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NY Times: Oscars 2016: Chris Rock Scores and ‘Spotlight’ Takes Center Stage

The newspaper drama about the Catholic Church cover-up of sexual abuse by priests snatched top honors over “The Revenant,” considered the favorite by many.


The 2016 Academy Awards was a great event for the anti-White / anti-Christian cultural Marxists who own Hollywood. On a night when the very unfunny, vile, vulgar, hate-filled sub-human-piece-of-filth "comedian" Chris Rock mocked Hollywood for being so "White" (cough cough), 'Spotlight', a film about Catholic priests and child molestation, won top honors. We now anxiously await a movie about the well-documented epidemic (here) of child sexual abuses committed by Jewish Rabbis. Maybe next year? (rolling eyes)

And perhaps the year after that, we can have another movie about the well-documented epidemic (here) of child sexual abuses committed by Jewish Hollywood producers and agents. We can't wait! (rolling eyes)


http://www.chicagonow.com/newsboy/files/2015/12/SpotlightTIFF2015.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/xs41cxjzUp4/maxresdefault.jpg

Hollywood and the Piranha Press are obsessed with pedophile priests -- but remain silent about pedophile rabbis and pedophile producers.

  1 & 2- The cast of 'Spotlight' celebrates being named for 'Best Picture."

3- Rabbi Menachem Tewel of Brooklyn -- one of many Rabbis arrested for child sex abuse.

As for the "oppressed" multi-millionaire lawn jockey Chris Rockhead, the article approvingly lists some of the derogatory wisecracks aimed at Whites, and laughingly approved of by the audience of mostly White self-hating libtards:

“If they nominated hosts, I wouldn’t even get the job." (because he is Black)

Speaking of the 'In Memoriam' tribute, Rock added that it should also honor black people who were:

“.. shot by the cops on their way to the movies.”

Moving on to the awards, he said:

“You want diversity? We got diversity. Please welcome Emily Blunt and somebody whiter, Charlize Theron.”


“It’s easier to be president of the United States as a black person than be head of a studio.” 

The Academy's President,  Cheryl Boone Isaacs (a Black woman married to a Jewish big-shot), later addressed the "diversity" issue raised by Rockhead with great sympathy:

“It’s not enough to just listen and agree. We must take action.”


 http://global.fncstatic.com/static/managed/img/Entertainment/chris%20rock%20oscars%202016%20reuters.jpg http://static.vibe.com/files/2016/01/cheryl-boone-isaacs-oscars-diversity-640x427.jpg http://themagicofbooks.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/stanley-isaacs-cheryl-boone-isaacs-make-up-artists-hair-stylists_4585727.jpg

In response to the idiotic minstrel's incitement against the "Whites" who run Hollywood, the BLACK PRESIDENT of the "racist" Academy (shown above with Jewish husband Stanley Isaacs) intends to "take action" to ensure that more Blacks win awards!


The good news is that TV ratings for the Oscars dropped to their lowest point in eight years -- and third lowest viewership ever. Evidently, more and more White sheeple are getting fed up with all the anti-White and 'politically correct' filth being thrown in their faces.

The bad news is that 34 million people, presumably a majority of them White, still watched the degenerate spectacle and laughed, even as Rockhead, under orders of his Zionist masters, spit, pissed and puked in their dumbed-down faces -- right through their flat-screens. Of course, apart altogether from the hateful anti-White bigotry, why anyone would care so passionately about which degenerate mediocrity wins which acting award is beyond comprehension.


http://hellogiggles.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/23/tv-zombie.jpg http://static2.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.2345722.1441209575!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_635/oscars3f-5-web.jpg

Excessive TV-watching and celebrity-worship are mental disorders.








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NY Times: Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump and Calls Marco Rubio ‘Desperate’

The endorsement from Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who bowed out of the presidential race on Feb. 10 after a disappointing sixth-place finish in New Hampshire, comes a day after Donald J. Trump came under withering attacks from his rivals at the latest Republican debate.


In the final dramatic scene of the 2000 blockbuster film, Gladiator, the character Quintus, faithful head of Caesar Commodus's feared Praetorian Guards, finally defies the orders of his cruel master by allowing the hero, Maximus (played by Russell Crowe), to finish off the tyrannical Emperor in a death match that Commodus had tried to rig in his own favor.

Evidently, after years of killing at the behest of his ungrateful psycho of a boss, Quintus had built-up resentment towards Commodus. When the moment came in which the tyrant could actually be killed by Maximus, Quintus's loyalty to Commodus turned out to be paper-thin. As the injured and suddenly disarmed Commodus pleaded for a replacement sword, Quintus ordered his men to deny the Emperor. Maximus then finishes off the tyrant -- before dying of his own wounds.


http://libriscrowe.com/Bailey/0%20quintus2.jpg http://www.propstore.com/content/propstorecollection/gladiator/PDVD_003.jpg http://www.screeninsults.com/images/gladiator-crowe-phoenix-fight.JPG

Commodus: "Quintus -- sword. Give me your sword!"

Quintus (to his men): "Sheath your swords! Sheath your swords!"

When the tyrant Commodus finally became vulnerable, it turned out that Quintus (Images 1 & 2, in purple) wasn't so loyal to his boss after all! Maximus was then able to kill the evil Emperor.


What is the lesson of the closing scene of Gladiator? Simple -- when a hero starts to rise, the tyrant's throne rests on a shaky foundation! 

Now don't misunderstand our position here. 'The Donald' has a long way to go before we here at The Anti-New York Times will be 100% sold on the sincerity, as well as the viability, of his repeated pledge to "Make America Great Again". But in all fairness, Trump's bold defiance of the Government-Media complex - even in the face of not-so-cryptic death threats now coming from the Establishment - is approaching heroic proportions.



The Jewish-Supremacists have inspired a red-hot hatred of Trump that puts him in very real danger.

Headline: The Times of Israel:

Trump's America is bad, very bad, for the Jews (here)


And what exactly is the parallel between the Quintas-Maximus-Commodus dynamic and Crispy Creme's shocking endorsement of Donald Trump, you ask? It's obvious.

Like the ambitious Quintus, the Jersey Fatboy faithfully served his master ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government). As a U.S. Attorney, he helped them to cover up the 9/11 false-flag attack after the fact (by threatening to prosecute a New Jersey Sheriff who was onto something that he wasn't supposed to be -here-). After propelling him into the Governorship of New Jersey in 2009, ZOG media then built him up to superstar status by hyping-up "the great job" he did in "rebuilding New Jersey" after Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Christie further boosted his 'stock price' with the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) by hugging Obongo just days before his 2012 re-election (which the PRC, including GOP nominee Mitt Romney, had already determined to gift to Obongo); debasing himself on late night TV shows; donning the beanie at Jerusalem's Wailing Wall; banning 'gay conversion therapy'; kissing the proverbial ring of Zionist billionaire Sheldon Adelson; and even promising to go to war with Russia.

And after two years of teasing the odds-on-favorite candidate for the 2016 GOP nomination with the prospect of the Presidency, what did the PRC do? They dumped his lying lard-ass like a greasy-hot-potato-stuffed-with-bacon-and-drowning-in-sour-cream and put their money and media behind a little homosexual boy from Florida. Crispy Creme can barely contain his contempt for Marco Rubio -- that Floridian faggot whom he unaffectionately and repeatedly referred to as 'The Bubble Boy" for his admitted history of attending "foam parties". (here)


 http://cdn.cnsnews.com/styles/content_60p/s3/christie_obama.jpg http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/dam/assets/140613065716-newday-fallon-christie-daning-tonight-show-00003807-story-top.jpg http://a.abcnews.go.com/images/WNN/abc_wnn_christie_130205_wg.jpg

http://cdn.redalertpolitics.com/files/2014/08/jamie-foxx-christie.jpg http://chabadnj.org/UserFiles/DSC_7335.JPG http://media.dcentertainment.com/sites/default/files/imce/2014/03-MAR/MAD-Magazine-Adelson-Godfather_53399b5323c9b6.27583914.jpg

Believing that he would be the GOP nominee in 2016, the Jersey Fatboy happily degraded and debased himself at every opportunity. He did everything he was supposed to do -- but the PRC anointed a boyish little Cuban queer instead. A scorned Crispy Creme belongs to Trump now.


Crispy Creme's unexpected endorsement of Trump represents payback against the PRC, which he feels has wronged him, and it is a hopeful sign. As much as we detest the likes of Crispy Creme and Sarah Palin (also "cheated" out of her higher ambitions), this is the type of 'Quintus Effect' that could serve as the catalyst for weakening the PRC. Surely, there must be many other fear-filled big names with pent-up resentment, or even some with a secret desire to do right, that would relish the opportunity to finally defy their cruel alien masters by jumping aboard the Trump bandwagon.

Let us hope and pray that more and more 'Quintuses' begin to emerge from beneath the rocks they have been cowering under for so long, and take to heart the inspiring words of Maximus: "What we do in life, echoes in eternity."


http://assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.2545516.1456541712!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_400/article-front-page-0227.jpg  http://www.thewrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/chris_christie-kkk.jpg http://img.huffingtonpost.com/asset/scalefit_630_noupscale/56cff2291e0000220070ecc6.jpeg?cache=8taryzghsp

For daring to endorse Trump, Cristie's name was linked to the "suddenly revived" Ku Klux Klan by the New York Daily News, a Marxist rag owned by Mort Zuckerman (cough cough).


http://static1.squarespace.com/static/4f34530ecb12e336a9dfe29c/t/55e92e7fe4b038e0f77a8612/1441345152947/ http://static.ijreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/kkk-1.jpg http://2nluwg3gxd7r49di871jdzl5.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Screen-Shot-2016-02-27-at-8.28.33-AM-660x330.jpg

Meet the "new" KKK --- libtards in White robes.





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NY Times: South Africa: Student Protesters Force Their University to Close

World Briefing

 Student protesters across South Africa are calling for lower tuition, more student housing and efforts to erase remnants of South Africa’s racist past.


"Wah wah wah! Racism racism racism. Wah wah wah!" Will the envious whining of the anti-White brigades of every color and shade ever cease?


http://images.sodahead.com/profiles/0/0/1/7/0/1/3/3/5/cry-baby-9520461787.jpeg https://sh3rissa.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/black_baby_crying.jpg http://atlantablackstar.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/images-53.jpeghttp://www.mwanawanga.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/black_baby1.jpg

Sorry kids -- but this bullshit is gettin old --- real old.


Nearly a quarter of a century has passed since the protective social arrangement known as "Apartheid" was dismantled in White-founded, White-built, White-governed South Africa. Ruling with an iron fist, the Black Marxist super-majority has transformed the formerly First-World nation into a classic Turd World hell-hole in which the elite class and shrinking middle class still live well, while the growing masses of impoverished Whites and Blacks are left to struggle for scraps.

Mirroring the economic meltdown is the decline of culture and morality; and an explosion in crime and hate-crime abuse towards the White minority. Throw in an AIDS epidemic, a drug epidemic, elephant and rhino poaching at levels not seen anywhere in Africa, and you get Obamunism on steroids!

And who are these student protesters blaming for the failure of South Africa to build the Heaven-on-Earth that Marxist Mandela and his filthy gang were supposed to usher in? You guessed it --- the big bad "racist" White Man! Never mind the fact that Whites hold as much political power in "the new South Africa" as the Apaches hold in the United States -- it's the "remnants of South Africa's racist past", which the Black government has yet to fully dismantle, that is the cause of South Africa's woes. Of course!


https://eddykimani.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/47663_10151226716148161_476035665_n.jpg http://media.sacbee.com/static/weblogs/photos/sa_elect_sm/sa_elect14.jpg http://blogs.reuters.com/photographers-blog/files/2010/03/Squatters7.jpg

Elephants slaughtered for ivory --- blame it on "racism" TM

Blacks living in squatter camps -- - blame it on "racism" TM

Whites living in squatter camps -- blame it on "racism" TM


The latest protests in South Africa come in the wake of violent student demands for tuition to be abolished -- not lowered, abolished late last year across all universities in the country. Protesting students burned buildings, forcing administrators to close one campus. The Black students now demand the removal of the Afrikaans language from their studies, while White students of Afrikaaner descent (Dutch and Huguenot-French lineage) are claiming that this is a direct attack on their culture.

