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"All The News That Sulzberger's  Propaganda Rag  Saw Fit To Distort"

A Daily Web Page Summary of the Dirty Lies, Glaring Omissions,

Half Truths & Globalist Bias of The NY Times Front Page Headlines


           ISSUE # 2      June 16-22, 2013      ONE FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE



"We read and rebut their deceitful filth so you won't have to!"



"The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers."





Dishonest Front Page Headlines Quickly Rebutted!

Week of June 16 - June 22, 2013

'Fair Use' Headlines & Opening Descriptions From NewYorkTimes.com

Honest rebuttals by 'The Anti-New York Times'

SUNDAY / JUNE 16 / 2013

NY Times: Even Pessimists Feel Optimistic Over Economy

The surprising new view of a number of economists in academia and on Wall Street who see a brighter outlook right around the corner, not just far into the future.


Now that Obama has changed his tune on arming the Syrian "rebels", its back to 'good-news-for-Obama mode' at The Times. Are these the same economists who told people to go out and buy real estate in 2007, just before the market crashed by 50%?! The same tax & spend & borrow & print Keynesian clowns who, for years, told us "deficits don't matter" -  burying our children with a $17 trillion debt (and rising fast!) Why doesn't the Times cite capable economists who would beg to differ - Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber etc.

The reality is that when we factor in long term unemployed and the sudden rise in phony SSI Disability cases, the actual unemployment rate is above 20%. There are also 50 million people relying on food stamps (that's 1 in 6!). Food and energy prices continue to rise as wages stay flat. College grads can't find work, the suicide rate has spiked, homeless shelters are packed, foreclosure/evictions continue unabated, and $1.5 Trillion annual deficits are now 'the new normal". The "recovery" that The Times is hyping is just like Iran's "Weapons of Mass Destruction" - Neither one exists!

What recovery? The unemployed, underemployed and the fake 'disabled' number in the 10's of millions!
Obama is laughing at YOU as he bankrupts the nation!

MONDAY / JUNE 17 / 2013

MONDAY / JUNE 17 / 2013

NY Times: Turkey Expands Violent Reaction to Street Unrest

Turkish authorities took aim not just at the demonstrators in Taksim Square, but also at the medics who treated their injuries and the business owners who sheltered them.


 It is indeed true that large anti-government protests are taking place in Turkey. It is true that some Turks (a minority) are disenchanted with their government. And it is true that the government is now cracking down hard upon the protestors. But the deceit in this piece lies in the deliberate omission of 'the back story'.

Turkey had come under intense U.S. / NATO pressure to do its dirty work for them by attacking Syria. Indeed, for a while, it appeared that Turkey was on the brink of initiating an invasion. Very soon after Russian President Putin paid a visit to Turkish President Erdogan, Turkey immediately ceased its aggression towards Syria (Russia's ally). This has upset the Globo-Zionists. For its disobedience, Turkey is now being punished with a Globalist-CIA instigated 'spontaneous uprising of the people.' (See 'Turkey In The Middle')

The same 'color revolution' template used against Ukraine, Georgia, Libya, Egypt, Syria etc., is now being utilized to punish Turkey. Erdogan (who is by no means a saint!) surely understands that if he doesn't crackdown hard on the violent Anarchist/CIA scum causing "the street unrest", Turkey may degenerate into chaos.    

Putin got Turkey to back down.
Anarchist Red scum, funded by the CIA - instigate a 'spontaneous' revolt in Turkey.

TUESDAY / JUNE 18 / 2013

NY Times: GOP Pushes New Abortion Limits to Appease Vocal Base


Instead of focusing on the economy, as an internal party document suggested, House Republicans are pushing the most restrictive abortion bill to come to a vote in a decade.


Wow! Where do we begin with this biased venom? The headline assumes that efforts to restrict the killing of pre-born babies can only be motivated by politicians desiring to "appease a vocal base." The truth is that millions of people, including many 'pro-choice' Democrats, are appalled by the brutal practice of late term abortion.  We cannot recall a Times story accusing Obama of "appeasing a vocal base" by supporting immigration amnesty, or "gay marriage", or Israeli aggression. Nooo. Obama's motives are always pure!  And notice the cheap shot: "instead of focusing on the economy". First of all, the economy is in the hands of Obama and The Fed. There is nothing that a handful of conservatives in Congress can do to reverse the disastrous course which Obama and Bernanke have charted for the nation.

