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The blonds of Iraq; hunted like dogs to the top of a mountain.

History Repeats:
Dead Blondes on a Mountain Top
By: Mike King

The shocking headline from the August 14 London Daily Mail declared:


'ISIS want to impregnate Yazidi women and smash our blond bloodline': Fears grow for the 300 women kidnapped from Sinjar'

The Yazidi minority of Iraq is of Aryan descent (like most Europeans) and has retained much of its fair skin, reddish and blond hair, and blue eyes by marrying among themselves. The US-Israeli-Saudi controlled terror group known has ISIS vowed to impregnate the White hostages.

Some 45,000 thirsty and hungry Yazidi refugees were finally able to escape from the top of Mount Sinjar after Kurdish forces broke a 10 day siege imposed by Israel’s controlled Islamic militants. Kurdish militia have been calling on Western forces to give them arms, rather than plotting "rescue missions." But Obongo and the rest of the anti-White West could care less about saving Aryan remnants.



When 250 Black girls in Nigeria were allegedly kidnapped, the First Beast made a 'cause celeb' out of it. Recall the "Bring Back Our Girls" mania? But she (or is it he?) sheds no crocodile tears for 300 kidnapped White Yazidi girls!  /  On Right: The Beast's unmistakable look of envious hatred for ex-Super Model Carla Bruni says it all.


Addressing the kidnapping of Yazidi women, Adnan Kochar, chairman of the Kurdish Cultural Centre in London, told the Daily Mail: “The Kurds and Yazidis are originally Aryans. But because the Yazidis are such a closed community they have retained a fairer complexion, blonder hair and bluer eyes. They don't marry non-Yazidis.”

Those horrible "racist" Yazidis! How dare they marry their own kind?! Don't they watch 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians?' By the dubious "moral standards" of the degenerate West, they must surely deserve their fate. What a tragic end for the descendants of the great Aryan civilizations that once flourished in Mesopotamia and beyond; civilizations which were all hated by the Old Testament Jews.




 Mossad's Proxies: "Marry ISIS scum or die along with your men, you White bitches!"



But the Yazidis weren’t the first Whites to be hunted to the mountain tops in a state of terror.

About 600 years ago, the tall, blond haired, blue eyed, fair skinned remnants of the “Chachapoya” people fled to the tops of the Andes Mountains in Peru. Their Incan tormentors dubbed them the “Cloud Warriors" (Chachapoya), but it is not known what this once great Aryan-blooded kingdom actually called itself.

Now, I can already hear some of you saying out loud, “Aryans in the pre-Columbus Americas? Mike! Please, stick to World War II and current events. This kooky stuff about blue-eyed blonds in the Andes Mountains is going to ruin your credibility.”  

I assure you my beloved readers, I have not taken leave of senses. Given the state of the world, I am indeed headed in that mental direction, but not there yet!

The Chachapoyas were described by Spanish Conquistador and Chronicler Cieza de León as follows:

“They (Chachapoyas) are the whitest and most handsome of all the people that I have seen in the Indies.”

Like the ancient Egyptians (also Aryan, as confirmed by DNA analysis), the Chachapoyas were highly skilled at building, embalming and mummification. The mummies that were left behind in their mountaintop getaway clearly reveal blond and also red hair. Death masks even have blue eyes.

One female mummy has preserved a terrified woman in her moment of deathly fear. She evidently died is a horrific manner, most likely at the hands of the Incas. The London Standard issue of January 10, 2007 describes the amazing find in an article entitled:

'Moment 600 years ago that terror came to Mummies of the Amazon' (here)

“Hands over her eyes and her face gripped with terror, the woman's fear of death is all too obvious.

The remarkable mummy was found in a hidden burial vault in the Amazon. It is at least 600 years old and has survived thanks to the embalming skills of her tribe, the Chachapoyas or cloud warriors.

Eleven further mummies were recovered from the massive cave complex 82ft down. The vault - which was also used for worship - was chanced upon three months ago by a farmer working at the edge of northern Peru's rain-forest. He tipped off scientists who uncovered ceramics, textiles and wall paintings.