At the University of Free State, White Afrikaaner students confronted the Black trouble-makers who ran on to the field during a rugby match. The Blacks were agitating against what they call "the culture of racism still haunts South Africa." Similar incidents have taken place at the University of Cape Town where students threw human feces inside campus buildings and set fire to  buildings at North-West University's Mahikeng campus.


http://www.dw.com/image/0,,19072580_401,00.jpg http://ichef-1.bbci.co.uk/news/624/cpsprodpb/12C92/production/_86664967_gettyimages-488893828.jpg

1- Evidently, not all South African White Boys have been de-balled yet. Stay strong boys! Weakness invites evil aggression.

2- Sign reads "Stop Racism!" -- Yo homeboy, this ain't 1980! Your folks have been the undisputed mass-majority masters of South Africa for 23 years now!

True to their weak libtard form, the mostly White administrators at South Africa's Stellenbosch University now aim to replace Afrikaans with English. Activists with the student group Open Stellenbosch had complained that Afrikaans was the language of "oppression" and that using it put some Black students at a disadvantage. When Afrikaans is banned, you just watch and see how many additional rocket scientists, engineers and neurosurgeons start pouring out of Stellenbosch University! (rolling eyes sarcastically)

In addition to the usual anti-White Marxism flavor of the protests, there does seem to be another agenda at work. You see, as corrupt and as incompetent as the government of South African President Jacob Zuma is, much like the lefties of Brazil and Venezuela, Zuma's gang is a semi-independent bunch that has been bucking the New World Order on issues ranging from "Climate Change TM to relations with Iran to support of the Palestinians to international trade. Though still somewhat protected due to leftist love for "the new South Africa" -- as the 'S' in Putin's BRICS trade bloc, South Africa's relations with the U.S. have been bumpy in recent years. (here)

In condemning the violence, Zuma has stopped short of fingering foreign elements as the hidden hand behind these protests; but he has hinted that there are fringe elements behind the students working to create a climate of instability in the country. (here) South Africa has also come into conflict with some of the NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations) which the CIA uses as tools of destabilization. (here)

If there was a sliver of hope of South African Whites ever getting a fair deal under its Black Marxist rulers (purely hypothetical), one can be sure that the anti-White Globalist hand would never allow it, anyway. The New World Order thrives on the internal instability of target nations. South Africa's racial situation and its libtarded "students" (including a few stupid White ones!) are easy buttons for their agents to push whenever they need to. And with the rise of Putin's BRICS, they evidently feel the need to do so.

. http://www.timeslive.co.za/Feeds/Reuters_Images/2015/05/11/putin-with-zuma/ALTERNATES/crop_630x400/Putin+with+Zuma http://www.sabc.co.za/wps/wcm/connect/a3aaa2804aca08b5a55eb72f1282c98c/ZUMA%2BCOP21%2B(P).JPG?MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=a3aaa2804aca08b5a55eb72f1282c98c

1- South Africa has always maintained good relations with Iran.

2- Putin and Zuma have struck many business deals, including BRICS and an agreement for the Russians to help build nuclear energy plants in South Africa.

3- Zuma pays lip service to 'Climate Change' TM, while being critical over how the "solution" will damage South Africa's economy.






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NY Times (Op-Ed): Effective Firearms Regulation Is Constitutional


The ink on Justice Scalia's death certificate isn't even even dry yet; and already this putrid pair of guest editorialists, Abner Mikva (cough cough) and Lawrence Rosenthal (cough cough) are salivating at the prospect of a less constitutionalist Supreme Court reviving the "gun control" agenda. Mikva was a member of Congress, federal judge and counsel to President Bill Clinscum; and Rosenthal is a professor of law from California. The barely-concealed glee over the murdered judge's departure is evident right in the opening line:

"The sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court brought renewed attention to one of his more heralded — and criticized — decisions: District of Columbia v. Heller, in which the court, by a 5-4 vote, held that the Second Amendment conferred an individual right “to keep and bear arms.”

To the awake reader, this "renewed attention" - so soon after his murder - is utterly classless, but not at all surprising.


http://www.dailyherald.com/storyimage/DA/20141124/news/141129124/AR/0/AR-141129124.jpg&updated=201411250946&MaxW=800&maxH=800&updated=201411250946&noborder https://www.chapman.edu/our-faculty/files/larger-photos/faculty/Rosenthal_L.jpg

1- Chicago Tribesman Mikva receives the ironically named 'Medal of Freedom' from killer Obongo.

2- Professor Rosenthal was also a part of the infamous Chicago connection that spawned aspiring Marxist filth like Obongo. He is now a professor at Chapman University in Orange, California.


Also not surprising, and actually oh-so-damn-predictable, is the feigned concern about "crime" -- a phony pretext designed to mask the true totalitarian agenda. In calling for total gun registration, our kosher crime-fighters tell us:

"Registration records would create a comprehensive database of all guns and their owners. During a criminal investigation, when a gun was recovered from a person who was not its registered owner, that person would face serious penalties. But so, too, would the registered owner if he had failed to report that the weapon was no longer in his possession.

Under this system, anyone selling or possessing unregistered firearms would face huge legal risks. Overnight, gunrunning and other illegal arms trafficking would become easier to prosecute."

Translation: First, we register the guns and log the identities of every rifle-toting goy redneck in America. When the moment is right, we then unleash Homeland Security to systematically collect them.


http://videos.videopress.com/MAAIm8Se/registering-leads-to-gun-confiscation_std.original.jpg http://www.emagill.com/gallery/obama-gun-confiscation-poster.jpghttp://cdn.bearingarms.com/uploads/2016/01/cx-upsgwwaeeoui.jpg-large.jpeg

After the non-shooting at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, CT, that state passed a registration law. So far, in spite of his fake crying acts, Homo Obongo has been unsuccessful in rolling out such a program nationwide. The "sudden death" due to "natural causes" of Judge Scalia will revive the gun-grabbing push.


The wretched writers then go on to engage in quintessentially Jewish intellectual contortionism by trying to redefine the term "well-regulated" -- which is part of the 2nd Amendment. From the article:

"The Second Amendment is the only provision in the Bill of Rights with a preamble, which announces its purpose: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” The Heller decision, in turn, described the “militia” not as a formal military organization, but as everyone qualified to keep and bear arms.

The Second Amendment therefore means that all who exercise firearms rights should be “well regulated.” .....  A “well regulated militia,” of course, is subject to rules that ensure firearms are used safely and appropriately."


Nice try gentlemen, but your devious bullshit won't fly here at The Anti-New York Times. You see, dear reader, the term "well-regulated" was in common use long before the Bill of Rights was penned, and remained so for many years after. A "well-regulated" militia does not mean governmentally regulated, that is to say, controlled. Quite the contrary is true.  The term only referred to something being in proper working order. Something that is "well-regulated" is fine-tuned to function as expected -- as in well-trained, or well-prepared. Establishing Federal oversight of the people's arms was not only not the intent of the 2nd amendment; but the amendment was designed precisely to render the government powerless to do so!

And make no mistake, "legal scholars" Mikva and Rosenthal already know this.



Then --- and now. The meaning of "well-regulated militia" hasn't changed.




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NY Times: Getting Rid of Big Currency Notes Could Help Fight Crime


As part of his oh-so-high-minded effort to "fight crime", Andrew Rosenthal (cough cough), that shadowy little Wicked Weasel of Oz who styles himself as "The Editorial Board", has come out swinging in favor of former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers (cough cough) recent call to ban the $100 dollar bill. Gotta stop them drug-dealers, eh Andy? (rolling eyes, sarcastically).

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-zCrgiFfhOx0/URHh6fWk1PI/AAAAAAAAAEo/QFgGQLbUQIo/s1600/Oz.jpeg https://starrtrekking.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/wizard.png?w=640 http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--4nKlxlOZ--/18s0862xhvx1hjpg.jpg

Be neither afraid nor impressed by all the smoke and noise. It's only a pathetic little word-smith typing out lies from behind the curtain.


This all-of-a-sudden push to ban big bills is a harbinger of the dark days ahead. It's significance is huge -- all the more so now that Rosenfilth of the New York Slimes is pushing it (just days after the Washington Compost came out in favor of the ban as well). Lets have a whiff and rebut some of his mendacious manure. Hazmat suits on -- into the Slimes seditious cesspool we go:


Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board": Few Europeans use the 500-euro note, and most Americans rarely encounter the $100 bill. Yet hundreds of millions of these notes are in circulation around the world... officials in Europe and elsewhere are proposing to end the printing of high-denomination bills.

Rebuttal: Right out of the box, Rosenvermin makes a false equivalence by failing (deliberately so) to report the value of a 500-euro note -- leaving the casual reader to assume that a 500-euro note is roughly equal to a $100 bill. It is not even close! You see, 500 euros = 557 dollars. There is a huge difference between taking a $550 note out of circulation versus removing a $100 note.

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board": "Getting rid of big bills will make it harder for criminals to do business ...

Rebuttal: Organized crime has plagued American cities since the early 20th Century days of the Jewish and Italian Mafias. The so-called "War on Drugs" was first declared by President Richard Nixon 45 years ago. Only now, with banks in crisis and negative interest rates looming, have Summers and Rosenfeces suddenly discovered this new tactic for "fighting crime." How convenient!

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board": ... and make it easier for law enforcement to detect illicit activity.

Rebuttal: "Illicit activity" is commie-pinko-speak for heinous crimes such as "tax evasion", saving cash "under the mattress", or buying and selling precious metals with big bills.




Thank God for great men such as Rubin (cough cough), Greenspan (cough cough), and Summers (cough cough). The brilliant plan to ban big bills is going to save the world's children from the drug dealers. (rolling eyes)


Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board": The president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, recently said the bank is considering getting rid of the 500-euro note ($557)... though the central bank plans to keep the 200-euro and 100-euro bills.

Rebuttal: Although Rosenvomit does mention the euro-to-dollar exchange rate here, slipping it into paragraph three (parenthetically) ensures that most reader will not reflect upon the ridiculousness of equating a $557 note to a $100 note.

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board": ... though the central bank plans to keep the 200-euro and 100-euro bills.

Rebuttal: Again, the not-so-astute reader will miss this (assuming he has even read this far into the article) but the European Central Bank is NOT getting rid of its 200-euro and 100-euro bills -- which both carry a U.S. value greater than the $100 bill that Summers and Rosenfungus wish to kill ($220 & $110 respectively).

So, if we want to do like Europe, shouldn't we be keeping the $100 bill, right?

(Of course, Globalist Draghi of Europe will surely come after the $200 euro-note, in due time.)


http://www.odt.co.nz/files/story/2015/01/german_chancellor_angela_merkel_and_european_centr_54aa248f67.JPG http://www.cimaglobal.com/Global/Images/InsightImages/July%202010/burning%20500%20euro.jpg

1- EU Central Bank boss Draghi and the Frumpy Frau of Germany -- high ranking Bildeberger frontmen for the powers-that-be.

2- The 500-euro is about to die. Expect the 200 & 100's to be killed later on.


Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board": Other big bills, like the 1,000 Swiss franc note, which is worth about $1,010, and the 1,000 Singapore dollar bill, the equivalent of $712, are also favored by criminal enterprises and tax evaders.

Rebuttal: Again, Rosenstool is counting on his readers sleep-reading through his piece without reflecting. A bill worth $1,010 and another worth $712 are far greater than one worth $100.

Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board": Critics who oppose such changes say the big bills make it easier for people to keep their savings in cash, especially in countries with negative interest rates.
Rebuttal: Rosenscum is about to utilize the age old rhetorical trick of briefly stating your adversary's point-of-view and then authoritatively dismissing it with some empty blah blah. Sheeple fall for this technique every time.
Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board": But these are relatively minor burdens compared with the potential benefits of reducing criminal activity and tax evasion.
Rebuttal:  There it is! The empty blah blah which pretends to kill the legitimate objection. Rosenrectum will now move to his closing blah blah.
Rosenthal, er, "The Editorial Board": There are now so many ways to pay for things, and eliminating big bills should create few problems.
Rebuttal: Killing paper money may not create many problems for the suckers who keep 100% of their wealth in bank accounts, Treasury Bills, and stocks. But for the rapidly growing numbers of cash-in-the-safe savers and holders of precious metals who wish to buy and sell "under the radar", it will pose a huge inconvenience as well as a disincentive to take money out of the Zionist-run pyramid system with its soon-to-be negative interest rate theft and eventual depositor "hair cuts" and "bank holidays."
But that's exactly the whole point of the sordid scheme -- isn't it Rosenshit? 
http://img01.thedrum.com/styles/drum_media_normal/s3/paypal.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/1dF9t_xQGks/maxresdefault.jpg
PayPal ran a TV commercial during the Stupor Bowl ---the above images from which speak for themselves.