Secondly, why can't Congress act on different issues at the same time? Again, we cannot recall The Times ever attacking Obama for focusing on homosexuality instead of the economy, or focusing on giving away free birth control pills instead of the economy, or focusing on playing Golf instead of the economy, or focusing on partying with 'Jay-Z" and Beyonce instead of the economy, or focusing on Hollywood fundraisers instead of the economy, or focusing on making his NCAA Basketball predictions instead of the economy, or focusing on giving away 15 million free cell phones instead of the economy. Even by the low standards of The Times, this is truly a disgusting piece of hack journalism.

The Times has NEVER showed its readers what a late-term aborted baby looks like.


NY Times: True or Faked, Dirt on Chinese Fuels Blackmail


A growing number of Chinese officials have found themselves ensnared by extortion plots that leverage the public’s disgust for wayward behavior.


Is America so lacking in corrupt politicians that The Times has to feature allegations of Chinese political corruption on its front page? Is there corruption in the Chinese government? Of course there is, for that is the very nature of government. Is there a government on earth that does not have at least some degree of corruption within its ranks? Power corrupts. Duh!
The only purpose of putting this non story on the front page is to keep up a negative impression of China (which, in spite of its flaws, is peaceful and independent). The Globalist Times can't stand the fact that China and Russia are charting their own course, mostly independent of the Globalist 'One World' system. And they also hate China for doing lots of business in Africa. And they especially hate China for aligning itself with Putin's Russia and the much maligned Iran. There is nothing to see here folks. Ignore this latest piece of anti-Chinese propaganda, and enjoy your egg roll!

China and Russia know they must stand together against the Globalist-owned U.S.

WEDNESDAY / JUNE 19 / 2013

NY Times: The FBI Deemed Agents Faultless in 150 Shootings

Critics say the fact that no agent in the past two decades has been disciplined for deliberately shooting someone raises questions about the bureau’s internal investigations.


The Times utilizes the old "critics say" trick to smear Law Enforcement (a favorite whipping boy of liberals!), while at the same time distancing itself from the actual smear. You see, it's not The Times making this accusation; it's the "critics." It may indeed be true that that the FBI has covered up some unjustified shootings - or - it may not be true. We do not have access to the internal investigations, so how can we know either way? What is striking about this bit of shoddy journalism is that neither The Times, nor "the critics", actually cite any evidence, from a single case, that an FBI agent shot someone unjustifiably. The dubious argument is that because the number of agents who have been found guilty is very low, something has to be wrong. Is the FBI supposed to have a quota - say, for every 10 shootings, 1 agent must be hanged? 

Make no mistake! In its highest levels, the FBI is indeed corrupted by politics, and filled with careerist scoundrels. Even in its lower levels, assassins are embedded within the FBI (Waco 1992 / World Trade Center Bombing 1993, killing of Boston Bombing patsies 2013) . But the actual, everyday field agents (the true targets of this article) are generally  "the good guys", working at a very dangerous job, fighting some very nasty people. Unless The Times and "the critics" can provide tangible evidence of a specific case, which this article does not, then it is wrong for them to accuse common field agents of essentially getting away with murder.

51 FBI agents have died in the line of duty.  But don't expect The Times to shed tears for these good men or their grieving families. No sir. The crocodile tears of The Times are reserved for the evil thugs that FBI agents fire back at!


Samuel S. Hicks
1974 - 2008

Agent Samuel S. Hicks was killed on November 19, 2008 while executing a federal arrest warrant associated with the takedown of a violent drug trafficking organization near Pittsburgh. Upon entering the subject’s house to make the arrest,  Agent Hicks was shot and killed; the subject was subsequently taken into custody.

Agent Bush was killed during a shootout with the scumbag on the left.

Barry Lee Bush
1954 - 2007

Agent Barry Lee Bush was shot and killed on April 5, 2007, in Readington, New Jersey, while working an investigation into a series of armed bank robberies in central New Jersey. He and his team were in pursuit of heavily-armed serial bank robbers who were believed to have been responsible for four bank robberies. The suspects fired their assault weapons inside two of the banks. Agent Bush was killed during the attempt to arrest these suspects.


NY Times: Protests Widen as Brazilians Chide Leaders

Demonstrators remained defiant Tuesday, pouring into the streets by the thousands and venting their anger over political corruption, the high cost of living and huge public spending for the World Cup and the Olympics


First Turkey, now Brazil. Yet another 'spontaneous' uprising breaks out in a country that has recently defied the U.S.- Israel Axis of Aggression by dealing with Russia' Putin. It is common knowledge that, in 1964, the CIA aided a military coup which toppled a Brazilian government that was pursuing a neutral foreign policy. Only a fool would believe that the CIA is no longer active in South America!
A member of the "BRICS" economic alliance (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa), Brazil is also a friend to Iran, and as a close strategic ally of Putin's Russia. That is why Brazil is suddenly being targeted by flash mobs. We do not dispute that Brazilians may have legitimate gripes, or that many of the protestors are sincere people. The question is, who lit this match in Brazil, and why now. That is a question that the CIA - affiliated, Globalist Times will never ask!