The Chachapoyas were a tall, fair-haired, light-skinned race that some researchers believe may have come from Europe. Little is known about them except that they were one of the more advanced ancient civilizations in the area. Adept at fighting, they commanded a large kingdom from the year 800 to 1500 that stretched across the Andes.”


What did the Incas do to the poor White woman on the left?...On right, a blond mummy.


Like the modern day anti-Whites of ISIS, the Incan men also coveted the blond women of the Andes Mountains. Cieza de León continues:

"and their (Chachapoya’s) wives were so beautiful that because of their gentleness, many of them deserved to be the Incas' wives and to also be taken to the Sun Temple."

Not surprisingly, the Cloud Warriors were quick to support Spanish efforts to conquer the Incas. Unfortunately, the diseases that the Spaniards brought with them finished off most of the Cloud Warrior people as well. But their mummies and European-style buildings remain as a sad testament to a great people who lost their civilization and were killed off.

The London Standard article continues:

"They have, however, left behind a spectacular citadel, called Kuelap, 10,000ft up in the Andes. It has more than 400 buildings and defensive towers, many of them with decorated walls, cornices and friezes. Some experts rate Kuelap more highly than the Incan ruins at Machu Picchu.

Herman Crobera, the leader of the archaeological team that explored the cave, said: 'This is a discovery of transcendental importance. It is the first time any kind of underground burial site this size has been found belonging to Chachapoyas or other cultures in the region."


 Left: Mountain Citadel in Peru  / Right: Blue Eyed death masks


An ancient "Cloud People" settlement. Note the similartiy to Medieval European style stone structures

















The forbidden truth regarding the history of global genocide against ancient Aryan peoples is an "open secret" for anyone willing to do some basic research. From India to Central Asia to Germany, ancient Mongols, Turks and Huns have murdered or enslaved millions of Eurasian Whites while destroying their artworks and centers of learning. North American Native legends (as well as archaeological evidence) strongly suggest that a “War on Whites” also occurred in North and Central America, long before the "reverends" (barf) Jesse Jackass and Al Charlatan became media-hyped brand names, and long before Barack Obongo, 'Eric the Red' Holder and 'La Raza' came along. 


This all makes for fascinating history, but that’s not the purpose of this piece. What is, you ask? To quote the Spanish philosopher George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” It's reality check time folks! The various fair-skinned peoples are once again being targeted in an unmistakable “War on Whites” which is being orchestrated by Jewish supremacists; an Asiatic-Caucasian subset which seeks to be the only Caucasian race in town. 

It was not for nothing that a Jewish playwright named Israel Zangwill coined the term “The Melting Pot” in 1908. It was not for nothing that millionaire Jews founded the radical National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1909 (choosing a Black Communist named WE DuBois as their puppet front man). It was not for nothing that a powerful Jewish Senator (Jacob Javits) was the key player behind the 1965 Immigration Act; an Act which drastically reduced European immigration to America while exponentially increasing immigration from the Third World.

It is not for nothing that many of these new immigrants have been, and still are, being radicalized with various degrees of anti-White sentiment by Jewish Supremacist media and Jewish Supremacist Hollywood. It is not for nothing that Big Jewish Supremacist media regularly portrays White men as racists, rednecks, hill-billies, jerks and fools in TV shows, films and TV commercials. And it was not for nothing that America's mighty Jewish elite enthusiastically and overwhelmingly put their money, their media, and their votes behind the election (and re-election) of an openly anti-White, incompetent Communist radical named Barack Obama - the "First Black President".


The artwork for Zangwill's 1908 "Melting Pot" Broadway play spells out the Jewish Supremacist agenda. It's not about "tolerance" and "diversity". The game is about wiping out Whites! (Right) Wall Street banker Jacob Schiff was one of the NAACP's early founders.