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NY Times: U.S. Scrambles to Contain Growing ISIS Threat in Libya



Without intending to do so, this article explains why the name, ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq & Syria), is interchangeably used with the name ISIL (Islamic State in the Levant -- which refers to all of Middle East and sometimes to Northeast Africa). You see, the scam worked so well in Iraq and Syria that the planners then decided to roll out the mercenary armies across other areas of the "Levant", which includes Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt and, in modern usage, Libya. How is it that the credulous sheeple who kneel in Sulzberger's Slimes or worship at the altar of the EIB (Electroinic Idiot Box) never stop to ask why an Arabic terror group that despises all things western would use English acronyms such as ISIS and ISIL, or words of French origin such as "Levant?"



The ISIS - ISIL - IS - Daesh scam is still going strong -- and "spreading" to Africa.


From the article:

"The Islamic State’s branch in Libya is deepening its reach across a wide area of Africa, attracting new recruits from countries like Senegal that had been largely immune to the jihadist propaganda — and forcing the African authorities and their Western allies to increase efforts to combat the fast-moving threat."

Senegal too? Chad, Nigeria, Niger, Mauritania, Mali and Sudan are also mentioned. Soon the boys at Langley and Tel Aviv will need a new marketing acronym -- ISIP (Islamic State in the Planet). If there were people on Mars, the cancer of ISIM would be sure to "spontaneously" appear there as well. See how the game works? Well, of course the astute readers of The Anti-New York Times see the game, but Boobus Americanus, Boobus Europiticus, and now, Boobus Africanus remain clueless to the great game that threatens to engulf them.

Never forget that it was the deliberate destabilization of Libya and Secretary of State Killary Clinscum's MURDER of Muammar Qaddafi that provided ISIS with its master mother-base in the massive geographical area of Libya. Chaotic Libya also now serves as the departure point for many of the beastly invaders destined for Mother Europe.



Libya's size and strategic location allows the Globalist-Zionist beast to menace Northern Africa and Europe. That is why happy Killary cackled "We came. We Saw. He Died." - just after Qaddafi was tortured and murdered.


Other ingredients of this disastrous Libyan recipe included:

  • the WikiLeaks triggered "Arab Spring"
  • the WikiLeaks take-down of Italian President Silvio Berlusconi (an ally of both Putin & Qaddafi)
  • the decision of the pro-western Russian traitor or dupe Dmitry Medvedev's to abstain from the U.N. vote which established a NATO "no-fly zone" over Libya. It was NATO that ultimately helped the mercenary scum on the ground to murder Qaddafi.


It's a riveting drama -- a year-in-year-out geo-political soap-opera that is far more interesting than any TV drama, Hollywood film or sporting event; and infinitely more important for the fate of humanity as well. If only the bewildered sheeple of the world knew what suspense they were all missing out on!



1 & 2- Julian Assange of the CIA/Mossad 'WikiLeaks' admits that his "leaks" to the the foreign press triggered both the bloody Arab Spring and the "scandal" which took down the "dangerous" Italian President Berlusconi.

3- Qaddafi gives a rifle to Berlusconi. The two of them blocked human traffickers from shipping sub-Saharan invaders to Italy / Europe from Libya. That barrier is gone now!

4- Killary played Russian President Medvedev for a fool in securing a "no fly zone" over Libya. It was NATO jets that eventually blew up Qaddafi's motorcade, allowing mercenaries on the ground to finish him off.






Email address:





NY Times: Harper Lee Is Memorialized as She Lived: Quietly and Privately


In February 2015, The Anti-New York Times, in rebutting a puff-piece about Harper Lee, the undeservedly immortalized author of To Kill a Mockingbird, wrote:

"Harper Lee is still alive? That's too damn bad. Hopefully not for much longer. Though it may sound harsh to wish a death-of-old-age on an 88 year old woman, Lee's 1960 "classic" novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, has, in the sincerely-held opinion of The Anti-New York Times, helped to incite the murder of many innocent White people."

Now that she has actually descended down Satan's hot water slide, speaking ill of the dead may seem to be a bit in bad taste. But for the self-hating White libtard Harper Lee, we here at The Anti-New York Times, in keeping with our policy of zero tolerance for race-baiters, would now like to add: "Good riddance!" 

Scores of millions of impressionable Middle School and High School students have been forced, and continue to be forced, to read Lee's anti-southerner garbage. Compounding the tragedy, scores of millions more have been "moved" by the Hollywood rendition of her book, starring the notorious commie-pinko subversive, Gregory Peck.

Summary: "Once upon a time, in the backwards, Christian, racist, evil, redneck southern state of Alabama, there lived an innocent African-American man who was wrongly accused..."


How many of Harper Lee's captive White readers or viewers then grew up with a pathetic and suicidal guilt complex? How many of those Black readers or viewers then grew up with a reinforced hatred of "the White Man"? To the extent that books and films such as To Kill a Mockingbird contributed toward a climate of general hatred against Whites, particularly Southerners, can it not be said that Harper Lee, much like Al Charlatan; much like Jesse JackAss; much like Beyonce, much like Mr. & Mr. Obongo et al, was actually responsible for the injury or death of many innocent White people?

Incitement, no matter how subtle, equals death; and To Kill A Mockingbird always was, and still is, an incendiary piece of literature and cinema -- as well as a piece of something else we will not mention. And speaking of that pair of putrid poofters in the White House, it is interesting to note the difference between their shocking public indifference towards the death murder of Supreme Court Justice Scalia as compared to the love letter they issued to honor Harper Lee.

An excerpt:

“When Harper Lee sat down to write To Kill a Mockingbird, she wasn’t seeking awards or fame. She was a country girl who just wanted to tell an honest story about life as she saw it. But what that one story did, more powerfully than 100 speeches possibly could, was change the way we saw each other, and then the way we saw ourselves. Through the uncorrupted eyes of a child, she showed us the beautiful complexity of our common humanity, and the importance of striving for justice in our own lives, our communities, and our country.”

"There is no higher tribute we can offer her than to keep telling this timeless American story — to our students, to our neighbors, and to our children — and to constantly try, in our own lives, to finally see each other.”


Thanks Ms. Lee, and thank you Jewish Supremacists who control book publishing, Hollywood, and the New York Slimes.


The propaganda plot of To Kill a Mockingbird centers around Tom Robinson, a falsely-accused and wrongly-prosecuted southern Black man; and Atticus Finch, a noble crusading White lawyer who oh-so-valiantly defends Robinson's innocence in an environment steeped in "racism" TM. Break out the violins and pass the tissues! You know the procedure. Variations of this goof-ball scenario have been run and re-run a million times -- so that's really all you need to know.

The most troubling element of the To Kill A Mockingbird phenomenon is how the book became required reading in almost every  school district; and the Hollywood film adaptation is still being re-run on cable TV. With the propping up and full blessing of 'The Tribe', this nasty amateurish hag accumulated a massive fortune peddling her stereotypical, anti-White, anti-southerner commie crap. In many respects, Libtard Lee, though probably just a stupid tool, can truly be regarded as one of the founding mothers of the terrorist movement known as 'Black Lives Matter'.

And that is why we are proud to say, "Good Riddance!" --- with no apologies.

Evidently, the previously unknown liberal wench never fully understand what dark and mighty forces were truly behind the immense and unexpected success of her book.





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NY Times: Pope Francis Suggests Donald Trump Is ‘Not Christian’


Just one day after Satan's President took a calculated cheap shot at Donald Trump, Satan's Pope stuck his nose into America's QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show) by declaring that Donald Trump was "not Christian". Wow!

During an airplane news conference - in answer to a question about Trump's allegation that the Pope is being used as a "political pawn"- here is what the attention-whoring Pinko Pope had to say about the man who has clearly joined Putin and Assad on the Globalists' Most Hated List:

“Thank God that he (Trump) said that I am a political man because Aristotle defines a human being as a political animal; at least I am a human being. And am I a pawn? Well maybe, I don't know. I'll leave that to your judgement. And a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.”

*Hat tip to Aunt Maria for confirming that the Italian translation from the video is indeed accurate.


http://img.thesun.co.uk/aidemitlum/archive/02694/vid-grab2_2694473a.jpg http://www.home.tampabay.com/resources/images/dti/rendered/2016/02/tbd_pope021916_16739448_8col.jpg

The Angry Pope

1- Frankie the Fake caught on video gesturing and shouting at an over-exuberant Mexican fan for almost making him fall. How un-Christian!

2- More passive-aggressive behavior -- Poofter Pope uses sarcasm and condemnation to pass judgement on Trump. How un-Christian!


What a fraud! This Communist Cardinal will not label activists for the unGodly abomination of same-sex marriage as "not Christian." This Viper of the Vatican will not label the surgical mutilation of boys wishing to become girls as "not Christian." This Pontiff of Poofterism will not label the practitioners of nine month abortions as "not Christian."

But dare to oppose the New World Order Mafia's pet objectives of raising taxes to fight non-existent "Global Warming" TM - or dare to protect your borders from the raping and robbing migrant hordes of the Turd World, and see how pissed-off, judgemental and sarcastic Felonious Frankie gets!

Dear Lord ---- please strike this piece of Satanic filth down with a lightening bolt! Hours after Benedict, Frankie's Papal predecessor unexpectedly "resigned", your first two rods of righteous wrath sent a 'Sicilian Message', but it appears that only a direct hit on this insidious impostor will shut his big Marxist mouth once and for all.

Check this out! ---

The Daily Mirror: Lightning Bolt Hit Vatican Not Once But TWICE Hours After Pope's Shock Resignation

"The spooky moment, believed by some, to be a sign from God, was caught on camera by AFP photographer Filippo Monteforte.

Today he described how he took the incredible image which has been beamed all over the world.

He said: "I took the picture from St. Peter’s Square while sheltered by the columns. It was icy cold and raining sheets. When the storm started, I thought that lightning might strike the rod, so I decided it was worth seeing whether – if it DID strike – I could get the shot at exactly the right moment.”

Filippo, armed with a 50mm lens, waited for more than two hours and was rewarded for his patience with not one but two bolts.

He added: “The first bolt was huge and lit up the sky, but unfortunately I missed it. I had better luck the second time, and was able to snap a couple of images of the dome illuminated by the bolt.”  

The lightning touched the dome of St. Peter's Basilica, one of the holiest Catholic churches, after the Pope's shock admission he lacks strength to do the job." (here)


 http://tinfoiler.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/god_lightning_right.pnghttps://i.ytimg.com/vi/gGq1TP05DhE/maxresdefault.jpg http://vaticanenquirer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/PopeSurprisedHandsOnFace-300x202.jpg

Come on God -- one more bolt for Bolshevik Bergoglio, right up his busted-out keester!


We have said it before and we shall say it again and again and again -- Donald Trump is far from perfect. But the undeniable reality is that Trump has got both the Zionist and Globalist overlapping wings of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) worried -- and for good reasons. Consider some of the very "politically incorrect" things that Trump has said. He has:


  • Hinted at a deeper investigation of  9/11 (here)
  • Responded respectfully to Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth (here)
  • Told a Jewish gathering that they can't buy him. (here)
  • Stated that he would be neutral on Israelis and Palestinians (here)
  • Ridiculed Global Warming TM (here)
  • Promised to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it
  • Accused unnamed "allies", even hinting at Israel, of funding ISIS (here)
  • Praised Vladimir Putin
  • Appeared on the radio show of "conspiracy theorist" Alex Jones (here)
  • Defended Assad of Syria (here)
  • Ridiculed the untouchable Angela Merkel (here)


For better or for worse, Trump is his own man, with his own money, and with his own HUGE base of support across the American political spectrum. If... repeat... if Trump is indeed for real (and its looking better every day), then a President Trump making common cause with Presidents Putin and Jinping (China), would present the Globalists with their biggest challenge since The Great One put the fear of God in them back in the 1930's & 40's. And that is why that putrid rodent in the Vatican has been tapped to join the international anti-Trump lynch mob.