Putin embraces ex Brazilian President Lula
Putin cuts a deal with current President Rouseff.


THURSDAY/ JUNE 20 / 2013


NY Times: Obama Readying Emissions Limits on Power Plants

The move would be the most consequential climate policy step he could take and one sure to provoke legal challenges from Republicans and some industries.


Nowhere in this article is the dubious dogma of  "Global Warming" / "Climate Change" even questioned! In spite of the hard fact (which even "warmists" now acknowledge) that there has been zero warming over the past 16 years, Obama, with the support of The Times, intends to further cripple and control American industry with new "emissions standards." The Global Warming Hoax is not about 'saving the planet' from an imaginary crisis. It is about power and control, nothing more. The Times knows this, but it won't ever tell its gullible readers.

30 Years ago the media was promoting "The Ice Age" Theory!




NY Times: Optimistic Fed Outlines an End to Its Stimulus

Policy makers, more confident about the recovery, said they intended to reduce their monetary stimulus program later this year if unemployment continues to decline.


Another day, another phony recovery story from the pro-Obama Times! If and when Ben Bernanke ever slows down his inflationary printing press, just watch how far and fast the bubble stock market collapses. Once again, we repeat, the "decline in unemployment" does not factor in the long term unemployed, the underemployed, and the phony SSI Disability cases. The 'new normal' in America is 20% real unemployment, 50 million people on Food Stamps, debt burdened & jobless College Grads, and $1.5 Trillion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see. This is a sustained, national decline - NOT a recovery!

NY Times: Strategist Out of Closet and Into Fray, This Time for Gay Marriage

A change of heart by Ken Mehlman, who ran President George W. Bush’s 2004 campaign, has proved divisive in the battle over a Supreme Court case.


Another day, another front page pro-homosexual "gay marriage" story by the Times. Can it be any more obvious that The Times (along with the rest of the media and Hollywood)  are deliberately pushing their degenerate values upon society? Unfortunately, this pro-homosexual propaganda blitz has indeed 'domesticated' many simple minded people into accepting homosexuality and  the preposterous notion of  'gay marriage'. That was the media's intent all along!

The Times wants you to accept this as "the New Normal"

NY Times: Italian Praised for Saving Jews Is Now Seen as Nazi Collaborator

Information about Giovanni Palatucci, celebrated for saving Jews, is being removed from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in light of evidence that the tales may be untrue.


Does a month go by without another "Holocaust" or "Nazi" story appearing on The Times front page?   With Israel stirring up trouble in the Middle East, it's the perfect time to drum up some sympathy by playing the "Nazi" card. By continuously focusing public attention on "The Holocaust", the Zionist Times neutralizes  opposition to the aggressive "State of Israel'". So as not to appear insensitive to 'Jewish suffering", critics - who might otherwise condemn Israel for its warmongering - will 'pull their punches'. The persecution card is a very effective weapon in the Zionist arsenal. Shakespeare, nearly 400 years ago  wrote about this tactic in his 'Merchant of Venice. (Shylock: "If you prick us, do we not bleed?")

"We have been persecuted for 3000 years!"

FRIDAY / JUNE 21 / 2013

NY Times:  Sweeping Protests in Brazil Pull In Array of Grievances

A country once viewed as a stellar example of an ascendant democratic power has been upended by an uprising with one theme: an angry rejection of politics as usual.


For the 2nd time in just three days, The Globalist Times is going heavy on the Brazilian protests. As is usually the case with these CIA (and possible Mossad) engineered uprisings, large numbers of gullible, but well-meaning sheep have begun to join the demonsrations. The independent minded Brazilian government has got a real mess on its hands. Very soon, Brazil will either have to cave in to Globalist demands (distance itself from: Iran & Russia), or, they must crack down hard on the protests, thus running the risk of fanning the flames even higher. These destabilization operations are the nastiest trick in the Globalist arsenal.

The same staged "tear gassed lady" propaganda photos in Turkey and Brazil!
The CIA and its paid "assets" kicked it off - now the protests will grow on their own.


