu appears to have been present at the Hitler-Mufti meeting. Perhaps 6-month-old baby Georgie is hiding behind the Mufti's chair?


WILL: Mass murder — the Holocaust — accompanied the German army, especially after the September 1939 outbreak of war, and especially after the June 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union.

ANALYSIS:  Notice how Will, after having slickly preceded his lie with the word "certainly", smoothly transitions away from the subject of the Hitler-Mufti conversation. Dim-witted readers will roll on with a foundational lie embedded in their subconscious. Again, Georgie-girl, we must insist, -- produce an actual transcript of the Hitler-Mufi conversation NOW!

WILL: Granted, it was not until the January 1942 Wansee Conference that the “final solution” became explicit.

ANALYSIS: Actually, George, there was NOTHING "explicit" about the Wansee Conference and its use of the vague term “final solution” (to the Jewish Question). For example, a boss and his advisers may speak of "a final solution to the question of John Doe" - a poorly performing employee. John Doe may soon be fired, but that doesn't mean they are going to murder him!



The "Final Solution" was a reference to the expulsion of Jews from Europe and their resettlement in sunny Madagascar. Many Jews were actually excited about the idea! (here)


WILL: But by the time Hitler met the mufti, approximately 700,000 Soviet Jews had been shot.

ANALYSIS: Where are the bodies? Where are the mass graves? Ya got anything  more credible than the shock claims of Stalin's 'Extraordinary Commission', Georgie? It is absolutely inconceivable that a propaganda master such as Stalin would not, upon retaking the territory, have invited the Red Cross and the Western Press to come and photograph the evidence of "700,000 (dead) Soviet Jews".

Now, there were indeed isolated cases (but not 700,000!) of non-uniformed Red and Jewish Partisan terrorists who were summarily executed by the SS. But they were not killed because they were Jewish. They, both Jew and non-Jew alike, were executed because they themselves tortured and murdered German prisoners.

WILL: Snyder, not Netanyahu, should be heeded concerning the Holocaust’s genesis.

ANALYSIS: "Holocaust - hoocaust - holocaust". OK. Let's hear what Snyder has to say about "the Holocaust’s genesis".

WILL: Attempts to explain Hitler’s obsession with Jews began with the idea that he was unfathomable, a lunatic “Teppichfresser” (carpet eater). The comforting theory was that no theory can explain Hitler because he was inexplicable, a monster, a phenomenon without precedent or portent.

ANALYSIS: These "attempts to explain Hitler’s obsession with Jews" originated with Jewish 'scholars' and psycho-babblers.

WILL: In 1996, however, Daniel Goldhagen’s book “Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust” argued that the explanation for the genocide was acculturation — centuries of German conditioning by the single idea of “eliminationist anti-Semitism.” 

ANALYSIS: The problem with Daniel Goldhagen's (cough cough) theory of "centuries of German conditioning" is that "anti-Semitism" TM has existed in many other places throughout history and loooong before Hitler, Hitler, Hitler was ever even born -- ancient Egypt, ancient Persia, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, Spain, Portugal, England, France, Holland, the various Kingdoms of Italy, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Arab world and then some.

WILL: This cognitive determinism reduced Hitler to a mere catalyst who unleashed a sick society’s cultural latency.

ANALYSIS: "Hitler - Hitler - Hitler". Leave that man alone already!

George, you and Goldhagen are full of crap. The fact of the matter is, as even Holocaust TM "scholars" admit, that during the half-century between Chancellor Bismarck (founder of modern unified German state) and Hitler, Hitler, Hitler -- the Jews were accepted and thriving in "sick" Germany. By 1930, as many as 40% of German Jews were "marrying out" to native Germans. Jews enjoyed full citizenship rights as far back as the 1870's, and "anti-Semitism" TM existed only on the fringe margins of society.

It wasn't "cultural latency" that triggered "anti-Semitism" TM -- it was something else that Will dares not talk about.


From the days of Bismarck throughout the first 30 years of the 20th Century, the tolerant and decent Germans treated the Jews very well -- and the Jews did indeed prosper in a BIG way! A Jewish Student Union in Germany is shown above / 1900.

So, what went wrong?


WILL: This drew a rejoinder from Christopher Browning, author of “Ordinary Men” (1992), a study of middle-aged German conscripts who became consenting participants in mass-murder police battalions in Poland.

ANALYSIS: What is this nonsense about "mass-murder police battalions in Poland?" Weren't the Jews of Poland rounded-up, then interned and "gassed" at Auschwitz?"

WILL: Browning noted that protracted socialization — centuries of conditioning — could not explain the Khmer Rouge’s murder of millions of Cambodians or the Chinese slaughter of millions of Chinese during Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

ANALYSIS: Now we are analyzing the Khmer Rouge and the Cultural Revolution? It's amusing to hear these "intellectuals" muse endlessly about how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. Those who aren't paid liars are certifiably insane. By the way, this Browning clown also claims that "envy" of the Jews fueled German "anti-Semitism" TM. (here)

WILL: What happened in those places proved the power of an idea — Marxism understood as a mandate to extirpate “false consciousness” — to legitimize, even mandate, mass murder. In “Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning,” published in September, Snyder argues that the Holocaust’s origins have been hidden in plain sight, in ideas Hitler articulated in “Mein Kampf” and speeches.