Godspeed Mr. Trump! And pleeeease, no quail-hunting trips at isolated Democrat-owned resorts, in Mexican Democrat-run counties, in the middle of a dessert, just 15 miles from the Mexican border!


http://media.vanityfair.com/photos/565f4744ff2f5268396ef09b/master/pass/a-t-donald-trump-alex-jones.jpg http://www.valuewalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Trump-Putin.jpg

Trump is being mocked for his coziness with "911 conspiracy theorist" and rabid anti-Globalist Alex Jones; and also for his open admiration for Vladimir Putin. With allies like those and stated enemies like Sulzberger, Soros, Kristol, Obongo and the Pinko Pope, Trump is looking better and better.





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NY Times: President Obama Criticizes G.O.P. Field, Particularly Donald Trump


Feeling his oats after getting away with the poisoning of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, the Murderer-in-Chief took the unprecedented step of interjecting himself into the State Primary race of the opposing political party -- for a November General Election that he won't even be part of. Though Homo-Obongo critiqued all of the Republicans running to replace him, he only singled out front-runner Donald Trump as someone who would not be a "serious" president.

Let's listen to and rebut some of what this Marxist monster had to say:


The Murderer-in-Chief: “There is not a single candidate in the Republican primary that thinks we should do anything about climate change, that thinks it’s serious.”

Rebuttal: Not only is "Climate Change" (formerly known as "Global Warming") not serious, it is non-existent at this time -- as evidenced by the past 20 years of satellite temperature-measuring data. (here) When the next warming period or ice-age does inevitably arrive, it will be due to solar cycles beyond man's control.

The Sodomite-in-Chief: “Well that’s a problem. The rest of the world looks at that and says, ‘Well, how can that be?’”

Rebuttal: When Obongo speaks of "rest of the world", he means America's Western European puppet leaders and libtarded pseudo-intellectuals. In Obongo's insular worldview, Russia, China, India, Brazil and many other African, Latin American and Central Asian states which do not take "climate change" seriously are not part of the "world."

  • Brazil Puts Denier in Charge of Climate Change (here)

  • Putin Believes Climate Change is a Fraud (here)
  • China's CO2 charade (here)
  • India Arrogant to Deny Global Warming Melting Glaciers (here)
  • South Africa Compares World Climate Plan to Apartheid (here)
  • Argentina still has no strategy for climate change summit (here)

http://images.dailytech.com/nimage/G7_Mocking_Charicature_Oxfam_Wide.jpg http://thesaker.is/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/VII-BRICS-and-SCO-in-Ufa.jpg

1- Obongo would have us believe that the Globalist dwarfs of the G-7 constitute "the world".

2- Russia 2015: A joint conference of the "climate denying" BRICS & SCO actually represented the majority of the world's population! -- Gee, I thought Putin had been "isolated".


Obongo said that Trump was unprepared for the "serious" responsibilities of the Presidency.

The Communist-in-Chief: “Being president is a serious job.”

Rebuttal: And you are sooo serious and dignified in going about your "job", eh little Barry?


https://barbarabrownie.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/barack-obama-laid-back-sl_-3-obama-lean-back-ss01.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/96/e0/41/96e041d5aa5fd6c675c6f00ac7e24c34.jpg https://pmcdeadline2.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/fallonobama__120425003556.jpg

Obongo the Serious putting his feet up on the White House's historic 'Resolute Desk' --- dancing with goof-ball lesbian TV Show Host Ellen Degeneres --- sitting like a sissy-boy while doing late night comedy with ass-clown Jimmy Fallon.

The Race Agitator-in-Chief: “It’s not hosting a talk show or a reality show. It’s not promotion. It’s not marketing."

Rebuttal:  This is an obvious dig at Trump. Obongo the Serious fails to mention that, in addition to doing "TV Shows, promotion and marketing", Trump has a few other accomplishments to his credit -- you know, minor stuff -- such as building a multi-billion dollar business, employing 22,000 people while creating secondary "multiplier-effect jobs" for 10,000 more (here), and bringing truly talented people together to get vast complex projects done on all continents.

Like him or not, Trump's resume is a tad bit more impressive than that of the useless "community organizer" turned teleprompter reader who never held a real job in his life.

The Liar-in-Chief: "It’s hard. And a lot of people count on us getting it right. And it’s not a matter of pandering and doing whatever will get you in the news on a given day.”

Rebuttal: Barry's life is anything but "hard." His handlers craft the destructive policies while he just reads the teleprompter before heading out for his next round of golf or vacation.


http://media.washtimes.com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image/2013/08/11/aptopix_obama_vacation__mstainerwashingtontimescom_1.jpg http://rollingout.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/golf-obama-club.jpg http://i.imgur.com/k9lqZ2Y.png

You're such a P-word.

The Scumbag-in-Chief: "A President must work with leaders around the world in a way that reflects the importance of the office, and gives people confidence that you know the facts and you know their names, and you know where they are on a map and you know something about their history.”
Rebuttal:  Is Obongo actually suggesting that Trump, who has been negotiating and executing complex business deals all over the world for almost 40 years now, cannot find countries on a map? With investments all over the world, The Trump Organization spans a variety of industries including real estate, construction, hospitality, entertainment, publishing, media, retail, financial services, business education, airlines, helicopter services and beauty pageants. How's that for "seriousness" and "hard work", eh Barry?
As for Obongo's extensive knowledge of "history", this is the same man boy: that referred to the language of German-speaking Austria as "Austrian"(here);  that stated that Auschwitz was liberated by the Americans, instead of the Soviets (here); whose wife husband ignorantly violated protocol by patting the Queen of England on the back (here) -- and many other embarrassing bloopers and blunders which clearly contradict his undeserved reputation as an "intellectual." (here)
http://www.hospitalitynet.org/picture/153059279.jpg http://therealdeal.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Trump-Dubai.jpg http://www.panamasimple.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Trump-tower.jpg
While Obongo the Useless was dropping out of community college, smoking crack and playing around in the anal cavities of other males, the "not serious" Trump built-up a worldwide empire. Above: Indonesia, Dubai, Panama.



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NY Times (Op-ED): The Roosevelt Approach


Concerned over the rising popularity of both the "outrageous" Bernie Sanders (because he is unelectable in a general election), and especially concerned about the "outrageous" Donald Trump (because he actually is electable), the Slimes and PBS resident "conservative" (lol!) David Brooks (cough cough) offers advice for his beloved Killary and the Republicans running against Trump. His recommendation? "Be like Roosevelt!" (he also mentions Eisenhower).

What exactly does Brooks means by that? In other words, instead of getting down and dirty with the "angry" Trump, Brooks suggests that the Establishment puppets be "warm" and "neighborly" -- like FDR was!


http://www.brewreviewcrew.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/fireside.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/20/aa/cb/20aacb543c6aecd5e7fa3ceca1128824.jpg

FDR's golden-voiced "warmth" was all an act. In reality, he was perhaps the most vicious, cruel, petty, amoral, blood-thirsty, vindictive, demagogic, conspiratorial and evil son-of-a-bitch to ever occupy the White House.


A few excerpts from Brooks' putrid propaganda piece:


"Dear Hillary, Jeb, Marco and John,"

"A great nation doesn’t divide in times of natural disaster. It doesn’t choose leaders who angrily tear it apart. Instead, it chooses leaders like Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, leaders who radiate sunny confidence, joy and neighborliness.

"You may think of neighborliness as a sentimental, soft virtue. And I suppose in times of peace, prosperity and ease it is a sweet and tender thing."

"Let Trump and Sanders shout, harangue and lecture. You respond to difficulty with warmth, confidence and optimism. Let them deliver long, repetitive and uninterrupted lectures. You converse, interact, chat and listen."

"That is what F.D.R. and Ike were able to do with their leadership styles. With fireside chats and golf jokes, they were neighborly even in times of great difficulty and stress. But they were also able to set an emotional tone that brought people together and changed the nature of Americans’ relationships with one another."

Contrary to Brook's pseudo-historic tommy-rot, it was not the "Roosevelt Approach" that "brought people together" during "a time of disaster". It was World War II (engineered by Roosevelt and his handlers) that did that. Prior to the justifiable attack on Pearl Harbor (hate to say such a thing but it's true!), Americans were deeply divided over the grinning con man -- with about 1/3 of the country loving him, 1/3 despising him, and the mushy middle 1/3 blowing with the wind.



FDR's secret for "uniting Americans" lie in his deliberate and relentless provocation of Japan, his equally deliberate set-up of Pearl Harbor, and his deceitful post-attack "infamy" speech.


Far from "conversing, interacting, chatting and listening" to his political opposition, FDR attacked them, ridiculed them, jailed them and, in the case of Huey Long, murdered them. Let's review the "warmth" and "neighborliness" of the great "uniter", Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Even the liberal-Communist propagandists who write our history books will, if asked, openly concede the fact that their beloved hero, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, misused the I.R.S. to harass and intimidate his political opponents. Heck, even FDR's son Elliot admitted it:
“My father may have been the originator of the concept of employing the I.R.S. as a weapon of political retribution.” (here)

Victims of such abuse included Sen. Huey Long (D) of Louisiana, United Mine Workers leader John Lewis, Rep. Hamilton Fish (R) of New York, Chicago Tribune publisher Robert "Colonel" McCormick, Olympic Gold Medalist Jesse Owens (probable), Philadelphia Inquirer publisher Moses Annenberg , and, most notably, former Republican Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon.

At the urging of his donkey-faced lesbian Communist wife, Eleanor, FDR also, ordered the FBI to “investigate” the widely read journalist Westbrook Pegler for “sedition” – after a series of scathing articles in which Pegler had ridiculed Eleanor as “La Boca Grande” (The Big Mouth).


 Ask these men about "The Roosevelt Approach"


 http://www.realclearpolitics.com/docs/2013/IRShueylong.jpg http://www.old-picture.com/american-legacy/001/pictures/Andrew-Mellon-002.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/22/Robert_R._McCormick_cph.3b30054.jpg/250px-Robert_R._McCormick_cph.3b30054.jpg

Huey Long, Andrew Mellon, Robert McCormick -- just a few of the men that FDR punished by siccing the I.R.S. on them.


https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/2/25/LandonTIME.jpg/220px-LandonTIME.jpg http://beltmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Jesse_Owens_meets_Kansas_governor_Alf_Landon-238x300.jpg http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/james-cleveland-owens-19131980-american-athlete-owens-holds-a-speech-picture-id541061451

1- Alf Landon ran against FDR

2- 1936: Republican Owens with Landon

3- Owens delivering paid pitches for the Alf Landon Presidential campaign. This led to him being audited by the I.R.S. 


https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8a/Eleanor_Roosevelt_and_Fala_at_Val,Kill_in_Hyde_Park,_New_York_-_NARA_-_196181.jpg http://spartacus-educational.com/00pegler3.jpg
Eleanor Roosevelt (the one on the left in the first image) used the FBI to harass Pegler -- who was clean.

Roosevelt's "neighborliness" extended to the helpless civilians of Germany and Japan as well -- as evidenced by his and Churchill's genocidal firebombing of the crowded cities of Hamburg, Dresden, and Tokyo to name just a few.


http://incogman.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/DRESDEN-FUNERAL-PYRE.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/db/Tokyo_kushu_1945-3.jpg

The "angry" Trump wants to get along with Russia and China. But Brooks, whose son serves in the Israeli Defense Forces, prefers "The Roosevelt Approach" to foreign policy (above: Dresden & Tokyo).
Whatever Donald Trump's flaws and shortcomings may be, the fact that he has got so many chosenites from both the Marxist "Left" and the Neo-Con "Right" foaming at the mouth like rabid and retarded pit-bulls is a welcome and rare thing to behold. For that reason alone, we here at The Anti-New York Times, though still holding our noses and remaining cautious, strongly support Trump 2016.

https://www.nationalreview.com/sites/default/files/cover.png http://static3.businessinsider.com/image/56a24a39c08a80bd448b7c21-480/the-weekly-standard-trump.jpg http://static2.businessinsider.com/image/56baa4912e526575008b62cf-600-759/daily%20news%20brain%20dead.jpg

1- National Review = J J Goldberg (cough cough)

2- The Weekly Standard = Bill Kristol (cough cough)

3- The New York Daily News = Mort Zuckerman (cough cough)





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NY Times: After Antonin Scalia’s Death, Fierce Battle Lines Emerge


NY Times: Scalia’s Absence Is Likely to Alter Court’s Major Decisions This Term


NY Times: With Death of Antonin Scalia, an Already Volatile Campaign Erupts


In examining the post-Scalia-death mania which continues to dominate the front pages of Sulzberger's Slimes, we can't help but notice the conspicuous absence of two elements that should be part of this wall-to-wall coverage:

1- There is not a trace, neither in the featured stories nor in the Editorial pages, of the sympathetic coverage that the Slimes always affords to the memory of recently-deceased libtards, Marxists and other assorted degenerates of every stripe. The entire tone of the superficial stories these past two days has been like: "Hey! Scalia died. Who is gonna replace him? What does this mean for liberals? For conservatives? Will the Republicans block the new nominee? How will this impact the election? Blah blah blah."