NY Times: Extremism Rises Among Myanmar Buddhists

Amid hate-filled speeches and violence, a nationwide fundamentalist movement has grown with an agenda that now includes boycotts of Muslim-made goods.


What's this? The Muslim-hating Times is suddenly shedding tears for the allegedly 'oppressed' Muslims of faraway "extremist" Myanmar (aka Burma)?  The Times doesn't mind when Israel displaces, kills, and tortures Palestinian Muslims, nor do they condemn the murderous bombing of Muslims, carried out by the mighty Air Forces of the U.S. and Israel. From whence did this sudden concern for Muslims, and sudden bigotry towards Buddhists, come from?

Well, you see, Myanmar (pop. 60,000,000!) has long been one of those 'defiant' nations that has steadfastly refused to sell its soul to Globalist control. It has long been the target of George Soros funded CIA destabilization campaigns, most notably the "The Saffron Revolution" of 2007, which The Times claimed was "spontaneous."

Myanmar/Burma is proud of its neutrality and independence. Though 'isolated' by the U.S. and its NATO puppets, Myanmar enjoys very close relations with - can you.guess? ................. Russia and China! These relations include strong trade, weapons purchases, and assistance with developing nuclear energy. Myanmar's independence of Globalist control is the real reason why it is being attacked on the front page of The Times.

Putin has built economic alliances with South East Asia. Myanmar's President is 4th from left.

Time Magazine always sings the same song, at the same time, as The NY Times!

SATURDAY / JUNE 22 / 2013

NY Times: In Turnabout, Syria Rebels Get Libyan Weapons

Weapons formerly in Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s stockpile are making their way to anti-government forces in Syria, financed largely by Qatar, which has strong ties with Libyan rebel groups.


The Times repeats, and will continue to repeat, the lie that the murderous thugs who have set Syria ablaze are "anti-government rebels". We are thus compelled to repeat the truth; the 'rebels' are CIA-Mossad mercenaries, recruited from the slums and prisons of the Arab world for the purpose of destroying an enemy of Israel, and an ally of Russia. This is the same brutal gang that destabilized Libya and murdered its leader, Muamar Qaddafi. That is why the new "Libyan government" is helping the "rebels" of Syria. It's the same nasty people - funded, armed, and trained by the same Globalist machine that engineered the whole Arab Spring.

The Globo-Zionists and their "rebels" want to do to Assad what they did to Qaddafi.
Syria's Assad warmly embraces the since murdered Qaddafi.

NY Times: How Angry Is Brazil? Pelé Now Has Feet of Clay

As Brazilian protests grow, even soccer comes under fire after Edson Arantes do Nascimento, the soccer legend known as Pelé, told Brazilians to “forget the protests.”


That makes THREE Brazilian protest stories on the front page of The Times this week. The Globalists must be really eager to keep the South American giant under control. By now, all of South America was to have been part of an American Union from Canada to the tip of Chile. But it hasn't quite worked out that way. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez was apparently poisoned with cancer cells. Morales of Bolivia is also a hated target..If they are ever to get South America back under their thumb, the Globalists know that up and coming Brazil is the key to controlling the continent. Expect this anti-Brazilian operation to continue into next year's World Cup. And expect The Times to keep concealing the Globalist-Zionist hand in the pre-planned mess.

A sure sign of pre-orchestratrion. Professionally designed protest posters. 'The Giant Awakes"


"All The News That Sulzberger's  Propaganda Rag  Saw Fit To Distort"

A Daily Web Page & Weekly pdf Summary of the Dirty Lies, Glaring Omissions,

Half Truths & Globalist Bias of The NY Times Front Page Headlines


           ISSUE # 3      June 23-29, 2013      ONE FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE



"We read and rebut their deceitful filth so you won't have to!"


Dishonest Front Page Headlines Quickly Rebutted!

Week of June 23 - June 29, 2013

'Fair Use' Headlines & Opening Descriptions From NewYorkTimes.com

Honest rebuttals by 'The Anti-New York Times'

SUNDAY / JUNE 23 / 2013


To the issues he faces, Secretary of State John Kerry brings a worldwide list of contacts, a dogged belief in personal diplomacy and no small measure of self-confidence.

NY Times: Following a Star, Kerry Applies Personal Touch

While his predecessor, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was a global celebrity, Secretary of State John Kerry is striving to carve out a legacy by taking on some of the world’s intractable problems.


This is a slobbering 'puff piece' of not only the Secretary of State John Kerry, but also of his equally Globalist predecessor, the "star" Hillary Clinton. Both are portrayed as oh-so-smart, capable, dedicated public servants. The reality is they are both war criminals, who deserve to be tried by an international tribunal. 

As Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton presided over the CIA orchestrated 'Arab Spring" and the associated civil wars that have led to the deaths of so many innocent people. This "star" also remained silent as Israel murdered 1000 civilian Palestinians during "Operation Cast Lead" in 2010.

As for Kerry, the "Viet Nam war hero" (who, received his Purple Heart for self-inflicted scratches on his butt), he has picked up right where Hillary left off. Kerry foments war in Syria by arming the murderous "rebels", and supports a provocative "missile defense shield" aimed at Russia. Since the days of the late great Senator Joseph McCarthy (who tried to expose the criminal U.S. State Department during the 1950's) State has been the foreign relations arm of the New World Order - bribing "friends" and bullying "enemies" around the globe. Count on The Times to always provide State with protective cover while pumping up its corrupt Secretaries.

MONDAY / JUNE 24 / 2013


The car of Ecuador’s ambassador at the Moscow airport. Ecuador confirmed getting an asylum request from Mr. Snowden.

NY Times: Snowden, in Russia, Seeks Asylum in Ecuador

Edward J. Snowden arrived in Moscow on Sunday as American officials pressed Russia to turn him over and warned countries in Latin America not to harbor him or allow him passage.


There is something about this whole Snowden affair that does not smell right. We cannot say for sure what the purpose of this strange, possibly staged "fugitive whistleblower" story is all about. Only time will reveal the truth. We are indeed puzzled by a number of factors:

1. Why is this story receiving such enormous mainstream media hype?

2. How did Snowden escape so easily? If the NSA is monitoring everyone, wouldn't that include its own employees?

3. Why were similar previous claims, made by legitimate Federal "whistleblowers", always ignored?

Could it be that Snowden is a CIA / NSA operative who is being used by the Shadow Government to blackmail politicians and/or destabilize the government? Could it be that Snowden is a legitimate whistleblower, and that the hidden purpose of the media hype over his fugitive status is to intimidate anyone who is thinking of whistleblowing? We cannot for sure, just yet. But we will monitor this situation closely. In the meantime, be very suspicious of how The Times treats this Snowden drama.




Michael D. Getz, a city councilman and a leader of the crusade to remake the board.

NY Times: States Reined In by 1965 Voting Act Await a Decision

A Supreme Court ruling on a key provision of the Voting Rights Act could have a dramatic effect on the low-profile world of county commissions and school boards......(In Beaumont, Texas) a mostly white group of critics have charged the black-majority school board with enabling corruption, wasteful spending and academic cheating.


What an ugly piece of anti-White, anti-southerner (Texas),  Marxist, race-baiting garbage this article is! The clear implication here is that simply because citizens who are concerned about School Board corruption are "mostly white", and that the School Board in question is "mostly Black" - therefore the School Board is innocent and the critics must be "racist".  As for the non-white citizens who have also condemned the School Board, they must be self-hating Blacks we presume?

The reference to the 1965 "Voting Rights Act" is also misleading, in that it suggests that the efforts to remove corrupt School Board members will deprive Black people of their right-to-vote. This is the same false accusation that The Times has leveled at efforts to require photo ID before being able to vote. As a side note, with regards to the Voting Act of 1965, that horrible legislation guaranteed the "rights" of illiterates and moron IQ voters (of all races) to be able to bloc-vote themselves money from the pockets of productive people.

LBJ and ML King knew that the "Voting Rights Act" would create easily manipulated illiterate voters.

TUESDAY / JUNE 25 / 2013



There it is! The "Snowden Snow-Job" is revealed. The mysterious whistleblower, who allegedly threw away his $200,000 yearly salary, his girlfriend, and his life, just to tell the world what was already commonly known, (that the government is spying on us - duh!), is now crawling into bed with the arch enemies of the Globalists, Russia & China. How convenient that Snowden hysteria is being used to foment tensions between the U.S. and the Russia/China Alliance. In addition to stirring up trouble, perhaps Snowden is also a double-agent, sent to provide disinformation to America's enemies?

The Snowden drama has yet to play out fully, but we do feel confident at this point in declaring this to be a government intelligence operation. Be not deceived by feigned indignation of the Obama administration & friends (The phrase from Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', "Me thinks the Lady doth protest too much" comes to mind!) The fake condemnation of Snowden is intended to give him credibility ('sheep-dipping). This is clearly an orchestrated government-media circus, and The Times is "in on it".

A sure sign of fakery. Professional banners and posters pop up instantly throughout Hong Kong.

Instant 'pro-Snowden' Flash Mobs, with printed signs, pop up in western influenced Hong Kong.