ANALYSIS: So, after 90 years of researchers analyzing every dotted 'i' and crossed 't' of Hitler, Hitler, Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' (ooooh, sounds scary!), Snyder has finally cracked the riddle of the Holohoax -- and it was "hidden in "plain sight" all along! Do tell.

WILL: Snyder presents a Hitler more troubling than a madman, a Hitler implementing the logic of a coherent worldview. His life was a single-minded response to an idea so radical that it rejected not only the entire tradition of political philosophy but also the possibility of philosophy, which Hitler supplanted by zoology.

ANALYSIS: So, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler was "more troubling than a mad man" and his views were based on "zoology". Interesting! Professor Snyder; this has Pulitzer and Nobel Prize written all over it!



Hitler the mad "zoologist" -- Brilliant psychoanalysis!


WILL: “In Hitler’s world,” Snyder writes, “the law of the jungle was the only law.” The immutable structure of life casts the various human races as separate species. Only races are real and they are locked in mutual and unassuageable enmity, in Hitler’s mind-set, because life is constant struggle over scarcities — of land, food and other necessities.

ANALYSIS:  When one reads 'Mein Kampf' - and all of Hitler, Hitler, Hitler's writings - closely and within full context, it becomes very clear that Hitler, Hitler, Hitler's references to "racial struggle" are spoken within the context of European / Aryan self-defense and survival.

As a self-taught learned historian of the highest rank, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler understood the deadly nature of the never-ending racial assault against the peoples of Europe. At varying times, Moors, Mongols, Tatars, Turks, Arabs, Khazars and Huns have sought to subdue and enslave parts of White Christian Europe. Even today, the anti-White hatred emanating from elements of the Turd World migrant hordes is off the charts. That's not "zoology", Georgie-girl -- that's real history!

WILL: One group, however, poisoned the planet with another idea. To Hitler, says Snyder, “It was the Jew who told humans that they were above other animals, and had the capacity to decide their future for themselves.”

ANALYSIS:  Of course! In attempting to uplift humanity to something higher than animals, the idealistic Jew (Weishaupt, Rothschild, Marx, Trotsky, Liebknecht, Luxemburg, Kuhn, et al) set himself up for 'persecution' by 'mad men' such as the zany zoologist with the funny mustache.

Silly me! And all along we were under the impression that it was things like the Jewish domination of the Communist parties of Europe, the newspapers, the trade unions, the Central Banks, the pornographic cinema and the universities that so alarmed the destitute and desperate Germans of the pre-Hitler, Hitler, Hitler years. Who knew that the revolutionary Marxist Jews were only trying to free the people of Europe from their animal cages?!

Front Page Image 

NY Times Headline (1918): 'Berlin Seized by Revolutionists'

Communist Jewess leader Rosa Luxemburg and her Red Radicals seized Berlin immediately after Germany's catastrophic collapse at the end of World War I. Jewish-led Reds and Zionists had undermined the war effort for their own purposes. The betrayal came to be known as: 'the-stab-in-the-back' .

German military units were able to save Germany from Communist takeover and genocide. Red Rosa was executed.

WILL: To Hitler, “Ethics as such was the error; the only morality was fidelity to race.” Hitler, who did not become a German citizen until 11 months before becoming Germany’s chancellor, was not a nationalist but a racialist who said “the highest goal of human beings” is not “the preservation of any given state or government, but the preservation of their kind.”

ANALYSIS: So, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler was a monster because he wanted to "preserve his own kind?" Why is that such a sin? Isn't that exactly what Zionist Jews have been obsessed with for many, many centuries?

Heck, one Jewish devotee of The Anti-New York Times (yes, there are a few!) tells of a case of a local Jewish woman whose parents DISOWNED her for marrying an Irish-American -- a 'goy'. After 20 years of a happy union, the innocent kids have never met their Jewish grandparents!

And lest any reader accuse your humble reporter here of 'cherry-picking' an isolated case, have a Google of the term 'Jews disowned for marrying' and see how 'Hitlerian' some of Snyder's Tribesmen can be when it comes to the "preservation of their kind". (here).

And oh, by the way, Professor Snyder is married to Marci Shore, (cough cough).

WILL: And “all world-historical events are nothing more than the expression of the self-preservation drive of the races.”

ANALYSIS: This is not Hitlerian "zoology". It is historical fact. Even the pre-Columbian American Indian tribes fought each other either to gain advantage or to protect themselves. The same for African tribes and Asiatic sub-grouips. It may sound animalistic, tragic and downright primitive -- but it is real history. This is exactly why millions of Turd World migrants are flooding into Europe demanding a house, an income and a car-- and it is also why more and more White Europeans are growing alarmed and finally starting to push back.