Cold-hearted bastards! Couldn't they at least fake a few moderately respectful words about Scalia the man, the father of nine and grandfather of twenty-eight? 

2- More importantly, there has not appeared a single sentence in the Slimes about neither the strange circumstances and inconsistencies regarding the official story, nor the explosive comments made by William O. Ritchie, a former head of criminal investigations in Washington DC. 

Ritchie wrote on his Facebook page: 

"My gut tells me there is something fishy going on in Texas. As a former homicide commander, I am stunned that no autopsy was ordered for Justice Scalia. You have a Supreme Court Justice who died, not in attendance of a physician. You have a non-homicide trained US Marshal tell the justice of peace that no foul play was observed. You have a justice of the peace pronounce death while not being on the scene and without any medical training opining that the justice died of a heart attack. What medical proof exists of a myocardial Infarction? Why not a cerebral hemorrhage?”

Ritchie also questioned the marshals’ actions:

“How can the Marshal say, without a thorough post mortem, that he was not injected with an illegal substance that would simulate a heart attack… Did the US Marshal check for petechial hemorrhage in his eyes or under his lips that would have suggested suffocation? Did the US Marshal smell his breath for any unusual odor that might suggest poisoning?”


The "El Presidente" suite where Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead at Cibolo Creek Ranch the day following his passing at the West Texas Resort ranch that stretches over 30,000 acres, February 14 , 2016 in Shafter, Texas. Justice Scalia was 79. (Photo by Matthew Busch/Getty Images) 

1- The isolated Texas resort spans 30,000 acres. Scalia was alone without protection.

2- Scalia was killed in the appropriately-named "El Presidente" Suite. Obongo's -- or his handler's -- idea of a sick joke, perhaps?


We at The Anti-New York Times share Mr. Ritchie's suspicions and frustrations. Let us review some damning data surrounding a few of the shady characters involved in this fishy drama -- characters that the Slimes, the "conservative" media, and the gutless Republican'ts will not question.

1-  John Poindexter, a multi-millionaire Obama-supporter with past high level Wall Street ties, owns the secluded West Texas resort where Scalia died.  In 2009,  Poindexter actually received a Vietnam War medal from Obama -- 40 years after the fact. It was Poindexter who invited Scalia to his ranch for a private party, and who later "discovered" the body. (here)

2-  Cinderella Guevara is the Justice of the Peace who refused to order an autopsy and pronounced Scalia's cause of death as a "heart attack" (since changed to "natural causes") -- over the phone. Guevara is a liberal Mexican-American Democrat with a chip-on-her-shoulders against what she refers to as "Anglos". Like Obongo in 2008, Guevara's 2014 campaign slogan was "Si, se puede" -- Spanish for "Yes We Can! (here) Like Poindexter, she is also also an Army veteran.

3-  Danny Dominguez is the Sherriff of Presidio County who, along with Obama's U.S. Marshals, initiated the official inquest by calling Judge Guevara and telling her that there "were no signs of foul play". He is also a liberal Mexican-American Democrat whose virtually crime-free county has been receiving big bucks from Obongo in recent years. 

  • From the Lubbock-Avalanche Journal, January 24, 2009 (here)


EL PASO - Presidio County has never seen the kind of fictional carnage that was filmed there for the movie, "No Country for Old Men." But if it ever does, Sheriff Danny Dominguez now has the gear to fight it, thanks to millions of dollars in state and federal grants for his virtually crime-free turf and that of other sleepy Texas border counties.

The first batch of the $16.2 million awarded, more than $5 million, was given in 2005 to a loose coalition of sheriffs who split the take evenly, regardless of crime rates. The rest was given out in grants to several counties. And several million dollars more are in the pipeline.

Presidio County, whose sheriff and four deputies cover 3,856 square miles of West Texas and protect about 1,000 people, received $336,875 to fight the one crime, an aggravated assault, that occurred in the county in 2006.

But in the Rio Grande Valley's urban Hidalgo County, across the river from the sites of several deadly Mexican shootouts, got about the same amount, spread over three years, for its more than 250 deputies to fight 7,160 violent crimes.

"I expressed my displeasure at the time," Sheriff Lupe Trevino said. "But that's the way it goes. We used the money the best way we could and you do what you have to."


http://i1242.photobucket.com/albums/gg531/logicwings1/image_zpsj30a6zuj.jpeg http://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server4600/b7607/product_images/uploaded_images/presidioco-dominguez.jpg?t=1438109227 http://kwes.images.worldnow.com/images/3408882_G.jpg

1- Big Shot Poindexter, a big money Democrat decorated by Obongo, lured Scalia to his secluded ranch. (here)

2- Sheriff Dominguez -- his crime-free jurisdiction was strangely showered with crime-fighting cash by the Obongo Administration.

3- Democrat Judge Guevara slogan: "Si se puede!" ---We don't need no stinkin' autopsy!


Now that we have sniffed them out, these fishy morsel pieces are too easy to put together. Let my own previous caution be damned -- Sugar the Cat was right again! Antonin Scalia, the man so hated by the open-borders crowd and other assorted Marxists, was (in our opinion) deliberately lured to, murdered on, and oh-so-quickly embalmed in a funeral home on enemy political turf -- located just miles from the Mexican border. 

This is bad, really bad. America -- we've got problems!


 http://pix.epodunk.com/locatorMaps/tx/TX_26747.gif http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2013/07/07/article-2357851-1AB41FAB000005DC-51_634x558.jpg http://media.jrn.com/images/578*326/Scalia.jpg

Step into my parlor said Spider Poindexter to the fly. --- Dear Justice Scalia! What were you thinking man? You may just as well have driven down to Mexico City all by yourself.




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NY Times: Antonin Scalia, Justice on the Supreme Court, Dies at 79

Justice Antonin Scalia, a champion of interpreting the Constitution as it was understood at the time of its adoption, was found dead on Saturday.

With the conveeenient passing of strict constitutionalist conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, one of the last remaining threads holding together the remnants of true America has been severed. A closely contested court that had been ruling 5-4 or 4-5 on very important matters will most certainly shift to 4-5 and 3-6 with the Marxist usurpers winning every single time. Unless, of course, we are to believe that the Republican't Senate will suddenly 'grow a pair' and block the path of the inevitable ultra-libtard replacement nominee -- sure to be another "minority" and sure to be sold to us by the Slimes as a "moderate" -- until the new President is sworn in next January.
Devout Catholic Scalia received his ashes just three days before his death. Looks 'OK' to us. 
Away on a quail-hunting trip in Texas, Scalia had left a private party of 40 people at a secluded ranch and retired to his cabin. When he failed to show up for breakfast, a person involved with the ranch went to his room and discovered his body. A federal official, who asked not to be named (hmmmm), said there was no evidence of foul play (how would he know that without an autopsy?) and that Scalia died of "natural causes".
Is it possible that a 79 year old man, even one who was seemingly healthy and remained active, simply died in his sleep of "natural causes?" Of course it is.
Is it also possible that an evil murdering homosexual communist President with only 10 months left in office could have ordered a hit so that he could drive that final nail into America's coffin? Why not?
Scalia's disdain for liberalism and politicians in general was evident in his acerbic written and spoken opinions as well as his decision to not show-up to the annual State of Union Address on 12 different occasions. Said Scalia of the annual Freak Show:
"The State of the Union is a childish spectacle. And we [the justices] are trucked in just to give some dignity to the occasion. I mean, there are all these punch lines, and one side jumps up—Hooray! And they all cheer, and then another punch line, and the others stand up, Hooray! It is juvenile! And we have to sit there like bumps on a log. We can clap if somebody says, 'The United States is the greatest country in the world.' Yay! But anything else, we have to look to the chief justice. Gee, is the chief gonna clap?"
https://cbswashington.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/461857054.jpg?w=640&h=360&crop=1 http://www.azquotes.com/picture-quotes/quote-i-hope-his-wife-feeds-him-clarence-thomas-justice-u-s-supreme-court-lots-of-eggs-and-julianne-malveaux-61-84-41.jpg
1- The Marxist Jews and mushy moderates of the Supreme Court are always present at the State of the Union Freak Show. Justices Scalia and Thomas often boycott the stupid event --- while Marxist Injustice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (cough cough) sleeps through the affair.
2- Vile liberals like activist, author, commentator Julianne Malveaux have been openly wishing early death on conservative Supreme Court Justices such as Clarence Thomas. 
The window of opportunity for Obongo to name a new Supreme Court justice was actually smaller than the 11 months he has remaining in office. With a new President to be elected this coming November, there is no way that a Republican Senate, even a weak one, would have allowed Obongo to appoint a replacement for Scalia anytime after April. This left the deadline (no pun intended) for Scalia's death to be no later May 1st-ish. A conveeenient death indeed!
An autopsy would settle this mystery -- maybe. But that will not happen, so all we can do is speculate. It is very interesting to note how quickly the Piranha Press is to blame Vladimir Putin for any sudden death of a journalistic or political opponent. But when we raise the possibility of an American President killing his hated adversaries, charges of "conspiracy theory" are leveled at suspicious minds.
From one traditionalist Jersey Boy to another -- rest-in-peace, Justice Scalia -- and give my mom a hug from me. She was also murdered by Obongo, whose "heath care" system, as of 2015, literally rewards hospitals for pushing patients into "end of life" palliative care via the morphine needle. But I digress.
http://www.tabletmag.com/wp-content/files_mf/andrew_breitbart_620.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/n0u8l9noLFE/maxresdefault.jpg
1- Not long after publicly boasting about having come into possession of damaging videos of a young Obongo, Journalist Andrew Breitbart dropped dead at age 43 of a sudden heart attack. (here)
2- The demon Obongo is 100% pure evil. Did he (or handlers above him) murder Justice Scalia?
https://cpnagasaki.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/gay-murdercapture.jpg?w=540 http://luckypuppy.net/BLOG/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/obamas-boys.gif
Three Chicago sodomites linked to Homo-Obongo's communist "church" all died during a 6-week period in late 2007. They were Nate Spencer ("natural causes"), Larry Bland (shot execution-style) and Donald Young (shot execution-style).



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NY Times (Page 18): 1-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot in Her Crib in Compton


This story, tucked away on page 18, tells of a Black baby being killed by a stray bullet in Los Angeles. It is newsworthy for us not so much for what happened, but rather for the national silent treatment that it has been given. You see, only page 1 stories from Sulzberger's Slimes get picked up on by the rest of the Piranha Press.

From the article:

"A 1-year-old girl was resting in her crib, surrounded by family members inside a converted garage in Compton, Calif., when a bullet came through the garage door and struck her in the head, leaving her mortally wounded.

The authorities said they were investigating the shooting on Tuesday night as possibly gang-related, and the police were hunting Wednesday for two men who witnesses said had sped off in a dark-colored four-door sedan after the shooting."

Paging Mr. & Mr. Obongo. Hello? Can we get some crocodile tears for baby girl out of Compton? (sound of crickets).



The bad actor who shed imaginary tears for the imaginary White kids of the imaginary Sandy Hook "massacre" is silent and dry over the REAL deaths of many Black kids killed by stray bullets fired by inner city thugs.



Likewise, the First Tranny - who made such a public pet-cause over Nigerian girls said to have been kidnapped in 2014 - remains deaf, dumb and blind to the young Blacks boys and girls killed in cross-fire incidents.