Senator John Cornyn, right, did not support the amendment proposed by fellow Republicans Bob Corker, left, and John Hoeven.

NY Times: Senate Vote on Border Gives Push to Immigration Overhaul

The Senate, in a major step toward a bipartisan immigration overhaul, endorsed an amendment that would nearly double the Border Patrol force....a proposal to substantially bolster security along the nation’s southern borders as part of a measure that would provide a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the country.


History is a great teacher. And if the history of the past 40 years teaches us anything, it is the following; there will NEVER be an increase in border security. Ignore what the politicians say. Ignore whatever laws they pass,. And, most of all, ignore any claim by the pro-open borders Times that America is finally going to protect its borders. The purpose of this bald faced lie is to put American's at ease while 11 million illegal aliens (notice how The Times benignly, and cleverly, refers to them as "undocumented immigrants) , plus millions of their relatives back home, will soon become Democrat voters. Millions more will soon receive free housing, food stamps, and health care at the taxpayers expense.

 Many deluded and gutless Republicans actually believe that by supporting this act of national suicide, they will win Hispanic votes! That is why shady characters like Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and even Rand Paul are supporting the deliberate treason of the evil Marxist Democrats. If this amnesty bill pases, it will represent the final death blow for a dying nation that is already on life support. That's bad news for Americans, but good news for the Globalist Times, whose owners want a weakened America (and all nations) to eventually be swallowed up by The New World Order.

The "third world" invasion of America and Europe is BY DESIGN!



NY Times: Credit Warnings Offer World a Peek Into China’s Secretive Banks

The Chinese central bank’s crackdown against excessive lending has put focus on a banking sector that some say is hiding piles of bad debt.


Are the numerous mega-financial institutions based in New York City so pure, so transparent, so ethical, and so responsible, that The Times has to go to China to report on alleged "excessive lending"?  Where was the voice of the influential Times when the Federal Reserve & Federal Government were openly encouraging "bad debt" and "excessive lending" during the 2001-2007 housing mania? Not only was The Times silent during the fake "boom", they actually hyped and cheered for it! Shouldn't the Times be instead reporting about Ben Bernanke's bond buying of Obama's massive annual deficits, and his ongoing buying of bad mortgage debts? Or how about New York based Goldman Sachs and its grip on our government?

Once again, China-bashing makes it to the front page of the Globalist Times. Notice the deceptive term "some say" - a variation of "critics say". This is a classic distancing tactic. "It's not us saying this; it's 'some say".

Hey Sulzberger! Why don't you worry about the "excessive lending" of your synagogue buddies Lyoyd Blankfein & Ben Bernanke. Let the Chinese sort out their own affairs!

Bernanke is printing funny money like it is going out of style! Times is silent!
Alan Greenslime: His 'excessive lending' created the catastrophic housing bubble. Times was silent!


WEDNESDAY / JUNE 26 / 2013


NY Times: New Face of South Rises as an Extralegal Force

Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling on voting rights, a temptation to gerrymander districts could harm the G.O.P.’s long-term prospects.


The South is America's last bastion of limited government conservatism and Christian tradition. As such, it has long been a target of The Times and their Marxist Hollywood allies. Ever notice how Southerners are portrayed as bigots and morons in films and TV shows? (Beverly Hillbillies, To Kill a Mockingbird, Django Unchained, The Help et al.)

This particular piece of anti-South propaganda suggests that evil White Republican Southerners are using "extra-legal" strategies to keep the Blacks down. In addition to redrawing district lines ('gerrymandering' has been a practice of BOTH political parties for over 100 years!), other horrible 'racist' tricks include, you know, asking voters to show an ID before they can vote, or, making sure dead people don't vote....repeated times! Really evil people those Southern Whites are, eh?.

And yet, we cannot recall a single Times story, ever, about the thoroughly well documented, widespread, pro Democrat voter fraud that takes place regularly in America's majority Black inner city voting precincts. Not one story! Nor did The Times cover the story about the two Black Panthers, eventually pardoned by Obama, after they had been charged with harassing White voters (a Federal crime!). The two thugs, dressed in military clothes and carrying clubs, verbally intimidated White voters attempting to cast ballots in a mixed Philadelphia precinct. Voter intimidation is "extra -legal", is it not?

You see, when Black Democrats cheat, it's called "voting rights". When White Republicans try to stop the cheating, it's called "extra-legal".

(2008): Two Black Panthers were arrested for intimidating white voters. Obama dropped the charges!

