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By Mike King

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NY Times: Thousands of Theodore Roosevelt’s Papers Are Now Online


The "Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times has always emphasized the fact that there's no history like original source history. Think about it. If you really want to get inside of the minds of the men who made history; then why rely on an endless, repetitious circle-jerk of academic ass-clowns when you can, in this day and age of Internet search engines, instantly access the actual writings and speeches of the history-makers themselves? Original source data is especially useful if the writing artifact is a private one. You see, communications intended for public consumption, don't always reveal the true man and his beliefs. But the stuff that a man inks for personal friends / co-conspirators or private diaries -- well, that reveals the true man.

With that investigative maxim (a $10 word for a short statement expressing a general truth) always in mind, this story about the Library of Congress' recently added digital archive of many of Teddy Roosevelt's private papers and letters really got our investigative juices flowing. Just a few minutes into this article was all it took to learn something fascinating about Teddy Psycho that we -- in spite of having written a book on the Wretched Roosevelts - didn't know before. We thought we should share it with "youse guys."

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1. Fake historians only know how to follow each other in an endless circle-jerk of orthodox groupthink. // 2. True investigative historians search for original source material, and then analyze every line for clues and patterns. //  3. Time to amend "The Real Roosevelts" with this new information?


Among the historical files is a 1915 private letter in which TR criticizes President Woodrow Wilson’s policy of "neutrality" regarding World War I. Of course, regular readers of the ANYT should all know by now that Wilson's early "pacifism" was fake. Evidently, ex-President Teddy did not know at the time that Wilson's handlers were waiting until after the back-room Zionist-British verbal deal to steal Palestine was made -- and after Wilson's November 1916 re-election was completed -- to join the European bloodbath. In the letter, TR also reveals his contempt for the millions of German-Americans who sympathized with Germany in its purely, 100% defensive war (started in August, 1914) against the aggressive British-French-Russian alliance.

Excerpted from the February 12, 1915 letter, which the Slimes' web version linked us to:

"My dear Cecil. Do not feel too badly over things. I am bitterly humiliated over what this administration has done. I am not merely humiliated, but profoundly angered by the attitude of the professional German-Americans. But don't forget, there are lots of Americans of German descent who do not sympathize with these men..... who are emphatically against Germany in this fight and resent being called German-Americans.
When a President misleads us as Wilson has done, some very good people tend to follow him."

"Cecil" is Sir Cecil Arthur Spring Rice -- a diplomat who served as Britain's Ambassador to the United States from 1912 to 1918. We learn from Establishment historians that "Cecil," in that capacity, was responsible for British efforts to end American neutrality and bring America into the First World War. And, get this -- he was not just a close friend of Psycho Teddy, he had actually served as his best man at his second wedding (TR's first wife had died) way back in 1886 when few people had even heard of TR -- the spoiled-rich law school dropout who, according to his own words, "rose like a rocket" from political obscurity to New York City Police Commissioner -- to Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Navy (he oversaw the USS Maine false flag) -- to phony "war hero" (he never even got a medal for his alleged "charge" up San Juan Hill) -- to Governor of New York State -- to Vice President (after the sudden and strange death of Garret Hobart) -- to U.S. President (after the assassination of William McKinley by a foreign-born Red) -- all within a span of just 5 years!



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1. "I rose like a rocket," boasted Globalist puppet Roosevelt. One of TR's biographies is actually titled after that quote. // 2. After a convenient "heart attack" killed Vice President Hobart (a conservative), TR was forced upon McKinley (a conservative) as Vice President. // 3. After a convenient assassinated by a Red fanatic, TR became the first "progressive" president.


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1. Ambassador to the U.S. Cecil Rice --- He and his buddy TR were upset with Wilson (Image 2) for not warmongering against Germany. // 3. Little did they know that Wilson's handlers were actually planning to join the war after his 1916 re-election -- a dishonest campaign which was based on Wilson's "achievement" of keeping America out of the war!
This letter constitutes clear evidence that ex-President TR -- who was still influential within American elite circles -- was already treasonously "colluding" with foreign agents, for the purpose of dragging the U.S. into the grand war for Globalism -- a full two years before the U.S. officially entered the war. To cover his ass, the sneaky bastard purposely left his name off of the envelope sent to his best man -- "Cecil."
From the very opening line of that same letter:
"Dear Cecil,
Your two letters have come. My letters to you will hereafter go in envelopes without my name on them, so as to attract as little attention as possible." (full letter, here)
No names on the envelopes, eh? It doesn't get any more Deep Statish than that. Conspire much, Mr. President?
But the real kicker for us was the date stamped on the letter -- February 12, 1915. That's three full months before Lord of the British Admiralty Winston Churchill set up the arms-smuggling Lusitania to be sunk by German U-boats. So, even before the phony pretext that served to turn public opinion away from innocent Germany, TR and his crowd were already anti-German and pro-war. That's no surprise to us, of course, but oh what a powerful argument it makes in contradiction of the fake history which holds that the U.S. government was originally neutral. No. Both the open-warmonger Roosevelt and the closet warmonger Wilson wanted to join the "The Great War" all along -- a war for both Globalism and Zionism which, ironically, broke TR's heart and may have led to his sudden death soon after the war's end. For it is said that he never recovered after his youngest son's death in the very war that he had so passionately agitated for.

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1. The letter to "Cecil" proves that even before the Lusitania tragedy and other "incidents," TR's crowd was already hostile toward Germany and angling for ways to join the war in Europe. 2 & 3. Psycho dad's wished-for war got his own son, Quentin, killed in aerial combat in July, 1918. TR was broken by the news, and died in his sleep just 8 months later, at age 61.



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the Library of Congress is digitally publishing 1000's of documents and images from Teddy Roosevelt's collection.

Boobus Americanus 2: Teddy Roosevelt was one of our most eloquent and intellectual presidents.


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