Hello? Jesse JackAss? Louis Farakhan? Al Charlatan? Loretta Lynch Mob? Skank-Degenerate Beyonce? Fat Oprah? Steve Harvey? Stevie Wonder? Will Smith? Harry Belafonte? Jaded Pinko Smith? Chris Rock-Head? Spike Lee? Lebron James? Kobe Bryant? Gwen Ifill? Tavis Smiley? Cornell West? Congressional Black Caucus? BET Channel? Ebony Magazine? Thugs of Black Lives Matter? NAACP? Black Panthers? Sugar Daddy George Soros? Governor Jerry Brown? Bernie Sanders? Mike Bloomberg? Diane Feinstein? --- Hello? --- Any of you anti-White cop-hating communists care to eulogize Baby X? --- (sound of crickets).


http://media.breitbart.com/media/2016/02/Beyonce-Super-Bowl-Getty-640x480.jpg http://www.ew.com/sites/default/files/styles/tout_image_612x380/public/i/2016/02/08/beyonce.jpg?itok=ttH8mQqx http://cdn4.thr.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/675x380/2012/09/nyc_obama_jay_z_beyonce.jpg

Black Pantherette Beyonce, who is married to a gun-toting ex-drug dealer, wears a jacket decorated with "bullets" as she performs her disgusting anti-White racist act during the half-time show of the Stupor Bowl.


By now, only the most thick-headed suburban libtard and simple-minded urban negro still believe that the Left actually gives a rat's rear-end about murder victims, of any race. This bull-shine they refer to as "gun control" ain't about saving lives, folks. No sir! To the Left, Black lives do not matter, at all!

You see, inner-city gun violence poses no threat whatsoever to the totalitarian agenda. The real objectives of the inter-related "gun control" and "police brutality" movements are to strip White Middle America of its self-defense arsenal while bringing local police departments under the Federal boot. All power to the Soviets! Get it?

The usual suspects dream of the day when they can do whatever the hell they bloody want without having to worry about millions of rifle-toting 'good ole boys' and sympathetic local Sheriffs pushing back. America is to be de-armed and de-balled a la Europa as Turd World hordes and the ghetto crowd have their way with 'dem White bitches.' That's the truth, and that's why stories of Black babies and toddlers catching stray bullets to the head always get back-paged, if even published at all, by the seditious scum that scribble for Sulzberger's Slimes.


http://media2.wcpo.com/photo/2014/06/06/Savage%20Boys%20Facebook_1402069829816_6014501_ver1.0_640_480.jpg   http://299days.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/gun-show.jpg

1- The well-armed baby-killing "gentlemen" of the urban gangs have nothing to worry about.

2- The law-abiding, and aging, White gun owners of America are the ultimate target.






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NY Times (World Briefing): Putin Opponent Is Attacked After Veiled Threat


The human rights situation continues to spiral out-of-control in Putin's Russia. Not since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has the world witnessed such a brazen and brutal "attack" upon a public official. From the 'World Briefing', as breathlessly penned by full-time Russia-basher Andrew Kramer (cough cough):

"Mikhail M. Kasyanov, a leading figure in the political opposition whose image the leader of Chechnya, Ramzan A. Kadyrov, menacingly posted online in the cross hairs of a sniper rifle this month, was attacked late Tuesday in Moscow by a dozen or so men who placed a cake on his head at a restaurant."


http://image.zn.ua/media/images/original/Mar2015/110767.jpg http://images.sodahead.com/polls/001641379/5110225778_pie_in_face_2_xlarge.jpeg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/9MmDFxNEqTc/hqdefault.jpg

Sulzberger's Slimes has become a satire of itself.


The American agent, a nobody with minimal public support, was brutally caked while dining in a restaurant  -- "on his head", no less! Putin, you animal you! Fess up Vlad -- we know you ordered this hit!

Fortunately for the peace and freedom-lovers of the world, news of the atrocity reached the ears of Slimes correspondent Andrew Kramer; who dutifully passed it along for publication. Just imagine what Putin would do to his adversaries if the sanctimonious scribblers of Sulzberger's Slimes were not monitoring him. A courageous "dissident" like Kasyanov might have gotten hit with an egg were it not for Kramer's vigilance and whistle-blowing.

Seriously now, just consider the madness of this report -- which has already been picked up by the rest of the Piranha Press. While the U.S. Government murders ranchers in Oregon and children in Syria, Sulzberger's Slimes is more concerned about a caking incident in Moscow. Oh, and by the way, a video of the incident surfaced after the Kramer piece claimed that "a dozen or so men" carried out the caking. As it turns out, there was only one terrorist caker -- maybe two -- seen in the choppy video. (here) Get your facts straight, Kramer!

As for this Kasyanov character, a former Prime Minister who was fired by Putin, it's a damn shame that the cake wasn't packed with plastic explosives with a dynamite stick on top, because he is a traitor through and through. When Kasyanov made a bid for the Presidency in 2008, his doomed campaign was supported by gangster billionaires Leonid Nevzlin (cough cough) and Boris Berezovsky (cough cough) -- both in exile after corruption indictments against them in Russia --, and also by former chess world champion and Rothschild agent Garry Kasparov (cough cough). (here)



1- Jacob Rothschild handles Kasparov

2- Kasparov handles Kasyanov


The highly placed traitors and Western-Globalist sympathizers in Russian government, media and central banking will eventually have to be surgically removed. The projected purge will begin to take on more and more of a sense of urgency as the Turkey-NATO-Baltic squeeze against Russia intensifies. The cancer of treason is no joke! Let's hope this caking attack upon Kasynov will mark the start of a much more aggressive cancer treatment. Tip of the hat to the cake-activists in Moscow.


http://www.ctvnews.ca/polopoly_fs/1.2759849.1454336561!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_620/image.jpg http://s1.ibtimes.com/sites/www.ibtimes.com/files/styles/v2_article_large/public/2015/10/05/kadryov-putin.jpg

1- A screen-shot taken from Chechen leader, and Putin ally, Ramzan Kadyrov's Instagram video of traitor Kasyanov in the cross-hairs of a sniper's rifle.

2- Ramzan with his buddy Putin.





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NY Times: (Op-Ed) America’s Syrian Shame


How do we at The Anti-New York Slimes know that Roger Cohen (cough cough), the putrid propagandist who penned this Slimes editorial, is a Globalist? Well, apart from the obvious fact that he works for Sulzberger, he is also member of the notorious Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) -- that shadowy New York "think tank" which semi-openly promotes One World Government and chooses most, if not all, of the Presidential finalists for the QFS (Quadreannial Freak Show).

Furthermore, Cohen is a periodic guest on PBS's CIArlie Rose Dog & Pony Show -- an hour of slick sophistry in which only committed one-worlders are allowed on as guests to chat with the glorified Bildeberger mouthpiece.

And finally, if you still need more convincing of Cohen's commie credentials -- Cohen writes a weekly column called 'Globalist', which is published in The International New York Times. So you see, we know, with absolute certainty, where this ass-clown is coming from.


http://legalinsurrection.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Roger_Cohen-620x426.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/jHbwL5NzJF4/hqdefault.jpg

1- Cohen chats with that over-rated greasy ghoul, CIArlie Rose.

2- Cohen speaks before the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations  -- since renamed to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.


http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2015/11/24/us/24firstdraft-christie/24firstdraft-christie-tmagArticle.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/7tavt3CoiXc/hqdefault.jpg http://specials-images.forbesimg.com/imageserve/473193386/640x0.jpg?fit=scale

http://www.activistpost.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Clinton-CFR-1024x576.jpg http://www3.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Jeb+Bush+Addresses+Council+Foreign+Relations+jHq-269J8--l.jpg http://s1.ibtimes.com/sites/www.ibtimes.com/files/styles/md/public/2015/12/09/kasich-cfr.jpg

As a destination for ambitious QFS contestants, the Globalist CFR is almost as popular as Jerusalem's Wailing Wall (and run by the same crowd too!) -- Pictured above: Crispy Creme Christie, Kike Bloomberg, Bubbles Rubio, Killary, Jeb Bush, John Kasich ----- where's Trump???


Now that we know what self-professed 'Globalist' Cohen is all about, let's dive into this piece about Syria and decipher its true meaning:


Cohen: The Putin policy in Syria is clear enough as the encirclement of rebel-held Aleppo proceeds ...

Rebuttal: They are not "rebels". They are CIA-backed mercenary terrorists.

Cohen: ... It is to entrench the brutal government of Bashar al-Assad

Rebuttal: If Assad is so "brutal", then why does he retain so much support? What would you call the "rebels" -- gentle?

Cohen: ... by controlling the useful part of Syrian territory, bomb the moderate opposition into submission,

Rebuttal: Ah yes, the "moderate" opposition that has torn-up Aleppo -- not to be confused with the immoderate opposition.

Cohen: ...block any possibility of Western-instigated regime change,

Rebuttal: Thanks for admitting that the West "instigated" this bloody effort at "regime change", and that Putin ain't havin' it!


http://www.islamicinvitationturkey.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/mccain-11lubnanli.jpg https://counterjihadnews.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/vlcsnap-2014-09-13-12h57m59s111-1024x576.jpg

Never forget that it was CFR scum like John McCain that instigated the attempt at "regime change" in Syria.


Cohen: ...and use diplomatic blah-blah in Geneva as cover for changing the facts on the ground...

Rebuttal: "Diplomatic blah-blah" = Putin trying to avert a wider war and keeping Syria sovereign.

Cohen: ... The troubling thing is that the Putin policy on Syria has become hard to distinguish from the Obama policy. Sure, the Obama administration still pays lip service to the notion that Assad is part of the problem and not the solution, and that if the Syrian leader survives through some political transition period he cannot remain beyond that. But these are words. It is President Vladimir Putin and Russia who are “making the weather” in Syria.

Rebuttal: Cohen is right. Putin is "making the weather" and there is not a damn thing Obongo can do to stop him -- short of kicking-off World War III which, evidently, a clearly exasperated Cohen wants him to do.

Cohen: Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, is now virtually encircled by the Syrian Army. A war that has already produced a quarter of a million dead, more than 4.5 million refugees, some 6.5 million internally displaced individuals and the destabilization of Europe through a massive influx of terrorized people is about to see further abominations as Aleppo agonizes.

Rebuttal: Cohen accurately describes the depths of the humanitarian disaster, but fails to mention that it was the Globalists at the CFR who engineered the Arab Spring "uprisings" in the first place.

Cohen: Aleppo may prove to be the Sarajevo of Syria. It is already the Munich. By which I mean that the city’s plight today — its exposure to Putin’s whims and a revived Assad’s pitiless designs — is a result of the fecklessness and purposelessness over almost five years of the Obama administration.

Rebuttal: In exactly the same way that Cohen's tribal ancestors condemned the 1938 Munich agreement which averted war (the Neville Chamberlain "appeasement") Cohen is today condemning lame-duck Obongo for blinking at the prospect of World War III.

Cohen: Obama’s Syrian agonizing, his constant what-ifs and recurrent “what then?” have also lead to the slaughter in Paris and San Bernardino.

Rebuttal: Cohen's reference to the false-flag hoaxes of Paris and San Bernardino adds further weight to the opinion that both incidents were engineered for the purpose of getting Obongo to "do something" in the Middle East. Obongo's reluctance to confront Russia directly is not the result of his desire for peace, of course, but simply due to the fact that a slightly less deranged faction of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) is not suicidal.


http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/151115102730-02-paris-attacks-reactions-1115-large-169.jpg http://static01.nyt.com/images/2015/12/05/us/05bernardino_web12/05bernardino_web12-master675.jpg

The silly stunts in Paris and San Bernardino failed to move Obongo to action.

Cohen: “The Syrian crisis is now a European crisis,” a senior European diplomat told me. “But the president is not interested in Europe.” That is a fair assessment of the first postwar American leader for whom the core trans-Atlantic alliance was something to be dutifully upheld rather than emotionally embraced.

Syria is now the Obama administration’s shame, a debacle of such dimensions that it may overshadow the president’s domestic achievements.

Rebuttal: The warmongers are really upset with Obongo over this.

Cohen: Obama’s decision in 2013, at a time when ISIS scarcely existed, not to uphold the American “red line” on Assad’s use of chemical weapons was a pivotal moment in which he undermined America’s word.