Obama's connection to The Black Panther (shown above at an Obama event!) is ignored by The Times!



NY Times: With Snowden in Middle, U.S. and Russia Joust, and Cool Off

President Vladimir V. Putin confirmed that Edward J. Snowden, the American wanted on spying charges, was in Moscow, but appeared to rule out his extradition to the United States.


And the anti-Putin mania, now intensified by this phony Snowden operation, rolls on towards an ending that only the Globalist-Zionist script writers can know. With Snowden now in Russia, he is likely to be debriefed by Russian Intelligence. Is Edward Snowden (if that's even his real name) a disinfo agent, sent to feed the Russians false information? Is he there to pass on a sophisticated computer virus to the Chinese and Russians? Or, is the purpose of this phony operation solely to drive a deeper wedge between the U.S. and anti-war Russia?

 We shall know soon enough. The question is, will the Russians (known as great chess players) smell the Zionist bullshit? Our hunch is that they already do, but aren't showing their cards! It is an interesting drama. But, like all dramas, it is staged.

The Times propaganda is subtle, but New York's tabloids are in-your-face!

Mr. Putin is nobody's fool!




THURSDAY / JUNE 27 / 2013



It's a happy day at the gay NY Times! A huge front page headline, a huge front page photo, and not one, but two, front page stories, all celebrating the Supreme Court's ruling that bars individual States from banning "same sex marriage." Thousands of years of tradition (and common sense) have been overturned in light of the recent discovery that "same sex marriage" (and adoption!) is the moral equivalent of a man and woman marrying and starting a family. We ask rhetorically (and sarcastically), should men who have sex with their mothers be allowed to marry them now? If not, why not? The Emperor Nero used to get it on with his mother Agrippina. Who are we to judge?

Note the deception in the headline, "Court Follows Nation's Lead." It is indeed true that the brainwashed public has softened its attitudes towards men playing around in the rectums of other men, and woman using strap on "toys" to pleasure other women. But what The Times doesn't want you to know is that it was they, and their fellow Hollywood Zionists, who deliberately engineered the change in the nation's attitude. 

Over the past 20 years, a non-stop barrage of pro-homosexual news and entertainment propaganda has worn down the public. The "nation" did not "lead" this homosexual revolution, the media did! We now arrive at this sad day in history - a day when the highest court in America redefined the very foundation of civilization and stuck its middle finger in the face of God. Take a bow New York Times. You filthy degenerate deceivers! We hope you are proud of what you are doing to our children!

FRIDAY/ JUNE 28 / 2013


NY Times: Steady Move to the Right

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. may work slowly, but he has a long-term strategy for putting his mark on the Supreme Court.


In this headline and opening description, The Times uses a clever Marxist trick, in which they pretend to express concern about someone, or something "moving to the right" (i.e. true constitutional conservatism, limited government, traditional morality etc.), when in reality they are moving to the left! The purpose of this trick is to reassure the public that, in this particular case, the Supreme Court has not taken a radical turn towards the left (which it clearly has!) By describing liberals as "conservatives", or left as "right", The Times provides protective cover for a very liberal Supreme Court. This also has the effect of intimidating the wishy-washy "centrists" on the 9 member Court (Kennedy & Roberts). As members of the ruling class, these men must surely be aware of the garbage that is printed in The Times and/or The Washington Post. Justices Kennedy and Roberts will often vote "liberal" just so they can impress the Washington / New York "in-crowd"; "See, we're really not right wing extremists at all."

In the past year, the "right wing" Roberts Court has approved of the radical left wing socialist monstrosity known as "ObamaCare" (with Chief Justice Roberts voting with the 4 Marxists), and institutionalized the radical left wing notion of "same sex marriage" (with Justice Kennedy voting with the 4 Marxists). That The Times, in light of such history-altering Court radicalism, can describe the Roberts Court as "right wing", is as laughable as it is dishonest.

What is so "conservative" about FORCING States to accept this?



NY Times: Public Rage Catching Up With Brazil’s Congress

Laws that make it difficult to convict or dismiss members of Congress, described as “the most despised institution in Brazil,” have led to wide public disgust


For the 4th time in 10 days, The Times bashes the Brazilian government on its front page. Again, let us emphasize, we do not doubt that widespread corruption exists with Brazil's Congress. Nor do we question the sincerity of many angry Brazilian protestors. The essential point to understand is that these demonstrations (like the ones in Turkey) are clearly instigated by U.S., and possible Israeli, intelligence. They cleverly timed the “spontaneous uprising” to coincide with a globally televised soccer tournament. 