WILL: Now, assume, reasonably, that Iran’s pursuit of a potentially genocidal weapon will not be seriously impeded by parchment barriers such as the recent nuclear agreement.

ANALYSIS: What kind of insane leap of logic, what manner of juvenile journalism is this that suddenly takes us from Hitler, Hitler, Hitler's "zoology" to Iran's NON-EXISTENT "potentially genocidal weapon?!"

Of course, Oxford Georgie is neither insane nor juvenile. He is actually - sophism aside - quite intelligent (though not nearly as much as people believe), and just as cunning. This ridiculous connection between Hitler, Hitler, Hitler and Iran is the product of his evil black heart, not an insane mind.

WILL: And assume, prudently, that the Iranian regime means what it says about Jews and their “Zionist entity.”

ANALYSIS: "Assume, prudently?" That's actually an oxymoron -- moron! Sorry punk. We at The Anti-New York Times do not "assume" foundational arguments - especially ones built on a lie that is now 30 years old, and counting. That wouldn't be "prudent", as you say.

Please Georgie, state for us, exactly what has "the Iranian regime" ever said about Jews and Israel that would indicate any short term plot to build a nuclear weapon; and a long term plot to launch a nuclear first-strike against Israel. Do it NOW before you blather on any further. -- Oh, and by the way, Georgie, you never did answer our earlier questions about the Hitler, Hitler, Hitler meeting with the Grand Mufti, nor the lack of physical evidence to substantiate the 700,000 "murdered" Soviet Jews, nor the "grand announcenent" of Iran's intent to attack Israel with nuclear weapons. One should never hurl accusations without offering supporting evidence, Georgie girl. It's simply not "prudent"



WILL: Then apply Snyder’s warning: Ideas have consequences. The idea of anti-Semitism is uniquely durable and remarkably multiform. It can express a mentality that is disconnected, as in Hitler’s case, from calculations of national interest.

ANALYSIS:  "Uniquely durable and remarkably multiform." -- What a pointy-headed, self-absorbed, cliched dork. Who the hell talks like this?

Sorry Georgie-girl. Your puffed-up platitudes and obsessive lies about Hitler, Hitler, Hitler will not hold up in this court of journalistic truth. Again, we must insist -- state for us, exactly what "the Iranian regime" has ever said about Jews and Israel that would indicate a long term plot to launch a nuclear first-strike against Israel.

WILL: Hence an anti-Semitic regime can be impervious to the logic of deterrence.

ANALYSIS: Projecting again, eh Georgie? It is YOU who are "impervious to the logic" of sound argument -- as your inability to support claims with basic facts clearly indicates. You of all people, the son of a Professor of Philosophy, should know better than to publish such fallacious and unsourced High Schoolish slop. Better bone-up on your Socrates, Georgie.

WILL: Much, including Israel’s calculation of what military measures are necessary for its safety, ...

ANALYSIS: There are no military measures necessary for Israel's "safety!" Apart from the fact that both you and Satanyahu know that Iran has no intention of launching a nuclear first strike, Israel's massive nuclear arsenal as well as its defense guarantee from the U.S., would negate any Iranian thought (imaginary as it already is) of launching a suicidal nuclear attack on Israel. Even Iran's mighty allies (China and Russia) would drop Iran like a hot potato in the case of such an event.

Again, the very thought of Iran launching a nuclear surprise attack upon Israel is so preposterous that even many Israelis have ridiculed it as fear-mongering.

WILL: ... depends on the nature of Iran’s anti-Semitism.

ANALYSIS: The "nature of Iran's anti-Semitism", eh Georgie-girl? "Anti-Semitism - "Anti-Semitism - "Anti-Semitism" --- "Holocaust - Holocaust - Holocaust." --- "Hitler - Hitler - Hitler". Can we get a Neville Chamberlain reference thrown in for good measure?

Evidently, Georgie, you have not heard of the loyal Iranian-Jewish leaders who have essentially told Israel to "F-off". Or perhaps you do know about them; but won't acknowledge them because you have sold your lost soul for millions of shekels?

On second thought, Georgie, you are insane, and with a black heart to boot!



What Iranian "anti-Semitism" TM is George Will talking about?

1- Iran's loyal Jewish community is happy and has refused Israeli requests to "come home".

2- Iran's former "anti-Semitic" TM President is warmly greeted by non-Zionist Jews in New York.



http://www.motherjones.com/files/legacy/kevin-drum/Blog_Obama_Will_Dinner.jpg http://blogsdir.cms.rrcdn.com/8/files/2015/02/well-isnt-that-special.jpg

January, 2009: Homo Obongo arrives at the stately Maryland home of George Will for his very FIRST  DC dinner party. Also dining at the Will residence that evening were "conservative" political pundits David Brooks (cough cough), Charles Krauthammer (cough cough) and Bill Kristol (cough cough).



Please circulate this spank-ass rebuttal of the oh-so-intelligent George Will. Better yet, drop this cocky cornball and his sycophantic fans a line at his Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/georgewill









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