Rebuttal: Cohen is insane! Had Obongo not blinked in 2013, The U.S. would have been at war with Russia, Syria, Iran and China -- all of whom were war-gaming in the Persian Gulf at that time. 

Cohen: Syria has been the bloody graveyard of American conviction. It is too late, as well as pure illusion, to expect significant change in Obama’s Syria policy. Aleppo’s agony will be drawn out.

Rebuttal: As if this lying sack of shit actually gives a damn about "Aleppo's agony!"

Cohen: But the president should at least do everything in his power, as suggested in a report prepared by Michael Ignatieff at the Harvard Kennedy School, to “surge” the number of Syrian refugees taken in this year to 65,000 from his proposed 10,000.

Rebuttal: Oh you won't have to worry about that one, Mr. Cohen. When it comes to flooding America with the indigent riff-raff of the Turd World, Obongo will always be in full agreement with the likes of you!

Cohen: If we allow fear to dictate policy, terrorists win. Putin already has.

Rebuttal: Yes. Putin has won, in Syria. But do be careful, Mr. Putin. These Globalists are a patient bunch; and Russia's troubles with them are far from over.



Russia and China blocked Obongo in Syria. Unfortunately, no one will stop the mass migration flowing into the U.S. and Mother Europe.






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NY Times: Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright Rebuke Young Women Backing Bernie Sanders

Ms. Steinem and Ms. Albright called on young women who favor Mr. Sanders over Hillary Clinton to essentially grow up and get with the program.


Locked in a tight struggle with Bolshevik Bernie Sanders, Killary Clinscum is enlisting high-powered communist-feminist gal pals to help win back younger female voters who have been defecting to Sanders. While introducing Killary at a rally in New Hampshire this weekend past, former Secretary of State Madeline Half-Bright (cough cough) talked about the importance of electing a woman to the country’s highest office. The warmongering old hag said the first female President would be a true revolution and shamelessly scolded any woman who felt otherwise.


“We can tell our story of how we climbed the ladder, and a lot of you younger women think it’s done. It’s not done. There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”

Wrong, Ms. Half-Bright! That spot in hell is reserved for murderous scum such as yourself for the crime of having advocated tirelessly for the both war on Serbia and the final War in Iraq -- the latter finally coming about when Bush became President.


http://www.indianinthemachine.com/albright_at_war-thumb.jpg http://www.kosovo.net/usce.jpg http://www.exileimages.co.uk/AndrijaI/Kosovo/T.AI.EUR.073.jpg

As Bill Clinton's Secretary-of-State, Madwoman Half-Bright has the blood of many Serbians on her hands.


Also coming to Killary's defense is the despicable feminist icon of the degenerate 1960's era, Gloria Steinum (cough cough). As a guest on the Bill Maher (cough cough) show, Steinem insulted the younger sisters "in the movement" by dismissing their support of Sanders has having to do with meeting boys. Said the man-hating founder of Ms. Magazine

“When you’re young, you’re thinking: ‘Where are the boys?' The boys are with Bernie.”

Ironically, Killary's hopes that women would flock to her campaign have been undermined by the very "woman's movement" that her hippie generation built. Though many of the "sisters" over 40 remain strong Vagina First voters, the younger crowd is not so easily moved by this "we must elect a first woman President nonsense". You see, the whole scam of "feminism" centered around convincing housewives and mothers that the old social order was "oppressing" them. Now that most younger women have been "liberated" from their marriage vows, forced into college, and then thrown into the oh-so-wonderful corporate world of work-work-work; many of them don't have Steinem's 'chip-on-the-shoulder'.


http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-SrbUf_ciRjg/UgrGpZ8DbuI/AAAAAAAAEfI/_xIo-B06RhU/s1600/Gloria+Steinem.png https://citelighter-cards.s3.amazonaws.com/p16natd5v7rnr6up1spftci1hm10_19678.jpg http://clizbeats.com/wp-content/uploads/super-bowl-2013-beyonce-diamond-sign-650-430.jpg

1- Heavily promoted by the media, the hippie-era Marxist Feminist and her pals ruined a whole generation of women.

2 & 3- Steinum flashes the Illuminati Pyramid hand sign -- Beyonce too, more recently


Many young women now make just as much or even more money than their male counterparts. Furthermore, due to potential lawsuits, it is much harder to fire a woman. The junior ladies of today are still screwed up in the head in many other ways, but man-hatred over "patriarchal oppression" is no longer a concern for them. If Bernie can make these silly females feel good about socialism, then Killary's common gender won't lure them them away. To the contrary, many younger women are offended at the suggestion that they have to vote for a woman just because they are women!

Madames Killary, Half-Bright and Gloria -- it looks as though you hideous hags have been hoisted upon your own petard! (blown up by your own bomb)


http://ministry-womens.s3.amazonaws.com/womensministry/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2015/08/iStock_000021147481_Medium_cropped.jpg http://myprofessionalsavvy.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/homemid.jpg

Now that the numbers of young women at college or in the work force have equalled the numbers of young men, the "oppression" argument has lost its effectiveness.




Available at Amazon / 2015 / Quarters 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 (just released!)


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NY Times: Emboldened by Protests, Black Lives Matter Activists Move From Street to Ballot

Campaigns around the nation are betting on — and in some ways measuring — the strength of a young, energized electorate that is active in the movement for racial justice.


Contrary to the false reality expressed in the headline to this puff-piece about the domestic terrorist movement known as 'Black Lives Matter" (BLM) -- it is not the "protests" that have "emboldened" BLMers into entering politics. No, it is the deep pockets of George Soros, the political protection of Homo-Obongo and Loretta Lynch-Mob, and the artificial media hype afforded to this violent vermin that have "emboldened" them into running for office. This latest bit of Sulzbergian slime is a perfect example of what is fueling the "emboldenment."

Let us don our HazMat suits and dive into the Marxist filth of Black radical reporter, John Eligon, for a closer examination of a few of his most dishonest excerpts. But before we do, just so you know what type of repugnant reporter we are dealing with here, a re-run of our August 24, 2014 rebuttal to Mr. E-LIE-gon's tribute to the felon St. Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO is in order.


FLASHBACK: NY Times (8/24/16): Michael Brown Spent Last Weeks Grappling With Problems and Promise

In the weeks before being fatally shot, Michael Brown, 18, due to be buried on Monday, showed signs of change and began to speak seriously about religion and the bible, family members said.



Your frustrated reporter here at The Anti-New York Times made a commitment yesterday to no longer rebut the endless flow of St. Michael Brown propaganda poop-pies emanating from that open sewer pipe on 8th Avenue in Manhattan. But today's comedy is simply too good to pass up as we now learn that St. Michael "showed signs of change and began to speak seriously about religion and the bible".
Thank the good Lord for the "change" in Michael! Were it not for the Holy Spirit and the Good Book, the 'gentle giant' might have beaten up that poor store clerk really bad. It was God who spoke to Michael's soul, "Steal the cigars and push him around, but don't hurt him."
But then that Devil came back (in the form of a police officer), striking the budding prophet in the fist with his eye socket, and then tempting poor Michael to double-back and charge when this 'devil-with-the-blue-uniform-on' drew his weapon on him. Satan only goes after the good ones!
 The article itself offers further evidence that St. Michael the Bible Thumper was indeed a prophet, for, "according to family members" (cough-cough), the sainted child foresaw his own death and arrival in heaven, in the form of a dream. Just like Jesus! Get you boots on. Here it comes:
"It was 1 a.m. and Michael Brown Jr. called his father, his voice trembling. He had seen something overpowering. In the thick gray clouds that lingered from a passing storm this past June, he made out an angel. And he saw Satan chasing the angel and the angel running into the face of God."
Excuse me dear readers ....I'll be right back.....
OK. I'm back.
The tear jerking eulogy goes on to quote other "family members" and "friends" (accomplices) white-washing Brown's known history of problems in school and violent behavior. A suspension from school for stealing an I-Pod was explained away by his mother's claim to actually "having the receipt" for the item (Sure you do honey. Sure you do).
Outbursts of anger are explained away by his "friend" as a trick that St. Michael the Giant used to use in order to avoid confrontation and fights.....Excuse me again....
Sorry. I'm back again.
And on and on the gushing eulogy for this promising "child" goes. The funniest part of this comedy is that the guilt-ridden White libtards who kneel in Sulzberger's slime each day will eat this mushy garbage up like a bowl of Frosted Flakes and then ask for some more. Thanks for the comic relief Sulzberger!
http://www.frontpagemag.com/sites/default/files/uploads/2014/08/081514_tobin1400_video2_640.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/-6WRteJsuy8/hqdefault.jpg

   The Gospel according to Michael Brown: "I'm a kill yo Pakistani ass if you dont g'out my way Mother F*&%$#"*&%$#"



OK -- that was a fun trip down memory lane! Now that we have established what Mr. E-LIE-gon is all about, and from where he is coming from, we can better address today's love-letter for 'Black Lives Matter'.


John Eligon / New York Slimes: Within days of the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in August 2014, Maria Chappelle-Nadal huffed amid a crush of protesters, waving a cardboard cutout of the white governor’s face above her head.

“Black community!” she shouted. “This is your governor! This is your governor that can’t care less about the black community!”

Rebuttal: Lie of omission! Yes, the shooting of St. Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO was "fatal", but Mr. E-LIE-gon conveniently "forgets" to mention that the marauding 6' 5" 300 lb. beast was only put down after beating up a cop, and during a subsequent rhino-style charge at the much smaller cop. Oops, John!

E-LIE-gon: In the weeks and months that followed, DeRay Mckesson, a public school administrator turned activist, frequently provided blunt Twitter critiques of the police response in Ferguson.

“SWAT vehicle pulls up. Officer emerges. Points gun at us. America,” he wrote in one post.

Rebuttal: More lies of omission! SWAT units were called in due to the presence of the violent outside communists and other assorted Black agitators who instigated riots and arson attacks. Oops again, John.

E-LIE-gon: Now Ms. Chappelle-Nadal and Mr. Mckesson are among a number of activists nationwide attempting to turn their raw activism into political muscle.


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NY Times: Everyone Loses if Britain Exits the E.U.




http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-zCrgiFfhOx0/URHh6fWk1PI/AAAAAAAAAEo/QFgGQLbUQIo/s1600/Oz.jpeg https://starrtrekking.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/wizard.png?w=640 http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--4nKlxlOZ--/18s0862xhvx1hjpg.jpg

Be neither afraid nor impressed by all the smoke and noise. It's only a pathetic little word-smith typing out lies from behind the curtain.


Rosenthal, Editorial Board: The prospect of a British exit from the European Union has been around for a long time.

Rebuttal: Correction! The carefully-crafted illusion of a potential British exit from the European Union has been around for a long time.

Rosenthal, Editorial Board: Britain never fully warmed to the idea of the European Union... and the “euroskeptics” clamoring to get out give the impression that nothing the union could offer would sway them.

Rebuttal: False. As headquarters of the Rothschild Crime Syndicate, it was from London that the drive to create a European Union originated. That's why Globalist elements in Britain started two wars against nationalist Germany. Evidently, Rosenslime expects us to believe that Belgium established the EU.


https://static-secure.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2012/2/10/1328878486569/Chatham-House-Royal-Insti-005.jpg http://www.wakeupkiwi.com/images/CFR_New_York.jpg
The Globalists of the London-based Royal Institute of International Affairs, aka Chatham House, and its sister 'think-tank, the Council on Foreign Relations (New York), were the ones who created the European Union. The lying snake Rosenthal (a CFR member!) expects us to believe that Britain "never fully warmed to the idea of the European Union".

Rosenthal, Editorial Board:... and the “euroskeptics” clamoring to get out give the impression that nothing the union could offer would sway them.

Rebuttal: The term  “euroskeptics” is a childish term of propaganda. One could just as easily refer to the Unionists as "sovereigntyskeptics" of "freedomskeptics."

Rosenthal, Editorial Board: A referendum on British membership has been promised by Prime Minister David Cameron and will go before British voters as early as June. A vote to withdraw, or a “Brexit,” would deal a serious blow to a European Union already battered by an economic crisis and an immigration crisis.