 Is there so little corruption within the U.S. government that The Times has to write about Brazilian corruption so frequently? Why no front page stories regarding the massive vote fraud that took place in the 2012 Presidential Election? Or the multi-million dollar grants awarded to "Green Energy" companies that later went bankrupt. Or the institutionalized bribery of U.S. Congressman and Senators by various lobbying groups. The U.S. Congress has a 10% approval rating among the American public. So why is The Times worried about how Brazilians feel about their Congress? 

The truth about The Times recent obsession with Brazil is that the South American giant has "gone off the reservation" in many ways. Brazil’s economic and foreign policy are increasingly independent, enjoying trade and strong relations with those arch enemies of Globalism-Zionism; Iran, Russia, and China.

Current Brazilian President is very chummy with Russia and China.
Brazil and Iran have good relations too!



NY Times: In Mandela, Obama Found a Beacon Who Inspired From Afar

President Obama, who has begun a weeklong trip to Africa, had been hoping to meet with the ailing Nelson Mandela, as he did in 2005, when he was a senator.


Rather than exposing The Obama Family's latest multi-million dollar "Africa trip" for the vacation extravaganza that it is, they instead choose, as usual, to slobber over the African born, Marxist, teleprompter reader and his America hating wife. By linking Obama to Nelson Mandela, another media hyped Marxist fraud, Obama's stature is raised. It is known that Mandela is gravely ill. It wouldn't surprise us if "Mandela The Great" happens to die just as Obama visits South Africa. Just imagine the tears, the eloquent teleprompter readings, the solemn head-bowing at the memorial to the Marxist terrorist who, through the magic of propaganda, became a global legend. Obama's popularity will be sure to get a boost! Could it be that Mandela is already dead, being kept "on ice" so that he can "die" as the Obama family prays at his bedside? It's possible. Time will tell!

Mandela the Murderer once wrote a booklet: "How To Be a Good Communist".
Vacation-obsessed "First Lady" already visited Mandela in 2012!

SATURDAY/ JUNE 29 / 2013


NY Times: Visit by Obama Is Overshadowed by Mandela Vigil

As South Africa comes to terms with saying farewell to its revered former leader Nelson Mandela, President Obama faces a delicate diplomatic balancing act.



Get ready for the media blitz folks! For the second consecutive day, the dying (or perhaps already dead?) Marxist terrorist has been featured on the front page of "The Paper of Record." The nauseating, gushing Mandela lovefest we are soon to be hit with, is going to make ObamaMania 2008 seem like nothing!

Again, we remind our readers that Nelson Mandela, imprisoned during the 70's & 80's in what was then White-ruled South Africa, was not imprisoned for opposing Apartheid (segregation). He was imprisoned for being a Communist terrorist murderer-bomber in service to the Soviet Union. For those weak minded, guilt ridden, liberals who believe it's OK to kill White South Africans (the actual builders of that country) if they are "racist", we would remind them that the majority of the victims of Mandela's gang were actually Blacks who opposed Communism!

In 1991, Mandela's first wife, Winnie, was convicted of kidnapping, assault, and accessory to the murder of a 14 year old boy named Stompei Moeketsi. The boy was suspected of being a police informant. On Mrs. Mandela's orders, he was kidnapped, tortured, beaten, and had his throat slit. Stompei's body was found close to Winnie's home. (Nelson Mandela was still in jail at the time) Murder charges were dropped against her as her thug henchmen took the fall.

Mandela does not deserve to be honored. He, and his nasty-ass first wife, both deserve to be executed! Better late than never.

Mandela's terrorist ANC burned its opponents alive by using tire 'necklaces" set on fire
Stompei (14) was murdered on orders from Winnie Mandela
The Murdering Mandelas






NY Times: Arizona Is Fertile Ground for New York Matzo

Arizona’s arid wheat fields have become the frontline in the competition between two Ultra-Orthodox sects for the most rigorous standards in the production of matzo.


There is no bias or deception in this unimportant story about the type of wheat used to make Jewish matzo. But it is very strange that such a story would be top and center, along with a huge picture, on The Times front page. The interesting thing to note is that The Times has been Jewish owned since 1896 (Ochs-Sulzberger families).This front page story reminds us of the deep 'Jewishness' of The Times. With 80% of Jews openly describing themselves as "liberal Democrats", with most of the remaining 20% being "neo-conservative" Israel Firsters, we see where the liberal, pro-Israel bias of The Times emanates from.

Adolph Ochs: Bought the NY Times in 1896
Great Grandson Arthur Ochs-Sulzberger Jr. runs The Times today


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