Your intrepid author can assure you, these Jewish Supremacists have not the least bit of love for the "oppressed" colored peoples. The Zio-Globalist goal is to “blend” out and eventually, by instigating other races, kill out the last of the Aryans / Whites, especially those of the purer Nordic variety. Oh you foolish, deluded, decadent, distracted, demented "progressives" of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Britain, Canada, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Australia and American Suburbia! You pathetic and undeserving heirs of the great Viking, Celtic, Gothic and Graeco-Roman bloodlines.

Can you not see that your good and gentle natures are being skillfully used against you in a Judo-like (or shall we say 'Jewdo-like) fashion? Can you not see the bold-lettered obituary written on the wall of your future? Can you not visualize the bewildered and desperate faces of your own unborn grandchildren and great grandchildren (what few of them there will be) cowering on those Peruvian and Iraqi mountain tops?


Targeted for extinction!

For goodness sake Sweden! Barbara Lerner Specter, founding director of the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, even spelled it out for you! Here; chew on this bit of rancid Zionist rotgut:

"The transformation (to multi-culturalism) must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic society that it once was in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. Its a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multi cultural mode and Jews are going to be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive." (here)


Specter's Somali friends are fueling an epidemic of violence and rape in formerly peaceful Sweden; an emasculated nation of only 10,000,000 with a birth rate below replacement and 100,000 virile, fertile immigrants pouring in each year.

Still not convinced? Have a look into the academic rants of Jewish Professors Tim Wise of Tulane (here) and Harvard's Noel Ignatiev (here); both of whom openly call for the abolition of the White Race (which they disingenuously claim to be part of).


The enemy within: "White" (Jewish) professors Wise and Ignatiev magnanimously call for the end of "their" own race. These calls for genocide-by-attrition echo that of the sex-obsessed Jewish Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who once wrote to a pregnant acquaintance:

"He or it (the expected child) must be dark in any case, no more towheads (blonds). Let us banish all these will-o'-the-wisps! (light color ghosts)"


Not to be outdone, Albert Einstein, that other puffed-up man-god of Jewish Supremacism, once told a Black audience that racism was "a disease of White people".(here)  Though St. Albert often whined about segregation in America, he did not oppose segregation and ethnic cleansing in what he affectionately referred to as "our Israel."





Tolerance and respect for other peoples and cultures does not mean that the descendants of Europa should dismantle their own cultures, finish off their bloodlines, and turn over their nations to Jewish Supremacists and their unwitting third world shock troops. God forbid! You see, those high-sounding platitudes about "multi-culturalism" and "tolerance" and "diversity" are really not about "love". Not at all. No, the anti-White agenda is all about HATE!


Incited to kill Whites by the Jewish Supremacist media and Jewish Hollywood

Left: 2010: Mona Nelson tied up 12 year old Jonathan Foster and burned him alive with a blow torch.

Right: 1993: Immigrant Colin Ferguson killed 6 Whites and wounded 19 others on a Long Island train. His Jewish Communist lawyers - Bill Kunstler & Ron Kuby (below)- argued "Black Rage" as his defense.

Inspired and defended by Jewish Supremacists, violent Black-on-White and Hispanic-on-White HATE crimes are happening regularly all across America, (and now Europe).


The intensely racist Jewish Supremacist has always been consumed with a malevolent envy of Aryans. Jewish Supremacists also believe that with "the evil White Man" gone, they will more easily lord over the "schwartzas", browns and yellows; all of whom they look down their lying hooked noses upon.

Unless “dumb blonds” (a Jewish Supremacist slur!) and others of the European Family wake up and bloody damn soon, the last pure remnants of today’s childless, ageing, decadent and "diversifying" Western Aryans could, within a generation or two, find themselves holed up in the mountain tops of the Rockies and the Alps - just like the terrified Chachapoyas of yesteryear, and the terrified Yazidis of today. Alarmist you say? The Yazidis of Iraq and the Cloud People of Peru must have once thought so too; to say nothing of the 400,000 dirt-poor White South Africans now languishing in the decrepit squatter camps of the very nation their ancestors built.
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Mentally diseased White libtards, wearing "So Sorry" T Shirts, chain themselves and beg for Blacks to forgive them for slavery (a trade which was controlled by Jewish merchants).






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