Rebuttal: The Globalists would never allow such a referendum to take place unless they knew that a majority of dumbed-down Brits and pro-E.U. immigrants could be kept in the unification camp. The referendum will serve to let off some steam and actually solidify the E.U. when the “euroskeptics” lose.

Rosenthal, Editorial Board: With all that in mind, the European Council president, Donald Tusk, released a proposal on Tuesday to modify Britain’s obligations to the bloc that he says goes “really far in addressing all the concerns raised by Prime Minister Cameron.”

Rebuttal:  See the trick here? E.U. big shot Tusk will make it look like tough guy Cameron strong-armed the E.U. into making "concessions" to Britain. The “euroskeptics” will then come off looking like bitter whiners for still opposing the E.U. even after Tusk "addressed their concerns".


http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01631/farage-460_1631031c.jpg http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01008/Jorg-Haider-460_1008132c.jpg http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2008/10/13/article-1076533-02F8169600000578-753_468x308.jpg 

1 - UK's leading "Euroskeptic" Nigel Farage was nearly killed in a plane crash in 2010 (here), and then again in a car crash in January, 2016.  (here)

2 & 3 - Austrian "Euroskeptic" Jorg Haider, killed in a 2008 car crash (here), was not as fortunate.

The recent car crash and the "concessions" to Cameron should be enough to keep Farage at bay.


Rosenthal, Editorial Board:  Mr. Tusk’s plan would create a special mechanism to protect non-euro members — Britain never adopted the euro and proudly uses its own currency — from any unfair advantage eurozone countries may have. It would allow Britain to reduce welfare payments to non-British European citizens living in Britain. It would formally recognize the “opt-out” clause that allows Britain to reject some European Union measures, such as taking in a set quota of refugees. And it would acknowledge Britain’s right to sovereignty.

Rebuttal: Empty resolutions.The fact that Tusk's plan will allow Britain to take certain actions doesn't stop the left-wing British government from doing those things on their own, anyway. For example, say the E.U. demands that "sovereign" Britain take in 500,000 migrant marauders in 2017. Cameron can then make a public show of citing the "concessions" that he won for Britain and say "Hell no!" -- and then take in "only" 300,000 after the Dog & Pony Show has played out.

Likewise, the E.U. could demand that Britain increase its welfare payouts by 8%. Cameron: "Screw you!" -- and then bump the gravy train up by 6.5% on the 'down-low'. That's how these dirty manipulative M-fers operate; and Tusk and Rosenvomit bloody well know it!

Rosenthal, Editorial Board: Britain benefits enormously from membership in the union’s common market and, as a member, it is also able to influence European policies. It would lose on both counts if it were to withdraw, and that would affect Britain’s ties to NATO and to the United States.

Rebuttal: Oh yeah. Britain has really benefited "enormously" from EU membership and stronger ties to NATO (rolling eyes). Benefits such as: increased welfare rolls, increased murder rates, increased rapes, increased debt,increased taxes, debased and multi-culturalized society, dead troops in Iraq, dead troops in Afghanistan, and an ongoing migrant invasion that will soon multiply all of the economic and social ills just listed.


http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/08/25/14/2BA664B500000578-3210226-image-a-53_1440507826949.jpg https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1157/1433117684_e5762c0b18.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-3obxADxTdY0/UQiAxLzK-QI/AAAAAAAAB7Y/dtBbo5oCzwo/s1600/End+of+Britain+debt+fearmongering.jpg

The "Benefits" of being in the European Union.

Demograhic, social and economic trends of Britain are horrifyingly ominous --- all made worse since the rise of the E.U.


Rosenthal, Editorial Board: The Tusk proposal gives Britain leeway to distance itself from policies it finds onerous. As Mr. Cameron accurately argues, Britain would then have the “best of both worlds.”

Rebuttal:  As previously stated, it's just an illusion.

Rosenthal, Editorial Board:  Now he must make that case to Britain’s skeptics, which will not be easy in a nation worried about the sanctity and safety of its borders. 

Rebuttal: Cameron won't be able to dupe the "skeptics". But with the help of the Globo Press hyping-up the "concessions" won from Tusk, he should be able to win over a majority of the "middle-of-the-roaders". That plus the low-life and libtard vote should secure the referendum's final outcome. But even if the Globalists were to come up a bit short, computers and/or missing ballots can always cover the spread.

Rosenthal, Editorial Board: Mr. Tusk’s job now is to persuade the other 27 members of the union to accept the concessions to Britain; his proposal is being debated in the European Parliament ahead of the European Summit meeting in Brussels on Feb. 18 and 19. 

Rebuttal:  Another Dog & Pony Show. Some will make passionate arguments condemning Britain's selfish"demands" -- which will all add to the invented illusion of tough-guy Cameron fighting for Britannia.


It's all so bloody damn disgusting! If only these degenerate criminals would invest as much time, creativity and effort into figuring out ways to serve the people of Europe as they do into devising these strategic schemes! But then again, if scum like Commie Cameron, Horrible Hollande, Rancid Renzi and Manly Merkel did care about the peoples' interests, their Globalist-Zionist masters would never have installed them in their positions to begin with.


L-R: Renzi, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron -- The Big Four traitors of the European people are just highly placed puppets. Pay no mind to their sudden "attacks" on Brussels.


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Available at Amazon / 2015 / Quarters 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 (just released!)



NY Times: Marco Rubio Campaign Dispatches Its Army and New Lines of Attack

Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign appears to be leaving little to chance in New Hampshire, aware that a lackluster result would greatly diminish him as he hopes to consolidate Republican support.

The traveling QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show) rolls on into New Hampshire. With Jeb Bush reeling and the creepy and odious Ted Cruz correctly deemed to be unelectable, the Establishment powers-that-be of the Republican't Party are now placing their chips behind Boy Wonder Marco Rubio as the anti-Trump. From the article:
"Wall Street financiers (cough cough) are increasingly moving to support Rubio, as disclosures this week by a “super PAC” backing him made clear."

Fearful of attacking 'The Donald', slick Marco is turning his guns against two lesser rivals who have expended considerable time and resources in New Hampshire -- Gov. John R. Kasich of Ohio and 9/11 cover-up specialist after-the-fact (as a US Attorney -- (here)), Gov. Crispy Creme Christie of New Jersey.  The post-Iowa / pre-New Hampshire primary election counter-attack that Rubio lobbed at Mr. Christie poked fun at his poor showing in Iowa:

“I think Chris has had a tough couple of days. He did very poorly (in Iowa)”

Boy Marco had better be careful in tangling with an Irish-Italian from 'Joisey'. We do like to hit back! New Jersey's 'The Record' newspaper, and many others, have quoted Crispy Creme's oddly repetitive rant, which started the tit-for-tat, against little Markie Mark:

I’m not the boy in the bubble. We know who the boy in the bubble is up here. .... So when Senator Rubio gets here, when the boy in the bubble gets here.....Let’s get the boy in the bubble out of the bubble.... and again, "This is the election for the President of the United States.“Let’s get the boy in his bubble out of his bubble." (here)

By using the phrase "boy in the bubble" five times, and the word "bubble" six times, in a single brief rant, Crispy Creme spawned a wave of headlines. Here are just a few of them.


  • Washington Post: Christie Belittles Rubio as 'the Boy in the Bubble'
  • CNN:Christie Attacks Rubio as a 'Boy in the Bubble'
  • ​CBS: Chris Christie: Marco Rubio is Like 'Boy in the Bubble.'
  • Newsweek: Why Did Chris Christie Call Marco Rubio 'The Boy in the Bubble?'
  • Mediaite: Chris Christie Literally Can't Stop Calling Marco Rubio 'Boy in the Bubble'


http://static2.politico.com/dims4/default/cc25456/2147483647/resize/1160x%3E/quality/90/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fstatic.politico.com%2F46%2F18%2F05a450244064af5fbf09abb258f1%2F160105-chris-christie-ap-1160.jpg https://pristineauction.s3.amazonaws.com/37/371718/main_1-Marco-Rubio-Signed-An-American-Son-Hardback-Book-JSA-COA-PristineAuction.com.jpg

Was the brash-talking bully from Jersey cryptically alluding to something Rubio first mentioned in his own book, 'An American Son'?

'Huffington Post: Rubio once ruined shoes at a foam party.'

"Rubio writes that one night, his now-wife, Jeanette, told him that if he went out to a nightclub that evening, their relationship would be over. He went anyway to a "foam party," where he writes that he "watched the foam descend from the ceiling ... a sight to behold."(here)


As a pair of Joisey 'wise-guys' ourselves, Sugar the Cat and your Editor-in-Chief here at The Anti-New York Times are convinced that Crispy Creme knew exactly what he was doing when he linked Markie Boy to "bubbles". Tip of the hat to fine investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, whose recent piece we now borrow from:

 (Note: Rubio also admitted, on late night TV, that he attended "foam parties" -- here)


"Republican insiders have reported to WMR that Florida Senator and presidential candidate Marco Rubio was, as a high school and college student, known to be a very extroverted homosexual in both South Beach in Miami, a popular gay area, and at college in Gainesville, Florida."

"In 1989, a year before Rubio was arrested with his friend Angel Barrios and another unidentified male friend in Alice Wainwright Park in south Miami, ostensibly for drinking beer in a car after closing time in a park known as a pickup locale for gays, Rubio sang and danced in a South Miami High School troupe. The song and dance troupe was based on the Chippendales but with a very gay theme: half Chippendales and half Village People. Rubio omitted his participation in the dance troupe in his biography, 'American Son.'"

"After flunking out of Tarkeo College in Missouri, Rubio returned to Miami where he hung around with his old high school friend Barrios. Barrios started an on-line gay porn business called Flava Works, which is still in business today live streaming sexual acts between black and Latino men." 

"After graduating from the University of Florida, Rubio attended the University of Miami Law School. In 1995, Rubio claims he met his wife, Miami Dolphins cheerleader Jeanette Dousdebes at a "foam party" in South Beach. There is one thing wrong with Rubio's story: foam parties in South Beach were almost exclusively gay events held at gay clubs like "Warsaw Ballroom" and "Amnesia," the latter name befitting some of Rubio's memories of his time in Miami. 


1- Marco Rubio, 1989, dancing and singing in a South Miami troupe that combined the Chippendales with The Village People.

2- Miami homosexual foam party --- Madsen believes that young Rubio is in the photo.


Madsen (continued):


"The following is a description of foam parties in a Miami New Times article by reporter Steven Almond, titled "Foam Sex," published in the June 8, 1995 issue:

"The scene generally features several hundred scantily clad bodies packed onto a dance floor and writhing to bone-rattling music under strobes and colored lights. Nothing new, right? Until suds come gushing out of a machine suspended over the dance floor. As if on cue, various forms of passionate embrace begin. Kissing. Petting. Rubbing. Because the foam froths up waist high, it acts both as a lubricant and camouflage. Mutual masturbation is an occasional component, generally beneath the cover of foam. As the evening wears on, a few men pair off and sit together in the foam that builds up outside the partitioned-off area.

At 'Amnesia,' emcee Kitty Meow, a drag queen, would officiate over the foam parties, directing participants what to do. Some foam party participants only wore jock straps."


Bubble Boy indeed! Ha ha ha ha --- touche fatboy, touche!

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (circa 1900) ominously spoke of how the Jewish controllers should groom puppets with a dark black-mailable stain in their past. Given that we already know that chosenite billionaires Norman Braman, Paul Singer and the aforementioned Wall Street financiers own Rubio; a homosexual skeleton in Markie Mark's closet fits in with the puppet-program just perfectly. The Jersey Fatboy knows this, but don't expect him to push the bubble jokes too far. He has his own dark secrets.
http://a57.foxnews.com/global.fncstatic.com/static/managed/img/FNL/Politics/0/0/braman%20rubio.jpg http://www.dailystormer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Selection_269.pnghttp://www.unclesgames.com/images/products/1334_big.jpg
When young Florida State Representative Rubio was broke and in debt, Zionist billionaire Norman Braman (shown giving 'thumbs-up' to Rubio) set up a part-time college teaching job for Rubio and also gave Rubio's wife a no-show job. (here) Bubble Boy was quickly fast-tracked to Speaker-of-the House, and then U.S. Senator.

   Boobus Americanus 1: I read an article in The New York Times today about how Marco Rubio is attacking Chris Christie.